General Message: We want to understand what being a hero means to you, specifically why you help people despite the fact that most of you are twisted and clearly suffering from some personality disorders or something equally as effective at making your behavior generally unacceptable and often downright dangerous.

Flash: Feeling cool and getting people to notice you isn't really a compelling reason to aid them, it's not a popularity contest. Although you'd probably do quite well, so don't concern yourself with it.

Wonder Woman: Using the missions as an outlet for your rage means you need therapy not enemies and trying to do the most damage isn't impressing anyone least of all Batman who usually ends up paying for repairs.

Zatanna: We don't recommend using your exploits as a hero as a way to drive up interest in your shows. You do quite well on your own and publicity stunts are a bit tacky when people's lives are in danger.

Superman: We actually thought you of all the heroes would have noble intentions, but saving the world because you need something to write about at your job seems pretty dumb. Your secondary reasoning that it would make you seem cooler sounds far too much like Flash to be comfortable.

Batman: Working as a hero because it's the only socially acceptable way to use dangerous weaponry and force others into serving in your bat army is as disturbing as any villain. If not for your hatred of crime we honestly could easily see you working successfully as a criminal, try not to take that as a compliment.

Captain Marvel: Wanting to be a superhero because it seemed fun and you get to hang out with other superheroes seems like weak reasoning, but you're still here so you must be having a good time.

Martian Manhunter: Being a hero because you have nothing else to do just means you need a hobby, that's not to dissuade you from helping others, but try puzzles or something.

Cyborg: If you want free wifi you could probably just go to a cafe, though we will concede the watchtower does a nice workshop and access to supplies you wouldn't normally be able to obtain for building speakers that plug into your circuitry.

Aquaman: Wanting to be a hero just because you need an excuse to go on land and don't expect anyone to accept you otherwise seems vaguely sad. Though considering you're a bit bullied by some of our "darker" heroes it's not inconceivable that your self worth isn't too high. Try visiting Black Canary to talk about your feelings.

Dr. Fate: Working for the greater good and providing justice because your helmet bugs you if you don't sounds more like your resigned to your fate because you don't want to be nagged by Nabu.

Catwoman: For the most part you're a villain and wanting shiny things doesn't excuse that. Putting that aside, how do you even keep getting in here? Breaking into buildings is one thing, but clearly someone is helping you and from the smirks Batman keeps sending we can guess who it is.

General Message: The fact that most of you have completely selfish reasons for helping others isn't surprising, but we have a suspicion that you aren't telling us the whole story and that their are glimmers of valor and tragic backstories hidden away. Ignoring the reasons, at least you're committed to saving others and as long as the public believe in the League and your status as protectors everything should be fine for now.


Look at me, two chapters within roughly a week of each other, it's almost like I'm back on track.

Let me know what you thought and what you want to see, now that I'm geared up to start writing this again I'm ready to start writing out your suggestions.