Summery: This is a story from the point of view of a DEAD (yes dead) Lily Potter. This is what happens after she is hit with the Avada Kadevera (sp?) curse. Plz R & R!

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*Chapter 1, or maybe Prologue.I don't know!*

What is Life?

She remembered the word. how, she didn't know, but she could put no meaning to it. It was like a dream; maybe it was something other than nothingness. For that was all she could see. Wait. could she even see?


Maybe that was it.

She was dead.

But what happened to Heaven. and Hell.

Could she be stuck in-between?

No, then she would be somewhere, and she was nowhere, she was nothing. Like the nothingness around her.

The Nothing.

It was nothing. She was nothing. It had no color, no time. She had no sense of time. What was color again?

When most think of nothing they think. black, deep blackness. But that is not nothing, for black is a. color, Nothing has no color. It is an endless, vast expanse of timeless space, with nothing but her thoughts. Or maybe even that was an illusion too. She didn't know.

Perhaps she'd been here forever, who could tell. Years seemed like minutes, and minutes seemed like days. wait, or was it minutes seemed like seconds. She didn't know, she was so confused. Maybe minutes DID seem like days and years seemed like decades. who could tell.

The only thing to keep her company all those long lonely minutes, or perhaps years. yes, years, that sounded better. A flash of Green light. That was all.

Green was a color, something different. It was not Nothing and it kept her going, kept her thinking that she was perhaps not meant to be here. Maybe she was meant to be somewhere else, but she was trapped.

How can one be trapped in Nothing? There is an infinite amount of space; it never ends, just keeps going. And she wandered it, floating.


Can one be floating in Nothing? Can one be ANYTHING in Nothing? Perhaps all she is is thoughts, and a memory. A memory of Blinding Green light. Sometimes, another memory, but only twice. A high, cold cackling laugh, filled with malice and greed, death to all.

She shuddered. Could she shudder? Did she have a body? No, She just imagined she shuddered. If she had a body she WOULD have shuddered.

That was how it was. Just her and Nothing. Floating. forever.

Could she float? No. She'd gone over this before. She couldn't. She was dead, after all.

Wasn't she? Dead. Yes.

Why hadn't she seen any other dead people then? Perhaps she was the only dead person.

No. That didn't seem right.

She floated on. Or did she.

Sometimes she felt as if she were not as free. As free to float, forever in Nothing.

Sometimes she felt as if there was something holding her back.

She was chained.


A prisoner.


She was being held, chained inside of this nothingness, and though she felt like she could float forever, really she was frozen. Frozen in time, in nothing, inside.


Her soul. It was chained. Until someone released her, released her soul from this prison. Prison of Nothing.

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