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Chapter 2 or 3, depending on whether you decided that the first was a Prologue or not!

It was cold.

Screams filled the air.

The Phoenix song kept getting louder, and she could feel herself being sucked through the door.


A burst of light.

Then she felt herself begin to twist.

It was a funny feeling, she seemed to narrow down, and then straighten out.

She shut her eyes tight.

She felt eyes locked on her.

A gasp.

Her eyes snapped open. and stared straight at a young boy, no more than fourteen.

Messy black hair.


Green eyes.


For a moment she thought it was James, but it was not. James was standing right beside her, smiling at the boy. He turned to look at her and she stepped away from the wand.

It was the nothingness.

The wand.

Voldemort's wand.

She went to stand next to her husband, her love. James.

She looked again at the boy. Her son. Harry.

He had survived, and now, he was all grown up, and fighting. Fighting the one being who had sentenced her to endless existence in the Nothingness.

She smiled at her son, it would be alright, she knew it would be. She was free now.

She looked into his startled green eyes. eyes so much like her own.

They held fear and sadness, but, also courage and determination, and a will to fight and to conquer the evil that stood before him.

She noted the wands, the beam of light, the Phoenix song.

He couldn't hold it much longer, she knew.

She glanced around, others, other shadows. Those who had been sentenced to eternity in the nothing. Chained down.

For, the Avada Kadevera curse was truly an Unforgivable curse. It not only sentenced you to death, but also bound your soul to the caster's wand, to be held in eternity. Never knowing, and never being able to travel Beyond.

Suddenly, the bind broke. The song ended, the dome ceased.

Before she faded away, allowed her soul to be taken where it should, she'd help her son this one last time.

Linking hands with her love, James, they prowled around the Dark Lord, muttering curses and fixing him with hollow, shadowed eyes full of hatred, and a promise of revenge.

With a last look back before she faded once more, Lily Potter saw her son disappear with a flash, and back to the safe haven that was Hogwarts.


Lily Potter opened her eyes, true eyes, for what seemed like the first time in years. One look around told her everything.

She was floating above the ground that had once been their house at Godric's Hollow, long since been renovated.

She remembered that fateful night all to clearly, and then that most recent one, only a few months past.

She looked down at herself, and noted she was a pale shimmering white. She had on those very same robes that she had worn the night she'd died.

It seemed her time in the world of the living had not yet come to pass. After all, only people with unfinished business came back as ghosts.

That was what she was, a ghost.

James was nowhere to be seen. It was only her.

She floated away from the site that had been her death, with one thing on her mind.


It was time she got to know her son.


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