The Last Daiyoukai

Barely passing high school had been hard. Not getting into a single University had been even harder. But waking up, day after day, knowing her future stopped at P.E. teacher was hardest for the shikon miko.

Pulling the ribbon out of her hair, she sighed as she rolled her shoulders back to ease the tension that had built up throughout the day. She shoved the ribbon into her pocket, zipped up her jacket and turned up her collar in preparation for the rain she could her pattering loudly outside. She did not have an umbrella so she would simply have to put up with the freezing rain drenching her to the bone. 'If I did not catch pneumonia in the feudal era, I won't catch it now.' She said to herself as she let her mind wander to the now fond memories and she and her friends trekking across Japan in the pouring rain, all in the name of stopping a crazed demon. A small smile formed on her lips, but the crippling sense of purposelessness that followed was enough to wipe away any trace of happiness. She pushed aside all her feelings, good or bad, and picked up her sport's bag. There was no use on dwelling in the past.

"Miko." The form of address locked her where she stood. No one knew she was a miko.

She turned around sharply and stared suspiciously at the man standing in the doorway. He was tall and lean with rain matted brown hair and bright green eyes. "You are the Shikon Miko, right?" He repeated as he walked towards her.

Kagome did not reply, but instead continued to stare at the man as she tried to run through all the possible reasons why he would even believe the Shikon Miko, a person reduced to the realm of folklore, was real and was her.

"We need your help." He said. His body was shaking from the cold but his voice remained strong and even.

"We being?" Kagome asked slowly, her mind still furiously trying to figure out just how this strange, tired looking man knew who she was and where to find her.

He let his youkai flare and Kagome stumbled backwards. "Y-you, but how?" She breathed, her eyes wide with surprise and uncertainty. For months after the well closed she had kept her reiki spread out in hopes she would encounter a demon somewhere in the modern world. But she never had. Eventually she gave up, spreading her reiki once every few weeks, then once every few months, and now she barely did because there was obviously no point. Or so she had thought. The man shivering in front of her was proof that she, in her search, had missed something.

Gathering herself, Kagome squared her shoulders and put on her best interrogatory voice, "Youkai do not exist in this time, so who are you?"

"We exist. At least, I Lord Hiromasa of the North, exist." The bitterness in his voice was unmissable. "It was in our search for you that our numbers dwindled from tens to just me. Humans, as per their nature, took advantage of the fact that we had sunk low enough to need them. Miko after miko lured us, claiming to be you, and destroyed us." He was purposefully being careless; a part of him hoped she was another hateful miko who would put him out of the miserable, lonely life he had been living for the past decade.

From the look in his eyes alone Kagome could tell her hated her. Yet he had not so much as threatened her. Either he truly needed her help or his plan was more elaborate than it needed to be. Yes, she was a miko, but she was also alone; from the strength of his youkai alone she knew he could easily overpower her.

"What do you want from me?"

He had stopped shivering and was now staring at her through narrowed eyes, as though trying to evaluate the truth in her words. "Demons began to disappear around the time of Naraku. We thought it was his doing, but it persisted even after you defeated him. Then a hundred years later, mikos and priests began possessing these jewels that would trap demons and keep them forever." He stepped towards her, his eyes flashing with anger and resentment. She threw up a barrier between herself and Hiromasa. He laughed. "I will not hurt you miko. I need you to return to the feudal era and save my kind. What use would you be to me dead?"

"The well won't let me through. It's closed." Her voice was flat and emotionless, almost as though she had dissociated from reality. She could not, and refused to, process the fact that every single demon, save the man glaring daggers at her, was gone.

He flung a string of beads at her and she lowered her barrier to catch them. At first she had not realized what they were, but when they glowed in response to her reiki she felt her heart stop. Inuyasha's subjugation beads. She clutched the beads to her chest. The names of all the demons she had met in the feudal era burned through her mind like fire. Shippo, Inuyasha, Kirara, Koga, Hakkaku, Ginta, Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru! He could not be gone; he was one of the strongest, most proud, and most resilient demons she had ever met. Furthermore, he more or less hated every human but Rin; there was no way he would be lured into a miko's trap.

"What of Sesshomaru? I know him; he would not be defeated so easily." Her words came out of a place of desperation. She needed some assurance, a life-line, anything to give her a spark of hope.

"You mean Lord Sesshomaru? He was one of the first to go." Hiromasa laughed bitterly. Kagome felt her heart sink into her feet. She would have asked of Inuyasha, but the subjugation beads were enough of an answer for her. He placed a finger under her chin and jolted her head up, forcing her to look him in his spite-filled emerald eyes. "Don't waste your energy mourning, Miko; we have a well to open."

A/N: The second chapter will be up soon. This was just to set the stage for Kagome's return. Hope you liked it.