I am so sorry for the creation that I brought into this world. Anyways, this was part of a challenge with Hawkholly where we had to write each other's weird story ideas and not fix any typos. It went about as well as you would expect it to.

Won day Togami was just hanging out at Hope's Peak Acedemy when he sW Komaeda showing his money to Hinata qnf Chaiki. Togami was shocked yo see somene rlse at Hope's Peak academy with so nch money.

"Yo Komaeda" Togami said.

Komaeda smiled. oh ehye Togami what's uo man"

Togami smirked, "I bet I have more mknry than you, Momaeda"

"Haha, as if" said Momaeda. He lulled out some money from his pocket. "youre lime totally poor, Togami"

Togami laughed arrogantly. "My famoly has over 500 million dollars, you peadsant."

Komaeda frinned. "Well I also have over 500 million dollars. You're not better than me Tofami."

A crowd had gathered to see who would wint he money off. Ishimair, was qthete and he had gottn an idea while watching the money off

"Greeerinfs fellow students. Today we woll be having a dance-off to devide who gets all of Taogami's money. Being your sick moves that are appropriate fir a school environamrnt and join us in the cafeteria for he conpetition"

Everyone was excited and quickly hearded ti thw cawfeteria, hoping to win Togami's koney. Finaly the compeitirob started

First ip was Kirigiri, who was a breka dancer. Her routine was very ppular. Next ip with Hagakure who was a ballet damcer. While his rouine was great for ballet, no one liked it and he was boo'd and thomatows were thrown.

It qas about to be Gundam's turn when siddnly the school got floeeded! Evrywobe was super shocked.

When the achol flooded, Togami, Ishiarmi, and Komaeda were all washed out to sea. Luckily they found a raft and got on it.

Thirty days passed. The trio was starying to five up hope. This made Komadea angey. "Hope is amazinf'! Hiw are you lose hope! I am so angey'l"

"/shut up " said Tigani. He thoguth Komaeda was being annoying. Je looked at the ofean, annoyed. All of a suden he saw it: his mobey!

"We can use ti to make a letger raft!" isbimaru expaimed excitedly.

The three of them make the larger raft using Tognai's money. It wa great.

"Wait" Said Komaeda. "Togami this is more money than waht you said youv had"

"Well that's weird." Swid Togami.

"Bey guys. What if it's both Togami's money and Komaeda's money?" Oshimau suggeted.

"Omg I rhink you're right," said Koaneda.

The three smiled at each irhwr and using their combine dmoney eaft, wlked bakc to the shore.

"Koameda I was wrong about you" Said Rogami. "You ar enot a peasant. You're pretth coll"

"Aw rhanks, Toami. You're ncir" Koamera replied.

"Imm glad we all get along" Ishimaru said, smiling.

Thre trio laughed. "I guess this flood really did help us. Now we now the power of reindsbip."