Author:  The Wanlorn

Title:  A World in a Grain of Sand 27/27

Summary:  This is a sequel to "Every New Beginning…"

Rating:  PG13

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

            Nick had lost much of his momentum by the time he reached the Raven.  He purposely avoided the room where he felt Janette and Natalie to be, and he did his best to shield his presence from them.  Perhaps he should wait until Natalie was gone.  Perhaps not.  He paused outside the door to the room he could sense LaCroix in and knocked softly.

            When no answer, no stirrings within were forthcoming, he considered just walking away.  Instead, he cracked the door open and, upon hearing no protests, he opened it further.  The scene inside gave him pause, but he still went through the door, a spark of sympathy flaring within him.

            LaCroix slumped across his desk, clearly out cold, multiple empty bottles that used to hold bloodwine scattered around him.  It took a massive amount of bloodwine to render a vampire of LaCroix's age to such a state.  Nick would guess that the General had consumed perhaps twice that amount.

            Relatively sure of his safety, Nick advanced to stand beside the slumped over vampire.  He curiously noted shreds of white paper littering the floor.  A plain wooden box, the cover open, drew his attention.  Whether or not this would qualify under the category of snooping was up for debate - after all, it *was* left out in the open.  His curiosity getting the better of him, Nick picked up the box to examine its contents.  Apparently, it held a multitude of letters.

            Nick glanced at LaCroix once more to make sure he was still out.  Who could blame him for being curious?  Guiltily, he opened a few and checked the dates and who they were from.  There were mostly names he didn't recognize, a few from Janette, and they were dated from the present back to… Nick's eyes popped wide open.  Back to before he was born!  These were letters from fledglings of LaCroix, from Family.  Nick wasn't even aware that 'The Vampire Express', a sardonic name given to the mail system created by vampires, had been around that long.  With the evidence so firmly set before his face, he had to admit that he had once again assumed the worst of LaCroix and been shown wrong.  His Master did keep contact with his fledglings, he didn't just abandon them as Nick had assumed.

            He gently replaced the box, and stood, regarding LaCroix for a moment.  Right now, he could just leave, and his presence would never be known.  But… he did feel kind of bad for LaCroix.  He looked so unhappy, so uncomfortable, slumped across the desk like that.  With a sigh, Nick carefully cradled the insensible vampire in his arms and moved him to the bed.  LaCroix never stirred.

            Nick hadn't thought it was possible for a vampire to become so inebriated.  It never crossed his mind that sheer mental and physical exhaustion could render him thus.  Ever so carefully, Nick eased off his boots and arranged him so he at least looked comfortable.  Then Nick left, his purpose for coming entirely forgotten.


            Later that day, Natalie snuggled deeper into Nick's sleeping embrace.  He murmured sleepily and closed his arms tighter around her.  A happy sigh escaped her lips as she smiled complacently.  Oh how her life had changed in the past couple days!

            The bastard who had kidnapped and hurt her was dead and she was well on her way to healing.  Nick was there to support her when she needed it.  Her home - her Nick's home - was finally empty again.  Possibly too empty, but empty none-the-less.

            More importantly, she and Nick were engaged.  They were going to be wedded.  The ring would be on her finger, and everything would be official.  She was certain that it would last for a long while, if not forever.  And she would be brought across.  While some aspects of becoming a vampire were not something she would enjoy, such as having to drink human blood, there were definitely some benefits.  One of them being she now had eternity to find a cure.  She wasn't hampered by her mortal lifetime.

            Nick still loved her, in spite of it all, and she was going to become Mrs. de Brabant Knight.  Yes, life was good.


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