Author's note: This is after the events of LOTR. The elves have not left because I do not want them to leave. Anything you recognize from Lord of the Rings is not mine. Anything you don't is. I hope you enjoy it.

She watched silently from the shadows, little more than a pocket of darkness herself. As the world busied itself around her like some great hive, she casually watched slouched sleepily in the shade. She saw archers drawing their bows against the dying sunlight, she saw the women silently weaving on the vine clad balconies. There was such peace and serenity in this land. The elves had somehow imbued some of their timeless calm and quiet authority into their environment. A sea of calm; "How positively heart warming" she thought dryly.
As one of the thousands of slaves found toiling away in Isengaard, she had the fortune, or misfortune, to be removed to Elrond's palace. She now numbered herself among the hundreds that daily, unseen under their aloof superiors, kept the palace immaculate. She took comfort in the anonymity, and cultivated it. Not many elves noticed the slits of burnt gold that watched everything. Not many noticed. And her routine for a while remained blissfully, if boringly, constant. Then the entourage of Prince Legolas of Mirkwood arrived.
She noticed him of course, she would have had to have been blind not to. She noticed the high sculpted cheekbones, blue lightning shot eyes, and fair hair. Like any normal woman she saw the sharp bow lips that promised softness, while at the same belied mithril steel. She saw the lean muscle that moved fluidly under the thin cambric shirt, and the curling bow which lay deceptively unnoticed at his back. She had heard the stories of course, of the courage of the Prince of Mirkwood. How he stood with mere hundreds at helms deep and withstood the onslaught of thousands. Some called it bravery. She called it idiocy and the fact that they won only attested to the winged presence of lady luck. She looked down at the elves gazing up at their hero in awed wonder. He was dangerous; she had seen enough to register the quiet alertness in his eyes, and the manner in which his long hands rested lightly at the pommel. Instinct and habit, even now with the danger passed, he was still aware of everything and everyone. Well, nearly everyone.
She smiled broadly as his eyes slid over where she was. If she didn't want to be seen, she would not be seen, and not even Legolas with his keen Elvin sight, and warrior honed abilities would change that. She quickly left, having seen all she needed too, leaving nothing but a swaying fern leaf in the cool pillared darkness.

Next Day - Her POV
Lovely Lady Cassandra of Miren. Perfect violet eyes. Perfect black hair. Perfect body. Perfect. Perfect. Too bad she was such a bloody bitch. I had watched unbelievingly as she reduced Leia to tears over a spot that had been mislooked.
"This is inadequate Leia, as usual. And perhaps it is not your fault, after all inadequacy does breed inadequacy. And you are human," She sneered. "A piddling, ugly, fat little human with clumsy hands, and horrible manners. Let me warn you my dear, if I ever, EVER, find fault with my chambers again, if so much as a thread is out of place, I swear I will flay you to within an inch of your life, and have you thrown into some dark forest where nightly bloodcurling screams can be heard traveling on the wind. There are creatures in that forest my dear, that would smell the fear rolling off you in waves, and the scent of your blood would draw them in hordes. Have you heard of the wolves of Mordor child," She asked in a menacing whisper, as she crouched and stared pleasurably at the cowering chambermaid.
I had had about enough of this whole melodrama, and I was feeling decidedly upset towards this social climbing bitch who felt she could step on the backs of the hoi polloi on her way to whatever throne she was trying to conquer this time. I was also rather annoyed at Leia's wailing, she was beginning to sound like some stuck cow. When I am annoyed, and when I am upset, I tend to do unorthodox things.
I stepped out of the shadows, "Excuse me my lady, Leia was not responsible for your chambers this afternoon, I was."
She had been startled when I stepped out, and now she slowly raked me up from the bottom of my slippered feet, to the top of my head. "Well well well. What have we here, another accident. If you humans didn't see fit to reproduce like rabbits, perhaps you might have spared Elvin kind of the trauma of having to deal with your presence every single day. You are a stain on the beauty of the world an-"
"Excuse me, I really don't have time to listen to this tyrannical tirade. Leia leave. Now." I watched as she shuffled across, my eyes anger bright.
Lady Cassandra still had her mouth very unbecomingly open. "Make room for beauty you say. What beauty? Yours? Let more room for the generosity and kindness only you seem capable of spreading? Ahh yes my lady, light and goodness shine from your benevolent eyes. Flaying her and leaving her in the dark forest? I daresay you taxed your imagination with that decidedly puerile threat. Smell your fear and blood? All you needed was lightning and rain and the whole scene would have been complete! Next time you feel the need to belittle the human race, my lady, and call them "stains," remember who sits on the throne of Gondor, and very carefully remember that he is very good friends with your current target."
She was still gaping at me when I slipped back through the terrace, and darted around to the archery grounds. I was not to concerned about the consequences of my actions. At worst I would be sent to another place to work. I wouldn't have to listen to the bloody singing at dawn anymore. I had forgotten about the keenness of elvin sense. She came screaming along the dusty leaved path and ran straight into Legolas' arms. That was queer. I hadn't seen him standing there before.
As he caught her and stared down, she started to babble, while at the same time making wringing motions with her hands, "She came this way my lord have you seen her, a servant girl. I don't precisely know what she looks like, rather in descript but I am sure I saw her come hear. She had to have…if I find her….no when I find her….that bloody bitch who the hell.. Oh my lord!" Apparently she had forgotten who it was that she had run into. How funny.
She then proceeded to tell him the most elaborate series of lies I have ever witnessed. I apparently beat Leia, and she interceded, throwing herself in my path while preaching the rights of mankind. Her shoulders shook with sobs as tears trickled down her cheeks in crystal drops. I was amazed. Honestly I gave her credit for an incredible performance, I was starting to believe that I threatened Leia with blood wolves. I was about to take my leave of this heartwarming performance, that had won a crowd, when the Prince looked up, and focused on me. My heart literally nearly stopped, I hadn't done anything to draw any attention to myself. I quickly left.
Narrator POV
As he was listening to the beautiful elf sobbing into his shoulders, instinct had somehow made him look up and focus on the shaded corridor that lead back to the palace. He had seen her then and wondered why he had not noticed her before. She was standing very still, with her servants uniform hanging loosely around her shoulders. Her drab brown hair fell in mousy strands around her face. Her jaw was too strong and her lips too sharp, but her eyes. Two gold cat like slits in the darkness, noticeable not only for their color but size. He saw her look back as she tried to assess whether or not he had seen her, and then she slipped away. His attention was drawn back to the beautiful elf in his arms, and golden eyes soon melted away into violet.
That was too damn close. And a Prince nonetheless. To be seen by a PRINCE! "And just when you though you were so suave, oh yes. You were just standing there in the bloody hallway! Couldn't you have moved your ass to safety? No you had to stay and watch." Uggh. I was disgusted and walked swiftly to my room. Softly opening the door and stepped inside and tried to remember what it was I had promised to do before going to bed. Lighting the lamp I turned to my reading table and found my gaze caught by a pair of very icy blue eyes. Shit.

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