Nisa Malfoy (aka fem-Draco) is a character that was created by me and my dear friend, Ash, aka LittleNightDragon, last summer. We both started reading genderbent drarry and were surprised by the lack of fem-Draco. It's weird since I personally believe that he would brilliant as a girl. Me and Ashley thought well why not do our own? Ashley came up with the name, Draconisa, Blake Lively became the face to the dear Slytherin Princess, I started writing, and a new character was born.

Nisa was so much fun to start that I continued writing more about her.

I've featured a sequel to the bridal dress story that covers the wedding called Imperfect Love's Perfect Wedding, which is now on my profile that I hope you guys check out, and a continuation to that sequel called Imperfect Happily Ever After that I did in honor of Valentine's day, which is now on my profile that I hope you check out as well.

I hope you guys came to love Nisa as much as me and Ash do ;)