Mitchell stared wide eyed at the bed from his position on the floor, grief and horror tearing through him at the sight. He stood and approached the bed slowly, a tortured cry escaping his lips as he looked down on his lover. Anders was lying spread eagled on the white sheets which were becoming crimson from the blood that was slowly trickling from the deep gouges that littered his body. Mitchell noticed the bruises and swelling all over the God's body and gently touched the slightly flatter chest, choking on bile when he felt the ribs shift under his fingers. The God was as pale as snow, and when he laid a shaking hand on his beloved's forehead he recoiled, a cry escaping as he felt how much cooler he was than normal.

"Anders… Oh God what did I do?!" he whimpered, placing two fingers to the uninjured side of his throat to feel for a pulse. He sobbed in relief when he felt a faint fluttering, tumbling out of the room and diving for his phone that he'd left on the living room floor. With shaking hands he unlocked it and scrolled through his contacts, grateful for copying all the Gods and Goddesses contacts to his phone so long ago. He tapped on a number and held the phone to his ear as he ran back to the room.

He fell to his knees on the floor next to Anders head, trailing his fingers through his hair as he tried to make pointless soothing noises between shaky breaths, knowing that with each ring his lover was slowly slipping away.


"Michele!" Mitchell cried, his head snapping up from watching Anders in relief.

"What the fuck do you want? Mike's told me what-"

"Michele! Please I need your help!"

"I'm not doing anything for you, you monster!"

"Michele please!" Mitchell begged as he broke into sobs, "It's Anders, he- I… please I need you to bring Yggdrasil!" He whimpered, tears finally spilling free as he begged the Goddess to save Anders life. "He's lost so much blood." He whispered.

"Where are you?"

"The a-apartment-"

"I'll be right there." She hung up, leaving Mitchell to tremble on the floor as he clutched Anders chilled limp hand.

He had no idea how much time passed. It could have been minutes or it could have been hours. All he knew was that he had to sit there and watch the only person he had every truly loved fade with every passing moment. He tried to think about what Herrick had said, about being with him for two weeks, but he was panicking about Anders too much to think about any of the broken or hazy images that flashed in his mind.

He was dragged from his muddled thoughts when a hand pounded on the front door, before an argument and a key scraping in the lock gave way to a combination of voices calling out one name.


Mitchell tried to get their attention, but found that he couldn't use his voice. It didn't matter because he suddenly heard a series of loud curses followed by the pounding of someone's feet as they ran, the rest following quickly behind.

Mike burst into the room first and took in the scene in front of him. Mitchell was crouched on the floor, dried blood around his mouth with messy hair, tears streaming down his face from wide eyes, pale and trembling like a leaf in a storm. And Anders, his brother lying motionless, bloodied and bruised on the bed in only his boxers with blood trickling down and pooling around him from what looked like claw and bite marks.

"You son of a BITCH!" Mike roared as he surged forwards, grabbing Mitchell by the hair and throwing him away from the bed.

"Mike!" Ty called desperately, clambering onto the bed clutching his brothers' hand as he chanted a mantra of "No no no, wake up Anders" repeatedly.

"I don't know if I can do this." Michele said she stood next to Anders, grasping Yggdrasil tightly with one hand and laying the other on his chest.

"Yes you can! Just concentrate Michele!" Mike urged before turning back on the vampire. "You! You did this you monster!"

"Please I didn't know! I was being drugged-"

"I should stake you now!"

"No Mike!" Ty yelped, leaping off the bed and jumping between the God and Vampire in an effort to stop Mike from following through.

"I told you this would happen! When they got together I TOLD you this would be the outcome!"

"As much as I want to believe you Mike, you also agreed that nothing about this seemed right!"

"Well I was wrong then, this is exactly what it seemed-"

"No Mike! I still can't believe Mitchell would change as quickly as he did, and-" Ty turned to look at the vampire as he only just registered what he'd said. "Wait you said you were drugged?"

Mitchell nodded rapidly, sobbing as he watched the wounds on Anders slowly start to close "It-" He gasped for breath before turning his attention back to the murderous God and the one stopping him from getting killed.

"It was Herrick! He's here in Auckland, said I've been with him the last two weeks but I haven't! I've been with Anders the whole time! And someone changed the calendar because it can't be the 19th, it was the second yesterday and I don't know what's happening!" He broke down, crashing to his knees as he buried his face in his hands, cringing at the feeling of dried blood on his hands.

Mike watched Mitchell cry with his mouth curled in disgust. This monster who almost killed his brother was acting as though he deserved sympathy, but in his eyes all he really deserved was a stake through the chest. As much as his fingers itched to do just that, he knew it wasn't his place to do so. That job solely rested with Anders and he would make sure his brother did it, although he doubted it would take much convincing.

Ty looked at the sobbing vampire hesitantly, eventually taking pity on him. He crouched down and wrapped an arm around him and to his surprise Mitchell curled into him, clutching at his jacket as though it was the only thing that could anchor him. This was the Mitchell Ty remembered, the friendly, loving, heart on his sleeve Mitchell, not the cruel, abusive, cheating Mitchell that he'd seen and heard about over the last two weeks. A loud crack from the bed as Anders ribs shifted into place echoed through the room making them all cringe and Mitchell whimper. Ty could see how stressed the vampire was becoming so he grabbed one of his hands gently.

"Come on Mitch, let's leave Michele to do her thing." He whispered as he helped him to his feet.

Mitchell nodded and let Ty guide him from the room, looking back to the bed only to have a fresh wave of tears break free as he saw how small and vulnerable Anders looked. And it was his fault.

"Ty-" Mike growled.

"Help Michele, we'll be fine." Ty said, cutting him off with a glare. Mitchell was already suffering for something that, by the sounds of things he had no control over. He didn't need Mike adding to the pile of self-hate he knew Mitchell was quickly building.

Mike glowered at his younger brother before turning on his heel and going to Anders side whilst Ty gently guided Mitchell from the room towards the living room. Mitchell froze when they got there, trembling as he looked over the carnage he'd caused. Ty stood next to him and bit his lip as he hadn't had the chance to look over the room before Ullr led them to Anders, but now that he could he kind of wished he hadn't.

"Well," Ty said, clearing his throat awkwardly "you could say you both got a bit carried away during sex?" Ty tried to joke, only to mentally berate himself instantly as Mitchell let out a sob and hurried to the kitchen. He leaned against the island before sliding down, pulling his legs to his chest and wrapping his arms around them as he pressed his face to knees, silent sobs wracking his body.

"Shit." Ty cursed quietly. He followed the vampire and sat next to him, tentatively wrapping an arm around his shoulders and when Mitchell didn't flinch away he hugged him gently, offering him the physical comfort he knew he'd need. Ty waited quietly for some time, just letting Mitchell come to terms with what had happened on his own. Eventually Mitchell took a deep shuddering breath and lifted his head, scrubbing at his eyes furiously.

"You ok?" Ty asked, knowing how dumb it sounded yet needing to ask all the same.

"No." Mitchell replied bluntly. He sighed, looking at his friend apologetically. "I'm sorry, I know your trying to help. I just... Everything I've ever promised Anders, about never hurting him, never scaring him and loving him with every fibre of my being, it's all been completely shattered in one night. I don't know what to do Ty; I don't think he'll ever forgive me for this." His admitted fear came out as a whisper as he pressed the back of his head against the cupboard under the island.

"What happened Mitchell? What do you remember?"

"I don't know-"

"Yes! Yes you do Mitchell. It's all in there, it might be hazy but it has to be in there." Ty said angrily.

"Close your eyes, take a deep breath and focus on my voice." He instructed.

Mitchell looked at his friend warily but quickly shut his eyes when Ty glared at him. He inhaled deeply, and knew if he'd had a beating heart he would have been able to feel it slow. As it was the oxygen helped him calm his mind, and Ty's voice gave him something to focus on.

"Alright," Ty said quietly. "Think back tw- uh think back to that night at the bar." Ty said, correcting himself on Mitchell's timeline. He still couldn't understand how someone could forget two weeks but it wasn't important right then, what was important was trying to figure out how Mitchell had been drugged and how to stop it happening again. He knew everything that had happened since that night so it was a matter of comparing his information to Mitchell's version.

Mitchell thought back to the bar, the last memory he had before waking up on the kitchen floor. The air had been thick with the smell of alcohol and greasy food; there was music and talking in the background which was more of a buzz then actual discernible noise. In his memory he looked up from his burger to see Anders next to him, looking at him with a small smile on his face. He watched Anders lean forwards as his tongue darted out, licking up the tomato sauce that had collected at the corner of the vampire's mouth and sending a shiver down his spine before it dipped inside his mouth quickly.

"What do you see?" Ty asked quietly, jolting Mitchell from his thoughts.

He cleared his throat awkwardly. This was something he wanted to keep to himself. "Uh just people, Anders eating his burger next to me."

"Alright, what happens next?"

What did happen next? He was back at the bar, stealing a chip from Anders plate whilst the God was busy kissing him. He watched Anders pull away and slap his hand as he munched on the stolen chip with a grin. A man over Anders shoulder caught his attention. Mitchell frowned, his eyes squeezed shut as his mind took him to the bar, standing next to the man he'd spotted. Pietro, a vampire who enjoyed hunting and torturing his prey before feeding, but he was certainly not an old friend. Yet here he was, buying Mitchell a drink. The moment the beer flooded his mouth he could recognise the taste difference in the drink.

Mitchell's eyes snapped open. "It was the drink." He realised.

"What was?" Ty asked with a frown.

"How Herrick drugged me. There was a vampire at the bar, Pietro. I've met him once or twice, he's bad news. He brought me a drink when I went to find out why he was there." Mitchell said slowly.

"So what, he put the drugs in your drink when you were in front of him?" Ty asked incredulously.

Mitchell frowned at Ty. He had a point; he'd stayed far back enough to see both his hands and his face. Besides Pietro had ordered –

Mitchell smacked his head against the cupboard in exasperation. "The waitress, of course." He looked at Ty and elaborated. "I didn't realise at the time, but I've met the waitress who poured the beers once before. She's one of Herrick's, uh call-girls you could say. He plants them in places where he has a target: human, vampire, werewolf it doesn't matter, and they're used to make things easier for him when he goes for them. She poured the beers -"

"And slipped the drugs in because they knew you'd be focussed on your friend and not her." Ty finished. "Ok we know how you were drugged the first time, but drugs aren't designed to last, and I doubt it's any different for vampires. You should have been fine after 24 hours at least."

Mitchell closed his eyes again and frowned in concentration, but was unprepared for the images that suddenly flooded his mind. Most of them were hazy at best but he understood enough to make him want to be sick. His hands shot up and tangled in his hair harshly as he saw the girl from the bar strip in front of him, make out with him, inject herself with something before offering her arm for him to feed from where he could feel his mind go blank as the drug-laced blood surged through his system. He remembered feeding from the girls Herrick brought to him, fucking them before draining them near-dry and then going home. Home, where Herrick would stop him before he left to whisper in his ear lies about Anders, about how he needed to learn his place at Mitchell's feet and that only 'lessons' would teach him.

And the memories with Anders in them were the clearest. Returning in the early hours of the morning and pushing himself onto the God. He cringed as Anders cringed and pulled away from him, felt the pain of the slap he delivered to the God as though he himself had been slapped. And the previous night's memories came flooding back so quickly and crystal clear he leapt up and vomited in the sink.

Ty watched the vampire in concern as he reacted to unseen events, and jumped up in alarm as Mitchell lurched forwards and curled over the basin. He grabbed the wild curls and held them off his face as he vomited violently, turning his head away from the crimson contents that splattered in the sink. Eventually Mitchell coughed before spitting out whatever remnants were in his mouth, taking a deep shuddering breath before wiping a hand across his sweaty forehead.

"Water?" Ty asked gently.

Mitchell nodded, trying to squash the feelings of self-hate that were rising up like a snake. He took the glass of water Ty offered and rinsed his mouth out.

"I tortured him." He whispered; devastation clear in his voice. Ty stilled, he could tell from the carnage that something pretty bad had gone down but he never expected those words to come out of his friend's mouth.

"Herrick called me before Anders arrived here, told me to make him suffer, show him who he belonged to and his place, make him regret trying to leave to the point no-one would ever want to look at him again except me. And I did it, no questions asked, no hesitation about his orders I just followed him blindly like a fucking sheep! I almost killed him!"

"But you didn't! He's alive, Michele will reverse the damage and you can work on fixing your relationship. But Mitchell I need to know how this Herrick dude kept drugging you, just in case he gets to you again."

"Needles. They were injecting the female vampires or willing humans with the drugs, I'd feed from them and the drugs would enter my system. I think I was feeding every night, that's how Herrick kept me in control."

"Why should we believe you?" Mikes voice cut in scathingly.

Mitchell and Ty turned quickly to see Mike and Michele glaring at them.

"Anders is he-?"

"Answer my question. Why should we believe you? I've been hesitant about you from the beginning, and what you've done to my brother only confirms what I believed originally. Drugs sound like a convenient excuse to try and get away with abuse." Mike snapped.

"There's nothing I can say that will make you believe me. You could try and take some of my blood to test if it made you feel any better but I doubt you'd find anything. You can check my phone logs even to see that he did call me. Please, how is he?" He asked again, this time looking at Michele.

"He'll live." Michele replied grudgingly. "I was at the hospital when you called so I grabbed what I thought I'd need, especially as you kept rambling about him losing blood. I've hooked him up to a temporary IV, and I brought a few bags of blood so hopefully I can bring his blood volume back up."

"Are there any scars?" Mitchell asked in a small voice.

Michele stared at the vampire long and hard before replying. "I had no issues using Yggdrasil on him, trust me I've been forced to heal worse. Physically he's fine; there'll be no scars to show what happened. Mentally however, that scarring will run deep, the nature of his injuries combined with the disaster zone we're currently standing in, I wouldn't blame him if he never forgave you." Her tone was matter-of-fact and it made Mitchell cringe.

"I want to see him, please. I need to see he's ok." The vampire whispered to Ty, tears brimming in his eyes yet again.

"No! No you aren't getting anywhere near my brother you bastard!"

"Mike -"

"No Ty! He says he was drugged but can't prove it, he says some vampire buddy of his did this to him but we haven't seen concrete evidence that this Herrick even ex-"

A shrill ringing from Mitchell's pocket interrupted Mike's tirade. Mitchell pulled his phone out and looked at the screen, blanching at the caller ID.

"It's Herrick!" Mitchell hissed in terror, looking at Ty for help. He was having trouble focussing as he just wanted to get back to the man he loved, not stand around arguing with someone who would never accept him.

"You want answers Mike? Now we can all get them. Put the phone on speaker Mitchell."

Mitchell nodded before swiping the green phone icon, activating the speaker.

"Mitchell where are you? You're late for our meeting. Deal with your bitch then get your ass down here!" Herrick's voice immediately yelled angrily down the line.

"Herrick you bastard! What did you make me do?" Mitchell yelled back, trying his hardest to not shatter the phone that was clutched tightly in his hand.

There was a pause before a single "ah" was heard from the other end.

"I take it you're definitely back to normal Mitchell?" Herrick asked.

"You're damn right he's back to normal you prick! What the fuck is wrong with you?! What the hell have you got against my brother?" Ty hissed, snatching the phone from Mitchell angrily.

"A Johnson, how cute. Tell me, how many others are there with you Mitchell?" Herrick asked curiously.

"His brothers and their healer." Mitchell answered in confusion.

There was a muffled curse before Herrick's voice rang through the receiver clearly once more. "Well isn't this embarrassing! Caught with my hand down my pants. The 'issue' I have with your brother little Johnson, is that he is currently standing between me and my pet, and I want him back."

"I'M NOT YOUR PET!" Mitchell yelled at the phone.

"I will get you back Mitchell, and if that means killing every last one of that family of Gods then that's what I'll do. This isn't over."

Mike stepped forward, fury etched on his face as he looked at the phone. "I'm going to hunt you down you bastard for hurting my brother and threatening my family, and I'm going to put a stake through you slowly just so I can hear you scream."

"Try and catch me." Herrick taunted before hanging up.

The room was silent, the Gods and vampire looking at each other. Eventually Mike broke the silence. "Michele you head on home, I'm going to get grandpa and we're going to find this son of a bitch. Ty you stay here and look after Anders."

Michele nodded but Ty spoke up, arms folded across his chest and looking thunderous. "You're not going anywhere Mike until you apologize."

Mike glared at his younger brother "why should I?"

"Because that phone call has just confirmed that Mitchell had no control over what he did. Mitchell is as much of a victim of this as Anders was."

"Oh yeah, because Mitchell looks like he was torn to shreds." Michele snapped viciously.

Mitchell looked at the ground, his shoulders hunching up trying to deflect their harsh words. Why couldn't they just understand he had no control, that he would never willingly lay a finger on Anders unless it was lovingly?

"Look I know what he did was bad, but I know Mitchell, I know how much he loves Anders! Yes what happened was awful, but you can't blame him when he had no control! This wasn't his fault!" Ty pleaded in frustration. "I've forgiven him, you just need to stop looking from behind your own prejudices and see the situation for what it really is."

Mike exhaled heavily through his nose, glaring at his younger brother and the vampire that looked like he was trying to fade into the appliances. He had managed to move past his fears of Mitchell after he saw how protective of Anders he was, especially when Mitchell was there for Anders when he wasn't. But after learning about what Mitchell had been doing recently, and seeing Anders laying there as still as death had brought all those fears flying to the front of his mind and engulfed all rational thought like a raging inferno.

"If Anders forgives him, then I'll think about it." Mike snapped before grabbing Michele's arm and leading her to the door the door slamming shut and leaving silence in its wake. Mitchell's shoulders dropped but he refused to lift his head which didn't go unnoticed by Ty.

"It'll all be alright Mitchell, it'll work itself out you'll see." He said gently, placing a hand on the miserable vampires shoulder.

Mitchell nodded, unable to believe Ty's words as right then it was too hard. Too much had happened and if Anders refused to even look at him, let alone speak to him he didn't know if he'd be able forgive himself, or even hold onto the will to live. A whimper from the bedroom drew their attention and Ty and Mitchell hurried to the room. Ty held Mitchell back before he entered first, unsure of how his brother would react if it was his lover-turned-attacker he saw first.

"Hey Ands." Ty whispered gently, making sure he stayed in clear view so as not to startle the weakened blond.

"T-Ty?" Anders mumbled; wincing as freshly healed wounds tingled painfully.

"Yeah it's me. You're ok, you're safe now."

"W-what happened?" Anders stammered, swallowing to try and force his throat to work again. "Where's M-Mitchell?"

Mitchell stepped through the door, moving slowly towards the bed. "I'm right here love." He said, voice barely above a whisper.

Anders jumped the moment Mitchell entered the room, and he didn't miss the look of grief that flashed across the vampires face. He couldn't help but feel guilty that he'd put that look there despite Mitchell being the one who had attacked him. Blue eyes searched brown in the silence that had fallen over the room, what either were looking for it was only for them to know. Eventually Mitchell broke the silence, unable to keep quiet any longer.

"Anders I-"

"I know Mitchell. I know you had no control over what happened. I know about Herrick and the drugs, and I can see you're sorry so you don't need to say it." The God said quietly, cutting the vampire off immediately.

"Yes Anders I do." Mitchell said, tears welling up in his eyes as he looked at the man he loved with all his being, the man he thought he would lose just a short time ago. "I promised you when you gave me your heart that I would never hurt you whilst I still drew breath, and I've broken that promise I don't know how many times because of those drugs. I should have been stronger but I wasn't, and I understand if you don't want to be with me anymore, but please, just tell me that you don't... I don't think I can handle it if you h-ha-"

"Mitchell!" Anders said as sternly as he could whilst weak. None of them had missed the fact Anders hadn't grabbed his hand reassuringly like he normally did. "Mitchell I don't hate you, I could never hate you. Herrick called me and told me what he was doing, that's why I came here to confront you. Not my brightest move but I wanted to try and save you."

Mitchell fell to his knees beside the bed and reached out to touch Anders hand, however when the blond pulled his hand away Mitchell choked on his breath and hurried from the room.

"Mitchell! Wait!" Anders coughed before looking at his brother desperately who had been sitting quietly. "Ty can you-?"

Ty was already on his feet to stop the fleeing brunet. He grabbed Mitchell's elbow and swung him towards him. "Mitchell listen to me! Listen to him! You didn't give him a chance to finish what he wanted to say." The God hissed.

"He flinched from me Ty" Mitchell whispered, heartbreak clear on his face. "He won't even let me touch him, how can I even try and make it up to him?"

"This is Anders we're talking about. He never lets his opinion go unsaid about anything you know that. And he hasn't given his opinion yet so I know for a fact he's got more to say. He loves you Mitchell, more than anything even if that's hidden under pain and fear right now. Fight for him, for the both of you. Don't give up on him." Ty pleaded, waiting with baited breath until the vampire nodded in surrender. Relieved Ty led the vampire back to the bedroom where they found Anders sitting up and by the looks of things attempting to climb out of bed.

"Anders!" Ty gasped in alarm "you need to be lying down! You almost died before!"

"I need Mitchell" The blond growled back, only slumping in relief when Mitchell stepped forwards.

"Do you mean that?" Mitchell asked unsure.

"John," Anders said gently "I will always need you, until my last breath I will always want you. But you have to understand that I can't just forget what happened tonight, I need time alone to recover, to remind myself it wasn't really you. I love you John Mitchell, but right now I'm afraid of you too. I just need time. Can you give me that?"

Mitchell swallowed dryly. "You want me to leave?" He asked; only to frown when Anders shook his head.

"No Mitchell, I'm not going to kick you out of our home. I'm already set up at Ty's so it makes sense for me to be the one to leave for a while. Find myself and all that. Do you understand?" He asked softly.

Mitchell nodded numbly. All he could think about was that Anders was leaving him because of what he'd done. And he hated himself for it.

"Mitchell!" Anders snapped, dragging the vampires' attention back to him. "It's only temporary and I'll be back before you know it. Promise me you won't try and run to England or do something stupid?" Mitchell nodded again causing the blond to huff, hissing in pain when he did so. "Promise me John!" He growled.

"I promise."

Anders had been gone for three weeks already, three of the slowest and longest weeks of Mitchell's life. He had half hoped Anders to be home a few days after Ty had helped him out the door of their broken apartment, but that hope had been dumped on the curb with the broken furniture.

They'd only had minimal contact, a few texts here and there, just asking how they were but no mention about when Anders thought he might come home. In their time apart Mitchell had gone back to work in order to take his mind off things, which to his surprise he found helped immensely. Ty had told him how Mike and Olaf had tracked Herrick and his men to the airport gates, only to find they'd missed them by mere minutes which had put Mike into a rage when he got back to the bar. Ty also told Mitchell that Anders was recovering, slowly but it was happening. He wouldn't wake screaming as often but it seemed as though there was something holding him back from moving past the nightmares completely.

Exactly one month after Anders had left Mitchell was beginning to lose hope that Anders wanted to get back together at all, and was in fact starting to look at tickets home when he received a simple text.

We need to talk. At home.

Mitchell clocked out early, claiming a family emergency and practically sprinted from the hospital to their flat. He flew up the stairs before pausing outside the door in an attempt to catch his breath, Ty had said that Anders still hadn't gotten over his nightmares and bursting through the door looking like a wild thing could set him back. Once his breathing had calmed he pushed on the door handle, noting that it opened with relief. Anders was here.

He walked inside and saw the man he loved sitting on the couch looking around the room. He shut the door, not too loudly but enough for the God to hear him and not freak out.

"I had to replace a few things." Mitchell said quietly in way of greeting, rubbing at the back of his neck in embarrassment. He'd tried to get furniture similar to the originals but it had proven difficult for some pieces.

Anders stood and turned to face him, a fond and warm smile on his face. "Some of them were pretty old anyway; this place has been in need of an upgrade for some time, gives me an excuse now." He walked towards Mitchell, his hand holding something delicately. When they were in front of each other Anders used his free hand to brush a stray curl from his face, grinning when it bounced back into place. "I've missed you" he whispered.

Mitchell leaned into the touch lightly. "I was beginning to think you weren't coming back." He admitted quietly.

Anders nodded, chewing on his bottom lip slightly. "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, it's just -"

"The nightmares haven't stopped I know. Ty told me." Mitchell said, suppressing a grin at the annoyed look that crossed his lovers face.

"Ty told you huh? Bastard, I'll have to get him back for that. Anyway that's not why I'm here." Anders huffed in annoyance.

"Why are you here?" Mitchell asked hopefully.

Anders grinned, and oh how Mitchell had missed his smile. "I've come to give you this." Anders said, taking the vampires hand and placing a small ceramic cup into it.

Mitchell turned the tiny cup around in his hand, unsure of why Anders was still grinning. "I don't think I'll get more than a mouthful of tea from this." Mitchell said awkwardly, he really had no idea what it was for.

Anders rolled his eyes. "Hold it up to the light you egg." He waited until the vampire did as instructed. "Now tell me what you see."

Mitchell frowned at Anders before shrugging his shoulders. Turning the cup in the light with his fingers he looked closely, not sure what Anders wanted him to see. "It's blue? I see lots of lines?" He said in a questioning voice.

"Not lines, breaks." Anders said softly, plucking the cup out of Mitchell's slender fingers, not touching him once. He placed the cup on the table with a fond smile before taking the vampires hands in his own, running his thumbs over the tops.

"I met a guy yesterday about a contract and he deals with repairs and restoration of broken pottery, he showed me this cup and gave me the story behind why he does what he does, and why it's made his business so popular. Every cup that we buy off the shelf is flawless. Brand new, unblemished and nice to hold. But when someone drops that cup it shatters, the pieces being left to scatter where they fell and the owners have to pick up the broken pieces. But people bring their broken cups and he takes the pieces and turns the cup from something that was nice to something beautiful, because he believes every line has its own story and those lines make the cup stronger, harder to break."

Anders paused and watched the vampire intently.

"I don't understand Anders, what has that got to do with us?' Mitchell asked finally.

"We're that cup Mitchell." Anders said with a smile. "Our relationship at first was a brand new cup, it was nice and it was normal. Then Herrick went and drugged you, and our cup shattered. We've slowly picked up the pieces and put our cup back together again. These lines represent our story, our struggle, and I finally understand now John, our cup has almost been put together but it can't be whole when we're apart. I love you John Mitchell, with everything I have and I don't want to be apart from you anymore."

Anders let out a gasp of surprise as Mitchell pulled him towards him, crashing their lips together and they both sighed at the contact.

"Don't leave me again." Mitchell begged between kisses.

"Never..." Anders moaned in reply as Mitchell ripped their clothes off and picked the god up, pushing his legs around his waist as he stumbled to the bedroom.

"I love you Anders Johnson."

"And I love you John Mitchell."