Hey everyone, for those who have read my previous story Nephilim yes I am working on the sequel at the moment but had this new story I wanted to post first. I hope you all enjoy this, please let me know what you think and whether you believe it will be worth continuing. Thank you for reading!

"No!" the desperate scream pierced through the atmosphere. All around the roaring sound of the fire grew closer but he ignored it. He ignored the screams, the falling debris, and the cries of children trying to find their parents, the laughter of the group surrounding him. He ignored it all in favour of the crushing weight tearing down at his heart. He felt like he was being ripped apart from the inside out and there was nothing he could do about it.

His knees gave way and he came crashing to the ground beside the prone body. A pool of blood formed around his legs but he didn't care. With shaking hands he reached forward and grasped the person's shoulder forcing them onto their back. Blood squirted in his face and the lifeless eyes of the person on the ground stared up at him. His heart shattered into a million pieces.

"No…No…No…" he cried desperately his hands caressing the face of his world. "Don't do this…don't leave me…" he stuttered tears streaking down his cheek. All around him the men surrounding him began to laugh. "Please…you said you wouldn't…you promised…" he continued bringing the body tight into his chest and slowly he began to rock. He felt the ground fall from his feet and his heart felt heavy. The tears continued to fall and one word was stuck on his lips. "Forever," he whispered into the person's hair. "You promised me forever…" he sobbed ignoring the voice above him. The voice of a man he hated with a passion, the one who had destroyed his life and taken everything he had ever had away from him. "I love you…come back to me please….please..."

Two years earlier

He looked in the mirror, his hazel eyes scrutinised every inch of his appearance, was his tie straight? Was his hair perfectly in place? Was there a single speck of dust on his obsessively pressed suit? Fly up? He double checked the foundation around his right eye, the mark was no longer visible and he knew that he couldn't let it show. He wouldn't want to let slip in front of his partners family. His fingers desperately carded through the wild strand of hair that refused to do anything but curl around his right ear. He was seriously considering grabbing the nearest scissors when the strand seemed to listen to the warning and sat neatly tucked behind his ear. All in all he guessed he looked presentable, not that he ever really did look anything near handsome as his partner liked to tell him a lot but it would have to do.

Nodding to himself he glanced down at his watch and noticed that he had an hour until their guests were due to arrive. Quickly he threw on his suit jacket and made his way over to the bedroom door. Pulling it open he almost ran down the grand staircase towards the kitchen where his best friend and long-time chef was fiercely cooking up a storm. The grand aroma of four pieces of the best steak and mashed potatoes wafted up his nose causing his stomach to rumble. He patted the woman on the back as he checked over the plates and cutlery, making sure that there wasn't a single mark, smudge or anything on the metal knowing just how much his partner hated things being less than perfect. Nodding to himself he said he thanks to his friend and slowly made his way into the dining room where the booming voice of his mate was coming from.

Swallowing past the lump in his throat he hesitated for a moment, checked himself once more in the hallway mirror and plastered a fake smile on his face. Pushing past the overwhelming sense of dread he made his way into the room, ready to play the part of doting lover and mate. The part his mate had told him he had been born to play and how much his family was going to love him. God how he dreaded this evening…

God how he dreaded this evening, Dean thought as he pulled the car up into the over the top driveway. Behind him the black truck came to a stop and for a moment they all just sat there. The mansion loomed above them, the exterior was a mixture of brick and wood like it couldn't quite decide whether to be pretentious or down to earth. There were a multiple of bushes lining the front path all trimmed into shapes, well one shape…each one was a wolf…subtle. Most pack houses were designed to be inconspicuous, you know the houses where you walk past and think nice place I bet someone rich lives there. Not this one…nope every inch of the house screamed out wolf obsession from the shrubbery to the massive sculpture of the full moon as a water fountain. Not suspicious at all.

Suppressing a shudder Dean killed the engine and pulled the keys from the Impala, behind him he heard the sounds of car doors closing and knew that he should really step out but found that his legs hadn't got that message yet. How he hated it here. Why his parents thought to drag him with them was a mystery, especially since the last time had almost ended up in a full blown fight. You see Dean belongs to the Winchester pack, the highest ranking wolf pack in the whole state, they looked after at least one hundred different families and this number was constantly growing. Their pack house was based in Lawrence Kansas just on the outskirts of a residential area and they were well respected in the area. They had built up a reputation and were constantly fighting to keep it due to a certain member which is where they found themselves today, at their secondary pack home…also the residence of Dean's little brother and pain in the ass Adam.

A sharp tap on the driver's window brought Dean instantly out of his musings and with a heavy sigh he pushed the door open and forced himself out of his Impala. He closed the door gently, no matter how he felt he would never take it out on his baby, and turned to face the steps to the front door. His parents stood by his side, his mother's hand squeezed his shoulder affectionately while his father's hand was pressed tightly to the small of his back, seemingly knowing that he was about a second away from bolting. Effectively pinned between his parents he muttered a curse under his breath and plastered on his best fake smile he could muster.

His mother leaned forward and grabbed hold of the bronze door knocker, tapping it against the wood twice. Inside they could hear shuffled footsteps making their way to the door, along with the sharp tone of voice barking last minute orders at whoever the pure unfortunate person was this time around. After a couple of seconds the grand door was pulled aside revealing an elderly gentleman wearing a black tuxedo, he had a tea towel wrapped across his arm and his posture was straight. All signs leading to the stereotypical butler look. Again something that didn't surprise Dean in the slightest.

"Alpha and Lady Winchester welcome," the man gestured into the hallway his accent exaggerated with every word spoken with proper pronunciation. His head bowed towards his parents as they made their way into the room, his mother shrugging out of her black trench coat and his father forgoing his suit jacket, to which the man eagerly stepped in to retrieve them, leaving Dean standing there in the open doorway.

Rolling his eyes Dean reluctantly stepped into the house, he grabbed hold of the door and with added force he allowed it to slam shut, announcing his presence to the obnoxious butler, who merely glared at him with distaste clear in his eyes. His eyes roamed Dean's body and without a word to him he turned his back and strode out of the hallway, no doubt to announce their presence, well his mothers and fathers to their so called host for the evening. "Warm welcome," he muttered stepping up beside his parents and throwing his leather jacket onto the banister of the stairs, ignoring the stern look his father shot him in the process. It wasn't his fault snooty pants didn't see fit to dirty his hands with his jacket. Oh how tonight was going to be just awesome…

He stifled the urge to flinch at his partners raised voice, he knew that it was just the stress of the visit getting to him but it didn't mean it didn't affect him every time he heard the man shout. He stood there and watched as a red hue tinted the man's cheeks as he raved that the cutlery wasn't clean enough, or that the best stainless steel hadn't been used, even going to change the set that graced one place set at the table himself. His arms were wavering empathically around him and there was this one vein that was throbbing on his neck showing that he was mere moments away from losing it completely.

"Best not fuck up tonight," the man growled low, his words causing the hair on the taller man's arms to stand on end. "This is important to me tonight and it has to go well," the shorter man got closer so that they were almost nose to nose. "They need to see how much we love each other if we are going to get anywhere so best behaviour Sammy?"

A shudder ran through Sam's spine at the use of the hated nickname, slowly he nodded knowing that he had to acknowledge what his partner was saying or else. He watched as a wicked smile started to form on the other man's lips and he knew that nothing ever good came of that, well nothing ever good for him anyways. "If you're good…" the man practically purred running his hand down Sam's chest who again had to stifle a shudder. " I might see fit to reward you…" he leaned forward so now that his lips were pressed to Sam's ear. His scent flowing through Sam's nose, the familiar smell creating a sense of home that somehow always felt like it didn't belong, but what else was he meant to do, there was no doubt questioning his body, his partners scent, it all screamed out mate. "If you fuck up, one little fuck up, and then I will have to punish you…" a laugh erupted in Sam's ear causing him to flinch much to the other man's delight it seemed.

The sound of the front door opening echoed throughout the dining room. The shorter man grinned, placed a kiss to Sam's cheek and stepped away from him. His eyes roaming every inch of his body. "You'll do, not the best," he whistled peering over to the butler who entered to announce their guest's arrival. "Stay here and do not talk unless spoken to, understand?" Slowly Sam nodded. He watched the fake smile cross over his partners face as he stepped out of the room. The newcomer's voices filtered through the room and Sam's heart started to pound erratically in his chest. This would be the first time he has met his mate's parents, he couldn't fuck up…no…he didn't dare face the consequences if he did.

"Alpha! Mother! How lovely to see you!" Adam's voice called as he stepped into the hallway. He was dressed from head to toe in a pure black tux, there was a grey wolf head pin placed in his jacket pocket and his blond hair was plastered against his head with what Dean could only presume was a whole tub of wax. His clothes were at the point where they were tight enough to reveal the extent of his muscles but not enough to break through the material. His little brother the show off. "I'm so glad you could make…" Adam's voice trailed off and Dean felt rather than see the moment his brother's attention turned towards him.

Making sure his fake smile was in place he focused his attention on Adam. He could see the surprise clear in his eyes and the corner of his mouth started to curl up into a snarl. In response Dean could feel a low growl rumble in his stomach, ready to be on the defence, seeing as the last time them had been in a room together it had led to an all-out wolf fight which John had to break up. "Adam," he greeted his voice strained as the Alpha inside of him wanted nothing more than to show the younger wolf just who was better than who.

"Dean," Adam replied his eyes scanning Dean's black t-shirt and red over shirt, his tattered dark jeans and dark brown hiking boots. His hair was gelled into soft spikes and he knew he blatantly defied the black tie the invite had clearly stated. In his defence his name wasn't even mentioned once so why should he wear a suit? "I didn't expect you to be here."

"You forgot to put his name on the invite sweetie," Mary replied stepping forward and linking her arm with Adam's. "I knew you would want the whole family here to finally meet your mate," she added forcing him away from Dean and towards the direction of where she knew the dining room to be, giving Dean a little space from the wolf testosterone.

Dean drew in a deep breath and attempted to calm himself down. He released his hands he didn't even know he had clenched into fists and slowly exhaled. He could feel his father stand by his side, his hand firmly on his shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze. "I knew I shouldn't have come," he sighed feeling in control once more.

"You know your mother," John replied. "She wanted the whole family to be together for once. So please be on your best behaviour…"

"Tell him that," Dean huffed.


"I'll try," Dean relented knowing he would need some kind of miracle to actually be able to get through this night without wanting to kill his little brother. "Are you sure Adam isn't adopted?" he added his mouth curling into a smile at the thought.

"Sometimes Ace, I wonder that myself," John added clapping his hand against Dean's shoulder and forcefully pushing him through into the dining room where Mary was enthusiastically talking to a tall man standing at the far corner of the room.

Sam liked Mary, he decided. She was the typical beta, kind, loving, caring and beautiful. He could see where Adam got his blond hair and his blue eyes from. John on the other hand seemed to be the strong opposing Alpha leader he was meant to be, he had a rough beard and slight muscles, his scent was strong and overpowering. Indicating that he was indeed the leader of the whole pack. He nodded his head at the man unsure whether or not to converse, he wasn't sure what the general practice for meeting the pack Alpha actually was, seeing as he never thought he would be in this position. However John seemed intent to let his mate do all the talking for him.

Thankfully Adam intervened and started to show off the room to his parents giving Sam a moment of relief. His eyes roamed around the room and instantly he felt them lock onto a presence he hadn't felt or sensed standing in the doorway of the room. His hazel eyes locked onto intense emerald green and he could feel his heart start to pound fiercely in his chest. A lump formed at the base of his throat and all of a sudden the room seemed to increase in temperature tenfold. He felt like he had been sucked into a vacuum and the focal point was the man standing in the door way. The man's muscles rippled under his shirt as he shifted his weight, his mouth was set in a tight line while his brows furrowed like he was staring at a complex puzzle. Instinctively Sam lifted his nose and gave the air a quick sniff, he could smell the warm flowers that was Mary, the dark powerful whiskey that was John, the strong, powerful, and brave, love that was Adam…but there was no scent from that man. There was nothing to indicate who he was…or even what he meant to him. Yet somehow he couldn't tear his eyes away from him even though he could feel the anger rolling off of Adam in waves. He could practically hear the beating he was going to receive later but it was like nothing else mattered but those green eyes.

"Babe?" Adam's voice floated through the fog that was Sam's mind. Reluctantly he turned away from the other man and met the blue of his mate's…the barely concealed anger stormed over his features the look carefully shielded so only he could see the true monster that lay beneath. "You were a million miles away," he said sweetly pulling on Sam's shoulder and pulling him into his chest so that his mouth was at his ear. "You fuck this up I will make sure you can't walk for a month," he hissed. Pressing a kiss to his cheek and pulling apart like he had just said the most romantic notion in the world.

Swallowing the bubbling terror that was forming in the pit of his stomach Sam plastered his best smile on his face and tuned into the conversation all the while trying to ignore the beacon that was the man standing in the doorway. He sensed the man walk into the room and stand at the Alpha's side, his whole presence was alluring and like a moth to a flame he kept stealing glances when he was sure his mate wasn't looking.

"I'm surprised you were available tonight brother," Adam spoke his voice laced with venom, a tone that was normally only reserved for Sam. "Aren't you breaking all those poor beta hearts out there? Or have we moved on?"

The man's eyes narrowed and a cocky grin spread across his lips, Alpha stood close to his side with his hand pressed against the small of his back clearly intending to hold him back if he had too. Mary's hand was hovering on Adam's arm seemingly ready to do the same. Brothers…truth be told Sam had no idea that Adam had a brother…he never really spoke about his family…only that his father was a powerful Alpha and he was going to be the heir to the pack when their mating had been complete.

"Like you have?"

"Dean…" Alpha growled his voice laced with his power.

"What's that meant to mean?" Adam asked.

"How many times have we been here now? 3, 4 times…"

"No one asked you here…"

"Adam…" Mary warned her hand falling onto Adam's arm. "Why don't we go sit and enjoy dinner there's no need to let this lovely meal go to waste. I would like to get to know more about Sam here," her nails dug into her son's skin as she led the man to sit down at the table. Instinctively Sam took his place at his mate's side while John took the head of the table with Mary beside him. Dean begrudgingly took his seat opposite Sam and it took all of his self-control not to stare at the other man. However impossible that task seemed to be…