He had wasted the perfect opportunity to tell the Prince how he was really feeling, and hoped that the Prince wouldn't take what he'd done the wrong way, making a promise to himself that he would tell him at the next opportunity.

But the opportunity never came.

For the week after Kanda had run out on the Prince the royal little shit avoided him at all costs, at first refusing to leave his room or let anyone in, but even when that passed he avoided the Wizard's eye at meal times, taking the back ways of the castle the Wizard didn't know well enough to take.

At the time he had left the younger to his devices, thinking he was probably angry with his father and just wanted his space, something Kanda was trying to respect in hopes that he was doing the right thing and not screwing up how the Prince felt towards him.

Allen thought that maybe the less they saw of each other the better, that Kanda didn't want to see him, and after a week of the man silently giving him his space the Prince's heart was aching brokenly. He wasn't sleeping well, neither was the Wizard, both of them mulling over the other in their heads. Allen couldn't figure out for the life of him why the Wizard had pulled away and the Wizard's brain, in turn, refused to spend a night without seeing the hurt in the Moyashi's eyes in that regretful moment.

One morning at the end of that first week they had been sitting around the table at breakfast, eating quietly as it was the recent normal with the Moyashi's father in the room, when a uniform clad Lavi burst rudely through the doors and announced that Kanda's mother had arrived.

He nearly choked on his eggs, the thin elegant woman actually literally floating into the room like a phantom, wearing her favorite forest green dress.

"Mana!" She had exclaimed upon laying her happy eyes on the King, the man standing from his seat with a more regal greeting, meeting her as she touched down, heels clicking against the stone floor.

When she noticed Kanda she had rushed up to her boy, wrapping his head in a large hug since he refused to stand, grabbing his face harshly with her long light green painted nails.

The Prince had risen he eyebrows in surprise at the scene, looking to Lavi, who shrugged innocently.

"Mother!" Kanda had growled at the woman, knowing that fighting was a worthless effort, she was stronger than he was anyway being almost forty-five yet looking not a day over 22.

"Your Uncle Komui is here too," She said turning towards the King without letting go of her son's cheek, "I've brought a wedding planner that knows the magic culture enough to be able to incorporate some of the important elements into the usual human traditions, I hope that's okay?"

She said the almost question with a warm smile, yet she still held this menacing aura only a mother could hold, and the King smartly just agreed that the planner would be a welcome, that he hadn't found one yet anyways.

And then she spotted Allen, much to Kanda's dismay.

"And this must be my future son-in-law! Goodness, how handsome you are boy, such a tragedy that is, a waste on my son is what you are!"

Allen immediately felt his cheeks heat from the compliments, Kanda's mother flying across the table to take him into a similarly bone crushing hug as the one she'd given her son, ignoring the guards who tensed and watched Mana for any orders.

"T-Thank you?" The Moyashi stuttered, unsure as to whether or not he should be taking such back handed praising.

"Mom! What the hell?!" Kanda growled loudly.

That was the last time Allen met his eyes for weeks to come. Silver orbs flickered to the angry cobalt's Kanda owned, the second momentarily stealing Kanda's breath, the realization that those eyes hadn't drilled into him in forever hitting him like a brick wall.

He wanted so badly for that to be the look Allen always gave him, his twinkle lighthearted, his soul's laughter reaching far beyond his human body. It reached out to him and all he wanted was to take it by the hand and never let it slip away.

With a sigh Kanda's mother grabbed him by his ponytail harshly, giving it a good yank that lifted him from his chair.

"Well, I think my son and I need to have a few choice words about all of this, if you'll excuse us your Majesty?"

The King chuckled with a nod, sparing a glance at his own son, who frowned.
"You are excused." He said with a wave of his hand, Kanda immediately struggling to stay in the room.

"No! I'm not- ow! Damn it, let go woman! I wanted- I- Help! Moyashi!"

Pausing for a moment the Witch that was Kanda's mother looked at her son confusingly, only to notice that the Prince was blushing furiously.

"Oh ho! Giving out nicknames now are we?" She teased, "I'm glad you like him that much honey, but your little Prince is not going to save you from your own mother."

She chuckled as Kanda fell into an embarrassed silence, the lightest pink dusting on his cheeks.

He really hadn't meant to call for the Moyashi's help, it had really just slipped out, but then again the Moyashi was so cute blushing like that.

Allen had stared surprised back at the Wizard, his heart racing at the others embarrassment, wondering why he would run away then but then cal to him for help now.

"Come, come, we don't have all day! Your father wants to speak to you and I can already tell your going to really need to focus on your manners if you plan on being a proper Queen."

Kanda's mom spoke as she dragged him towards the door, Kanda pouting but following anyway, glaring at her in anger.

"What do you mean Queen?!"

"Oh hush you! If you think your King because your a bit taller than that boy, you've got another thing coming! He's the one with the royalty in his blood."

Kanda's protests had been cut off by the slamming of the dinning room doors, and they where the last words Allen heard from Kanda until the big day.

It was a grueling time apart, neither of the men getting a moment to themselves, Kanda's mother was too busy preparing him for his life as royalty to ever let him out of her sights and Allen was pushed into helping plan out most of the wedding he was dreading with Kanda's strange uncle Komui.

They where boring stomach lurching days for the Prince, and busy stressful days for Kanda, but both of them couldn't stop wishing they could see the other.

Allen beat himself up over it, the wondering of how Kanda really felt eating at his heart, while Kanda day by day could feel himself sinking into the idea that the Moyashi was avoiding him on purpose.

It wasn't until the big day that they would see each other again.


"Would you stop already?!" Kanda hissed lowly at his mother as she quietly fussed over the perfection of his stark white suit.

"If you would just keep yourself in check I wouldn't have to fix you constantly."

"I look fine mom! Leave it alone!"

The Witch opened her mouth to retort her son's rudeness, something she'd been dealing with a lot more than usual lately, but could only heavily glare at her son as the music kicked up.

She quickly finished fixing his silky white tie, taking a step back afterwards and giving him one last once over, nodding in approval. Taking in her son, her eyes began to shine like she was about to cry, covering her lips in awe of her little boy, smiling at him beneath her hand.

"You look so handsome." She whispered beneath the music, her voice strained from willing herself not to cry.

Kanda spared her a side grin, taking his place as the wedding director had shown him before, waiting nervously for the door to open for him.

He stood in an all white suit, with only a black dress shirt beneath for color, a white tie, and his hair pulled back into a messy man-bun that sat low on his head. They where behind a gate that had been setup in the castles garden, the doors covered with thick flower bushels so they where hidden away from the beautiful decorations and lines of seating, waiting for the door to open so he could make his way up to the altar and to the man that stood at it.

Of course he had argued with Komui about being the one who had to walk up the aisle, still denying his title of Queen, but his mother was a stubborn woman who eventually forced him into his place behind the elegant and out of place gates.

Kanda rolled his eyes at his mothers compliment, yet he couldn't help but smirk as he did so, as it was rare for her to compliment him.

After a light smack on his arm for rolling his cobalt orbs disrespectfully, she stepped back, the doors that hid the garden cracking open slowly as the traditional music played in human ceremonies hummed on with a certain harmonious strength.

The wizard felt his heart -the damn thing- shoot up into his throat, as if it wanted to escape his body and run away, his magical blood racing through his veins. And the sight beyond the large iron gate of course didn't help his oddly nervous feelings.

By the time the doors had opened fully Kanda had taken about three small steps into the large garden, the man taking in the rows of people turned around in their fold-able white wooden chairs to watch him approach the wide alter, and the white linens hanging in the trees. Ocean-blue colored candles floated about aimlessly above the heads of the guests, their wax drippings fading away before the droplets could even finish their rush down the edges of the candles, and he could see that the pond lay mere steps away from the alter, it's waters illuminated by the glowing lotus flowers that spotted the surface. Even the alter itself was gorgeously done up with a wide square frame, held in place simply by a messy tangling of thin vines, a few bundles of bachelor button's arranged across the top left corner of the frame.

Kanda had sighed when he had seen those flowers where going to be above them during the ceremony, as they where sensitive to the feelings of love held by living creatures, and there was a very real chance that they would wither and die during the signing of the marriage contract, and if they lived past that he doubted they would survive the gifting of the ring's.

For a moment he felt like throwing up, or maybe like destroying everything before him, but whichever it was he couldn't be sure... not until he caught sight of the Moyashi standing, sifting nervously, beneath the flower covered frame.

Allen wore a suit that matched Kanda's in style, only his was mostly black, the only white on him being his hair, his dress shirt, and a bouquet of white baby's breath flowers he held in one hand.

The Wizards breath was nowhere to be found upon seeing the Moyashi, how elegant he was dressed to his best, he was gorgeous bathed in the lights that decorated the garden around them. The shadowing seemed to make his features more striking, yet they stayed soft and innocent, and his white hair was brushed back into a more Princely style then he usually had it. The Prince was so handsome he had stopped in his tracks, but when he realized those shining silver eyes where filled with worry and a sad happiness, he took another step forward mindlessly.

Slowly he approached the younger male, whose hands visibly shook as his heart trembled, Allen feeling more emotions in that one moment then he'd ever felt before. Was this really how it had to be? Would he be stuck in this guilt of forcing Kanda to marry him for as long as they where together? Feel this emptiness that's been forming in the pit of his heart forever? Was this even right? Was Kanda even being forced into this?

Allen could feel Kanda's gaze stubbornly pinning him to a wall that wasn't really there, but he couldn't bring himself to meet those eyes that could so easily manipulate his heart, knowing that the doubts he'd let fester and grow after that failed kiss might shine right through himself.

He had been stuck all this time, either in his lessons, his study, or planning this stupid wedding... And every in every one of those moments his thoughts had drifted to the Wizard. He had been nagged consistently by his worries, left with a bothersome pain that ached in his chest, and was often dragged from reality by his imagination in order to either be left with a happy, wishful sadness, or be slapped into a fantasy so vile he thought, at times, he might break down where he stood.

Some nights, late when all but he could sleep soundlessly in their beds, he did exactly that. He cried deep un-comforted tears, wept the pain that came straight from his heart only to wonder what on earth was wrong with him, and would chastise himself for feeling this depth-less sorrow that he wasn't so sure was even justified.

Standing here, at this beautifully decorated alter, in a moment of his life he had always hoped would be one he'd remember fondly in his old age, Allen didn't know what to feel anymore. Was the day happy? Sad? Is this a tragedy meant to be left in the dust of time's ticking clock? Or was it a story of love to be passed down the family tree for generations to come?

The Prince's nightmare was that this turned out to not be the latter.

Allen didn't want this, want to stand at the center of his dream wedding day with a man who didn't love him back, didn't want the Wizard approaching to eventually fall in love with him. He wanted him to love him now or never at all.

Still refusing to meet the others gaze Allen griped the traditional magic flowers -that Kanda had refused to carry up the aisle- tightly in his fist, the music dying down as Kanda took his final few steps up to the alter, standing himself directly across from Allen, his gaze still unfaltering and glued to the Moyashi .

Kanda wondered if the cold shoulder the Moyashi had been giving him would ever melt, or if he'd be stuck in a perpetual ice cube, built from the chill of the Moyashi's silence, for infinity.

Floating in came a lectern and table that settled between the two men, only to quickly be followed by a priest with the knowledge of both traditions, who began the ceremony by asking the grooms to face each other.

The Moyashi seemed to force his eyes up to the Wizard's, immediately searching him for anything and everything, but a certain sadness seemed to be ghosting his usually shining orbs. Kanda knew he was doing just the same, search those silver orbs for anything the young man might be feeling, wondering what on god's good earth that expression of his really meant. He did his best to make a face that might relax the other a bit, might hint at how he really felt about what was happening to them, but they where both so scrambled, so confused and fragile, that neither could gather the most obvious sign shown between them both.

Neither noticed that shine that begged the question they both wanted answers too, nor understood the worry that answered it.

As the priest spoke the human scripture that would bind them, Kanda noticed the Prince was beginning to shake worse then he was before. Any other time he might have noticed and merely rolled his eyes at the other, but he was using everything to stop from shaking himself, and without thinking reached across the small space between them as casually as he could, taking the slightly smaller hand in his own, and squeezing it gently in the hopes that it would calm the Moyashi.

Allen looked honestly stunned by the action, a few people in the crowd giving small "aw's" because of the gesture, but Kanda could ignore the embarrassment for once if it could help Allen relax even the tiniest bit.

Kanda hated that it felt so right to be standing just to the side of the table holding the marriage contract, that it felt just as perfectly fitting as when the Prince had been curled up in his chest in tears, just as right as Allen's hand had felt in his own by the pond all those months ago. Knowing that Allen stood just opposite to him, waiting for the ceremony to begin, made this entire ordeal feel like the most natural situation in the world.

And it tore at his heart.

Because he knew that if he were to ever have grown into wanting to marry Allen, he would have never wanted it to be like this, he would have wanted to surprise him with a proposal, give him a proper courtship. Even though he himself was not a Prince he was pretty positive he could hold the airs, wear the title, play the part.

He would have lied if he had too, if getting into another one of his soon-to-be 'dad's' godforsaken balls was the key to Snow White-Hair's heart, Kanda would have lied, cheated, and kissed every jewel that rested on the Kings fingers.

He knew that, knew it well because of his research in love, because he could feel in his heart that if he had truly loved Allen he would have done anything.

Standing here, with this man, on this alter, Kanda knew that he needed to do right by the young Prince. There was a chance for them, Kanda knew how he himself felt, remembered clearly the day they met and how Allen had shivered upon speaking his last name for the first time. He hoped that those feelings could grow, could become something that would make the Prince happy, and even though he wasn't marrying the man on his own terms he would still be loyal to him regardless of the circumstances.

"Kanda," the priest finally begin the piece where he addressed the two grooms causing both men to straighten nervously, their hands falling apart, "do you take Allen to be your life partner? Do you promise to be true to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love him and honor him for all the days of your life?"

"I do." He answered strongly still facing the Price, who looked almost in tears, and filled with conflict.

The term 'life partner' rang heavily in their ears, as neither had known of the small change in the scripture, and hearing it was really just adding weight to the pressure in the air.

"Allen, do you take Kanda to be your life partner? Do you promise to be true to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love him and honor him for all the days of your life?"

When Allen didn't immediately reply Kanda glanced up at the bachelor's buttons sitting above their heads, a little surprised to see that they weren't even trembling let alone dying. Those flowers where sensitive to love, and where worn by young men with crushes, but if the love was unrequited the flowers would quickly wilt and die.

Their unchanging health caused a feeling of hope to spark in his chest, a spark that was nurtured by the Moyashi's response.

"I do." He said weakly, in a tone Kanda thought sounded a lot like sorrow, but then had almost a guilty resonance to it.

But the tear that ran down Allen's cheek was what really caught him off guard.

Was it happy? Sad? Painful? He couldn't tell of course, but...he knew-

His train of thought was interrupted by that same weak voice, speaking in a breathless whisper.

"I just hope you won't hate me for this."

It was enough to bruise the Wizard's heart, the idea that the Moyashi thought he could ever hate the Prince, especially for this, for marrying him. He would have replied if the priest hadn't continued on, never noticing the soft yet harsh words.

"Then using this pen," he paused pulling an inkwell and quelled feather from his priest robes, "and this ink, you may sign the contract laid on the table before you."

He handed the feather to Kanda, and the inkwell to Allen, the Prince cautiously pulling out the topper of the jar with trembling hands and doing his best to hold it so Kanda could dip into it.

The signing was mostly silent, Kanda filling in his full name across the line before handing the pen over to the Moyashi, who gave the Wizard the inkwell in exchange. When Allen had a hard time just dipping the pen Kanda tried not to show the slight annoyance that bubbled up, knowing it would be insensitive to express such a feeling when the Moyashi was in this sort of fragile state. Trying his best to steady his hand the Prince began a messy first letter, but Kanda was quick to rest his hand over Allen's for support, gaining another surprised look from the man currently becoming his husband. Together they signed Allen's name just as Kanda had done his own, making them a married couple in the eyes of the Kingdom, as was the human tradition.

And then began the witch's tradition of the giving of the ring's instead of the usual human ring giving.

"Before the ring's are blessed upon you," continued the priest as he followed the tradition, ignoring the table as it floated forward a bit, making room for the two grooms, "I ask if either of you wish to speak a vow."

The priest paused for a moment to give them time to answer, and in that moment Kanda glance over at the Moyashi, who was having a meltdown silently beside him, a notion that was both breaking and making his heart at the same time. Fat tears rolled briskly down the Prince's handsome face, their meaning still a mystery to the Wizard, but he knew...

...He knew he loved Allen far too much to hurt him, and if this was how it had to be, he would take it head on. It may have been a little late, to admit this now, but he'd made up his mind. The older male's mother had told him to keep quiet when the priest asked about the vows, but really, when had he ever listened before?

"I have... there is something I want to say to Allen." Kanda said just as the priest was about to continue on, a move that startled Allen into staring at him with wide wet eyes, the witch Lee practically having a heart attack in her chair as her son steered the wedding slightly off script.

"Allen..." the Wizard started carefully, mulling over what needed to be said, "your young still, we're both young, and inexperienced in a lot of things. I left home to explore the world, I was out looking for something that I felt was missing from my life, and I hoped to find that thing here... I have barely known you for a few months, and I haven't really experienced love first hand, but I do know that the day I met you... There was something there."

Cautiously Kanda offered forward a hand to the Prince, a hand for him to hold, to use to steady himself as he looked paler then the Wizard had thought was humanly possible. He didn't dare move his line of sight, keeping himself glued to the Moyashi's handsome and slightly teary face, holding those silver orbs as strongly as he could.

Allen hesitantly glanced between the hand offered to him and the intense eyes that begged him to take the offering if he wanted it, the Prince's heart racing from the mere mention of the word love in the others sudden vow. More fat wet drops had dashed after their comrades when Kanda had admitted that they... that something was between them. The smaller male worried he would faint from the relief of knowing the magic man still felt like maybe, if they could work this the right way, they could make this marriage more then it really was. He was going to be sick from the beating his nerves where taking, was glad he didn't need to do a lot more then stand there because otherwise, he'd have fallen already.

So would he turn to Kanda to steady himself?

He could easily see himself letting Kanda become his crutch, his strength... a strength that was being offered to him right at this moment. One he needed if he was going to survive this terrible ordeal, god knows how it was killing him, how much he could use the support of the man he was marrying.

Slowly Allen stretched out his hand, accepting the offer by gently placing his appendage in Kanda's slightly larger one, his heart smacking against his rib cage.

What surprised Kanda was the Prince lifting his other hand, offering that one to Kanda just as timidly as he had excepted the man's advance.

But unlike Allen, Kanda didn't accept.

"Your a Prince," the magic wielding male continued, stepping closer to his Moyashi, using a gentle caress of his cheek to wipe the tears off of the royal's face, "you shouldn't be such a mess in public, even if it is your wedding day... and I... I want to make sure... this the last time you cry like this... or show that expression..."

The Moyashi gave him a tiny smile that made his heart sing, their right hands still intertwined, the Wizard's left cradling that fair jawline.

Allen hoped to heaven that this was going exactly where his heart was willing it to go, that this longing in his chest was because that mutual spark between them still glowed with the potential to flame, and still was strong enough on both sides to hunger for the fuel that only their true feelings could give it.

"I never wanted us to begin like this, but because it has too, I will accept it. I don't know if I should be happy about this, if I should be satisfied, or disappointed, or heart broken... But what I do know is that I love you from somewhere deep, someplace none of that damn research could ever have uncovered. It's not so strong that I would have asked to go this far with you, but it's still love, enough that I think... maybe one day it can grown to be that deep-seated."

A wave of new tears rushed down the Prince's face, the man quickly wiping them away himself this time, realizing how he must have looked crying silently throughout the ceremony so far. He tried to hold them back, he really had been trying all this time, but before the pain had been too sharp and was etching itself to deeply to hide. Now that the pain had been alleviated by the Wizard's words, Allen found that he still couldn't stop the crying, only now it was for an entirely opposite reason then before.

"I want to protect you, Allen, I want you to depend on me, and I want to reach a day when neither of us can doubt that we wouldn't have ended up married anyway... I just hope that in time, if we try, we can have that magic connection they mentioned in all those books... That you can be happy in the end."

The intensity of their locked gaze's was at a level the Prince never thought he could have ever endured, but the pure truth and hopeful shine that lay behind Kanda's big beautiful blues was just far too heart-mending to tear his own silvery eyes from. He powered through the blurry moments when tears overflowed in his sight, quickly wiping them away because he wanted to look Kanda in the eye when he spoke, the Prince taking a few breaths as did so to steady his voice for his turn.

When Kanda didn't continue, the priest turned to Allen, smiling at the sweet scene before him.

"And you Allen?"

He could suddenly feel the true weight of being locked in the older males sights as it became his turn to proclaim how he really felt, and it was not helping him claim down at all, if anything just having the man stare at him for this long was forcing the tears out of him and his voice back down his throat.

"You- You really feel that way Kanda?" The Royal stuttered, looking up at the man he was marrying.

When the magic man nodded, that was it.

Screw the eye thing, he could make meaningful eye contact with the man later.

Blinking some water away the Prince pulled his hand from the Wizards, not giving Kanda any time to react as he threw his arms around the taller's neck, blubbering his feelings loudly over his strong shoulder.

"Thank God, Kanda thank God! Ever since we sat by the pond and you told me you believed in love at first sight, I knew you felt it. You had to have felt the sparks, they had been so strong... We've been apart so much recently, had so much time, and I didn't know what to think. I was so worried that you hated me Kanda, that you felt obligated to go through with this... that this would be an empty bond. We've had all this time, but I don't need time, I never needed any of this to realize that I feel things with you! Things that I know I could never feel with anyone else..."

Trailing off Allen let his arms slip off of the older males shoulders, only to realize that in his moment he hadn't noticed Kanda's large strong hands wrapping around his waist, the man not letting go just yet.

In confusion the young Prince looked back to the man holding him, only to meet a look he'd never seen overtake the males face so fully before. Hints of it were there when they had sat by that pond all those months ago, and when Kanda he almost stolen their first kiss, but never had he seen it radiate so completely and silently from the Wizard. It was the true proof that everything he had said was really the truth.

They were locked in each others gaze as Kanda gave the Prince a small affectionate squeeze, the man leaning back into to his partner in order to whisper something so privately that Allen himself barely heard it.

Faintly, tickling his hearing like the gentle breeze would the leafs, Allen caught the Wizards voice.

"Call me Yu."

Just hearing his name for the first time filled Allen with a feeling akin to enlightenment, one that didn't seem to settle but instead simmered even as he was given back his space.

And it sparked a bravery inside his heart.

"I love you, Yu."

They both refused to bat an eye as he admitted it right back, as he urged the passion in his chest to be mirrored in the other man's.

"Then with the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and husband."

The voice of the priest, who keenly knew when it was his time to speak, broke them out of the trance that was each other, startling them back to the reality around them.

"If the couple could please join hands, we can begin the ring ceremony."

The royal merely blinked dumbly, Kanda taking the lead by locking together their left hands, intertwining their perfectly fitting digits.

Speaking in a strange tongue the priest pulled a silken cloth out of the air with a tiny poof of smoke, lying the fabric carefully over the men's joint hands so they where completely covered, Allen noticing the images that had been stained into a small portion on the left side of the cloth.

Two separate strips of beautiful pattern, thin and intricate, had been painted onto the cloth using silver and golden colors. Each consisted of two golden parallel lines set about half a centimeter apart, with an odd silver design between them that seemed to spell a word Allen couldn't quite make out.

He watched in awe as, with the priests ancient words and gestures, the hand joined with Kanda's beneath the cloth began to tingle and the markings on the cloth seemed to sink past the silken fabric. The paint was dry, yet it still beaded to the other side side of the cloth, Kanda watching unperturbed by the magic he felt flowing flowing between them or by the disappearing design trick. He was too busy tasking in the Moyashi's adorably surprised expression, how his glimmering eyes seemed to have widened, and how even though the tingling was almost numbing he could still feel the softness of the Prince's faintly calloused hands.

His heart swelled in his chest, and he was only distracted by the sudden strange sensation that over took both the men's ring fingers.

They could both feel the small section of skin at the hilts of their left fingers tingle and tug as if something was pulling at the flesh, the now clean cloth hiding what was happening, and even though the Prince wasn't entirely sure what this 'ring ceremony' was, he realized he could trust the magic if Kanda placed faith in it.

When the priests voice ceased ringing out in the odd tongue, the sensations that had overcome their hands began to fade, and after a heartbeat the holy man pulled the fabric off of their joined hands with a pleasant smile.

"These ring's," he said calmly, nodding to the men to let them know they could now pull their hands apart, "are symbols, not only of your union, but also of the promise you make to each other in marriage. With these rings, now magically etched into the skin, you will be seen as two halves of one soul, and are promised to each other just as fate has promised each of us a destined path."

The Prince was the one to first pull his hand away, although not without a hint of reluctance, but he was excited to examine the tattoo now printed onto the base of his ring finger. The pattern from the cloth seemed to have merged onto his skin, leaving a clean and clear ring on his left digit, yet he noticed that the silver words he couldn't make out before had been reshaped. Elegantly the words boldly announced his own name, Kanda joining his partner with a frown as he gazed at his own, but when Allen held up his hand and pointed at it in confusion, Kanda understood.

The rings had been made so that anyone who would see them would be able to read the name of that persons partner, yet at the same time they represent the tie between the two wearers, therefore both names have been included on the bands. From their own points of view they would see their names, but if anyone where to see the tattoos at a different angle they would see a different name, as the magic used to create them would shift the letters according to the angle, producing a result similar to an ambigram.

With a grin Kanda copied Allen's previously confused motion, pointing at the hand he held up to show the Moyashi that it read Kanda's own name before turning his hand so that he held it out to the Bean instead. The Wizard chuckled upon seeing the shining amazement in those innocent eyes, the male flipping his hand back and forth so he could witness the transformation on his own hand, only to smile widely in satisfaction. Seeing Kanda's name where it was... it gave him a pleasant fulfilling feeling.

Both men barely heard the priest as he spoke the final words that ended the ceremony.

"From this moment forward, and forever on, you will be one unit in the eyes of the throne. Under the authority invested in me by the kingdom of Hakobune, the Council of the Magic Community, and his Royal Majesty, the King, I finalize your communion."

The crowd of family and friends erupted into a wave of loud clapping, Allen and Kanda turning to the noise in slight surprise before the elder smiled, suddenly grabbing and dragging his new husband back down the aisle.

The Wizards mother stood up to chase the two, yelling her sons name as the rest of the guests laughed and clapped, the King moving up to the front in order to gain the attention of the people.

As Allen's father directed the guests inside the castle and towards the ballroom for the reception, Kanda was quickly losing his mother with the Moyashi in his grip, the two men running through the grounds.

"Kanda where on earth are you going?!" She yelled as she tried to catch up to the couple, but Allen could barely turn to give her an apologetic smile in reply. "You'll ruin your suits!"

They where able to gain a good distance on the older woman, turning a sharp corner just as she stopped to invoke the same magic she had used earlier to fly, but the Moyashi stopped short when they where out of sight and started running his finger tips across the wall.

"Moyashi what are-" Kanda started to ask, but abruptly cut himself off as the Prince pulled back a brick, part of the wall lifting away.

"This way!" Allen told the Wizard, tugging the taller man into the passage. Using a rope that had been cemented into the other side of the brick, the Moyashi jerked the secret lever back into place, successfully allowing for the wall to drop back into its place.

It was pitch black within the small room, and neither of the two could see, but they could clearly hear the angry grumbling's of Kanda's mother as she literally flew by where they hid.

Allen fumbled in the darkness, searching for the lantern and matches he knew were stored in the room somewhere, but to his surprise Kanda filled the room with light from a wave of his wand and a mumble.

"Oi, where are we?" He asked the Prince, the slightest bit impressed that the Moyashi had been quick enough in his thinking to help them escape his horrible mother.

"There has always been many different hidden passages within the castle, as the old King had had them build in case of attack or if the royal family ever needed to find a fast escape, I've been exploring this place all my life you know."

Allen motioned for Kanda to follow him, pulling open a door that was barely visible, seemingly made to look like a piece of the wall.

"Was there not nurse maids to prevent that sort of exploration? Did they not report your misbehavior to your father?"

Allen chuckled gently, starting down the dark and narrow corridor that lay past the door. "My father may be a kind ruler but no servant or maid could ever admit they had been bested by a child, no one wishes to seem foolish before the King, so when I disappeared they only hoped that I would return in time for my lessons."

"Che, idiots."

Kanda could see his new husband nod in the glow of his wand.

"A few were, but what they lacked in brains they made up for in kindness and skill."

Kanda rolled his eyes, inwardly dismissing 'kindness' as a trait that could ever make up for smarts, silently following the Moyashi until they came to a fork in the dim hall.

"Which way Moyashi?"

The Prince looked thoughtfully between the two paths before turning back to Kanda, flashing him a large side grin.

"Well the path branching straight ahead should take us to the rooms on the next floor, mine should be our first left a the top of the staircase, or we could go left and head towards the kitchen," the Prince shrugged with a slight pause, "it all depends on where you would like to go, Yuu."

Hearing his name come from the Prince's lips sent a pleasant jolt through the older man, and instead of replying he shuffled closer, switching his glowing wand from one hand to the other so that he could slip an arm around his Moyashi's shoulders.

"I rather not be found out by some bastard chef. Take me to your rooms, my mother thinks I wouldn't dare, but she had always said its rude to refuse an invitation."

With a frown the Moayshi glanced at the magic man, taking in the grin and they way the light cast shadows that only accentuated his handsome features, wondering what on earth he could mean.

"Well?" Kanda urged his husband, turning to catch his silvery orb's, "Shall we go on?"

From purely the tone in the older males voice the Moyashi felt his cheeks fill with the heat of attraction, and quickly he nodded, escaping the arm around him by walking off into the darkness ahead.

The Wizard was fast to follow the Prince, holding out his wand as to light the way, silently watching his new husband walking strongly before him. Never before had he noticed how well postured the Prince was, how he always seemed to hold such height in his shoulders, and how he kept his chin up even when there was no need to be so formal.

He was wondering how often the Prince had to relax, as by his observation, the time seemed not long, when the Prince spoke.

"I wish to see where you are from." Allen said shyly, not looking at the man he had just married, but instead paying close attention to the hidden stairwell they approached.

The Wizard blinked, frowning in curiosity at such a request.

"You wish to visit my homeland? What for?"

"You have seen mine, at least, to some extent, so I want you to show me your country. Is that not what newly weds do? Travel to a far away land? Do they not seek out a new place to enjoy each others company?"

"It's certainly not new to me."

"Then we can stop while passing through, can't we?"

Both males fell silent, the sound of their shiny wedding shoes against the old dusty stone echoing around them, Allen hoping Kanda would put some thought into the idea.

They walked for a little longer, but it was minutes of maneuvering before they stopped at a section of wall that was a slightly different shade then the rest of the stone.

"This leads to my rooms." Allen said simply, gesturing to the bricks before moving to push the hidden door open.

"You mean for our shinkonryokou?"

Pausing with his hand on the door, Allen glanced back at Kanda, surprised by the strange pronunciation of the mans home language.

"The trip that wedded couples take, we call it a 'shinkonryokou', I think in this language it is a honey... moon? A honeymoon?"

Allen's eyes widened and he quickly nodded, keeping his gaze off of Kanda, staring at the door like he was searching for it's seam. He felt oddly embarrassed at the idea of going on his honeymoon with Kanda, the implications behind the term 'honeymoon' making his blood rush, his cheeks probably as red as fire.

"Y-yeah," The Prince stuttered, "For our honeymoon."

"Well... I guess we could stop by my village on our way, if you really want too."

Pushing open the door, Allen smiled widely at his magic wielding husband, deciding that he could at least do that for the man's compromise. Light poured into the dark and dank hallway, bathing the Prince in a glow that amplified his happiness, leaving the Wizard breathless because of how handsome his husband could be. He was already good looking dressed in his wedding tux, yet in that moment, with his cheeks darkly flushed and his hair a bit messy from running, Kanda swore the Prince was far fairer then any maiden in all the land. He had the realization that out of them all, he would pick Allen without a second thought, and his heart felt like it had become lighter.

"Come on in Yuu," Allen said while offering a hand for the Wizard to take, "I don't want our passage to be found out."

Without complaint Kanda reached forward and took the white haired Prince's hand, not moving when the Prince tried pulling him forward.


"Hey Allen?"

The Prince tilted his head to the side in confusion, wondering why the man wasn't budging.

"I love you, you know."

Hearing those words again the Prince's heart took off faster then a racing horse, his face becoming an impossibly darker shade of red, and his hand suddenly calming up in the others.

But he got the words words out anyways.

"I- I- I- I know... I, love you too."

Allen watched as slowly a grin broke out over Kanda's face, and he squeezed the hand in his affectionately, only to be jolted forwards with a tug that sent him flying straight into his husband's hard chest.

The two men bumped abdomens roughly, fingers intertwining in the hands they held, the smaller man barely able to grasp a breath before his lips where captured by another pair of soft lips.

Kanda's eyes where already closed as he savored the feeling of his Moyashi pressed against him, and as Allen overcame his surprise he began to melt into the pleasing feeling that sent tingles through his veins, his free hand finding exchange on the mans jacket in order to deepen their connection.

And then all too soon, the magic man pulled away, whispering with a panted breath.

"We should move this inside."

The Prince didn't reply with words but instead pulled his husbands lips against his own once again, pulling him through the hidden doorway in a messy haste, and slamming the brick door back into place behind them.

The door jarred shut, the jolt letting a few sprinklings of dust fall from the bricks above the entrance onto the musty floor, and the hall was again filled with the darkness it was oh so familiar with. The only sounds to be heard soon becoming the muffled pleasure of the two's shared kisses and the Prince's joyful laughter as Kanda discovered how ticklish his new husband was.

~ The End ~