Author's Note: Sorry for the delay in writing, real life and all that. So, this is the start of a three or four part series. Each task of the tournament will be sending the champions to a different world, with the series following Harry's adventures through the worlds. First up is Skyrim to match the original First Task and get things swinging. I'm thinking of keeping things set in video games or just games in general. I'm not sure what the second task will be, but it will be building up bigger and bigger, the final task being Warcraft. If you have any ideas for the 'Second Task' let me know, I'm looking for something that bridges Skyrim to Warcraft. Along the way Harry, and the rest of the Wizard World, will learn things about the Potters that they never knew. Who was Lily Evans really? Was James Potter simply a wizard? Just how far does the reach of the Master of Death go? Please leave a review and let me know if you like this story.

"Welcome, one and all, to the Tri-Wizard Tournament," the voice of Albus Dumbledore called out to the students, teachers and reporters filling the stands around the Quidditch Pitch. "Normally we would be subjecting our brave champions to unspeakably dangerous tasks that would require stamina, magic and fortitude usually own seen in myth and legend, however, many parents have threatened to sue not only the school but the Ministry of Magic should something happen to non-champions, so we had to think of something better," the aged Headmaster called out.

"Without further pomp, let us call out our champions as selected by the Goblet of Fire! First is Mr. Victor Krum of Durmstrang! Second, the lovely Miss. Fleur Delacour of Beauxbatons! Third is Mr. Cedric Diggory of Hogwarts! Finally, the youngest competitor, Mr. Harry Potter of Hogwarts," the lavender clad Headmaster shouted as he introduced each competitor. His eyes twinkling as he heard the shout of encouragement and applause of the crowds for their favorite champion. "Mr. Crouch if you would proceed."

"But of course," the grouchy man stated as he stepped up to the podium with a smile beneath his toothbrush mustache. "Today our champions will have a monitoring spell placed on them, attached to one of these four monitors," he said before waving his wand, revealing a set of spherical crystals looming in the air and slowly spinning. "The monitoring charms are for the second step, our champions will reach into this bag," he said holding aloft a grey bag with the word GAMESTOP emblazoned across the side, "and choose their destination and world which they will need to save to complete the first task!"

Behind the podium, Harry rolled his eyes as he heard the awed gasp of the purebloods as they inspected the plastic bag. How could these people go so long without understanding a single thing about the much larger and advanced world that dominated the planet? There were certain times he felt he could just slam his head into a brick wall and hope that his life was just a bad dream. And exactly how were they supposed to get to a video game world to start of with? If wizards didn't know what a game store was, how did they have a spell to send them into one?

He watched as Crouch walked to the far end of the line up and to Krum, who was looking just as sour as he normally did. Couldn't the professional seeker ever look happy, Harry wondered to himself. He watched the duck-footed champion reach into the bag with all the seriousness of a man selecting a dueling weapon and remove a game case. Harry had to bite his lip from smirking as the first champion withdrew what appeared his cousin Dudley's favorite game, Grand Theft Auto V. Oh, that was going to be a wake-up call to the muggle world if he had ever seen one.

Then came the blond and well endowed veela, her blue eyes filled with trepidation as she reached into the bag. Harry wondered just what sort of game the french witch would produce from the 'mystery' bag. His green eyes flashed with amusement as she withdrew a game with a robed figure on the cover. Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, not a bad title for a being with allure to be able to produce. He figured the seventeen year old would be able to use her feminine wilds to her advantage in the killing game.

His eyes narrowed though when it was Cedric's turn. What sort of game would the Hogwarts True Champion be able to get. Hopefully it was something the other boy could use his magic to get pretty far on. Oh! Maybe they had Mario or Donkey Kong... or the bloody Hufflepuff could pull out freaking Bioshock 2. The green eyed boy frowned as he watch the other champion flip his box to read the back. Bioshock wasn't going to be easy, not with the Big Daddy's and Splicers. The idiot would be lucky not to come out of it strung out of his mind on ADAM.

Suddenly his vision was filled with the bag and a multitude of games still lingering inside. He gulped as he recognized some of the titles, Mortal Kombat, Dead Space, Madden NFL! Absolutely nothing he wanted to grab. Suddenly, his eyes fell upon a black cover with a single rune, similar to that of a dragon etched across the cover in silver. Like a snake, which he could talk to, his hand lashed out and grabbed the game to have a look at it. The Elders Scrolls V SKYRIM, stared back at him from the case. Well, how hard could it be, he had seen his cousin beat Oblivion years ago?

Emerald eyes flickered to the stands where he could see his best friend, Hermione Granger, worrying her bottom lip as she too seemed to realize just what sort of games had been snagged from the bag. His former friend, Ron Weasley, was staring down at them in confusion. Harry knew that look, it was the same look Ron had whenever he was trying to read a text book.

"Now then," Ludo Bagman cried as he slapped his inflated stomach with two hands and looked rather happy. "With our Champions having selected their task, we will proceed to send them on their way," he said with excitement as Dumbledore moved throughout the champions casting monitoring charms onto them. Above their heads the crystals illuminated, showing an over the shoulder view of the champions and what lay before them. "With our monitoring spells in check, we can begin the task... Headmasters if you please..."

"Pons ad Novum Orbem!"

Harry Potter couldn't help the scream that ripped from his mouth as he felt what seemed to be a meat hook catch just behind his navel and rip him away from the small stage on which they had been standing. He felt himself tumbling through what felt like a rock filled tunnel before he was spat out onto the ground. He groaned as he stood up, glancing around for any sort of trouble. He knew the start of Skyrim, he was meant to be in a cart on his way to his execution, but now he found himself in a world that smelled of perfume, with crystals of all shapes and sizes floating though air beneath a blanket of stars, and a setting sun on the horizon.

All around him stood statues of a woman dressed in a flowing toga holding aloft a star and crescent moon as she gazed toward the horizon. He didn't even bother to stand up, but rather remained knelt beneath the statue of the Daedric Prince of Change, Azura. "Oh no, oh no oh no," he muttered to himself. He had just started and already something seemed to have wanted to go haywire, curse is luck.

"Rise, Harry James Potter of Earth," a sweet woman's voice called. With numb legs, and terrified out of his mind, Harry stood, his knees trembling as he gazed upon the statue he had knelt beneath. Or rather, what had been a statue. A beautiful woman dressed in a flowing nearly see through black toga stood before him, her skin a pale, almost glowing purple, as her blonde hair fell about her long ears and slim shoulders, her red eyes sparkling with amusement as she watched the young wizard blush. "Greetings young traveler, I am Azura, Prince of Dusk and Dawn. Welcome to Moonshadow."

"I.. it.. is my... my honor," the wizard stuttered out as he tried to focus on anything than the omniscient goddess like being in front of him. "May I... May I ask why exactly you have brought me to your realm?"

"That is simple, we must change you to have you fit into our world," the Daedric stated as she walked around the youth and looked him over. "The world is different from the one your cousin saved, a different Nirn and Oblivion, much like how your world has changed from you fighting a Hungarian Horntail to saving a world inside a video game. Your wizards no so little of technology that they didn't get the simple console version of this world, but what you're people call the PC version. Which means," she leaned down into his ear to whisper to him, causing him to shiver as her breath passed over his flesh, "mods are being downloaded."

The raven haired boy looked at the Daedra in shock. "How do you know anything about that? I would think, being inside the game, your realm of influence would be trapped to perceive what takes place in side your world."

The Daedra smiled at him. "Omniscient remember," she said before flipping her hair back. "Also, we need to do something with you," she said with a frown as she gazed at him. "Skyrim's champion cannot be a simple mage or warrior. They wouldn't make it past the first barrow," she explained with a shake of her head. "I'm afraid, we simply can't let this stand, your soul just isn't strong enough," she sighed before slamming her hand into Harry's chest, and ripping a glowing blue form of the boy from his body, complete with a black haze around where his lightning bolt scar should be.

"See, not nearly strong enough," she said as she watched the wizard collapse to his knees. "You see, the champion of Skyrim must be a Dragonborn, the same as the old emperors, a man born with the blood and soul of a dragon, and, well, you weren't. Luckily I can change that," she said happily as she put her fingers in her mouth and whistled. A black gaping hole seemed to rip itself into existence nearby, before a snout of rotting flesh pushed itself through.

From his weakened position on the floor, Harry gazed a the dragon that pushed itself through the portal. Its skin and scales were rotting from its bones, dripping pus and ooze onto the ground, as thick yellow saliva poured from a gaping hole just behind its chin. Six horns grew from its head, a pair growing straight up, and four more curling forward towards its face. Unlike the dragons in Harry's world, it only had a set of legs, and used its wings to walk as front arms. "Lady Azura," the dragon's voice boomed in the air as it knelt its head, "I am surprised to be summoned by one such as you."

"A dragon bowing to a Daedra, how unexpected, Durnehviir," the woman said with a twinkling laugh. "I have a proposition for you, on I can easily make to Relonikiv if you desire to return to the Soul Cairn. We have a new hero coming to our world, and sadly, he is not Dragonborn. I am willing to break your cursed existence and free you from your duties in the Soul Cairn, but only if you allow me to merge your soul with that of this young wizard, Harry."

Harry shivered as he felt the pus oozing snout of the dragon practically nudge his body as he inhaled his scent. "He is strong when it comes to magic, but I do not know that he is strong enough that I would simply bow to his desires and needs, Azura. What accomplishments has the youth had that would make me think him my equal."

"Well none of course," Azura said with a laugh. "I know how you dragons are, you think you could best anything another race did," she said with a fond smile. "However, I can show you what young Harry has done," she said with a smile, "and what he is destined for." Placing a hand on Harry's soul and the other on Durnehviir's snout, a breeze swept through the perfumed air, as something passed from the soul, through the Daedra and into the dragon. Harry could only guess it was the memories of his first three years at Hogwarts.

"Ausul Yol," the dragon roared up at the sky after several minutes launching a fireball into the lavender smelling air. "Who could treat a child like that," he growled out before shaking his head. "To defeat a wraith at eleven, a basalisk and wraith at 12, and a horde of dovah sonaak at 13 is unheard of," the dragon said in shock. "However, if he is to do what fate has in store, he will need more than raw magic on his side. To crush Lein Naakin he will need my help and guidance... I accept, Azura."

The Dark Elf woman smiled before she closed her fingers on the dragon's snout and pulled the spirit of the dragon from its rotting body. The body exploded with purple flames, that swept around it eating the remains of its body, before turning and flowing into Harry's mouth and nose. He coughed and sputtered on the smell of rotting burned flesh, before he looked up toward Azura. She was looking at the dragon's soul for moment before it exploded into tiny pieces, then flying toward his soul and merging with it. A scream of pain filled the air as the black haze that hung over his soul's head suddenly began to glow red hot, before Durnehviir's jaws rose up from Harry's soul and closed around the dark shade, consuming it.

"There, easy as punch," the Daedra said before turning back to Harry and slamming his soul back into his chest. "There, now you are Dragonborn, and the mods have finished being set in place," the Prince of Change said with an almost feral grin. "This world will not be like you imagine, Harry Potter. Nothing is ever the same twice," she said with a twinkling laugh, before the realm melted away.

Green eyes flew open at the sound of a traveling cart. When exactly had he closed them? Gazing upward, Harry saw two carts filled with men being pulled along a cobbled road through town. He was standing, leaning against a railing with no idea how he had got there. In front of him was a massive stone tower and beneath it, a line of men stood waiting, one an executioner holding a decisively large axe. He watched as the carts came to a halt just in front of him and the men began to climb off.

"The Empire loves their damn lists," a blonde haired man said as he hopped off the cart that had brought him into town. He was talking to a rather well muscled man, dressed in rags. Soon enough, one of the men began to call off names and the prisoners began to walk toward the headsman to form a line. One man, Lokir of Rorikstead, had tried to make a run for it only to get an arrow in the back. The wizard watched as one man was beheaded, and then the big man in rags walked forward and was pushed to the block. Chaos soon followed as a massive dragon flew over the top of a nearby mountain and swooped down upon the city.

'That is Alduin, the World Eater,' a voice sounded in Harry's head, making him jump. Harry groaned at the thought of Durnehviir being able to speak to him directly. People were going to think he was crazy. 'Alduin's power is like no other dragon, watch and observe, Dovahkiin.'

As Harry watched, he got to see Alduin better. The dragon was black scaled, with what appeared to be steel armor bolted onto its tail and lower jaw. Its eyes were the color of molten steel and its wings had a red glow of burning coals. The scales along its underbelly had a burning orange glow that reached from its stomach to just below its steel jaw. Quickly it settled atop the tower across from Harry's railing and opened its mouth releasing a roar that shook the ground and knocked everyone from their feet. Black clouds swirled over head before meteors began to rain down from the sky onto the small village.

'Alduin's Meteor Storm,' Durnehviir explained inside Harry's mind. 'No dragon knows the words to use but him. Behold, young wizard, the power of a dragon!'

The raven haired wizard could only stare in awe from his place on the ground as the armored dragon seemed to stare down on the muscle bound man, before openings its mouth. "YOL TOOR SHUL!" An intense blast of fire belted from between the dragon's jaws and struck the Nord full on. The man gave a scream as his flesh began to sizzle and pop, turning black before tearing away from the roasting muscles underneath. Harry closed his eyes so he didn't have to see the carnage, and felt like he would lose his breakfast at the sight of a man melting alive.

'Fire Inferno Sun,' Harry's mind translated the dragon's words on its own accord. It was different from Parseltongue, the only other magical language Harry knew. While the tongue of snakes came to him easily, he would have to learn to speak as a dragon. He was certain that only Durnehviir's presence allowed him to translate what he was hearing.

"Hey you stranger," a voice called, and Harry turned to see the person calling. It was the blonde man from the cart waving toward him from behind a pile of debris. What was his name again? Ralof or something? "Quickly, this way if you want to live! The Gods won't give us another chance."

Scrambling to gather his footing, Harry raced off after the prisoner. He wasn't about to die just yet! He was sure Azura would have his skin for pantyhose if he died so soon. Not to mention what Hermione would do to him.

As he raced into the tower, he completely forgot about the monitoring charm, or the fact that everyone at Hogwarts could see what he was doing.

AN: Alduin's model is based on the Deathwing Inspired Alduin Mod. That's why he looks the way he does.