"Tyler please, it was just a kiss," Caroline sobbed, watching as her boyfriend paced around the room.

"Just a kiss!" he yelled, "So can I just go around and kiss anyone then? Or do you just get special privileges?" he spat.

Caroline shook her head, but couldn't stop the wince that she released when Tyler grabbed her wrist, forcefully. She had never seen him this angry before.

"Just because you used to be a slut that opened her legs for anyone doesn't mean that you can do that here too. So why don't you jus-"

"Hey!" a voice yelled and Caroline whipped her head around just in time to see Stefan run over and punch Tyler in the jaw. "She doesn't deserve that."

Caroline never thought that she would be the type of person to cheat on her boyfriend, yet here she was. You're probably wondering how this happened, so lets go back to…

Five Hours Earlier.

Laughter echoed around the boarding house, as Stefan and Caroline talked in the living room. It had been a month since Liz had caught them cuddling and woken them up with a shriek. Caroline had then told her that they were just friends and nothing happened, while Stefan quickly cooked them breakfast as an apology.

After eating the eggs Liz had accepted that Caroline was telling the truth and immediately warmed up to Stefan. She even encouraged Caroline to keep hanging out with "the nice young man" and Caroline didn't have to be told twice.

Since then the pair had been inseparable, both inside and outside of school, which started a few days after the Liz incident. The two of them had taken high school by storm and there were already rumours about the two of them getting together. However, they just chose to ignore it. Of course, Elena and Tyler had gotten annoyed and some arguments had taken place between the couples. But they've always ended the same, with Stefan and Caroline swearing that they were friends.

It should scare them, but it didn't because they had each other.

"I'm serious!" Stefan laughed, throwing his head back with the force of his chuckle.

"You are no where near as funny as Chandler," Caroline screeched, also giggling, while FRIENDS played of the tv.

Stefan rolls his eyes, as he twirled a lock of Caroline's hair around his finger. He always has his arm resting behind her when they sit together, just like their hands always interlocked when they walked around.

It's just second nature.

"I think that I'm as funny as Chandler," he said, indignantly.

The blonde shook her head, "If anything you're Ross."

Stefan stopped his movements, curiosity getting the better of him. "And why is that?"

She was grinning before she answered, "You're always whining."

Before the sentence was out of her mouth Stefan was already lunging towards her. Her giggles turned into screams, as his fingers attacked her stomach. He could feel her muscles constricting under his torture, when she started squirming, in order to escape him.

"Stop! Stefan, stop," echoed around the living room.

"Not until you take it back Caroline!" he retorted.

"Never!" she screamed, trying to kick him.

After Stefan nearly got a foot to the face, he moved so that he was straddling Caroline, as tears started streaming down her face. She quickly started to try and escape, which caused him to lose balance and both of them to fall off of the couch.

They were both panting heavily, when they hit the ground, before Caroline pushed herself up. But when she did, she noticed that she was laying on Stefan, their bodies pressed together and inches between their lips.

"Why am I Ross?" Stefan whispered.

Caroline had practically forgotten about the argument, when the air around them seemed to get charged.

"Because Elena is Rachel," she answered, simply, trying to cover the sadness in her voice. She was about to sit up, when Stefan's arms circled around her and she had to ask the question that had been on repeat in her head. "Why did you want to be Chandler?"

"Because you're Monica," Stefan replied.

Caroline could feel the way that his mouth shaped the words, as his breathe rolled over her lips. They weren't sure who leaned in, but suddenly their lips were pressed together and neither of them wanted to stop. All thoughts about Tyler and Elena left their heads, as their tongues touched for the first time and fireworks seemed to go off.

Stefan slowly sat up and moved so his back was resting on the side of the couch. Caroline moaned, as she straddled his hips and his movement caused their hips to grind together.

She moved her hands to play with the hairs at the nape of his neck, before she gripped onto his shoulders, as if they were the only thing keeping her together. Stefan's hands moved automatically to her golden locks and he couldn't help the low growl that escaped him when she scratched his shoulders through his shirt.

They were so focused on each other that they didn't hear the door open or the person slowly walk over to the couch. However, they did hear the gasp and that was when they quickly separated to see a figure staring down at them, with tears in their eyes.