When I knocked on this door, I was NOT expecting this. The human was holding a sword that looked liked it was made of quartz with a blue pearl in the connection between the blade and handle. The dog on the other hand just stared at me. I decided to introduce myself, "Hi there, my names Genetic Yoshi, but you can call me Yoshi. I've used this ring here to somehow teleport to this place and I need to stay somewhere. Can I pleeeease stay at your's?" The human smiled and said "Well I hope you like adventures, as that's what were all about!" Whilst pointing his sword to the sky. "Soo, I can stay?" The dog replied saying "Sure! By the way, I'm Jake and this is Finn." I smiled and slipped in. The place was huge! I was at the moment in a room FULL of gems, jewels and gold. "They're rich!" Is what I thought as I walked into the kitchen to smell some eggs cooking.

I was sitting in the room I was being lent, examining the ring that got me here. I had tried to throw it out the window several times,but it flew right back into my hands. I decided it would eventually figure itself out. I woke up and stepped out of the small bed I was using. I went on down to the kitchen again to see Finn sitting at the table staring at the sausages and bacon that were both un-cooked. There was some kind of game-boy standing on a stool whilst cooking some of both of the previously stated food. He pulled out his sword and then started asking it whether to eat either the bacon or sausages. I went up to him and also looked at the gem to see a smaller version of himself. He pointed his head to the bacon.

I was in my room fiddling around with the ring to try and go home when I heard Finn call from the bottom of the house. "YOSHI! Were going on a hike come down now if you wanna come!"I rushed down all the ladders to see Jake as a helicopter and Finn was in him. He was half way in the air so I had to use my tongue to fling myself into the cockpit. The scenery was amazing, I got to see Ooh in all of it's glory. Finn informed me that they were looking for a dungeon with some kind of loot, they had pin pointed one, but it was a few hours drive, so I decided to have a good, long nap as I have't had anything to eat over depression. A few hours later, we arrived at the dungeon. Finn shook me awake to see a pit, the entrance. We jumped down to be swarmed by skeletons. Finn and Jake took care of most of them, except for one they didn't see. It was a mage using flaming magic, coming towards there backs. I acted quickly and shoved him into my mouth, though it burnt like hell, so I shot him at the remaining skeletons, causing them to explode. There was a chest behind all the enemies that seemed to be the only one in the dungeon. We ran oven and opened it up to see a sword, but it was missing its entire hilt except for its pommel, which was made of topaz. The blade was made of obsidian and the rain guard resembled the skull on my ring. Finn tossed it to me and told me to keep it as they had too many swords.

We were at the treehouse again and I was in Finn and Jake's armoury, filled with swords. There was one made of juice, one that was made of blood and one that was a type of root. There was a black seed underneath it. I ran out of the house and planted it, hoping for something cool. About 3 hours later, I was in my bed, having a CRAZY dream. There was a white dragon, he flew for a second before he burst in to flames. Eventually, only its skull remained, it was the exact same as the one on my ring. The skull attacked me, causing me to wake up. I looked out the window to see the sun was up and I planted had grown. I rushed outside to see, it was a sword's hilt made out of a dark oak wood. I ran back up to my room and grabbed the word pieces, and ran to the root hilt again. I shoved the blade and rain guard on it and the pommel to create a complete sword! I picked it up and ran upstairs to were there was some leather lying around. I grabbed a needle and thread and created a leather scabbard. I inserted my sword in and went to go and tell Finn and Jake, but my ring did something, its eyes blasted emerald energy into the skull on the sword, linking the 2 together. I ran down the stairs but tripped on a gold bar that was lying around and knocked myself out. The second I landed on the floor, a purple rimmed portal opened. I slightly woke up to see I was on some kind of ship, with some animal creatures and robots staring at me. I needed medical attention, fast! I passed out, not sure what would happen next.

Hello everyone! I am just going to clarify 2 things! 1. When I said I'll finish a ring's power, I meant finish the series that IS A Ring's Power, it can go on for a while and 2. The second will take place in Archie comic's Worlds Unite event on at the moment. (Highly recommend reading, it's very good.)