A/N: I always wondered what Katara was thinking when Aang went into his daydream about kissing her. Here's a very short fic from her point of view. Based on "Nightmares and Daydreams". Enjoy!


Katara clasped her hands above her head, stretching as she looked out into the glistening waters of the morning.

"Invasion! All aboard for the invasion!"

Katara turned to find Aang pacing back and forth, rambling like a psychopath.

"You don't look so good." Katara said, walking over to him. "You sure you can't just lie down for a little nap?"

"I told you. I can't go back to sleep!" He sounded tired and confused.

"Aang. Staying up all night can't be good for you."

Aang didn't reply. His eyes glazed over, and he walked over to the edge of the cliff, staring at the sun. He began moving his arms like he was talking, yet his lips weren't moving, and no sound came out of them.

"Aang?" Katara was concerned.

He said nothing. He walked back over to Katara and smiled.

"Aang? Are you sure you're okay?"

But he obviously wasn't processing any of the words she was saying. Suddenly, he started kissing the air, eyes closed, lips puckered. Katara backed away, blushing.

"Okay, Aang. You should really take a nap now..."

He stopped kissing and smiled, holding up his arms in the air. He then switched his hands as if they were holding a person in a dip. Then he puckered his lips again, pushing them toward his arms.

Katara was flustered. "Aang."

Aang stopped right before he was about to kiss his arms. He was listening now.

"I was just saying you should take a nap." Katara suggested, hiding the embarrassment in her voice.

Suddenly, he shot up, standing attention to Katara.

"Oh…I-I guess I kind of drifted off into a daydream…" Aang rubbed his arm.

Katara faked innocence. "What was your dream about?"

Aang blinked. "Uh…Living underwater?"

It was an obvious lie. "Sounds neat!"

Aang chuckled nervously, mumbling to himself.

Katara turned around, blushing furiously.

She wondered what the dream was actually about.