~*~High School Blues~*~

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Chapter 1: Enter Inuyasha!
Kagome Higurashi sighed in defeat as Haruki Teni told her that Kouga, one of the school's most popular snobs, had a major crush on her. She toyed with a small crystal around her neck and shook her head.
"I don't care if he does like me." She said seriously. "I don't want to go out with him." Haruki shook her head.
"I wasn't saying that! He's a popular snob and I wouldn't expect you, my best friend since first grade, to go out with him. I was just saying that Ayame likes him and he refused her. She says that he constantly stares at you." She dictated winking. She put her arm around Kagome's shoulders. "I wonder who else has a crush on you?" Kagome blushed and pushed her friend away. Ami Hano shook her head and smiled at the two.
"You know Kagome, that many guys want to go out with you. I understand your situation and I say don't go out with Kouga. He seems like he's always up to something." Ami said looking over in Kouga's direction. "I swear that we're the only girls who don't swoon over him. Only, I do have a crush on that hunk, Sesshoumaru." They all looked over at him, only to see an almost exact copy of him talking to him.
"Who is that? He looks almost exactly like Sess." Haruki said peering forward so that she could get a better look.
"That's Sesshoumaru's brother, Inuyasha." Sango said coming into the classroom and sitting next to Kagome. "Nobody likes him, but I don't see anything wrong with him." Kagome shook her head.
"I don't quite understand it either, Sango. Doesn't Miroku know him?" She asked, making the dark-haired girl blush.
"Yeah, I think so. He says that Inuyasha isn't that bad." She informed the others, her blush disappearing. "I can't figure out why they hate him."
"Maybe the ears aren't a little odd to you losers." A cold female voice said behind them. Ayame stood there, a scowl set upon her face. "I don't see what that Kikyou girl sees in him." Kagome looked over at the two brothers again.
"They're just friends!" Sango hissed crossing her arms.
"You can go have Kouga if you want him. Kagome doesn't like him one bit." Haruki informed. She made a shooing movement with her hand in the opposite direction.
"Really?" She asked coldly glaring at Kagome. "Then I don't know why he wants you instead of me." Kagome only grunted.
"I don't know why he doesn't go out with you.. you two are two of a kind." She said, annoyed. "Then again, I understand what going out with you must be like." Ayame glowered at them and scowled.
"Why don't you go join your reject friends?" She asked turning around and stomping off to go tell Kouga what she just found out.
"Reject friends? Not even the rejects want to hang out with her." Kagome said laughing. The others laughed as well, but soon stopped because the teacher walked in.
Inuyasha searched for a place to sit. His brother told him today not to hang around him. Inuyasha groaned when he saw Miroku motioning for him to follow.
"Look at them!" The lecher said pointing to a table of girls. "They have two extra seats too! Let's go ask them if we can sit with them." He dragged the poor hanyou over to the table by his arm. "Hello ladies. May we sit here in these vacated seats?" He asked politely as Inuyasha rolled his eyes.
"I assume you want the English meaning of that. Can we sit here or not?" He asked looking around at them. Kagome looked around at the table and smiled.
"Sure, I don't see a reason why you can't." She said watching Inuyasha take the seat next to her. Miroku sat next to Sango.
"We don't either! More people for us!" Haruki said cheerfully.
"Yeah, if you want the rejects sitting with you." Inuyasha said emotionlessly. "I know what everyone says about me." Kagome thought that she saw a glimmer of sadness, but refused to look further. She smiled at him.
"You're not rejects. Atleast I don't think so." She said looking at Ayame out of the corner of her eye. "Just ignore them, they don't even know you so they don't have an excuse for what they have been calling you." Inuyasha smiled slightly at her. "I hope that they won't ruin your year." She said sighing. "They sure have ruined mine." Miroku smiled at her.
"It can't be that bad." He said trying to occupy his cursed hand. The monk frowned. "Then again, it can be." Ami nodded her head and picked her spoon up, pointing at them.
"Today she told us to go join our reject friends." She said looking at Kagome. She pointed her spoon at the girl. "Kagome said something so funny after she walked away. I wish that she heard you say it. Kagome said 'Reject friends? Not even the rejects want to hang out with her.' We were laughing so hard." Their whole table erupted in a fit of laughter. Ayame walked over to them and leaned over with her elbows on the table, her blonde hair falling forward.
"Sounds like the freaks have found something to laugh at. Themselves." She said giggling like a little sissy would. The table went quiet.
"Do you mind removing your elbows and presence away from us? We may get fleas." Kagome snapped scowling. "Maybe Kouga wants them but not us." Ayame scowled and stomped away, cheeks flushed and eyes blazing.
"I certainly don't want fleas." Inuyasha said loudly, smirking. "After all of that flea shampoo they're ready to put me in the store." The table laughed again.
-After school-
Kagome sat next to her favorite cherry blossom tree, reading a book. She looked calm when Inuyasha went to sit down next to her.
"Kagome?" He asked, seeing her look up. "Thanks for letting us sit at your table." She smiled and patted the ground next her.
"It was no problem at all. You can sit there any time you want." She put her bookmark inside to mark her page. He sat down and smirked.
"I was impressed at your comebacks." He said leaning his head back on the tree. "I've never seen a girl with so many good ones." Sesshoumaru saw the two and smirked. He loved seeing his brother make a fool of himself. This was going to be good. He walked over and stood behind another tree, listening and watching intently.
"Thanks, you weren't so bad yourself." She said, shocking the hell out of Sesshoumaru. "That one about the fleas was funny." She smiled.
"Yours was better." He said looking at her out of the corner of his eye. Seeing her blush made him smirk. "Thanks for standing up for me like that, not to mention the other rejects." She smiled and shook her head.
"I have to stand up for whats right and she certainly wasn't right in saying that about you." She covered her mouth and he looked straight at her.
"Saying what?" He asked curiously.
"Well, when you were talking to your brother, we were wondering why they always rejected you. She came over saying a comment about your ears and calling us losers." She explained. He frowned and watched the way her eyes showed emotions freely. Sadness was in them now. "I think that your ears are cute." She blushed a really red shade, kind of like a ripe red apple.
"Thanks." He said tilting his head to the side. "They're good for hearing other people's comments that weren't meant for my ears." She looked up at him and smiled. "Also good for blackmail." They both started laughing. Kagome stood up and brushed herself off.
"Well, I have to go. See ya tomorrow Inuyasha!" She said running off, waving to him. He smiled as he watched her go out of sight. He looked back down to where she was sitting and saw her book laying there. He picked it up and shrugged. 'I'll give it to her tomorrow.' He thought setting it on the flatest tree branch he could find. He jumped onto his favorite branch and started doing his homework, muttering curses about it.
-Thursday morning; 7:30-
Kagome walked slowly along the street, groaning at each step she took. The only real reason she liked school so much was because of her friends and the new addition, Inuyasha. She smiled slightly and looked up. She saw her favorite tree and ran towards it. She sat down and sighed, looking around the base of the tree where she had been sitting the other day.
"Looking for this?" A familiar voice asked above her. She looked up and smiled.
"Inuyasha! You found it!" She exclaimed smiling. He handed the book back to her as he jumped down from the branch that he was on. "Thank you! I was looking for this and nearly had a heart attack." He chuckled and sat down.
"We still have a few minutes 'till we have to be inside the school." He said leaning against the tree. She sat down next to him.
"How long were you here?" She asked gazing over at him.
"All night. I have no place I need to be." He said shrugging. "I do take showers when I get the chance." She breathed a sigh of relief.
"You can come and study at my house tomorrow. My family won't be home all night, because my grandpa is in the hospital. I have to stay home to watch the shrine." She explained. "You can take a shower and study all in one night." He smiled.
"I like the warm rain that comes out of that thing." He said, making her laugh a little.
"Come on, we'd better get into the school." She said, but he got up first and offered her his hand. She smiled and took it. Sango and Haruki watched from a safe distance and smiled evilly at eachother.
"What do you think? Should we?" Sango asked a bit uneasily. Haruki nodded.
"They look so cute together! Plus, I think that they'd be the envy of the entire school. Look at how gentle he acts around Kagome. Isn't it so sweet?" The brunette asked with a look in her eyes.
"It sure is. I like the idea of them being together." Sango replied smirking. "Let's get to class and tell Ami about our masterful plan!" Haruki stared at her friend and sweat-dropped.
"We don't have a plan." She said shaking her head and walking away. "We haven't even made step one yet and you're saying that it's ready to launch." Sango smiled sheepishly.
"So what?" She asked grinning. "Atleast I'm thinking that it'll work." Ami saw them and waved her hand, ushering the girls to her. "Guess what!? You'll never believe it!" Sango squealed happily. Ami and Haruki sweat-dropped.
"What?" The black-haired girl asked. "I feel so left out when you say things like that!" Haruki smiled evilly.
"Did you see Kagome and Inuyasha over by the cherry blossom tree? Just a few minutes ago they were so deep into eachother that you'd swear that they were going out. We want your help to form the masterful plan of getting them two together!" The girl exclaimed happily. "Will you have us?" Ami nodded.
"Of course! That is so cool. I can't wait to come up with it, then put it into action!" She squealed.
"But we have to watch them for a while to see where weakness lies." Sango said sensibly.
"Have you ever done this before?" Ami asked and Sango shook her head. "Let me take one more guess, television." Sango nodded.
"It happens all the time on my favorite soap. Last week was so cool!" She started explaining every episode in that last week. Kagome smiled at them when they got in the room.
"Kagome!" Ami and Haruki exclaimed happily as if they had just been through slow torture and would never see her again. Kagome shook her head.
"Let me guess, Sango was telling you all about her favorite soaps?" She asked amused. Inuyasha snickered. The girls looked back at him and smiled.
"Inuyasha!" Miroku shouted running into the room. "Help!" He ran behind the hanyou as Sesshoumaru came into the room with *the* biggest scowl on his face.
"Sleep well brother?" Inuyasha asked, snickering again. Sesshoumaru meerly looked at him and went to his seat. He banged his head off of his desk and sneered.
"Not really, little brother. Don't talk to me right now unless you have a death wish." He mocked the hanyou.
"Touchy." Inuyasha muttered frowning. Kagome gave him a small smile and turned back to her friends.
"So what have you three been up to?" She asked with the happiest look anyone could have that early in the morning. The three girls exchanged glances and shook their heads.
"Nothing really. Although this morning was funny." Haruki answered giggling in a non-preppy manner. "My little brother broke his alarm clock by throwing it at an imaginary foe, which happened to be the wall, and dressed up as superman with his underwear over his pajama pants and a cape tied around his neck. He even flew off of the counter." They all burst out laughing.
"I wonder what it's going to be next?" Ami wondered. "Spiderman?" Haruki gave a huge grin.
"Yup. He didn't do that one in about a month." She said cracking the whole entire group up again. "I even got a video tape of this morning. I woke up before him and started it when his alarm clock went off. When he was putting the underwear on, he tripped and grabbed onto the edge of the bed, but fell flat on his face. He took it as an imaginary hit from the enemy." Miroku grinned.
"Sounds like you have an interesting house to live in." He said shaking his head. The teacher walked in and everyone settled down.
Inuyasha arrived, sitting down next to Kagome he offered her a small smile. She returned it and turned back to her conversation with Ami. She looked back at him a few seconds later.
"Where's your shadow?" She asked smiling. "Miroku didn't get here yet." He shook his head and shrugged.
"Maybe, hopefully, he thinks that Sesshoumaru is me." He said, but shut his mouth when the monk came in with Sango and Haruki. "I spoke too soon." Kagome gave him a light slap on the arm and greeted her friends.
"Where were you three?" Ami asked pointing to them accusingly with her spoon. "Well?" Haruki held up her hands.
"Chill! We ran into eachother at the library. Sheesh. You could put an eye out with that thing." She said focusing her light blue eyes over at Kagome. "We had to see Mr. Fungi about that report due on Monday." She rolled her eyes in a playful manner. "I think that his own name fits him perfectly." She said smartly.
"Get real Haruki. You're the one that gave him that name." Ami said rolling her eyes, mocking her friend. The brunette blushed and slid down in her chair.
"It wasn't my fault that I tripped over his box on the floor and found living fungi in there!" She said throwing her hands up defensively. "Kagome, remember how they all laughed at me? It was funny!" She closed her eyes and ducked.
"Haruki..." Ami trailed off with a lame look on her face. "I'm not going to hit you with my spoon. I might get germs." Haruki popped her head back up and glared at her friend.
"I don't have germs! Ayame is their queen." She said giggling in her non-preppy manner.
"Fine, but you asked for it." Ami said whacking Haruki's head with her metal spoon. "Hmm..." She inspected the spoon as the brunette rubbed her head where she was whacked. "Looks like you're clean." She stated smiling again. "Anyone else want the germ test?" She waved her spoon in front of the group.
"No." They all said putting their hands in front of them and shaking their heads. She smiled and put her spoon into her purse.
"Fine." She said getting up and taking her lunch to the trash. "I guess Haruki is the only one that knows if she's clean or not." She looked back and bumped into someone. She fall backwards on her rear and squealed, wincing. She looked up and saw Sesshoumaru's hard glare. "I-I'm s-so sorry Sesshoumaru! I-I didn't see you s-standing there." She continually apologized until he nodded his head and walked away. Ami, face red with embarassment, returned to her table and shrank down in her seat.
"It's alright Ami, there isn't any need to be embarassed. Sesshoumaru has a way of getting in front of people." Inuyasha said folding his arms across his chest. "Especially when he's in a bad mood." Ami stayed in the same position until the bell rang. She walked slowly along the halls to her next class, thinking about the incident. 'Stupid stupid stupid! How could I get so stupid!?' She thought gazing at the floor, watching her feet drag along the carpet.
"Ami? Are you alright?" Kagome asked walking up next to her. Ami remained silent, unaware of her friend standing there. She brushed her long, black hair behind her ear and focused crystal colored eyes on the floor. "Ami?" The girl looked up, startled. "Are you okay?" Kagome asked again. Ami just nodded and walked into a classroom. Kagome sighed and walked up the hall.
-After school-
Inuyasha watched for Kagome and the other girls. Miroku walked over to him and clapped him on the back. Inuyasha used a natural instinct and elbowed the monk in the stomach. He heard gagging behind him and smirked.
"Don't do that again." The hanyou warned looking back at the monk, whom was sitting on the ground with his hands on his stomach. "I hate it when you do that. You know it." The monk nodded and continued holding his sore stomach.
"Miroku!" Sango cried running over to him. "What happened?" She looked over to where Miroku pointed. "Inuyasha, did you do this to him?" She asked accusingly. He nodded.
"Yeah, but he came over and slapped me on the back again. He deserved it." He said flinging some hair over his shoulder.
"Hey guys! What's up?" Kagome asked smiling. Haruki and Ami walked behind her. "What happened?" They all noticed Sango sitting on the ground next to Miroku.
"He hit me on the back and I elbowed him in the stomach. I warned him not to do that, but he did it anyway." Inuyasha explained scowling at the monk. Kagome sighed and shook her head.
"You two need to learn how to get along better." She said with a slightly disappointed note in her voice. Her face showed disapproval. Big time. "We're not in first grade anymore." Inuyasha's ears went back and he slouched against the nearest tree. It made him look like a sulking puppy. "I'm not scolding you, I'm only reminding you to behave." She said smiling slightly at the cute look that he gave her. "Remember tomorrow." She started to walk away. "I've gotta get home early today, see ya tomorrow!" She said waving to them as she ran out of sight. Inuyasha looked back at the monk and saw that he was just fine now.
"Are you alright Miroku?" Sango asked, concerned. She watched him nod anxiously. "Are you sure?" He nodded again.
"I'm fine Sango." He said putting a hand on her shoulder. Ami watched them sadly. She wanted to be like that with her crush, Sesshoumaru. Thinking of that only reminded her of Lunch when she ran into him. 'He'll never forgive me, will he?' She asked herself. Her crystal eyes, downcast.
"Ami what's wrong? Are you still bent on that thing about Sess?" Sango asked walking over to her friend. Ami nodded and continued to stare at her feet. "It was an accident and wasn't meant to happen. Plus, it was Sess's fault." Ami looked up and shook her head.
"It was mine. I looked back and didn't watch where I was going." She said looking at Haruki.
"Sango's right. Even if you weren't watching where you were going, Sess was. He didn't even help you up." She said putting an arm around her friends' shoulder. "Besides, even if he is your crush you shouldn't be this upset about that kind of contact." Inuyasha nodded.
"And Sesshoumaru doesn't even know other people exist. It'll be hard to catch his eye, but it wouldn't hurt to try." He said smiling slightly. "Maybe you can make his heart break free of it's icy case." Ami blushed slightly.
"But-" She tried to protest but that was as useless as nailing Jell-O to a tree.
"No buts Ami! You are going to go through with this." Haruki said and grabbed her by the arm before she could try to protest again. "You like him and we're going to give you such a make-over! C'mon Kagome'll help us." The group started walking towards the Higurashi Shrine. 'Can they really do it?' Ami wondered as she looked up at the sky. She sighed and looked back down at her feet. Haruki felt bad for her friend. She'd never bumped into anyone she liked, but she wished that she did. Their one friend, Haru, that was sick and in the hospital. She wanted to go and visit him sometime, although his mother would only shoo her out after a few minutes. "Ami I know that you really don't like this idea, but it's for your own good. Not to mention Sess's." She said sympathetically. She hated to see her friend in such a condition. "We'll fix you up so perfectly that Sesshoumaru won't know what to say to you. Although it would be nice if he didn't say anything but 'Ami? Will you go to the dance with me?'." Ami blushed again. She was sure that her friends could do what Haruki was saying that they could.
"Thank you guys. Do you really think that Kagome would help? I'd really hate to bother her now, especially with my problems." She asked slightly disturbed in the fact that they were going to ask Kagome about it.
"Of course she would! Kagome is your best friend and she'd love to help you out." Sango cut into the conversation. They arrived at the Shrine a few minutes later. Ami was standing behind Inuyasha and Miroku when Haruki knocked on the door. A tall, slim woman opened the door and was greeted by 5 people. She smiled and let them in without a word.
"Hello Ms. Higurashi. How is grandpa doing?" Haruki asked smiling. The woman smiled slightly.
"He's getting better, but I'm afraid that he's going to have to stay for a few days longer." She answered politely. Haruki bowed her head in sympathy for the aged man.
"Where's Kagome?" She asked glancing at the stairs. "Did she run an errand or is she in her room?"
"She's in her room working on a new project for the front of the shrine. You may go right on up and I'll sent up..." She started counting people. "5 more dinner places." She smiled and walked back into the kitchen leaving the girls and guys to find their way to Kagome's room. Haruki led them up quietly and found it without a problem. She knocked lightly on the door and waited for an answer.
"Come in." They heard the quiet response from inside. Haruki opened the door and Kagome looked up. Her eyes widened when she saw all of them. "What're you guys doing here? Did I forget my book again?" Inuyasha snickered.
"No." Sango said shaking her head. "Ami still feels bad for the Sess accident and we're here to ask you if you'll do the make-over. Will you? Please? For Ami?" Kagome smiled.
"Of course. Let me get this cleaned up and we'll begin." She said starting cleaning the floor and desk from paints and blocks of wood. She shoved most of the stuff under her bed in a quick and quiet hurry. She was done in a matter of minutes. She set Ami at the desk and got out her supplies. "What for?"
"Sesshoumaru." Sango replied shortly. Inuyasha and the others got thrown out of the room and waited patiently in a guest room wondering what was going on.
"Hmm..." Kagome muttered going through her clothes in her closet. Ami was the same size as her, but she was thinner than Kagome and more pale. Her black hair didn't help with her skin color. Kagome sighed but got an idea. "I think that we can be a little more creative with your hair. We have some shopping to do. The others can stay here if they want to." She grabbed Ami's wrist and pulled the fragile girl out of her room. Sango heard the door open and jumped up.
"Done already?" She asked amazed, but then noticed that Ami wasn't even touched.
"I've got an idea and I think that I'm going to need a male opinion. Someone that knows Sess and someone that isn't... like that. C'mon Inuyasha!" She said grabbing his wrist and pulling him out the door. "We'll be back in a little while." They ran out the door and down the stairs. Then they cut through the streets and to a little store.
"What are we here for?" Ami asked as they walked towards the hair section. "Hair dye?" Her eyes widened.
"You're gonna love it!" Kagome said winking at her friend as they walked towards the un-natural coloring. She inspected the light blue colors. "This is the best color, it'll match your eyes." Ami took one look at it and agreed. Inuyasha did too, so Kagome held onto it and they looked around a little. When they found nothing else interesting, she paid for the dye and they left. Kagome was smiling happily.
"I like that color, but are you sure that it'll look alright?" She asked meekly. Kagome nodded.
"Yeah, it sure will. I'd like to see Sesshoumaru's face tomorrow when he sees you tomorrow." She replied with a wink in Inuyasha's direction. He smiled and continued on his way behind them.
~*~Two minutes later~*~
They walked into the house and slipped into Kagome's room. Inuyasha got thrown back out, so he joined the others. He refused to tell them what she got. Kagome opened the box and checked the time. She had about 45 minutes to do Ami's hair.
~*~50 minutes later~*~
Ami's hair was done perfectly. She examined herself in the mirror with her new hair style, outfit, and shoes. Kagome was very generous about everything and she wanted to repay the girl for her troubles. Kagome refused and told her that that was what best friends were for.
"You can keep them. I don't need them anymore. They don't fit." She said and Ami shook her head. Two pieces of hair in the front, the ones that framed her face, were the ones that Kagome had done. They matched her eyes perfectly. A crystal color. Her outfit was the same color, a dress. It had long, hugging sleeves and a thin waist, then the bottom, knee length, flared out when she spun around. It hugged her figure perfectly. "You look great Ami! I never thought that I could do it." Kagome felt Ami's hair to see if it was almost dry. "Almost." She said smiling.
"Thank you so much Kagome. I don't how to repay you." Ami said twirling around again.
"I even have a gown that you could have. It doesn't fit. It's very pretty." Kagome said ruffling through her closet.
"What color is it?" Ami asked turning around to look at her friend.
"White." She grunted as she pulled out a pretty white box, only opened once. "Here it is. I have another one that fits me just like this one." She handed it to Ami and watched the girl's face turn to disbelief. "Try it on. I'll be right back." Kagome said walking out of the room. The gown reached the floor and hugged Ami's figure perfectly, just like the dress. It was a normal gown and flared just a little at the bottom. Kagome knocked lightly and walked back in with a pair of white shoes just like the blue ones.
"Kagome, I can't accept all of this." She said shaking her head. Kagome scowled.
"Yes you can and you are!" She said sternly. Ami smiled.
"Knowing you, I have to." The girl replied. Kagome smiled triumphantly and nodded.
"You got that right." She said winking at her friend. "If you don't they'll only go to someone else." Ami smiled.
"Fine, if you're sure. You're being so persistant." She inquired. Haruki knocked on the door and growled her impatience. "We're done! Just a few more minor adjustments!" Kagome nodded at her friend.
"Just get changed back into that other outfit. I'll be waiting outside with the others." She instructed as she left the room. Ami sighed and started to get undressed. She put her other outfit on and walked to the door. She opened it and looked out. She then opened it wide to see 4 wide eyes staring back at her and a smirking Kagome.
"WOW!" Haruki and Sango shrieked happily.
"Kagome.. How did you do it?" Miroku asked a slight smile on his face. "You're a genius when it comes to this." Kagome smiled.
"Remember, Miroku, that she's going for Sesshoumaru. There isn't any way that you're getting your paws on her." Haruki said slapping his cursed hand. He blinked and frowned.
"Sesshoumaru's gonna flip head over heels when he sees her." Inuyasha said turning to Kagome. "How did you do it?" She explained as they went down to get ready for dinner. He stared at her and smirked evilly. "Sesshoumaru is gonna be the first one to get to her, you can count on it." Ami didn't look too happy.
"I really only wanted him to like me for who I am, not what I look like." She said disheartedly.
"Believe me Ami, Sess. is going to want to get to know you after a while of looking at you." Sango said comfortingly. "You could really be the one to change him." Everyone nodded and sat down at their places at the table. Inuyasha made sure he sat next to Kagome. Miroku sat next to Sango, Haruki sat next to Souta, Kagome's little brother. Ami sat on the other side of Kagome. Mrs. Higurashi sat down on the other side of Souta.
-After dinner-
Kagome smiled and showed her friends out. Ami gave Kagome a big hug and thanked her for all that she did. Kagome just waved it off with a large grin.
"It was nothing Ami." She said grinning. "Of course, Sess. won't think so." She gave them all a wink and walked them to the stairs.
"See ya later Kagome!" They all called as they walked down the street.
"See ya tomorrow!" She cried smiling happily. She walked back into the house to finish her project. "Mom? I'm going to go finish the project for the Shrine." She walked back upstairs and set to work. Kagome couldn't wait for tomorrow. Inuyasha was supposed to come over. She hummed her favorite song and continued her work.
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Chapter 2: New moons