-High School Blues-

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Chapter 12: Graduation

Kagome was nervous and she was tempted to bite her nails. Sango and Rin stood next to her, along with Haruki and Ami. They were nervous too. Inuyasha and the boys were in front of them on the stage. Kagome frowned and clenched her fists at her sides. She scanned the crowd with her eyes as she searched for her family. She found Souta quite easily, since he was waving his arms like a loon. That made her smile. She felt someone grab her hand. Inuyasha's clawed hand closed over hers.

"Don't worry." He whispered. He could smell her fear. He was a little nervous. His eyes located Souta as well. Mrs. Higurashi was standing next to him with tears running down her face. He understood a little why she was crying. Kagome was grown up now. She needed little guidance into the world with this. He tightened his grip then let go. It was time.

Kagome wasn't interested in going to the party. She just wanted to spend time with her friends. They all had a small party at the shrine waiting for them. Kagome had finished the sign and put it out front.

'Welcome to the Higurashi Shrine. Watch your step in going up the stairs.

Higurashi Kagome,


Higurashi Souta,

Higurashi Hana,

Higurashi Goemon.'

Kagome sighed. Snow drifted down to the ground in little dots of white and covered everything in its white radiance.

"The shrine is so pretty." Ami said, her hand pulling Sesshoumaru along beside her. "Especially in the winter."

"It's my favorite season." Kagome said quietly. "There are the holidays, the family time, and sometimes snow storms can be fun when they're over."

"Yeah, I know. Building snowmen and throwing snowballs at passing cars is so much fun." Souta said with a grin.

"Have you ever tried to hit the person inside the snow plows?" Shippou asked. Souta shook his head.

"I've tried but it never works."

"I nailed one before. It wasn't too wonderful running away from those old badgers. I hate them. They try to take the snow away." Shippou pouted like a little kid and Rin giggled.

"Oh yeah, Shippou. Really creative." Haruki rolled her eyes. "Try living with a little brother who thinks snow is alienated and that if you touch it, you'll get a disease."

"I feel another hilarious little brother story coming on.." Miroku said, smiling. Sango sighed. Miroku was such a child sometimes. "I once hit the mailman with over ten snowballs."

"One day, he was under a tree, throwing snowballs at me. I threw one that hit the branch above him and it fell right on top of him. Believe it or not, he started crying and told me that he was getting eaten. He held onto me like a rapid dog hangs onto its prey." She paused. "It was so funny, yet annoying at the same time."

Inuyasha yawned. He was bored. It was after dinner.

"Kagome, can we play?" He pouted. Kagome looked at him from her position on her bed.

"Huh?" She asked, waking from her daydream. She was writing in her diary.

"Can we play? I'm bored.." She smiled at him and nodded.

"Get ready to go outside and I'll meet you downstairs."

Kagome yawned as the sunlight filtered in through the windows. She opened her eyes and her gaze went to the sleeping hanyou at her side. She gently pushed the covers off herself and got up, going into the bathroom for her shower. She came back in a towel and changed quietly, as not to wake him or disturb his slumber. The phone rang and she answered it, buttoning her blouse at the same time.

"Oh, hey mom." She exited the room and closed the door. "Yeah, everything is just fine." She walked down the stairs and peered out the window. "How much snow were we supposed to get, anyway?" Her eyes widened. "Seriously? Well, I'd better make us breakfast. No, he isn't up yet." She went to the kitchen. "'Kay, I'll see you soon. Love ya, bye." She clicked the 'end' button on the phone and set it on the table. A pair of arms wrapped around her waist.

"You okay?" She turned around and embraced him loosely.

"I'm fine, Inu." She sighed. "It's just that mom is going to be gone for a while. They're stuck at her friend's."

"How much snow?"

"God only knows." She rolled her eyes. "We get the house all day, if I'm guessing right. Would you check on Buyo for me? He always gets cold. Cover him with the blanket, if you would." He rolled his eyes this time.

"If you insist."

"Don't get jealous over a cat." She said sternly.

"Who said anything about jealousy!?" He asked, his eyes wide. "I am not jealous of that damned feline!" She smirked at him.

"Sure. Whatever you say." He grumbled and left the room. Kagome sat down in a chair and stifled a yawn. He came back in a few minutes later to find her asleep, her arms folded neatly under her head. Her breathing was even and slow. He rolled his eyes and picked her up, trying hard not to disturb her. He set her gingerly on the couch and sat down on the floor. He turned on the tv and got ready for hours of boredom.

Kagome poured some hot water into two small cups then set the teapot on the table. She looked up as Inuyasha walked into the room, his ears pressed back against his head and his amber eyes swirling with displeasure. She didn't know how long it would be before everyone was married and had families of their own. She couldn't say that she doubted Inuyasha's feelings for her, but she could say that she wasn't sure.

"Thanks, Kagome." He gave her a tiny smile, his silver-furred ears coming forward and twitching as he sat down. She nodded and looked down into her cup. Staring back at her was someone who she considered 'not her,' as in someone else. She couldn't believe that she resembled someone as evil and twisted as Kikyou. Shaking her head, she closed her eyes. "Somethin's buggin' you." He stated bluntly, leaning toward her from his spot at the table. "What is it?"

"Who do you see when you look at me?" He raised a brow but stared at her. Then he let out a chuckle.

"I see you, Kagome." He smirked. "I think you finally lost it. Who do you see?"

"I see someone who resembles Kikyou." She looked back up at him. His expression was completely shadowed by his bangs.

"Don't you ever say anything so completely untrue again, Kagome. It's bullshit, do you hear me!?" He stood up so abruptly that the chair fell back and made a loud 'TWACK' on the tiled floor. Kagome flinched and couldn't bring her gaze to meet his. "You're nothing like her! She doesn't deserve to be your servant or even be in your presence!" She let out a cry of surprise when he picked her up, out of her chair, by the shoulders. "You.. You're a wonderful person."

"I-Inu..yasha.." She was cut off as he traced her jawbone with his thumb. He hooked a strand of her raven hair behind her ear.

"You saw through my coldness and my tough attitude. Kikyou could never make me feel the way you do. She could never bring me such joy when I saw her. The best part about waking up is seeing your face and knowing you love me. I couldn't ask for more." He took her in his arms, embracing her, holding her to his chest. "Being with Kikyou.. it almost seemed like Hell compared to being with you."

"Inuyasha.." Kagome felt tears cascading down her face. Her arms wrapped around his middle. Being so close to him.. it was intoxicating.

"I love you, Kagome." He whispered softly. Her tears came more rapidly.

"I love you too, Inuyasha." And he held her while she cried.


Two days later

"For the last time, shut up!"

"You can be so rude!"

"Leave me alone!"

"You're so childish!" And so ended another fued in the Higurashi Shrine. But where one ends, another begins..


Inuyasha sulked in his room, hiding under his bed and refusing to unlock the door. He had been in there for a total of two hours, three minutes, and seven seconds. His temper wasn't the greatest in the world.. but neither was Kagome's.

Kagome sat in the middle of her floor, glaring heatedly at her door. It was locked. From the instant she slammed it two hours, three minutes, and seven seconds ago. Heaving a depressed sigh, she got to her feet and unlocked it. She peered down the hallway both ways before exiting and softly padding down the stairs, to the door where she slid her shoes on and left the house. The air was cold but it would do her some good. She stopped walking, looking up at the tree that was so revered at the shrine. Any thoughts of anger and sadness seemed so petty when she stepped into the shadow of the great tree.

"Gomen." She whispered as she bowed slightly to the tree. A small smile worked its way to her lips. She had to apologize to the tree for being so negative in its great presence. She had done so since she was little and it was now like a tradition.

"Baka." A soft voice said behind her. She stiffened. "Coming outside without even a sweater. Do you want to get sick?" He placed his red haori over her shoulders and she could feel his warmth.

"What made you come outside?" He blinked.


"Why are you out here?" He shrugged, looking the other way.

"Figured I'd sit under the tree and finally get some peace." She nodded.

"I'm sorry, Inuyasha. It wasn't my place to yell at you like that."

"Keh." He scratched his shoulder and made an effort to look annoyed. She giggled and pulled his haori closer around her shoulders. She smiled. When will he cease to be so cute? She was a little startled when Ami ran up the stairs, her eyes wide with tears running down her pale face. As soon as she saw them, she ran to Kagome and wrapped her arms around the young girl, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Ami?" Her brown eyes went to Inuyasha as she wrapped her arms around her friend. She tried to ask what happened and what was wrong, but Ami couldn't speak. She only shook her head and tried to hold back her tears.

"Was it Sesshoumaru?" Ami let go of Kagome and fell to her knees, looking up at Inuyasha. She nodded slightly. "I'll kill the bastard.. What happened?"

"He.." She could only shake her head. "He said that.. that he didn't want to be with a foolish human girl anymore.." Inuyasha understood that comment, which he found awfully surprising.

"Calm down, Ami. He said it because.." He shook his head. "Just listen to his side of the story."

"I-I tried to ask why.. but he walked away and didn't answer."

"I'll go find him." The hanyou walked down the shrine stairs. Kagome frowned worriedly and pulled her friend up.

"Come on inside, okay? We'll get this cleared up." The girl looked so out of it. She could tell that Ami really cared about Sesshoumaru and found it hard to believe that the guy could say such a thing.


Inuyasha stalked toward the park, where he knew Sesshoumaru always went when he had a problem.

"You're a jackass, d'you know that?" He asked, crossing his arms when he stopped in front of his older brother.

"Just go play dead somewhere, Inuyasha." The hanyou ignored the obvious insult and got right to the point.

"Ami just ran to Kagome, crying because of you."

"Shut up." Inuyasha tried not to flinch at the cold tone the demon used with him.

"You're just a cold-hearted bastard. I shoulda known this would happen if she got with you. What was it, huh? Couldn't stand having a human's love? Not good enough for you?"

"Inuyasha!" Sesshoumaru's amber eyes swirled with anger and he growled, baring his fangs. Inuyasha merely stared at him. "That isn't the reason."

"Then what is it? You'd better have a good one for hurting her like that." He sat down, making it clear that he intended to hear it. Sesshoumaru was quiet for a moment, staring down at the ground.

"I don't want to be alone." Startled that the demon said something with any feeling at all to him, Inuyasha swallowed. "Humans don't have a long life-span. She'll die before I am even half-way to my age of death." There was another, longer pause. "I don't know what I'd do if I was to be with her for a long while and then have her.." It was clear that the demon had to get his emotions back under control before speaking once more, so Inuyasha took this time to stare at his 'cold' sibling.

"Imagine what'll happen, though, if you don't stay with her."

"I just don't know what to do.."

"Be with her, Sesshoumaru. If you love her, tell her so. That's what I'm doing with Kagome. I know that we'll out-live them but at least we'll be happy for the time being, right?" The hanyou frowned. "We might even get killed after they die or before they die. Who knows? Listen, I think this is wonderful for an emotional soap opera, okay? But not for me. This stuff isn't exactly my kind of thing."


"Take my advice, Fluffy. What else have you got?" The hanyou frowned at him.

"I hate this feeling." The youkai growled, standing up. "You said she's with your woman? Come then." The two siblings walked until they came to the shrine stairs. "How are things working out with her?"

"Kagome? Oh, everything's fine. We've been having small fueds but we get over them after sulking for a few hours." Inuyasha gave him a toothy grin.

"You are a moron."

"Feh." The two walked up the steps. By the time they got up there, Kagome had Ami outside, playing in the snow. Ami was smiling and laughing.

"You always know how to cheer me up, Kagome-chan!" The girl grinned. "I hope Inuyasha can talk with Sesshoumaru.."

"Don't worry, Ami-chan. We're always here for you.. but right now, you're my enemy and I will plow you with snowballs!"

"In your dreams, my friend!" Ami let one fly and hit Kagome in the shoulder. "Hah!" She dodged one of Kagome's, only to get hit by one from behind. The girls stopped playing and looked back. The boys could see the trails where the tears ran down Ami's face. The girl stared at Sesshoumaru with wide, crystal-colored eyes. "S-Sesshoumaru.."

"Ami, I talked some sense into him for you." Inuyasha grinned. The youkai smirked at her.

"I apologize for what I said. But.. it was just that I may out-live you by decades and I don't want.." She silenced him when she began walking toward him. Then she broke into a run and tackled him. Inuyasha and Kagome laughed as the two rolled in the snow.

"Inuyasha!" The hanyou got hit with a snowball and looked back. Kagome was running towards him and tackled him much the same way as Ami tackled his brother.


And in this way, I can finally say that my life is complete. What was most difficult in our relationship was faced without hostility. Though prices come with being happy, I wouldn't trade anything for the outcome. And this is the end of my High School Blues.

-- Kagome Higurashi


What an ending, eh? I know it took a long time to finish this but.. well.. Deciding was quite hard. I had to have some drama happen so I did this. This is the finished last chapter to High School Blues. Thank you all so much for the kindness in your reviews and for taking time out of your day.. or night to read this. n.n

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