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A hooded figure wearing all gray could be seen running across the ocean during the night while it is raining and the waves are crushing down.

Connor my dearest son, I have been in the land of waves for a week now safe and in high spirits but prepared for the worst.

Lightning strikes the water near him lighting the place up and showing a tan face under the hood before it went dark again.

The ones who I once saved shelter me and warn me that the way to the leaf village is surrounded by missing ninjas and bandits not native to the land of fire.

The figure could be seen jumping tree from tree at a fast pace while occasionally throwing a knife at a lone bandit.

When I set out for my old home one month ago I did so with a single purpose to discover what my father and mother could not.

The figure is walking through the runes of the old sand village and stopping in front of two graves.

A letter written a year before my birth mentions of a library hidden under the hokage monument.

The figure now crouches on the top of a mountain looking in the direction of an old village that has five faces carved into the mountain.

A library full of wisdom not seen since the founding of our creed.

The figure now walks through the snowy mountain tops with the village in front of him.

What will I find there, who will greet me, and I fear that the Templars will be there.

The figure gets shot in the shoulder by an arrow made of earth and stumbles backwards a bit.

The leaf village has not been home to the leaf ninja in five hundred years.

Thousands of ninja from the ninja alliance appear holding swords and spears come out from the rocks.

Can the assassins and leaf ninja reclaim are home.

The hooded figure takes out fifty kunai and launches them at his foes and disappeared in a gray borderline black flash.

Are we welcome there?

The figure reappears with the short sword of Altaïr and the sword of Eden and kills multiple enemies and disappeared in a flash and repeated the process.

I am wary of this fight Connor, not because I am tired but because are struggle seems to move in one direction.

The figure reappears where he started panting heavily and watched as the thousands he killed were replaced by more ninja.

Towards chaos.

The figure sheathes his swords and activated his hidden blades and charged forward.

Today I have more questions than answers.

The figure blocks a sword a stabs the man in the heart and slid to the left to avoid a spear. The figure grabs the spears and uses it to block another sword slash and used the spear to kill both men. Using his blades he stabbed a man in the back and rolled over his back as he was falling to the ground dead and used his left blade to parry a sword and pulled out the right blade out of the dead man's back and cut the other persons throat. The figured ducked from a right slash from a spear and did a 180 degree turn and stabbed him in the lungs. The figure stands up and sees a white hooded figure standing in the mist of the battle as if he was a ghost.

This is why I have come so far.

The gray hooded figure pauses and turns to look at the figure as he releases his breath.

To find clarity, to find the wisdom left behind by the great Altaïr, my ancestor.

The figure raises his hidden blade to block a sword strike only for the blade to be broken and him falling to the ground,

So that I may better understand the purpose of our fight.

The figure is surrounded by spears and other weapons.

And my place in it

The figure is dragged across a stone floor that has the leaf village symbol on it but it is cracked. He is dragged by two guards to a room filled with guards and a man with brown hair, one closed eye, and an eye with bandages over it, a sword on hid hip, a black and white robe, and an arm laying inside the black robe, the other arm holding a cane, and an X like scar on his chin. He was holding a ligature in his hand. The figure pushes the two guards off him and walks forward while they unsheathe their swords and were going to attack but the man with the cane stopped them. The figure keeps walking forward while the man just smiles in victory.

Should anything happen to me Connor, should my skills fail me, or my ambition leave me astray.

The figure is pushed onto an old wooden platform that is high above ground.

Do not seek retribution or revenge in my memory.

The figure keeps walking and looks to his right to see the white hooded figure walk on the platform right next to his.

But fight to continue the search for truth so that all may benefit.

The gray hooded figure walks to the end of the platform and so does the white hooded figure. Looking to the right the caned man sees nothing and walks behind the gray hooded figure. The gray hooded figure looks straight forward as he walks.

My story is one of many thousands and the world will not suffer if it ends too soon.

The hooded figure watches a falcon soar by. The canned man reaches for the hood and pulls it back to reveal a man that looked like he was in his fifties, had grey untamed hair, pale blue eyes, tan skin, and faded whisker marks. The caned man places the ligature around the man's neck and tightens it.

Then there was screech of a bird and the man turned around pulled the sword out of the caned mans sheathe and cut the rope while he jumped off. The man landed on a platform below him and looked up as he put his hood back on.

Even though the world will not suffer if my story ends too soon doesn't mean it's not interesting so let me tell you the events that led up to why we are here.

My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I am an assassin.