"Feelings and Fears"

Chapter 4 - "Taking a Chance on Love"

Lynn and Rex remained silent for a few moments. "I still can't believe this," Lynn thinks. "One month ago, if someone came in and said I would be involved with Rex, I would laugh out loud." She sighs and smiles.

"What?" Rex asks.

"I'm just happy," She replies, leading him into the living room. They sit on the couch. "So, you were saying..." She says.

He puts her arm around her, on the couch. "Lynn, you're probably as taken aback as me by this whole situation. For over two years, we've worked together, and, I'm not going to say I never stopped to think how beautiful you are," He smiles mischievously, "but I never really thought one day we would come to this point."

Lynn smiles. "I can't recall how many times you annoyed, irritated me and I just wanted to tell you to go to hell." She touches his cheek. "It all seems so distant now."

"You did get in my nerves a few times, too." They get closer. "Not in my wildest dreams I would imagine what happened between us the other night."

"Why did it happen, Rex?"


"Yes. I mean, we know each other for such a long time, and now..."

"Does it matter?"

"Well, it has to, doesn't it?"

"Says who?"

"Rex, stop being yourself."

"OK, OK. I'm going to give it a try. Maybe it was because we never really looked at each other until that night. I'm not sure if you know what I mean."

"Yes, I do. That was very beautiful Rex." She smiles.

"Yeah, but I don't think it was the reason." He shakes his head. "I think you just lost your mind."

"Well, let's just pray I'll never find it again."

As they both leaned for a kiss, the phone rang.

"Oh, brother." Rex said, annoyed, as Lynn reached for the phone.

"Hello?" Lynn answers the phone. "Hi, Lynn. It's Randi."

"It's Randi," Lynn whispers to Rex, who's still cursing everyone in the world under his breath.

"Say hi to her for me," Rex says, sarcastically.

"Do you have someone with you?" Randi asks."

"No, not really," Lynn lies.

"Hey!" Rex exclaims, looking at Lynn. She slaps his arm.

"Oh my God, Rex is there. I'm so sorry. I feel awful." Randi says.

"Why would you?" Lynn asks, wondering if Randi knows.

Randi laughs. "Oh, Lynn, don't underestimate my intelligence."

Lynn smiles embarrassed while she thinks of an answer.

"Oh, Lynn, I can perfectly see you smiling, as shyly as a teenager caught with her first boyfriend."

"Don't worry, Randi. We weren't doing anything." Lynn says, still smiling.

"Yeah, nobody is letting us." Rex is still complaining. Lynn just looks at him.

"Randi, if you have a problem," Lynn begins.

"No, I just thought you were alone. Now go back and enjoy life a little bit. Of course you could do better than Rex, but, what the hell, it's better than having no one."

"Thanks, Randi. I know you're supporting me. In some way." Lynn says.

They hang up. Rex is pacing the room. Lynn observes him.

"Rex..." She calls him.

"You know, Lynn, I have a feeling our co-workers are not very fond of the idea of us together."

Lynn laughs. "Well, maybe it would be better of we got to the point. At least I have a point."

"Yeah, me too."

"Go, ahead then."

"Why me first?"

"Well... because you arrived here first."

"OK. You win." He stops. "I love you, Lynn. I want us to go on."

Lynn gets up and holds Rex. "Rex, I love you too." She buries her head in his chest. "I'm scared to death because of it, but, I, I don't care anymore."

"Don't worry, Lynn. I won't disappoint you." He kisses her hair.

They look at each other and kiss passionately. Rex takes Lynn in her arms and carries her to the bedroom.

A few hours afterwards, they're lying in the bed, Lynn's head is on Rex's chest.

"Rex, do you think this will last?" Lynn asks.

"I have no idea, Lynn."

She smiles. "Oh, me neither."

"I know you'll do my best."

"Me too."

They kiss.

***THE END***