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Chapter 2- We Are Just Getting Started Baby

Previously on Silly world...

"Oh yes, I know where to put you! Better be…"

"SLYTHERIN" the Sorting Hat called to the hall as a whole. Taking off the hat and hopping off the stool Harry had to force the hat into Professor McGonagall's hands she was that shocked. Looking around Harry saw the disgust on the faces of every student on the Gryffindor table, but the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw tables were mixed. The most surprising of all was the Slytherin table who were all as happy as when anyone else got sorted into the house of snakes.

Harry gathered up the courage he had and gracefully stalked towards the Slytherin table. Harry slid into his seat and pointedly looked towards Professor McGonagall, and the rest of the Slytherins followed his example. Soon Professor McGonagall was stirred out of her shock by the stares of the entirety of the Slytherin house, and her voice echoed through the hall,

"Smith, Zacharias" who then promptly went to Hufflepuff.

Soon it was nearing the end of the sorting, and the last name was called,

"Zabini, Blaise" when Harry heard his new friend's name he looked up silently hoping that Blaise would join him in Slytherin, and Harry was left to wonder why he cared about where Blaise went? Why did he care? Was it because he trusted Blaise? But why did he trust this boy? Was it because he was the first person to be nice to Harry? No, it couldn't be, Hagrid was the first to be nice to Harry, and he sure didn't trust the half-giant. Harry guessed it was because Blaise made a genuine effort to get to know him, he didn't immediately assume he knew Harry because of his name, or reputation. Yes, that was it. Soon the hat called out his verdict, and Harry let out a sigh of relief his friend would be joining him in the house of the snakes.

When the sorting was over the Headmaster stood up effectively silencing any chatting that had started up after the sorting, after he said a few things Harry tuned him out picking up the necessitates and only the necessitates like the defence professor was the scared looking professor named Quirrell and that the Forbidden Forest was forbidden, funny that. When the Headmaster sat down food appeared on the table and all Harry wanted to do was dig right in and eat everything on the table, but he knew he couldn't cope with how the Dursleys treated him he needed to get accustomed to eating enough food. So a little bit at a time, which he would slowly make more.

After everyone had eaten a little bit of food talking started up between his housemates, Harry stayed silent and listened in on the conversations going on around him. He marvelled at the subtle politics and power structure that Slytherins revolved around, every word was calculated, every syllable important. You may find your real friends in the house of the snake, but you will also find lifelong allies, politics was vital in Slytherin House, he was snapped out of his pondering when the boy sitting next to him brought him into the conversation his year mates were having,

"Harry? What class are you looking forward to the most?" Blaise asked jabbing a piece of carrot with his fork, Harry watched Blaise, his answer mattered to the boy, was he trying to get to know Harry or was it political? Either way, Harry responded truthfully,

"Potions" he decided to omit the reason since he didn't think his housemates would appreciate the parallel to muggle chemistry and cooking, both which he really enjoyed doing. Unfortunately, this drew Harry into the conversation, and because Harry was now a part of the conversation going on some of his year mates which he didn't know looked at him, and a blond girl with green eyes smiled at him,

"Hi I'm Daphne Greengrass heiress to the Greengrass estate, nice to meet you," she said, Harry nodded at her,

"I'm Harry Potter heir to the Potter estate, nice to meet you as well," he replied shaking her hand, he also shook the hands of six others who introduced themselves as, Pansy Parkinson - the pug-faced girl with brown hair and bland brown eyes, Tracey Davis- A dull looking girl with long brown hair and blue eyes, Theodore Nott (Call me Theo), Gregory Goyle, and Vincent Crabbe.

All too soon the feast was over, and Dumbledore was standing up again to lead the school song, none of the Slytherins sung the school song and just sat in silence. After the song was sung, the students were dismissed off to bed, the first years following the prefects to their respective common rooms.

The way to the Slytherin common room was very straightforward, only a few turns and a flight of stairs later they arrived and the wall with a small snake carved into the stone, the prefect said the password "Belladonna" and the wall slid open to reveal a cold looking room. Two of the walls were a silver colour, the wall which held a warm fireplace was a dark forest green, the fourth and final wall shocked Harry when he saw it, it was less a wall and more a window, to the black lake. There were fish and mermaids, you could even see the giant squid. The prefect, Gemma smiled at the gaping first years telling them to stay in the room for their head of house's address.

Professor Severus Snape strode into the room, he demanded attention, his coat fluttered behind him as he walked, he demanded attention and respect, Harry did not trust him, but that was a given. The first years waited with bated breath for the Professor to speak,

"Welcome to Slytherin house. You may have heard rumours about this house being the 'evil' one, I assure you that a few bad eggs do not make the carton. As members of this house, I expect all of you to follow the rules set out by not only the school but also by myself. Slytherins stick together; otherwise the other houses would tear us apart, on that note, all disputes between housemates will stay within this room, do I make myself clear?" Professor Snape shot a sharp gaze across the stunned first years all made noises of agreement. "Good, I expect you all to be on your best of behaviour while here, listen to the other professors and the prefects," on that Snape whirled around to leave, calling over his shoulder "Potter, follow me" Harry looked suspiciously at the retreating professor, what did he want? Harry followed the man down the corridor to his office, "Have a seat Potter" Snape said gesturing to the chair across from Snape's own. Sitting down Harry stared at Snape waiting for him to speak, "Potter, I am going to cut right to the chase, you do not belong in this house, and if you cause any trouble like the spoiled brat you are then you will be dealing with me personally." Harry raised an eyebrow at Professor Snape, of course, this man made an opinion of someone he had never met. "Well?" Snape said,

"Well what sir?" Harry replied his voice cold and sharp,

"Well, what do you say to that child?" Snape snarled,

"I say to that Professor that prejudice against someone you have never met, and a child at that, is very unprofessional" Harry hissed back "But don't worry sir, I'll keep my head down." At that Harry stood up from his chair and went to the door, hissing under his breath "Bitch" Snape gave a start at that.

"What was that?" He asked

"What was what sir?" Harry replied innocently, he knew what he did, he had spoken in parseltongue for a reason, he knew the repercussions of the language, and also who it was last linked to. Snape looked at him oddly waving a hand at the door,

"Never mind, get out." Smiling Harry opened the door and headed back to the standard room, when he got there he was pointed up the stairs to his dormitory, which he found out he shared with Blaise.

Happy, Harry laid down on his bed facing Blaise, and he fell asleep to Blaise's voice, that night he dreamed of nothing, too exhausted from the long day before.

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