Credit Note: The use of the world and several of the characters in this story are credited to Bleedman. The essential concept of the story is my own work, but the character Bell, as well as other one-off characters are credited to him. The use of a future character (spoilers) is credited to Griddles. The use of Mekel (and whoever may or may not be related to him) is credited to Eclipse02.

Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chapter One: Fresh eyes upon an old world.

The sound of machinery clicks, whirs and beeps in the background... Not a soul in sight, though this area is suited to such a defiant existence. Primitive robots tend to the essential upkeep of the machinery here, however dust is in layers in areas. It is not cold, despite the shaded iron and steel that makes this area... some might even call it cozy.

Dust still dances in the air as unfamiliar sounds are heard echoing the corridors of iron. A long, loud and invasive siren has been going off the last 30 or so seconds with the words: "TIME MINUS 30 SECONDS UNTIL REVIVAL" splayed across a computer monitor. The robots respond with an electric pace; clearing the immediate area of rubble and debris.


"TEN... NINE... EIGHT..." The computer talking with voiceless words, addressing no flesh that would interpret it, only robots that need not read to understand the situation:

...She is awakening...

"ONE... REVIVAL COMMENCING." Steam shoots out of a cylindrical machine and gears twist and crack. The robots are watching, scanning... making sure all is fine for her arrival, they have been waiting oh so patiently. A thick greenish blue liquid inside the machine, visible only a couple inches in bubbles and drains...

"STANDBY..." The liquid continues to drain, the person inside now barely visible from the top of the cranium. This machine, probably the only one not in disrepair performs its one and only job under the constant surveillance of metal beings... their only job: maintaining this machine and making sure the being inside is awakened at this- exact time.

"DRAINING COMPLETE... OPENING TANK... STANDBY..." A gust of pressurized air fires out as the machine barely opens its protective walls of glass. The being inside, supported by arm clasps and life support tubes, begins to shudder and shiver. The robots eagerly awaiting, scanning her... ready and waiting to obey her every command.

"INITIATE WAKING SEQUENCE..." A short jolt fires from one of the life support tubes, waking the girl with a sharp yelp...! "... Ugh... ..." Her eyes slowly open, hazily she makes out the room... Robots, dust, metal and a main computer section. Her chest slowly starts to rise and fall, she struggles to breathe as she comes into sync with the rest of the world... she has been asleep a long time.

The arm clasps open and the tubes disconnect as the surprised girl falls to the ground with a mild thump. On her knees she slowly stumbles to her feet with the help of one of the robots. Her eyes now fully attuned to the mild lighting of this steel labyrinth look around curiously; yet sleepily.

She sees a monitor, with the words 'Open file A' splayed across it with fuzzy, barely legible words. She slowly stands and nears the monitor doing her best to stay balanced before she can lean on it as she presses a button to open the file while still half conscious.

As she opens the file, a static voice of a young man barely crackles through.

"Good morning. I'm sure you are confused as to what has happened to you and why this is happening. But please bear with me, as I can only tell you so much without overloading your still waking and fragile mind. However I can tell you more on another console. Make your way to corridor B-2... you may want to be dressed for this occasion. Your clothing is present in B-2..."

The girl fumbles, unaware that she is completely exposed and she darts her eyes around the barely lit room. The robots merely stand there awaiting her every action with piercing eyes.

"Oh and before I forget... there's something I have to tell you. You may not understand this now- and that's okay, you will later... I'm... I'm sorry about the way I treated you before... before all of this happened."

She looks back to the monitor, it now lays dormant with no words across its face.

She slowly turns back and begins to walk down the vast halls. Her bare feet slapping against the dust covered ground echoing endlessly. The fine dusty wind breaking through the cracks in the walls sticking to her still wet body remind her that this area- regardless of the breeze and her lack of clothing is not at all cold.

It is actually quite comfortable. She looks up and around, disrepair in every location she can possibly see, cracks and gashes in the walls and ceilings... most of which looks like it could come crashing down at any moment. Yet, there are no heaters; no air conditioners and the metallic walls are warm to the touch... as if the entire world is in a warm bath.

She constantly looks back at the robots following her and scanning her with their eyes. At first she is disgusted by the annoying little things, but as the minutes go by she learns to ignore them, knowing they are here for a simple reason. For her. Yet that simple reason remains questionable to her; because she still does not know who she is, nor why she is important.

She makes her way to the storage rooms, with low power neon lights saying A-1, B-1, C-1 and continuing until it reaches the index and loops. It will take quite some time to walk down this hall to reach B-2. But she doesn't seem to mind... time to think is all she needs.

"Who am I, what am I doing here? What is this place?" She constantly asks herself. "TH-S –S TH- M-STE-S LAB..." One of the robots surprisingly crackles out with barely understandable words. "Who's lab?" She asks, curious all the while still walking down the hall.

"DEX-" It tries to say before it crackles out *File corrupted.* She is not surprised. As she looks around, noticing every storage room in great disrepair, rubble trickling down from the ceiling as if it were rain, it is enough that the robots can simply move anymore, let alone talk.

She reaches a room slightly different than the others, the neo light much brighter than the previous rooms.


She enters the room and immediately notices large guns positioned at each side of the room. Seemingly inactive, but surprising and startling none the less. She notices a clothing locker off to the side of the monitor saying "Open File B" and goes for the locker first.

She dodges several piles of rocks around the room. They seem out of place, as the rest of the room seems in pretty decent repair, but she ignores them and approaches the locker.

She opens it up swiftly with optimism crossing her figure, but it is empty. Completely empty. She looks back at the robots still scanning her every movement and lets out a small sigh. She closes the locker and accesses the file.

"It's good that you made it here. Should you listen this well in the near future, you may learn a lot more. That said, you may have already noticed several things about this room. The lack of clothing for one and the piles of rocks for two. Both have explanations but I will start with your clothing."

As the young man's voice continues, she is certain she has seen these words and heard this voice before.

"The locker is empty, but your clothes are in this room. To ensure that they were not stolen by scavengers, I placed a small lockbox beneath the Moveable Locker. It will easily move from its socket. I will give you some time to do this before continuing."

More than happy to oblige the computer, she moves the locker from its socket easily and sees a small box underneath. She quickly grabs it and opens it up. There is an entire set of clothing, from upper to under; they all seem to share several characteristics. They are all reddish pink.

She quickly slips them on, relived to finally be clothed and looks at herself in a broken mirror off the side of the room. It suits her naturally long, red hair. She returns to the monitor as it continues.

"The rocks around the room also share a lot of significance. As I will demonstrate." After those words are said, one of the robots behind her begins to approach one of the rock piles and remove the stones.

One stone, then another... and another- until she notices something ghastly! An entire human skeleton in brown rags is buried under the stones! Confused as to why this is, she turns back to the monitor.

"They were scavengers. Looking for anything that may improve their quality of life by picking at ruins. But my lab is important, YOU are important. I couldn't have them damage or endanger you or anything close to you. It was their life or yours... I made the decision quick and would make it again. There are a few things left to tell you, so access file C when you are ready."

Trying hard to absorb all of this information at once is hard, so she looks back to a final piece of clothing in the box, one she seemed to avoid.

It is a red bow. Something tells her it would suit her well, but it just seems to... put her off from it. She can vaguely remember wearing it, but she discarded it at some time. As to why, she does not know. She puts the box down and sighs. She turns over to the monitor with the words 'Open File C' splaying across it in fine, bright letters.

She turns to it with determination and some other major emotion crossing her face! She must know what happened here!

After she accesses File C, the young male voice speaks again: "The Chronometal war did not end well, as you can see as it left this world the way it is- oh wait... I didn't remind you of the war yet, did I? This is awkward... I should have planned this better. Oh well, the data storage is very limited so I'm going to go with it." She scratches her head, trying to remember any "war"... but all that comes up are rocks, her mind is completely blank...

"Roughly 40 to 50 years ago, you and I found something we eventually ended up calling Chronometals... Mine, labeled Model D, yours; Model B. These metals warped to our bodies' shape and did what our arms and legs would normally do, with much stronger results. There was another Chronometal, known as Model 'M' and I shall get to that later. But after-"

A piece of debris falls from the ceiling and crashes into the monitor, knocking the girl back and destroying the computer. The robots quickly help her up and try to repair what's left of the computer- but it's no use; the damage is too extensive and the spare parts left cannot be melded to the metal hull.

She stands, mouth agape... the monitor was not even a foot away from her and there was no stopping the ceiling from crumbling further once it fell, she could have been crushed! As she slowly regains her composure, she hears a... familiar voice.

"Why, fancy meeting you here!" The voice is playful and drawn out, yet heavily devious with a hint of malice. "Would you mind leaving the room and meeting me face to face?" The very voice sends shivers down the girl's spine... and every instinct in her body is telling her not to approach the voice, but instead locate any possible escape route in case things go wrong... She darts her eyes across the room, but there is only one way out... and only one way- in.

The voice is a lot less drawn out and filled with frustration- "Don't be scared little girl, I won't bite! Now come out!" After a short time the voice returns to 'normal': "Fine, if you won't come out, maybe I'll come in! Hahaha..." The girl feels a small tap on her shoulder and her stomach drops...!

She stands in one place, guard set, but in the wrong direction; she cannot find the strength to turn around, he is there. But somehow through her paralysis she musters the nerve!

She rushes in a sharp 180 degree angle to find none other than, dust... nothing was behind her; she lets out a long breath, spent from shear terror and checks her heartbeat...

"NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN, GIRL!" She rushes back again, this time she sees a 'man' so to speak... Red skinned, pincer hands and a very bad fashion sense. He has a pincer to the right of her neck, the other snipping the air deviously. She stares blankly at him, being extra careful not to tick him off... "Oh, it seems I could have ended you right there, but why are you still here I wonder?" He retracts his claw, backs off slightly, crosses his arms and looks our hero in the eyes with a dark smirk across his face.

After a short duel of silent wills she breaks the silence: "Who... who are y-you?" He looked almost insulted and responded with "Well I suppose it can't be helped, but before I answer your oh so obvious question... who do you think YOU are, hmmmmmm?" The girl pauses for a moment and answers slowly; "I... don't know yet... d-do you?" - "Yes, yes I do..." Emotions conflict within the girl, she naturally fears this 'man' but he knows her... she has no choice but to indulge him:

She stares back into his eyes waiting for him to continue, but he will not. "W-well... who am I?" - "Oh come now, search in that little brain of yours, I'm sure something will, blossom if you think about it hard enough! Haha..." she responds sharply: "What do you mean? Wait...?"

She pauses for a while, lost in thought and piecing words together that sound familiar... He quickly breaks her concentration "You may call me- Him, little girl, as you oh so loved to yourself." She looks up with a great deal of confusion in her eyes and says while squinting: "Him? Your name is Him?" - "I have many, many names. none of which are important as of now. Just call me Him, it has a nice ring to it anyhow... haha..."

"Alright, Him... Why are my emotions battling each other at the mere sight of you and why do you know more about me than I do?" Him flies up and sits on the floating dust as if it were a chair, spinning in it slightly, causing dust to collide with her reddish dress as he playfully explains. "Well, we have a long history that blossomed from a certain event- in a certain town. One thing led to another and you moved away leaving lonesome me back in the gutters... and a 'little' boy wanted me to give you something..."

All the while, spinning in a chair that doesn't seem to exist he pulls out a small, radar looking wrist accessory and watches her as it spins on his pincer, in the opposite direction his chair is spinning it in, giving the illusion that it is stationary even as he spins around it. "This nifty little device will allow you to have control over time and space, to an extent... a friend of the author of the messages you recently heard wanted me to give you this..." He extends it in her direction...

She reaches for it but its quickly snatched away and he continues: "ONLY after you knew who you are, why you are here and what to do with this device... the computer was crushed while giving out information- thus meaning I cannot give this to you, just yet...!" He straightens out and looks her in the eyes once more and says flat and plain- "Let's not beat around the bush, do you know who you are yet or not? If not I have something in mind..." He grins slightly, but it seems more innocent than his other facial expressions.

She stands there, muttering words under her breath. "B... blo...? It sounds so, familiar. It is on the tip of her tongue, she has no idea what the word she is trying to spit up is, but it feels so right. She takes a deep breath and pieces familiar pieces of word together- "Bl... oss... om?" As that name leaves her lips, she feels deep warmth within her, as if she had just remembered who she was...

Him looks somewhat surprised, but the expression is soon murdered with an eerie smile. "Ah... always the smart one eh? Yes. Your name is none other than, Blossom..." He extends the device once more, Blossom smiles as she reaches for it- only to have it snatched away again.

"But do you know your mission? Why you are here? Why he put you in that Chamber!?" He yells out! Blossom responds with a rather neutral tone of voice. "Well the world was ended by the Chronometal wars was it not? That and the person who put me here told me the world needs me. Would it happen to do with that perhaps?"

"Tch... you are learning far too fast, you're not making this fun, Blossom... but it's all to be expected, that mind of yours beat me far too many times for me to be comfortable with... but I suppose that why he chose you despite the numerous and incredibly deep problems..." He puts the device on the 'chair' and flutters back down. He walks towards Blossom, until he catches sight of one of the robots. He quickly smashes it with his foot and returns sight to Blossom with a slightly happier face.

"You may have a very hollow idea of what you think you have to do now, but you have no details and you do not have any idea of where to go with this device... I wish I didn't break that computer right now so I wouldn't have to go through so much damn time, EXPLAINING it! I wanted to make it a game: I even have a Twister mat and Parcheesi board somewhere around here... but it can't be helped..." He scoffed and waved his pincers around...

"YOU BROKE THE COM-" Blossom tried to say before she noticed she wasn't in the lab anymore. "-PUTER?! ... Eh?"

She's floating above the clouds and is slowly floating down. The sky was bluish, not the gray and brown she viewed from inside the Lab. As she passes the clouds she feels the cold mist, it is soothing... and she feels almost at peace- were it not for everything making no sense and the world being destroyed she might of even taken a nap at that very moment...but once she passes the final layer of white misty fluff and opens her eyes, she notices a horrendous sight indeed and all positive feeling was gone faster than it could of ever hoped to come.

A large meteor-like mass of stone is floating just above the surface of a major city, but not just any city- it was a city she feels a very strong connection to! Lightning is shooting out from it and massive winds circle its great ring. A robot standing on top... She continued floating down until she was on equal footing with the robot on the top of this awesome mass.

Merely standing upon this great mass forces emotions of dread, betrayal, pain and anger to pierce her heart and she nearly collapses on the spot. But she must push forward!

When she landed on the large meteor, it noticed her, but It makes no other mention of her. It then turned to look off the edge, almost sorrowful. Spikes suddenly shoot out of 4 areas around the shoulders of the robot and formed what looked like wing bones. The bones electrify and shoot out forming what look like real wings... one red, one green, one purple and one blue... It growls as it stepped even further towards the edge... its massive feet crushed the thick stone as it walked- its large, wrecked arms still at its side. Blossom followed, deadly curious.

It now stands on the edge of the Meteor, the winds and lightning still furiously twisting around the crust- if not now more furiously. It kneels down by the edge and mutters under itself: "Why did she do that? He was going to come back, but he didn't want to! He's dead, very very dead; he died more than the normal man should! He told me he never wanted to come back and to protect her from everything! But... she... HE...!" The lighting now covers the entire stone- violently churning in all directions. "He came back, why...? Me, he wanted me to suffer... all because of- what HE DID! It wasn't my fault! It... Wasn't..."

The robot's protective face plate falls onto the meteor and bounces off, falling endlessly, revealing a young man of white skin and reddish brown hair. "Blossom, I wish you were here right now- I need you. I mean why did she... but- we were on the same side... weren't we? I was even going to help her brother! Ha... Haha... HAHAHAHA!" It stood up and spread its arms to both sides, eying them as if his own arms were foreign objects: rage, madness and sadness in his eyes it grits its teeth as it claws at itself, trying in vain to tear its own Ivory-white armor off! The winds now so strong the meteor itself is ripping to pieces at the seems!

"Mandark! You got what you wanted! I might as well be dead now! She's gone! There is nothing left! You were right, there was no hope for our future... you were always right! It was my fault! IT WAS ALL MY FAULT! IT WAS ALWAYS MY FAULT! I FEEL YOUR GOD-FORSAKEN PAIN!"

The robot collapses to its knees, breaking stone on impact and his face breaks into tears... can robots really cry? Then the meteor enters a free-falling state, Lightning, wind and dust all ripping it to pieces as it drops... Terrible noises of wind rushing up as the Mass crashes downwards slicing rock to pieces is almost deafening, but Blossom can barely make some noises out.

Two girls, wearing brown and blue dresses that looked exactly like hers are on both sides of the meteor... "Buttercup, we have to leave- now! Or we will all be crushed too!" - "NO! Blossom is in there, you go and I will try to stop this!" - "But, but you can't! You know you ca-" - "GO BUBBLES, NOW!" The blue girl hesitantly flies off, constantly stopping and looking back with shining dew in her wake, the brown one has tears growing in her eyes- adamantly staying, despite the obvious doom she faces. "Blossom... I'm... sorry, I... I wasn't strong... enough..." Blossom flies off and rushes to the girl as fast as she could!

The girl notices her and her eyes grow wide! "Oh my god... Blossom? Is that really you?! But... you-" The meteor starts crushing the buildings, blowing dust and deafening noise all around them as all sight of the girl fades-

Blossom finds herself in the lab, looking into Him's eyes... "What you have seen, was the end of what was to be called, The Chronometal wars, or even The Apocalypse to some. Do you now know why you are here and the importance of your Mission?"

Was it all real? She was unable to save the brown clothed girl she felt a strange connection to. A tear formed in Blossom's eye and falls...

"Who, what... was that robot on the meteor talking about... a-about me? Blossom...?" Him merely turns around and floats just above the ground- "Perhaps... Perhaps not..." The tear falls to the floor, making no noise as it gets trapped in a stray layer of dust. "Come on! I'm in no mood for games! I just died!" Him quickly and sharply turns his head to meet Blossom's words. "If you were dead, you wouldn't be here! Think leader girl, think!"

"L...Leader girl?" She lets out carefully. "Those two girls you saw, they were of you... your sisters. You were lost that day, one of the only... 'Survivors' of the Crash. You were the leader." Blossom's eyes meet the ground as she slowly lets out her next question. "Did... did the blue one survive?" Him now completely turns around and meets her back on the ground and lets off an almost sympathetic aura. "Yes, she survived the crash, but unlike you, without the protection of the lab and remaining incapacitated- the world proved... too much for her; she had the ability to survive, but her will to live was crushed..."

He continues: "She had lost both of her sisters and wandered around aimlessly looking for the kin she refused to accept were dead. Not even I, her sworn enemy wanted her to go like this, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone... no fun at all." Him eyes the floor, drawing deep from memory. "She tried really hard to hold on, a foggy idea of a family burned into her scarred mind kept her going, but then she found... Buttercup."

After mentioning Buttercup, Him pauses for a second, carefully choosing words; before dismissing the whole thing entirely as he avoids further answers...

Him scoffs and lets out a small sigh, projecting an aura of what feels like regret... "I can no longer play with you, you know too much for me to have fun anymore so I might as well be direct. This was meant to happen-" Blossom's head rises up to meet Him's. "But, he did not wish it so... he found the means- and sent you here for the most of the aftermath, hoping that you would find a way to fight destiny." - "W...who?"

"Dexter..." Blossom's head throbbed, what the man in the speakers said was true- Her memories... though most of them incomplete, were returning. She had made an event unfold with her own hands- "Ah...!" She huffed through clenched teeth! The pain, not too great- but filled with so much emotion quickly overwhelms Blossom...

She dropped to her knees and fell to the ground but not with a loud thump, the dust breaking her fall and waving out...

She dreamed... of rocks... She was laying under rocks, (Rocks...) not moving... not breathing (More rocks, all I can remember are rocks...) ... She feels tremors and hears the crashing of thunder and lightning even through her stone prison... "Mandark... you got... she's go... now... I have no... ... I feel... your... ... pain...!" Nearly an eternity goes by, Blossom feeling pain she has never felt before, unable to breathe... unable to move. "Buttercup... ... or we will... crushed too...!"

She feels something penetrating her chest, one of the many stones are impaling her...!

The stones rise up, as gravity seems to escape... They were falling, she notices a small opening and summons all her remaining energy to crawl through it during the weightless sensation. She looks around the room, noticing shattered machinery and even her beloved Model B lies before her, broken beyond all repair and recognition... her eyes constantly fade in and out of focus as everything becomes blurry and focused within the same second.

She then sees a young woman, black hair... pig tails and a deep scar going down her face... looking up a wrecked staircase at the sky, giving off a seemingly lifeless aura, as if it were a standing cadaver. Blossom lets out a small breathless peep... "As... tro... nom... o... nov... ... why...?!" She collapses as gravity returns with the horrible noise of the city being crushed like a tin can as the stones fall and crush her alive! Dust from the outside rushes in faster than even she can see, blocking all hope of ever breathing again. She wakes up with a quick and deep gasp!

She looks around her surroundings in fright, all the while hyperventilating seeing only Him... "D... did you do that... th-thing to me again...?" - "No, I did not..." He explains. "They were your memories, your, original memories." She gets off her back and sits cross-legged- regaining what was left of her stone-crushed composure. "This is all, so crazy... so I'm, Blossom... and... Dexter saved me?"

"Well not exactly-" He exclaims- "He gave you life when you no longer had any- but your will was so strong that you never really died, you held on to the last moment... He found you there- in the stony halls and brought what was left of you here." - "So he did save me?" - "It was too late for you... well, for your body."

"My body?" Blossom looks at her hands, her long hair, legs- chest... Nothing seemed out of place, yet how would she truly know... "Dexter used what little resources he had to make you a new body... he knew a lot more than he wanted to know about bionics. Your brain was still alive by the time he returned you to the lab, but even the bionic machinery takes time to adapt to a new host brain, so he put you in what you woke up in. Though even that device took a very long time to find, but new memories even HE acquired made it barely possible to save your brain."

Blossom shudders... "Ew, brain?" She pokes her head, gauging it... "Oww..." - "This body of yours is almost perfect; it can eat, digest, feel pain, cry... and host a soul." Blossom stands up and looks curiously into Him's eyes. "Host a soul?" Somehow the word 'soul' reminded her of the nice sister she had... Bubbles. "Wait, you said you were an enemy to the blue girl- er, Bubbles... and that I beat you more than you liked me to... were you one to me? An enemy?"

Him paces the room slowly never truly making eye contact. "Yes, yes I was." - "Then why are you helping me? Enemies don't do that!" Blossom says flustered, now becoming uncomfortable with his presence. He continues to walk... "Let's just say, your other sister made me an offer I couldn't refuse..." - "My other sister? You mean the brown one- Buttercup? I thought she... died- with... my body. If she set up a deal, how would she or you be able to repay it?!"

Still pacing the room, as if he expects the conversation to last a much longer time- "Buttercup, where do I start with that girl...? Right after the final of the two wars started, Buttercup was- well, jealous of your new-found power..." Blossom's eyes widen, as if she almost forgot something very important. "Model B... my- Chronometal... Right?" Him lets out a small chuckle... "Yes, your Chronometal made you more powerful than her- it made her very proud... and angry- quite the pool of emotion that one, haha..."

"During the second wars, you and Dexter fought side by side- protecting each other with your lives. Buttercup, even as a superhero could not even dream of possessing your new power... The villains she so eagerly fought were getting stronger and more ruthless, even one time holding Bubbles hostage with, a very violent chemical at their dispense... I can barely remember how she got her out of it." Him stops and shakes his head side to side.

"But I'm starting to ramble, they are dead now, you are left and you must save everyone for your own sake." He picks up the device- still floating in mid-air and throws it in Blossom's direction. She detects another trap and does not reach for it- and it ends up hitting her in the face.

"Oww! Damn it!" She exclaimed. "Why didn't you catch it? Haha!" She rubs her face with one hand, picking up the device with the other. "So... how does it work?" - "Well, why don't you try it out?" She glares at Him... "How am I supposed to know this is safe? That your not just playing another trick?" He glares back. "I promised Buttercup to keep your soul safe until you save this world and I will. I am evil, but fair." - "Buttercup? My soul? Save the world? ... Alright..."

She attaches the device to her wrist, it's a little loose, being slightly too large for her, but she tightens it and focuses on the data inside. Among the controls and logs, she sights a calendar. 2058 MEGAVILLE (CURRENT)"

"Is today... 2058 Him?" He leans up against a wall- clearly bored. "Yes, it is the year 2058, 50 or so years after you all... failed and the world went to hell..." He breaks a small smile as if reciting from a good memory- "Ah, they needed the Powerpuff Girls so much... But they waited for nothing; the world was over... But they refused to give up- clinging to denial. Did you know they even tried to RECREATE you? How rich!"

"Spare me the details- I'm going to fix all of this!" She fiddles with the device, setting it to 2010, the date the Chronometal wars ended and everything ended. "Wait, what do you think you are doing little girl?!" She faces him, goes into a battle stance and says- "Fixing all this!" She presses accept as him tries to physically stop her... But it was too late.

... ... She hears heartbeats and opens her eyes... she is traveling through a dark quick tube of light... She feels she could... wake up at any moment... Along the flowing walls of light she notices her surroundings, it is hard to make out, due to how bright it is... but she is definitely at the meteor, but then the light becomes blinding as she falls to the ground.

*THUD* ... She opens her eyes, looking into Him's. "What did I say little girl, do you understand nothing?!" He looks as if he is going to strike her, but instead picks her up at the shoulders and grits his teeth. "What happened?" She lets out- confused. "You can only go where you know your soul belongs! You don't belong in that time! ... Not yet anyway, Dexter said to listen- SO LISTEN!"

He drops her to her feet and backs off slightly. "In order for you to save this time, you must understand EXACTLY what happened during 2010- the Chronometal war's end, not just jumping into it and killing the first person you see and saying, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" He eyes her and then thinks something up really quick. "Do you even remember your own father?" The question catches Blossom off guard.

She seems to be locked in deep thought... she digs deep into her memories, pulling out sounds of her youth...

"Girls, oh girls! Come here! Pancakes are ready!"

Blossom remembers a man, serving her... breakfast... but- can't remember much past that... she mutters out- "The professor?" Him once again looks unsurprised. "Wrong..." Blossom staggers a bit before asking- "What? Then who-" - "You never had a real father, your not even human! You were never born and you never had a father! HA!" Blossom's teeth grit and her eyes narrow as she yells out- "HE WAS MY FATHER! He cared for us all... When we were sick... When we were injured- he fed us, nurtured us... as any normal father would!" Blossom lashes out at Him with her fist, but he quickly reflects it, making her spin slightly in place before regaining her balance.

Him laughs, very pleased! "Ha! This is too rich, even when I say no, you say yes! Even when I hold all of the cards and I know everything that happened! That was almost scary, it's as if the real Blossom is right here! Dexter did a good job with your head, I must admit. You indeed know enough about yourself to go back to 2004." Blossom huffs, regaining emotional control...

"2004? What's there anyway?" She asks. "The moment of fate, you moving to Megaville and meeting Dexter for the first time." - "Megaville..." The sound brings back more emotion filled throbs to her head as she tries to nurse it. "Oh, don't pass out again girl, here... let me do it for you... Goodbye for now Blossom... we WILL meet again!"

Him presses a button as Blossom's vision goes blurry- and she finds herself in the Light tube again... Her heart beats, it is the only thing she can hear, she feels so sleepy, but her eyes are wide open, absorbing the bright darkness, the back-round, now much longer than before begins to churn around her as she leaves her shell... she is no longer human, though even as a Powerpuff she wasn't really human... and even after that she wasn't even a Powerpuff, she was a robot... she truly remembers nothing of herself. She can faintly see outside the tube again... this time it seems to be a classroom, all her sisters are there and the professor has just left...

Some time passes and the light fades away and she feels herself, in a new body... eyes still closed. She awakens to laughter, all the while standing in place. "How cute, you even have your own club, the Flowerpuff Girls" - "That's Powerpuff..." The blue one, Bubbles let out. - "Oh- alright, Powderpuff." - "Now why don't you girls take your seats and we'll get started. I just know you're all going to like it here."

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup walk down the class, taking individual seats. Blossom takes a seat by the window... looking out of it with still half-asleep eyes, lost in thought... This was the time it all started, but she's six years back... can she really stop it- right here? She tries to drown it out and relax...

She has plenty of time... doesn't she?

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