Name: The Chronometal Wars
Chronometal Epilogue: Peace. (Alternate Ending)

The darkness around Dexter and all the bodies churn and ebb. Large vibrations occur as the darkness is overcome by light!

"Dexter... you have, done well. For a Human of course. The world once again knows the fleeting peace that is common when a worldwide terror is put to rest... All of the Chronometals are destroyed, and the ones that remain are unpowered, simply glorified suits of armor. I however, am truly grateful for the trip we had together, boy. This Ark will serve me well for the years to come. Maybe I can finally achieve my life-long dream... but just remember- the only reason I was even siding with you was due to a deal with Buttercup... a deal I am now unable to collect upon. But it is of little consequence. Next time we meet we may not be so warm with each other... 'hero.' Goodbye for now."

Dexter opens his eyes, viewing the newly clear sky of Megaville. The stars are receding as the sun comes into sight. He looks around, and see's Blossom and Barasia lying beside him. He stumbles to his feet and checks on Blossom, she is breathing... and smiling. She is fine. He turns to Barasia, who now has her eyes open, looking into his.

She rises to a sitting stance, still looking at Dexter. "Wha... What happened in there?" Blossom moans a bit as she wakes up from what seemed like a long nap. She smacks her mouth and rubs her eyes before realizing where she is. "Huh...?! Dexter...?" She slips out, confused.

Dexter smiles slightly, noticing his Chronometal is completely shattered and scattered along with the rest of the rubble. "Dexter! Your Chronometal- ACK! 'My' Chronometal!" Blossom stammers out as she notices even hers is scattered about. "It's over..." Dexter sighs out. "It's finally over everyone..." He rears up and laughs loudly!

"W-What?" Blossom says as she rises from the rubble. "Him told me the Chronometal wars have finally come to an end. Mandark is forever gone and all of the metals we used are unpowered; Deedee's soul as well as Bell's are at rest." Barasia walks off without saying a word, being caught by Blossom.

"Where are you going, Barasia?" - "It's over, there's no reason for me to stay." Blossom scurries off the ground and runs to her and grabs her by the arm- "You can stay with us! You can live in Megaville with us! You don't... have to go..." Barasia gently jostles her hand free of Blossom's grasp.

"I appreciate the sentiment, I really do- but I was to blame for all of this." She looks to the newly blue horizon. "Have you noticed Buttercup isn't here?" - "Well... yeah- after the battle she sort of... um... I- don't remember what happened really... where is she?" - "She was the only one of us with immortality. After the battle she probably instantly awoke before any of us and went to tell the people of Megaville what happened. About what 'I' did..."

Blossom diverts her eyes. "It is fine, Blossom. I didn't even belong here to begin with. I'm just a drifter, I'll find my way through this world." She looks Blossom in the eyes and puts on a bright smile- one Blossom has never witness from her face! "It was from our time together I finally learned the real worth of life... and death. If I was never here I would still be a mindless killing machine... Who knows what might of happened to me if it wasn't for you guys!"

Barasia looks away from Blossom, blushing slightly. "Well, this wishy washy stuff isn't exactly my style... so I guess I'll get going-OOPH!" She stammers as Bubbles flies in from nowhere and hugs Barasia and Blossom together! "OH MY GOD! I am so glad you are all safe and sound!" Bubbles screams out through tears! "I thought... I thought that you would... *Sniff*" After jostling out of her grip, Blossom speaks.

"I'm sorry for worrying you, Bubbles. We're fine." - "W-Wait, what happened to your Chronometal?" Blossom looks at the crushed remains of her Metal. "It finally gave out after the Battle. Dexter's too." - "Wait... so that means... we can be a team again? I mean, well... I know I'm not quite as strong as you are, even more-so with the metal, but-"

"That's enough Bubbles." Blossom snaps out, making Bubbles flinch slightly. "Don't you EVER set yourself below anyone ever again. You were as much a part of this conflict as anyone else here! Isn't that right, Barasia?" Barasia nods happily. "More then right, just because you didn't have a Chronometal or Travel through time, does not at all mean you didn't have a gigantic impact on the war itself. Even before I knew what was going on, when we met in Megaville during the Chronometal Prologue, you knew me, before even I knew you. You steered me through the wars in ways I never thought possible. And to top it off, you got everyone- even Otto to safety during a time of great crisis."

Buttercup lands after hearing those words, catching everyone by surprise. "Lynn is absolutely correct Bubbles." She regains her posture and continues, looking into a blushing Bubbles' eyes. "Even with my Immortality, I barely had enough power to fight anyone in this war. Right before World's end was at full power, I couldn't do anything to the Roudyruffs but hold them back before Blossom came and swept them out. I may have been immortal, but that didn't mean I was better... not at all..."

Buttercup shifts her gaze to Barasia. "From what I hear, you played a much bigger role in this then I thought possible, Bubbles, and besides- It was Him that made me Immortal." - "I guess it's time I explained who I was, Buttercup-" - "No need, Lynn... I did a lot of thinking back at the bunker after I told everyone what happened. It doesn't matter who you are, or were, or what you did. What mattered was what you did for us in the end, and during the wars. Weather or not you caused this hardly matters to me anymore, you used your own power to fix it. You are a hero, Lynn."

Dexter walks into the group and nods. "You are a hero, Lynn... but..." Dexter looks around at the people waiting for him to continue before sighing. "These people... the victims of Megaville may not- or will not accept anything but judgment upon you. We who know everything, who were with you are the only ones who really know you- who forgive you." Barasia sadly nods.

"You are right... The people of this city... of this WORLD will view me as a villain, traitor... monster, or something even worse. I am glad I got to help you all save this planet, and indeed all of time, but it came at a devastating cost... a cost I cannot possible pay back the world." She looks up into the sky.

"I'll go traveling across the cosmos, maybe find the Cluster... and finish where I left off of my old life. Not that It will be EXACTLY the same the second time around, in fact it is going to go MUCH differently." She nods to the entire group. "I am Barasia, the Black Justice. I shall uphold the law of life across the galaxy, and end the tyranny of those who would bring evil to the universe!" She coughs a little bit and diverts her eyes.

"That was uh... a bit corny- but you catch my drift." - "No, that was great!" Bubbles sequels! "I've always wanted to be a super awesome hero like that! One who would be feared by all evil-doers, and bring justice to all! I envy you, really!" Barasia looks Dexter in the eyes. "We may not of ever directly met before, Dexter. But I can tell that if it went just a little differently, we could of become great friends. Farewell, all of you."

Barasia fires off into the sky and quickly leaves sight. After that moment Blossom cocks her head and looks at Buttercup. "Wait, where did you go earlier, Buttercup?" - "Oh uh, that? Well..." She scratches her head and looks at the 3 remaining heroes. "Well I went to the bunker to tell the professor about what happened, he spread the word to the people, and I went away for a while..."

She looks to the ground with a slight agitation crossing her face. "I did some serious thinking about Barasia... and about Him... and about Me." She looks at her clothing, and then Blossom gasps slightly- "Your... your clothes are green again!" Buttercup nods somberly.

She raises her head to meet everyone. "There's something about Him I should tell you guys about..."

Author's Note: And that's that. With this alternate ending posted, everything from the first story: The Chronometal Wars, has been successfully moved from Snafu-Comics to Fanfiction. There are, of course, other stories, such as The Chronometal Panic, The Red Story, The Black War, the Barasian War, The Eternal Watcher, The First War, The Second War, and various short stories, but those will make their way over here in due time.

This Alternate ending was supposed to be my way of bypassing any potential overarching contradictions posed by PPGD by attempting to, in a small way, bridge PPGD and Grim Tales from Down Below together into the same continuity, led forward by Him being a bad guy afterwords. It wasn't until much later that the writers of both PPGD and GT said that the stories don't actually have anything to do with each other. (Except involving the Powerpuff Girls, Megaville, and various heroes; you can see my confusion) But regardless, the First Story, if you've enjoyed it so far: which I'm happy for, was probably my worst work. The later stories are much, MUCH better (In my opinion). Thanks for reading.