"Sir, shields are at 20 percent we need to leave!" I heard from behind me not bothering to look back.

"We can't leave, if we lose this station we have no hope of defeating the Wraith" The captain said knowing full well the implications of losing the last Potentia factory in 2 galaxies.

"Sir, shields are at 9 percent and we do not have enough power to fire the weapon".

After a moments deliberation the captain came to a decision that no rational person would make.

"Lower the shields fire the weapon we must protect this station".

"Yes sir, lowering shields rerouting all power the the weapon". The un-named helmsmen said with no hint of fear.

The constant almost relaxing hum of the shields now gone the ship rocked with explosion throwing the entire crew around.

"SIR, the weapon is down so is main and auxiliary power, we are venting atmosphere on all decks".

The captain looked on in horror as the wraith hive turned away from the might Lantean ship and fired on the Potentia factory knocking it off its stable orbits in pieces mostly heading for the sun that it was pulling massive amounts of solar energy from.

"Sir the enemy craft is pulling away, it seems to have dropped a device". Said the helmsman.

"It's a bomb, they wish to eradicate this system by making the sun go super critical" said the captain with a hint of sorrow in his voice.

"Wait what's that coming towards us, IS THAT A POTENTIA?!" I screamed in disbelief.

"It is, quickly do we have power in the short range matter transport?" the helmsman said quickly.

"Yes sir enough to get that on board, the main problem is that the conduits are fried" a technician from the back of the bridge shouted.

"Can they be repaired before that bomb goes off?" the captain asked.

"I hope so sir, but really it shouldn't take to long we just to reroute the power to go through the upper conduits as most of the damage is on the lower side of the ship" the technician replied hopefully.

"Do it quickly, we will get weapons up and hope that by destroying that bomb it wont set it off".

"Sir isn't that a little risky?" the helmsman said a little shakily.

"Very risky considering the crude nature to wraith tech but what choice do we really have?". The captain replied.

"We could jump away, what is the status of the hyper drive?" the helmsman asked.

"Sir reading from the device show that it isn't a bomb, rather an energy beam of sorts meant to drill through the matter of the sun and disrupt the core" a technician said.

"Sir we have a problem with weapons, we used our entire contingent of drones and the new energy pulse weapon is entirely destroyed, the only way to stopt eh core going critical is to take the beam and weather it out" antoher technician said.

"Would we have the shield strength for that?" the captain asked quickly.

"I don't know but from what we know from wraith tech that small weapon wont have much power even if we can only take it for a short while we should stop it from being able to destroy the sun" the technician said.

"Do it" .