A/N: It has been a long, hard and somewhat Shakespearean road. Please enjoy this story, for it was humbly written to entertain. You can thank Takahashi-sensei for giving us such wonderful characters to tinker with and pop-culture for being diverse enough that it can be incorporated into a story that is about feudal Japan…of all things.. lol.


Chapter 1- The Difference Between Idiot and Baka

Daylight broke on yet another cheerful day. Perhaps a bit too cheerful for the Demon Lord's taste. He lay with his back to a tree, desperately trying to keep his eyes closed in spite of the sun beaming his way. Perhaps he could cover his face with his fluffy tail. That might have been a good idea if the now-ten-year-old Rin wasn't sleeping in his arms, holding onto it securely. Sesshoumaru smiled in spite of himself for a moment and then regained his solemn composure. He had become soft these last few years, but only towards Rin. You didn't hear anybody else complaining did you? No... And that's because they're all dead. As in the doornail kind. As in D-E-D. Ded.

He waited for a moment until deciding that the sun would probably wake the child up soon anyways. He leaned in a bit closer to her head and spoke softly in his deep (A/N: and oh so sexy:) voice, "Rin... It is time to wake up."

She held onto his tail even tighter now and squirmed in her place but he noticed the smile that played upon her face. How…serene. But she was certainly awake. Being used to her antics by now, he turned to plan B.

"I take it you do not want breakfast then."

Rin's eyes snapped open the instant he had finished the sentence. Yep, it was definitely time to wake up.

"Sesshoumaru-sama wins. Rin will get up now!" she smiled releasing her hold on his tail. She sprang up and went about her usual routine of kicking Jaken until he could ignore her no longer and simply had to wake up. Then, of course, began the normal morning arguments that consisted of Jaken screaming and running after Rin with his little staff of heads in the air, unable to catch her, and Rin turning back every now and then to stick her tongue out at him.

Yep, it was another normal morning for the trio. But, as he had found himself doing for the past many mornings, Sesshoumaru simply sat there, expressionless and unmoving. To him, she was still a baby. She was growing before his very eyes but still had a long way to mature. Then she will leave me, he thought. He knew his Rin and he knew in his heart that the day would come when she would want to leave and pursue an ordinary human life. And why would she not, he questioned himself. He certainly wasn't going to be the one to stop her from being happy. He had finally become strong enough to admit that that was all he wanted of her and if she had to leave him to ensure her happiness, then so be it.

Nevertheless, the Lord's face now had a shadow upon it. Thinking about things like this was no way to start his day. He cast his eyes to the side and emitted a faint growl without even realizing it. Rin noticed the change in his expression as he was no longer watching her clobber Jaken with his own staff. Child that she was, she released Jaken from her deathgrip and ran up to him.

"Sesshoumaru-sama's scary when he looks like he's ready to kill." She said with a smile on her face.

Sesshoumaru broke out of his trance and looked at her. He wasn't smiling but, then again, he hardly ever did. She could tell, though, that he was ok and no longer had that icy look in his eyes. How she could tell this is beyond the author's comprehension yet it is not for the audience to question the technicalities.

In an instant, she put her two fingers up to his face and raised the sides of his mouth to a smile. She began to giggle and even though he made no sign of amusement, the girl's antics were always enough to lighten his mood. Humans... he thought with a sigh, but she was the one human he could never get enough of...

So it was that time passed, sometimes at home, sometimes roaming the forests and though Sesshoumaru and Jaken never aged in appearance, Rin continued to grow and blossomed into a young woman of seventeen. Time certainly seemed to fly when you were having fun and beating the crap out of Jaken.

It was on one particular morning that Rin had run off a distance to a nearby stream for bathing purposes when she noticed that it was already occupied by two girls. They were having an interesting conversation she didn't feel like interrupting so, curiosity getting the better of her, Rin crept behind a conveniently located boulder and listened to what they were saying.

"So what's this big news you have for me?" the first girl asked the second.

"Well... Hayato-san's finally proposed! (squeal/blush)" the second girl answered.

"Oh my goodness!!! Aya-chan I'm so happy for you!! So that idiot's finally decided to propose, huh. He's waited too damn long if you ask me." she said in a huff.

"I definitely agree with you! But what can you do, not all of us are as lucky as you...to be married at fifteen. Well I'm seventeen and getting married- practically an old hag! At least its finally happened!"

The girls kept on giggling and talking about this, that and the other but Rin had had enough. What on earth was wrong with being seventeen and not married? She would hardly call herself an old hag. Especially when there are so many other things to call oneself.

Her thoughts were interrupted as a certain toad-like creature with a staff spotted her and came running as he yelled: "You brat I'm going to have your head added to this stick if you don't hurry up whatever foolishness you're up to!"

The two girls in the stream heard the yelling and noticed the youkai running towards them (or what they thought was towards them).

"KyAAAaaAaaAaA!!!!" they screamed in incredibly loud pitched voices and ran out of the water all the way to wherever it was they were going.

Rin got up from her hiding place, now more annoyed than ever.

"Jaken you idiot! Now look at what you've done! What do you have in that head of yours because it sure isn't a brain!" She yelled getting ready to send him flying into the stream.

"Why you- " he began but got cut short as a very heavy foot squashed him.

"He started it!" Rin said pointing a finger at the Jaken pancake.

"I don't care who started it. You fools are wasting my time. Come."

Boy, he really doesn't waste words, does he. Rin thought. Wait, had he just called her and Jaken fools?

But Sesshoumaru was already walking in front with Jaken and Rin behind him, fighting a silent yet deadly battle. Rin was winning of course. She was in a pissy (for lack of a better word) mood anyway. Of course, that couldn't be helped sometimes. After all, she had been travelling with one of the most (If not the most) violent men in all of Japan for the past ten years! Mood swings were just another one of life's little games.

"Don't make me kill you both," came the calm reply from the front which made them both shut up.

Sheesh Rin thought, Who stepped on his tail?! Watching his back as it moved steadily in front of her she muttered: "Baka..."

Sesshoumaru made no indication that he had heard but he would have to have a conversation with his human on her choice of vocabulary when they got home.