New Year's Day.

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Pairing: Chloe/Lex

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Chapter 1.

"OK Chloe, don't freak out." She said to herself, but it wasn't working because her chest grew tight and heavy, her head started to ache, her eyes were doing crazy crazy things and her breathing was becoming labored.

This was not how she had expected her day to turn out. And it had better not be the way it ended, not after what Stella had told her about what could happen tonight. This could be the night of the rest of her life. The night she would find out who her true love was. But to how the day was shaping out, it seemed as if her only true love was herself.

Let's start from the beginning of all the craziness. this morning. Chloe had started her day outside of home at the Talon with a nice, steamy cup of rich, creamy coffee, a bagel, and a psychic reading from Smallville's new clairvoyant.

Stella Harris had been in town for the past month and a half and had already garnered quite a reputation and a spot on Chloe's popular "Wall of Weird". She was a beautiful woman of gypsy descent who had opened up a quaint little shop with a beautiful sign out front proclaiming the work to be found inside.

In about a week of being in town, she had helped the police solve a case about a missing boy who had gone to school on the bus one morning four days ago and hadn't returned home because his gym-coach, who was supposed to be institutionalized had kidnapped him and had been holding him hostage in an abandoned cottage deep in the woods. Since then she had helped with about a dozen other cases, all of which she had, previous to coming here, no knowledge of. Hearing all this about the woman had of course made Chloe quite curious, but unfortunately for her, Stella refused any interviews from anyone.

So when she had sat suddenly across from Chloe earlier that day, Chloe had been very surprised to say the least.

Looking curiously at the older woman who stared unflinchingly into her eyes, Chloe had asked, "Is something wrong?" She had had to repeat the question as the woman had continued staring, as if she hadn't heard what she had said.

She finally spoke, and in a voice rich with an accent Chloe could not discern. "Today is the eve of a brand new year for most. But it is also the eve of a brand new life for you. But only." A pause. "Only if you spend the last second of this year and the first of the next in the arms of your destined soulmate." Chloe hadn't even had time to ask her what she was talking about because as soon as she had finished speaking, she had left in a flurry of skirts and bangles.

Back to the present, Chloe sat on the ground of the elevator, she had calmed down considerably, but her chest still ached from its earlier death- grip. How had she gotten herself into such a big mess? Why had she even believed a word that maniac had told her? She couldn't believe she'd been so desperate for Clark that she had actually driven four hours to Metropolis just to make sure his were the arms she was in for the New Year. But her plan had failed when she had shown up here because she'd been told he was probably with Lex at his office. She'd shown up here, gotten on the elevator as the stairs were closed, and was now caught. Claustrophobic, and stuck in an elevator with only ten minutes 'till twelve.

"Chloe, how low can you go?" Obviously very low, as she had spent the day registering and then contemplating what Stella had said. And then she had driven all three hours it took to get to Metropolis where Clark was to visit his mom, just so she could stay around him and hug him at the stroke of midnight, which was only five minutes away. "Damn fool."


Lex strolled out of the office and checked his watch. It was a little after eleven at night and he couldn't believe he was spending the New Year all alone.

"Well, it's better than with Dad." He said out loud, smirking at his own joke. He could afford to, as he was probably the only person in the building. On any normal night of the year, cleaners and security guards would be littering the three story building that was just on the out-skirts of both Smallville and Metropolis.

It was a small building compared to the huge skyscrapers that usually adorned the city's sky, but it was just the size he felt he needed for his Metropolis office.

Walking toward the elevator, he pushed the button and waited for the doors to open. Seeing the building was only three feet, he usually took the stairs, but the staff had already locked them.

He pushed the button once again cursed when the door didn't open. It was in the wake of that curse when he heard her. It was the voice of a woman. And it sounded as if she was trapped inside.

Setting down his briefcase quickly, he used his hands to push open the door and looked down at the top of the lift about four feet below the floor. Taking action, he jumped on top, opened the escape door and jumped inside.


Chloe looked up from her reverie to see Lex Luthor standing beside her. A tortured 'No' was all she could manage as he scooped her off the floor and the elevator clock screamed, "It's 12:00 o'clock A.M."

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