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Chapter Five

Chloe felt slightly akin to how she had felt in the elevator last night. Her chest was trying in sporadic spasms, to crush her heart to a bleeding pulp.

She desperately wished she hadn't told Lex goodbye and walked into the Talon. That way, she could still be lightheartedly talking about inconsequential people. That way she could be in the passenger seat of a car with a driver who would go as fast as she told him to. That way she wouldn't have to see this.

Lord only knows why it was affecting her so, it wasn't the first time she had seen it; Clark and Lana starring so intently at each other they were almost positively burning extra holes into their retinas.

It didn't matter that Lana had a serious relationship going on with somebody else. Nor did it matter that they had tried and already failed at a relationship of their own. So why should it matter that Chloe had rode three hundred miles to Metropolis? Why should it matter that her inner turmoil was threatening to pull her face apart twitch by twitch.

It didn't… at least not until they both turned around and saw her. That's when the guilt set in, and if it was one thing she hated, it was the predictable look of guilt on both of their faces. After all this time, and everything that had happened they still looked at her that way. But did she give them any reason not to?

"Chloe," Clark called her name. He had learned quicker than Lana how to hide the look behind his eyes. Clark was a good secret keeper.

"Hello Clark, Lana." She greeted them and walked forward, her small white teeth showing a smile that didn't reach her eyes. A smile they as always didn't notice.

"Where were you last night?" Lana asked. "I called to wish you happy New Year and no one answered the phone.

She shrugged and gave another smile. "I must have missed it in the excitement." Desperate to change the subject, (perhaps to Torture Methods 101), she asked. "So, when did you get back from Metropolis, Clark?"

"Last night actually. Lionel flew me and my mom out so we could…"

Blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Chloe thought. It was then that they heard it. First, the increase of outside frequencies as the door swung open, then the clanging of tiny bells indicative of Smallville's very own gypsy-psychic.

Chloe felt her discomfort change to irritation, and she excused herself from her friends/concentration camp leaders.

Chloe saw a wry smile play across the woman's lips and felt her anger begin to form.

"I knew you would come." Stella said, her voice held all the truth of her words.

"Did you see that in your crystal ball too?" Chloe stood above her, feeling a bit more in control by doing so.

Ah, you are angry. You didn't get what you expected last night." It was a statement, nothing more.

"Do you find this amusing?" Chloe's words were short and clipped.

Stella looked at her as if she were a belligerent child and said in an accent made even thicker by a growing temper. "Please sit, let me tell you something."

Chloe ignored the command. "Why did you tell me that yesterday?"

Stella ignored her right back. "I do not spend my time weaving amusing stories into people's lives, Chloe. I see what happens and I tell it where I'm told."

"I will never love Lex, we are from two different worlds. And…" She trailed off. Chloe looked at her intently. "You tell it where you're told? Are you working with Lionel Luthor? Is this some kind of warped, round-about way of enacting revenge?" OK Chloe… that makes no sense.

Stella looked at her as if she were the most peculiar creature. "I can see why he finds you so amusing."

"Forget that. But did you hear what I said?" Then with a smile filled with confidence in the way the world turned. "I will never fall in love with Lex. We can not be meant for each other." She stole a look to the counter where Lana and Clark were still eye-balling each other.

Stella followed her gaze. "I see… you think you're already in love."

Chloe looked at her, her anger helplessly dissipating. "I'm not in love… I'm…" Then, on the verge of tears, she took a deep breath of composure.

When this didn't work, her head collapsed in her hands for a second before she fixed Stella with a pained look, her face contorting as a stubborn tear ran down one cheek.

"Why have you complicated my life?" Not until this moment did Chloe admit to herself that she believed Stella.

Stella stood and put Chloe in her seat, so she faced away from Clark, and sat in the adjoining one.

"Do you know what I did?" Chloe asked, referring to last night's leap of faith. She scoffed. "Course you do, you're psychic."

The older woman smiled. "My gift told me nothing. I know only what I see in your eyes. You went to him?"

Chloe smiled besides herself. "Something to that effect."

Understanding shot into the woman's deep brown eyes, eyes only shade's darker than Chloe's.

Chloe silently stuttered before getting out, "He just came out of nowhere," She didn't see the need to call his name. "He just came down and scooped me in his arms and then it was '12 o'clock am'."

Chloe looked at Stella, willing her to say something, but she remained silent. This left Chloe feeling cheated. She was never this open to people. She didn't take well to crying before strangers either. "Please tell me everything you know." Chloe begged her, after all, knowing was half the battle.

Stella gave a small smile. "I told you all I know yesterday. It has not changed." But there was a gleam in her eyes.

Chloe felt her emotions were on a see-saw, as her sadness once again began to turn to anger. She checked herself though, this would be the last time Stella would see her vulnerable if she had a say.

In as collected a voice as even Lionel Luthor could muster, Chloe said, "I may be an idiot like the rest of this town, believing in your visions as I do. But I at least am not a fool."

For the first time, Stella looked… well, ignorant.

"You may refuse interviews Stella, but you can't get past the law. I saw your statement in the police report about the missing little boy. Oddly enough, it seemed you slightly 'over-saw' some details. Details which never happened."

Taking in Stella's look, an odd mix of annoyance and compassion, she continued. "It seems clear to me that while you are truly… talented (at least it wasn't as corny as gifted or sighted), your premonitions aren't etched in stone. And once I find out how, I am going to change your idea of my destiny."

Part Two

If Lex didn't know better, he'd think he missed Chloe. Lex didn't go around missing people.

It was the second day of the New Year and already he was breaking resolutions. Granted he was new with the whole concept of resolutions, never being a person to be weak of self-control he kept wondering if there was a trial-period to the whole thing, something along the lines of him being able to turn it in for a new one if the old one was defunct.

The problem was that breakfast wasn't the same this morning without her, and it wasn't because of any special bond or feeling that had developed. Please (that would be way too fast for this story). It was because the sight of her face ballooning with food was a much more pleasant one than that of his father's.

It's not as if he hadn't dined with girls before, it was just that they usually didn't eat until his eyes were averted, and if he had been any less intelligent, he would have begun to wonder if the sex ate at all. He had come to the conclusion that of course they did, they just did it alone.

Luckily, the rest of his day went much better than the first meal. He was met with little objections to his plans, it seemed his influence outside of his father's name was beginning to pull some heavy weight.

It had been a struggle for him to bring LexCo. to a place where people no longer believed he was just trying to snuff Daddy, or felt it was just another wing of the big LuthorCorp. conglomerate. Though still a sardine to his father's marlin, LexCo. was a fast-eating shape-shifting sardine, making its way up to tuna status before the blink of an eye.

The fact that instead of concentrating on the layout before him, he was thinking about their conversation in the car, didn't bother Lex so much as the points of the conversation he found most interesting. Those were the points in which he flirted almost unrepentantly with the overly mature seventeen year old.

It didn't really surprise him. You see Lex usually found himself attracted to (whoa horsy) women who were intelligent. But this intelligence was usually gained through intense university study and avid real world sophistication.

Chloe, she seemed to have an élan all her own. One shaped between the very folds of her eyelids. Perhaps that was what was so endearing.

Despite all this, Lex didn't feel worried. Why should he, it's not as if he was attracted to her. He was just intrigued. He loved reading beneath the surface. And it didn't help that the surface was bright and pink and pretty with charismatic brown eyes. It just made the study all the more easy on his eyes.


He was going to keep his resolution. He would not try to change it in for a new and improved, more tolerable version. He would stick to it. Under no uncertain circumstances would he be inviting Chloe for Blue Mountain Peak Coffee.

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