Chapter 1: New Villains At Auradon Prep

Lonnie was excited to go back to school after Auradon Prep. Three months of summer vacation flew by very quickly indeed, but they were enjoyable. She and her parents had taken her to their old military camp, which became a martial arts summer camp ever since the former King Adam created the United States of Auradon. Now Lonnie had enhanced her martial skills and couldn't wait to show it to her friends back at Auradon Prep.

But today she was super excited, for the school was expecting new kids from the Isle of the Lost. A few months before the summer holidays, the crown prince, now king, Ben had passed a decree declaring that the children of all the villains locked up on the Isle should be given a chance to live in Auradon along with the children of heroes and be able to redeem themselves. After the success it had on Mal, Jay, Evie, and Carlos, the children of Maleficent, Jafar, the Evil Queen, and Cruella De Vil, Ben decided to bring more from the Isle. The only difference is that this time, six would come and it would be the inhabitants of the Isle who chose the candidates. Since Lonnie was great friends with Mal and Evie, she was sure that she'd get along.

As soon as she arrived at Auradon Prep around 8am, she quickly dashed to her usual dorm and threw her stuff there so that she could join the others out in front of the school. The band was ready as she joined Ben, Mal, Jay, Audrey, Evie, Doug, Carlos, Jane, and Fairy Godmother in order to welcome the newcomers.

Finally, they saw it: two SUV vans approached and the school band started playing.

"You gave them vans to ride on?" Mal asked Ben in a puzzled voice. "Why didn't you provide them a limo like you did with us?"

"Because they're were only four and there are six of them. Plus, their parents requested extra transportation for their belongings and their pets," Ben explained.

"Pets?" Carlos suddenly sounded nervous. "Oh, no. I can already guess who's coming."

The vans stopped in front of the group and everyone watched as the newcomers came out one by one. The first was a boy around Jay's age, only much taller and muscular. His head was shaven and the only hair he had left was tied up into four locks. He wore a purple T-Shirt with the logo of Dragon Hall, the school that the villains' kids go to back on the Isle of the Lost, a red belt, grey pants, and red-and-yellow boots and gloves. Attached on his left leg was a hunting knife. Lonnie saw a few girls among the crowd who swooned at the sight of the boy's icy blue eyes, stocky muscles, and dashing smirk.

"That's Gabriel Legume," Jay whispered. "He's the son of Gaston. Be careful when you're around him, especially you Ben."

Lonnie suddenly felt nervous for Ben. Gaston was once a handsome, strong hunter who was seen as a hero despite his narcissism and sexism and whose main villainous motivation was to marry Ben's mother, Belle, mainly for her looks even if he had to kill the Beast out of pure jealousy. She hoped that Gaston's villainy hadn't rotted within Gabriel too.

The second one to come out was a scrawny boy around Carlos' age, only with unusual gray hair, dressed in a brown shirt with red buttons and stripes at the sleeves' edges. The clasp of his maroon belt was shaped like a purple 'F' and his black shorts had red on the edges. He also wore purple handcuff bracelets, one red ring, purple socks, and black medieval-styled shoes. On his head sat a purple baseball cap attached on the end. He carried a dagger and a large photography camera with him. The boy was seen jumping on Gabriel and pushing him, causing the latter to fall on the face in front of everyone.

"Score!" the boy mocked as he took his camera and took a picture of Gabriel's butt. To Lonnie's surprise, a fully printed newspaper came out of the camera, headlines, pictures, text, etc. "Looks like on today's UNHOLY GAZETTE edition, the main headlines are "LEGUME GETS HUMILIATED IN FRONT OF AURADON!"

"Wait until I screw you, runt," Gabriel muttered.

"That's Charles Frollo," Carlos whispered. "He's the son of Judge Frollo and he ran a gossip studio back on the Isle called THE UNHOLY GAZETTE. He's not too bad, but he'll go crazy when he sees a hot girl and he and Gabriel fight a lot despite the fact that they're best friends."

Lonnie grew even more nervous at the mention of Charles' father. Her grandfather told her when she was little that the evil minister had a reputation for believing he was a holy man despite attempting to drown a deformed baby in a well and almost burning an entire city just because he wanted to find a gypsy he had a crush on. Now Lonnie didn't feel so sure about the new kids.

The third to come out was another boy, only he had Middle Eastern skin like Jay's and he was dressed in Egyptian attire from the haircut all the way to the sandals. When he saw the way Charles and Gabriel were behaving in front of everyone, he sighed in disbelief.

"That's Xaos Sethson," Mal told the group. "He's actually the demigod son of the evil Egyptian god Seth. He's can be impulsive and arrogant at times, but he's OK to hang out with."

"They lock up gods on the Isle too?" Audrey asked Mal curiously.

"No. Gods are too powerful to be locked up on the Isle. Xaos' dad and the other evil gods were sent to a special prison in Tartarus."

"Are we going to have any girls at all?" Jane asked as she clung on to Carlos.

"We should, since Xaos doesn't go anywhere without his gang."

Right when Mal said that, Xaos reached out his hand to the passenger door of the SUV and a feminine hand grabbed his. Everyone finally saw the first villainous girl to come out of the van. She was tall, slender, and had an hourglass figure. She did look lovely with her peach skin, green eyes, red lips, and grayish black hair attached into a Nordic hairstyle. She wore a blue Viking wolf necklace around her neck, Scandinavian loop earrings, and twisted bracelet on her right wrist. She had a lot of Nordic themed symbols on her: a triquetra on her green purse, her brown Norwegian belt, and the blue heels of her knee-high blue-and-green boots. Blue runes were imprinted on her green pants. Only her dark green shirt was simple.

"That's Kory Lokisia," Mal said. "Her dad's the god of mischief Loki. She and Xaos are childhood friends…and they're dating."

"Easy to tell with the way they're holding hands," Audrey nodded.

Kory smiled at her boyfriend as she got out of the van. When she saw the two previous boys tackling each other, she asked Xaos in a disgusted voice: "Out of all the other boys on the Isle, why did we have to bring these loonies?"

"Trust me, sweetie, we couldn't do anything," Xaos said. "Their dads publicly insisted."

"French villains are crazy." Lonnie silently smirked at Kory's last remark. She hoped that she and the latter would get along quite well.

Then came out another girl, only this time all the boys, minus the group and the new villains, gawked. She had light skin and dazzling, long locks of blond and orange hair. Her cyan eyes and red lips gave a nice, friendly smile, which Lonnie hadn't seen so far among the new kids. She wore a dark blue shirt with silver sparkles, a brown belt, a green Scottish kilt skirt, small, grey fingerless gloves, and red knee-high heel boots. She carried a beige tiara with a green opal, a green pendant necklace, and a simple, but sparkly tiara with a green gen and two blue ones on the center. Lonnie watched as the girl went to their SUV's driver and gave him a dollar bill as a tip.

"That's Macy Beth. Her parents are the Macbeths but she's very sweet," Evie said. She gave a quick wave to Macy when the latter returned from a giving the tip to the driver; Macy gave Evie a warm smile as she returned the friendly wave. Lonnie stared in disbelief. She heard the stories of how Macbeth went insane after three witches predicted that he'd become king and he killed his own cousin the king, destroyed the lives of others and caused war just so that he could defy fate and remain king. His wife, Lady Macbeth, was worse since her merciless mind pushed her husband to murder and lose all human compassion just so that they could become royalty. Everyone was lucky when Ben's parents had the Macbeths arrested and banished to the Isle of the Lost for their crimes. Still, Lonnie couldn't believe that a sweet girl like Macy could be the child of power-hungry tyrants like the Macbeths.

Finally, the last villainous kid came out of the van. It was a tall, slender girl who was around Lonnie's age, with dark grey skin and golden eyes. Her long raven hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she had a curved bang on the right side of her head, with orange dyed stripes. She wore a tank top and minishorts that were both half-black and half-cream colored. Her belt was sickly green. Her right boot was cream colored while the other was black. Animal pelts covered her shoulders and the top edges of her boots. She had only one cream-colored glove on her left hand. The only jewelry she had was an orange-feathered necklace, a green handcuff bracelet on her right arm and an orange pearl bracelet on the other. On her back hung a greyish guitar with the headstock shaped like a falcon. She had a serious look on her face and when the other newcomers saw her, they straightened themselves up, probably knowing that she meant business.

Jay quickly whispered to Lonnie. "Lonnie, you're gonna have to be careful when you're around her."

"Why? Who is she?"

"That's Haya Yu. She's tough and lots of kids back in Dragon Hall relied on her for leadership. Plus, I don't think she'd take you well since your mom buried her dad's army under an avalanche and tried to knock him off a rooftop with a firework rocket."

Lonnie froze at the mentions of her mother. "My mom?" She then glanced at Haya and then it her.

Shan Yu. Haya's father was Shan Yu, the Hun leader who tried conquering China years ago.