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Harry woke up early the next morning as the beams of light hit is eyes from through the window. He noticed that he felt more refreshed than he ever had before, like he'd just gotten the best sleep of his life. Feeling a bit of weight on his chest, Harry looked down to find a familiar blond haired woman sleeping soundly as she lay on him. Most others his age would have been embarrassed by this sight when seeing it for the first time, but to Harry it for some reason just felt natural. Running his hand through the girls hair, Harry thought on what had transpired the previous night.

The young lad had never imagined sex would have been as amazing as it was, there was seriously nothing else like it. And the fact that he was a special type of creature that fed off it made the experience all the more satisfying, he was sure of that much. Suddenly, Harry remembered what they had talked about just before falling asleep. Slowly taking the covers off of the two of them, Harry marveled at the changes that his body had went through. He was several inches taller, putting him at about 5 feet 10 inches. His body was not longer spindly, but was in fact lean and muscular, it felt shockingly hard to the touch. The most shocking change was the jet black appendage coming from just above his bum, he had a thin black tail that had a pointed triangle at the end wrapped around his leg.

"Wow, I really do look different," Harry muttered to himself. For some reason, he was a lot less surprised by his new look then he most likely should have been. Harry thought it may be due to feeling a lot more comfortable in this form than his old one. Looking down, Harry noticed Celesta beginning to stir.

"Hmmm...morning master," Celesta mumbled, looking up at Harry with content eyes.

"Morning, the transformation went well," Harry replied with a smile on his face.

"Yeah it did, you look amazing master. Your chest in so comfortable, and those muscles are nothing to scoff at," She complimented, looking at Harry's body in appreciation.

"Thanks," Harry muttered, feeling himself blush a little. "So what are we going to do today? I mean now that i'm matured shouldn't I start learning to use my powers. I don't want every girl I get within ten feet of trying to rape me because my aura is on full blast all the time."

"I'll teach you how to transform back and forth between human and incubus forms, as well as how to keep your aura in check. However, this transformation has some physical perks so you'll have to learn how to restrain yourself."

"Really, what perks?"

"You know, enhanced speed and stamina. Maturing you also increased your strength, but that carries over to your human side as well. Also, your aura is at its strongest while you are transformed. So while I can teach you how to control your aura in your human form, it'll be pure willpower that will keep your aura at bay while transformed. Since when you are in your incubus form, your aura isn't meant to be restrained."

"I see, well then lets get started. I really don't want to be in the Dursleys all day, so after we finish getting this done we'll go outside okay?"

"Sure, we can even go to Gringotts. If your parents left you anything, then you'll get it now."

"But I already have access to my vault."

"Master, the Potters were an old wizarding family. Do you really believe they'd leave their primary funds in the hands of an eleven-year-old, what you have is likely just a fraction of their true wealth."

"Alright, point taken. But why would I get it now? Wizards and witches don't reach majority until they hit seventeen."

"Not incubi! You see, maturity is like when normal wizards hit majority, it's when you are considered an man and an adult. This is why you can now use your powers and find mates to breed with, as well as gain any inheritance you don't already have."

"Alright, so i'm an adult then. Wait, does that mean I can use magic outside of school?" Harry's voice made it clear how excited he was at the prospect.

"Yeah, now that I think about it the trace should have been removed now. Anyway, lets get to teaching you." Celesta jumped out of bed before shrinking back into her normal form. Her wings regrew and they started vibrating as she flew into the air, hovering at Harry's head level.

"Okay, so first lets focus on getting me out of this transformation," Harry said as he stepped up to the mirror on the cupboard door.

The young man noticed a few more difference in himself, all his teeth looked dangerously pointy and he had two curved horns coming out of his untamed hair. Also, his emerald-green eyes had an red outer line, pronounces both colors in an alarming manner. Running his hands over his horns and his fingertips over his teeth, he realized that he liked this new, dangerous look that he had. It had a sort of "Come near me and i'll eat you!" vibe to it.

"This part of the transformation is all about intent. Just like when you cast a spell, you need to think about what you want the end result to be and force your magic to comply," Celesta explained, using a teacher-like tone. "This may sound hard, but you were born with this ability so it will come much easier to you than your average wandless and wordless magic, though with your new level of power I can't imagine that being to hard for you either."

"Right, I just have to want to go back to how I was before and picture it in my head," Harry muttered to himself. Closing his eyes, he imagined his old self but with his current physique. After a few moments, the young teen felt his horns retracting into him as well as his body relaxing. I seemed that his body was under a little strain from his first transformation, it was slight enough for him not to notice until it was gone however.

"Open your eyes master, you did it," Celesta said happily. Harry opened them and noticed that he was back to normal, just with a much better body. Looking down however, he noticed his new appendage was still there.

"Celesta, why do I still have a tail?" Harry asked sounding a little scared. He was worried he's botched the transformation.

"Don't worry master, the tail carries over just like the muscles do. Wrap it around your waist to keep it out the way."

"Right, got it." Harry wagged his tail a couple of times to get a feel for it, before wrapping it firmly around his waist.

"Good, now I want you to close your eyes again and this time try and find your magic. When you find it, you should see a pool of it colored blue that is surrounded by a thin red mist. This is your aura. When you can feel your magic, try and pull as much of the mist back into the pool. When you've done that, open your eyes again and you should have it under control."

Harry did as he was told and closed his eyes again, this time trying to feel out the energy source that was his magic. After a few moments of calm down and searching deep within himself, Harry found himself now not near a pool but stand on the surface of a vast ocean. He was surrounded by a thick red vapor, Harry thought it must be his aura. Crouching down, Harry pressed his hand on the surface of the ocean.

That's when he felt it, all his powerful and potent magic coursing through his body like his own blood. He could also feel the excess escaping his body and changing into the aura. Grabbing a hold of his inner magic, Harry willed the aura and therefore the mist surrounding him back into his magical core. The mist became a lot thinner as most of it was fed back into the blue ocean. After a few moments, Harry stopped as he felt he couldn't do anymore and stood back up. Closing his eyes again, Harry felt himself come back to the real world and was brought back to consciousness. He was just fast enough to catch Celesta breathing a sigh of relief.

"I did it, the aura is under control for the most part," Harry said happily.

"Yeah, I noticed. As your guide fairy I get a limited amount of magical immunity to your aura, but even then your powerful aura was making me want to jump your bones again. It's a good thing no other girls were around, otherwise they wouldn't have stood a chance," Celesta replied jokingly, starting to calm herself down.

"More girls giving me the eye is the last thing I need," Harry muttered with a sigh. "Oh well, changing back for the first time has made me kind of hungry. I'm going to get something to eat before we head out, do you eat normal food?"

"No, my kind lives in the forests so we only eat plant life. Don't worry, I'll eat some flowers from one of your neighbors gardens and come find you after you leave the house. Just try not to be to long master, It would make me worry about you."

"Okay, see you in a few."

Celesta nodded and flew gracefully out the bedroom window, leaving Harry to do his own thing. After getting dressed in the same clothes as the day before, using his tail as a belt, Harry went down the stairs and into the kitchen to get something for breakfast. Luckily he'd spent enough time reversing his transformation that Vernon had already went to work and Dudley had went out to cause trouble. As Harry put some toast in the the toaster, his aunt Petunia came into the room. She was about to scowl at him when she noticed the changes in him, how he was taller and more well built than the day before. Also, somewhere deep down she found herself feeling a bit attracted and turned on by his new look.

"Boy! You are going to get to work today, I will not have you lazing about around the house," Petunia sniped, trying to hide the looks she sent at his body.

"I can't, I'm going out today," Harry replied causally, really not in the mood for his aunt in the morning.

"And where could you possibly be going that is so important?!" Petunia huffed, not liking her nephews disregard of her.

"I'm going into my world, to our bank. I'm claiming my inheritance today."

"Inheritance? What could a freak like you possibly have inherited?"

"The Potters are an old wizarding family and have a lot of money stored away, since I came into magical adulthood recently I have a right to claim it now."

"And why have you never told me or Vernon any of this? Are you so selfish as to keep all that wealth for yourself?!" Petunia's voice showed deep-seated jealous side was coming out, something she rarely showed in recent years.

"Why would I tell you? You've literally given me no reason to want to give you anything. Beside, if I told uncle Vernon about it I'd never have seen a penny of it. Vernon would have likely beaten me until I gave him written permission to use my vaults at any time, and gorged his way through it."

"It would be now worse than what you deserve boy!" Petunia snapped, glowering at Harry meanly. Harry glared at her at this point. He didn't know why but his dominant incubus nature just wouldn't let him put up with this bitches attitude.

"I'm getting real tired of your bullshit Petunia, I can give my money to whoever I like. And you, your fat fuck of a husband and that bullying whale of a son of yours are the last people I'd hand over a single penny to! You've done nothing but torment me my entire life, so how about you take your jealousy and go FUCK YOURSELF WITH IT! Was it that my mum had magic that made you so jealous? Was it because you were plane at best while she was beautiful? Or are just just so insecure of your own lifestyle that you hate anyone who had even the slightest but more more than you!"

Petunia was stunned at her nephew's rant, she'd never even begin to expect that type of language or hate from someone who had previously been so quiet and submissive to her and her husbands demands. She was seething at how on the nose he was about her jealously, though she would never admit it, and that she and her family were being called out on their treatment of Harry, especially since it was by Harry himself.

"Get out! I don't want to see you until your uncle Vernon gets home. You'll be sorry you were ever born, now get out!" She screeched at the top of her lungs. Harry just shrugged, having already calmed down, grabbed his toast and left the house. He hadn't intended on staying much longer anyway. Just has Harry was about to walk down the street, he was joined by Celesta, she looked happy and was rubbing her stomach in an content manner.

"Those flowers were lovely, some of the best I've ever had," The little fairy said with grin.

"Well I'm glad your happy, you didn't have to put up with my aunt," Harry grumbled, getting a giggle from Celesta.

"I could hear her from the next door garden actually, she's rather loud. To be honest, I'm surprised she didn't try and seduce you. She has no magic so she hadsliterally no resistance to your aura, even with it on lock down she will have felt it somewhat."

"Oh she felt it, I saw her eyeing me up before. I was tempted to seduce her and have my way with her, just to record it and send it to Vernon, but ending a marriage is not my style so I kept my aura on lock down."

"If I'm honest master, I wouldn't have blamed you if you had done it. But whatever, shall we go then?"

"Yeah. Speaking of which, how will we get to Diagon Alley from here?" Harry's face showed curiosity, making Celesta happy at a chance to impress her master.

"You know how I said house-elves are children of fairies and that are magical abilities are similar?"

"Yes I remember, so what?"

"So, I can get us there."

Flying down and grabbing Harry's hand, Celesta winked at her master before folding in on herself in disapparation. Harry has just enough time to see her do so before feeling himself fold and warp as he was pulled along with her. He felt sick as his body was spun and twisted as he traveled across the many miles between Surrey and London in a matter of seconds, his stomach churning for him to let out the entirely of his breakfast early. Suddenly it stopped, Harry looked around to find himself at the entrance to the familiar Diagon Alley. Luckily, he was able to hold himself back from vomiting, but he was still leaned over on a wall trying to regain himself.

"Master! Are you alright?" Celesta asked worriedly, her tiny face showing concern for incubus.

"Yeah...i'm fine...all little warning next time would be nice," Harry replied, getting a sad whimper from Celesta.

"I'm sorry master, I was just trying to impress you with how useful I was. That's all," The fairy muttered, mintier tears leaking from her eyes.

"Hey, it's alright. I'm fine, see? And that was really impressive, I'm glad to have an amazing guide fairy like you," Harry comforted Celesta, raising her head with his pinkie finger.

"R-Really? You mean it?" She asked self-consciously.

"Yeah, I really do. Now how's about we go do what we came here to do, this was your idea after all and I want to see it through," Harry suggested kindly, getting a smile and a nod from the fairy.

"Sure, lets go," Celesta agreed, wiping her tears away and trying to forget her momentary breakdown.

Both teen and fairy entered Diagon Alley and made their way towards Gringotts wizard bank, the marble structure towering over all the other buildings as it always did. As they walked through the crowded alley, Harry couldn't help but feel the stares of the women around him, his aura seemingly effecting them to varying degrees. Some just gave him shy looks of curious attraction, while the weaker people gave him looks of slight lust. He was glad he was holding the aura back, as the weaker women would probably have raped him by now.

Finally reaching the bank, Harry, with Celesta resting on his shoulder, quickly made his way inside in order to get out of the crowd. Heading to the nearest teller, Harry made himself known by coughing. The ugly looking goblin slowly raised his head from the parchment he was writing and and gave him a mildly annoyed look, before sighing and deciding, though reluctantly, to do the job a low level goblin like him was assigned.

"And what is it you will be needing today?" The goblin asked slowly.

"Hello, my name is Harry Potter and I recently found out that I'm entitled to my inheritance early. I was wondering if there was anyone I could talk to about it."

"The only way you could be entitled to your inheritance early is if you were under orders by the Ministry, and since I never got the memo I can't help you. Come back in two years."

"I can assure you master goblin that my master is telling the truth," Celesta spoke up, getting the goblins attention. When he noticed her, he looked momentarily surprised before going back to his annoyed expression.

"If you're a guide fairy that would make young Mr. Potter here an incubus who has been matured. I will admit I stand corrected, give me a moment," The goblin suddenly jumped off his high seat and disappeared behind his booth. He was gone for several minutes before reappearing, looking a little more annoyed than he had before.

"So is there someone I can talk to?"

"As it happens there is, the Potter account manager is waiting for you. Just go down that hall next to the entrance to the vault mines and head straight down until you see the name Potter on one of the doors."

"Thank you master goblin," Celesta said in appreciation.

"Yeah yeah whatever," The goblin replied as he went back to his work.

Harry walked to the back of the room and down into the hallway, it was rather long and had several door lining it. Each door was made of treated wood and had a crest craved into it, each one different than the last. Names like "Lesser House of Brown" and "Noble House of Abbott" caught his eye, but he decided to ignore them in favor of finding his own room. After a few minutes of walking he came to a room marked "Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter". Guessing that was his room, Harry knocked and waited for a reply.

"Come in," A voice said from behind the door.

Harry entered to find himself in a small room with red walls, all with the same crest on each wall. The crest was lines gold and was red on the inside, it had a lion curled up beneath a knight with a sword in one hand and a wand in the other. The banner above the knight's head said "life is everything and death means nothing", it sounded fitting for the mighty looking knight and the equally scary lion underneath him. In the middle of the room was a single desk, a goblin behind it writing on parchment like the teller was, though this one looked happier.

"Please have a seat Mr. Potter, I'm pleased to meet you at last. Though I admit, I thought I wouldn't be seeing you for another two years," The goblin greeted kindly.

"Honestly, I didn't even know I had any more inheritance than the vault I have access to. And it's a pleasure to meet you too Mr?..." Harry trailed off, looking for an answer to the lingering question.

"Hammerclaw, I'm sure you're familiar with my quarter-goblin second cousin Filius Flitwick. I'm the Potter account manager and under the unexpected circumstances, I'll be dealing with your inheritance today."

"Okay, so what have I inherited?"

"Straight to the point I see, I like that. Well what I know you've inherited is vault 2005, otherwise known as the Potter family vault. Also, you've inherited vault 403 with was your parents personal vault, along with a few others. If you've inherited anything else, you'll have to take a blood test to find out, and read your parents will."

"My parents had a will?"

"Of course they did, it was set to come into effect when you were seventeen. Though now you have matured it will be in effect anyway. So which do you want to do first, blood test or will?"

"I think I'll do the blood test first, if we find anything out of place the will might explain why."

"Very well, take these," Hammerclaw went into his desk draw and handed Harry some old looking parchment and a knife from it. "That parchment is special. When it comes into contact blood, it compiles all the genetic and magical information about the parson who gave the blood and displays in writing. We also connected these parchments to the legal records of our upper class clients, allowing it do display their finical information too. Just cut your finger and drop the blood on the parchment."

Harry nodded and pressed the blade of the knife to his palm. When enough pressure was applied, the incubus winced as he broke the skin and the shallow cut began to bleed. Not wanting to waste time, Harry pressed his hand on the parchment for a second before lifting it away and watching to see what happens. After a few seconds, the blood soaked into the parchment and started to reappear as black ink text.

Legal Name: Harry James Potter (Alternative Surnames: Evans, Black, McKinnon or Lightwood)

Race: Human (Incubus)

Parents: James Potter (Father) - Lily Potter nee Evans (Mother) - Marlene Potter-McKinnon (Adoptive/Step-Mother) - Alice Potter-Lightwood (Adoptive/Step-Mother).


Soul Heir to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter (Through Father)

Notable Ancestors: Ignotus Peverell, Godric Gryffindor

Soul Heir to the Noble and Most Ancient House of McKinnon (Through Adoptive Mother)

Notable Ancestors: Rowena Ravenclaw

Soul Heir to the Noble House of Lightwood (Through Adoptive Mother)

Notable Ancestors: Ptolemy

Heir Apparent to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black (Through Father and Godfather)

Notable Ancestors: Salazar Slytherin

Vaults: Vault 2005 (Potter Family), Vault 1702 (McKinnon Family), Vault 1203 (Lightwood Family), Vault 687 (Trust), Vault 402 (Lily and James Potter).

Properties: Potter Estate, McKinnon Estate, Lightwood Residents

Magical Abilities: Parselmouth, Metamorphamagus (Partial-Block), Incubus Aura, Incubus Transformation

Magical Aliments: Minor Magic Block (8% Blocked)

Harry was take aback by the information that he found, this was more than he could ever have imagined. He had two parents he didn't even know about, was the heir to three houses and was the potential heir to another. Also, he was related to five very famous wizards and had more money than he could use in a lifetime! That's not even mentioning the fact he was a Metamorphmagus, he didn't have a clue where that power could have come from. But also a small portion of his magic was blocked, partially blocking his powers.

"All this stuff and I never even knew," Harry muttered quietly, a tear running down his cheek.

"Marlene Potter-McKinnon died in September 1981, and Alice Potter-Lightwood was tortured into insanity on November 1st 1981. The former was killed while visiting her family at their estate, while the latter was tortured while on her first husbands estate," Hammerclaw explained, frowning sadly as he did so.

"First Husband?" Harry asked curiously.

"Yes, Alice Potter-Lightwood was formally Alice Longbottom nee Lightwood, they were put in an arranged marriage and from what I know they were on friendly terms. There feeling towards each other however, were entirely platonic," Hammerclaw continued.

"Her first husband, Frank Longbottom, was in love with his personal maid and even had a child with her. When they managed to break the marriage contract they'd been forced into, Alice married both your mother and father. I imagine she was at her ex-husbands how collect some forgotten belongings when the death eaters attacked. I learned the background stuff from your parents when they were here to conduct the blood adoption ceremony, between you and Mrs. Potter-Lightwood of course."

"Hold on, you said that they were tortured into insanity. Are they still alive? Does Frank's son know that Alice isn't his mother?"

"Yes they are still alive and room together in the incurable ward of St. Mungo's, they've been there for the last fourteen years. And as for Lord Longbottom's son, I really don't know."

"I see, I'll have to speak with him," Harry said quietly, taking inn all the information.

"Should we leave the will for another day, next week perhaps?" Hammerclaw asked, seeing his client had a lot on his mind.

"That would be best. Thank you Mr. Hammerclaw, you've been very helpful," Harry answered as he bowed his head to the goblin.

"Always willing to be of service to the Potter family. Before you go, take these rings and keys. They are the keys to your vaults and the rings are the Lordship rings to each of your houses, they will prove that you are Lord Potter, McKinnon and Lightwood respectively," Hammerclaw replied, handing over the keys and rings to Harry.

"Thank you." Harry shoved the keys in his pocket and put the rings on. They all hand plane gold bands, but the Potter ring had a ruby in it, while the McKinnon had an sapphire and the Lightwood rind had a clear diamond. All three of them had the house crests craved into the stones.

Getting up, Harry shook Hammerclaw's hand before getting out his seat and promptly leaving the room. All that he had learned weighed heavily on his mind. He had a third parent who was still alive, and one of his classmates may potentially think that his mother was their mother. He now had more money than he would ever need, and he had even more powers to test out. But first he needed to go home and have a rest.

"Do you want me to apparate us back home master?" Celesta asked quietly, making herself known for the first time in a while.

"Sure, thanks Celesta," Harry replied with a yawn. Grabbing Harry's hand again, the floating fairy folded in on herself and apparted them away. The second trip wasn't nearly as bad as the first, and it went a lot smoother to. When Harry arrived back at Privet Drive, only felt a little dizzy. However, Harry hadn't expected to turn around and see a half dead looking Dudley being carried on the back of a punk-style girl alongside the familiar Mrs. Figg.

"Where the hell have you been," The punk girl asked in an annoyed tone.

"First off, who are you? Second, why are you carrying my half-dead cousin? Lastly, why do you want know where I've been?" Harry replied, feeling like he'd missed way more than he usually did while he was gone.

"I'm Tonks, I'm a witch. I just saved your cousin from being kissed by some rogue dementors. And I want to know where you've been because I work for Dumbledore, and ever since I reported the attack on your cousin everyone has been going ape shit looking for you!"

"Dementors? Why would they attack Dudley?" Harry was extremely confused.

"Listen, I'll explain everything later. I'll get Dudley to your house, we'll get your stuff and then I'll take you back to Dumbledore's base."

"Fine, lets go."

Helping Tonks with Dudley, they both carried him the rest of the way back to they Dursley's house. When they got there, Vernon was less than pleased to see them. However, one threat of being hexed from a rather pissed off Tonks and he shut up. Harry spent the next twenty minutes grabbing his things before meeting Tonks back downstairs, happy to be leaving the Dursleys again. Heading outside, they got as far as the road before Tonks turned around and gave him a stern look.

"I'm still really pissed with you were off somewhere when I was told you'd be here. But for now, please just tell me where you went so I have something to tell Dumbledore," Tonks said with a sigh, Harry could tell she was tired so he decided to cut her a break.

"I went to Gringotts to claim my inheritance, as it turns out I have quite a lot," Harry replied, getting a nod from the girl.

"Works for me. Wow hold onto me, I'm going to apparate us to headquarters since you don't know where it is," Tonks explained. Harry shrugged and help onto her, within a second, the two humans and the fairy hidden in his collar were gone in a pop.