Summary: Sasuke tells Sakura that he can pretty bed any girl he lays eyes on. Sakura is tempted to give him a black eye there and then, but upon seeing a new mysterious female walking by, she can't help but wonder how true Sasuke's claims are.

Pairing: Sasuke (Naruto: Road to Ninja) & D'Vorah (Mortal Kombat X). Also featuring Sakura Haruno, Menma Namikaze, Erron Black & Ferra/Torr (in that order).

"C'mon, Sakura-chan. You see how the whole of Konoha practically fangirls over me. I'm just saying, I'd be surprised if there was a single girl that I couldn't bed if I tried hard enough." Sasuke shrugged, strolling along with Sakura and a rather hesitant Menma. Sakura wasn't sure how much more she could take over which random girl Sasuke ended up fucking this time, or his incessant flirting. At least with Menma by her side, Sasuke wouldn't be so annoying.

"Hn." Menma snorted, still upset that Sakura would lie to him about having a group assignment just so she wouldn't have to spend time with Sasuke alone. "This explains why you're such a useless ninja, dobe. Maybe if you spent less time whoring yourself to the whole of Konoha, and more time actually using your kekkei genkai, you'd actually serve some use to our team."

"Whatever, teme. Just because you're content with being the last of your dying clan, doesn't mean you have the right to lecture me." Sasuke rolled his eyes, before turning to Sakura, casually draping his arm around her shoulder. "Anyway, my sweet little cherry blossom, wanna test out my theory...Sakura-chan?" Sasuke could see that Sakura deadpanned to his advances, taking a step back out of fear for what would happen next. "Sakura, babe, I didn't mean it like that! I just-"

Sakura did not respond verbally, instead, deciding to let her fists do the talking for her...well, if Menma hadn't stopped her, anyway. "Huh?" Sakura turned to see her fist in Menma's hands, confused as to, for whatever reason, why he'd even bother to protect Sasuke. "Why did you..."

"If you're going to drag me around the village, then I'm gonna make sure it's not just to deal with another one of Sasuke's hospital bills." Menma sighed; the temptation to ditch his beyond irritating teammates was just increasing each time he had to interact with them. Sasuke spent more time bed-hopping than he did on the training grounds, and Sakura was far too impulsive for his liking, not to mention she's the reason as to why he has to put up with such idiocy at times. The quicker that he could acquire enough power to leave this damn village, the better.

"Hehe. Sorry Menma-kun." Sakura responded sheepishly, rubbing her neck out of embarrassment. "I guess I just can't help it." Mentally sighing to herself, she could feel the affection Menma once had for her slipping away. She didn't even know what she was doing wrong, but Menma just seemed so cold and aloof now; like Team 7 was already becoming a distant memory to him. She wondered if Sasuke felt the same way, but she knew that asking him about Menma was going to cause a lot more hassle than it should, if not just because she could already see the ways in which Sasuke would change the subject to how pretty Sakura's hair looked today.

"We ready to go shoot shoot, bang bang?"

"...I guess, sure. Something like that." Sakura only snapped back into reality when she heard some unfamiliar voices drawing closer to her, turning around to see four mysterious figures: a cowboy, a giant brute with a small child on his back (she figured they were symbiotic), and what looked to be a giant insect. It was definitely an odd aesthetic, to say the least, but she was intrigued as to why those four were in Konoha. Rogue ninja, perhaps?

"Earth to Sakura?" Greeted with lustful onyx eyes, Sakura sighed when she was reminded of Sasuke's presence. "Thank kami! I thought something had happened to you, for a sec." Sasuke chuckled, but it had no affect on Sakura...not until something popped into her head, anyway.

"Hey, Sasuke. You remember that thing you was talking about? You know, the one where you could woo anybody if you tried hard enough?"

"Mhm." Sasuke nodded, but with a raised eyebrow. He didn't expect Sakura to be the one to bring that topic up again, especially when he always got a fist to the face whenever he mentioned so much as the word 'sex'.

" about you put that to the test?" Sakura said, pointing to the direction of the four figures.

Sasuke, assuming that Sakura was talking about the only human of the four, looked at her with a confused expression. "With the cowboy? I mean if you really want me to, then sure, but you know I'm not that crazy about guys."

"No, silly. I was talking about her!" Sakura said, this time specifically motioning to the humanoid insect.

"You're kidding, right? She's not even human!"

"I thought you told me there wasn't a single girl you couldn't woo if you tried hard enough? Don't tell me that the great Sasuke Uchiha's chickening out!"

"I'm not! It's just-"

"I'm not asking you to have sex with her, or anything like that. Just woo her. Get her to fall with you. If you do, then I'll do anything you want..." Sakura leaned close to Sasuke, her lips brushing next to his ear, so only he could hear those last six words.

That was definitely enough for Sasuke to put aside his disgust at the thought of flirting with that...insect. If it meant getting into Sakura's panties, then he'd be willing to do anything. Still, he could only wonder how exactly this would benefit Sakura. "What's in it for you, Sakura-chan?"

Sakura grinned at the question. "Simple; I get a whole month without having to deal with you flirting with me. No asking me out on dates, no touching me without permission, and certainly nothing sexual when I'm around."

"I guessed as much." Sasuke sighed, before whipping out a bouquet of flowers from seemingly out of nowhere. "You coming with me, babe?"

"I guess, since Menma's pretty much abandoned us. But you have to flirt with the bug lady on her own, just to let you know." Sakura said, still amazed that Sasuke was still able to whip out a bouquet of flowers from out of nowhere instantaneously. Where he was able to hide them she had no idea, but right now, that wasn't a concern to her. Getting him off her back was, and this seemed like the perfect solution.

"Yo." Sasuke said, only to take a step back and raise his hands in innocence when he saw the cowboy draw out his gun, the small rider whip out her blades, and the insect summon her bugs. "Relax, we come in peace! Just wanted to introduce ourselves, that's all."

"Yeah, we've never seen you around the village before." Sakura commented. "Are you new to Konoha?"

The four figures looked at each other temporarily, before deciphering among themselves that the two ninja before them didn't look like major threats (when one ninja had bright pink hair, and the other carrying a bouquet of roses, it was hard to be intimidated by them based on appearance alone). Slowly, the cowboy put his gun back in the holster on his thigh, being the first to approach Sasuke and Sakura.

"Yep. Call me Erron. The pair beside me are Ferra/Torr, the small one being Ferra, and the big one being Torr. The Kytinn is-"

"This one is D'Vorah; first Minister to Kotal Kahn." D'Vorah said, stepping in front of Erron, who mumbled in annoyance as she interrupted him. "We are here strictly on orders to speak to the leader of your village. Do you know of their whereabouts?"

"You mean Tsunade-sama? Yeah, I could take you to her, if you want. The only thing is that she'd prefer it if only one of you guys went. Something to do with her not wanting to risk another confrontation with a group rogue ninja in her office. That okay with you guys?" Sasuke lied (although it must have been good, considering Sakura's small smile that he saw through the corner of his eye). He could also tell that Erron wasn't buying it, and Ferra seemed upset for some reason, but D'Vorah quickly dismissed their lack of approval.

"Very well. Erron, Ferra/Torr, you both stay put. This meeting should not take long."

"We're not your pets, D'Vorah." Erron responded with a glare, before noticing Sakura approaching him. "What do you want?"

"Gomen'nasai." Sakura bowed, before looking up into Erron's eyes. "I was just wondering if there was anything else you had planned, as part of your mission? Maybe I'd be able to help?"

"Hn." Erron snorted; sounding oddly like Menma. It made her frown a little, but thankfully no-one (aside from Sasuke) seemed to notice. "Well, the Kahn did say that he wanted us to familiarise ourselves with our new surroundings during this mission. You care to show us around?"

"Hai." Sakura smiled, turning her attention to Ferra/Torr. "You guys okay with that?"

"Get on with it, girly girl!" Ferra said, punching down on Torr's shoulder, causing him to growl. The menacing tone scared Sakura a little. She'd definitely have to keep an eye out on them.

"S-Sure! Follow me, then." Sakura said, leaving to show the three Outworld fighters around Konoha, as they slowly followed the kunoichi, leaving the Uchiha and the Kytinn on their own.

Sasuke knew it was going to be hard to woo D'Vorah (mostly because she looked like a damn bee, but also because of how uptight she seemed), but getting into Sakura's panties was enough motivation for Sasuke to man up and endure this ordeal. Thankfully, he was a master at striking up conversations, so finding a talking point between the two shouldn't be that hard, right?

"So, if you don't mind me asking, what is your purpose in Konoha? Any reason in particular you want to speak to Tsunade-sama?" Sasuke asked, heading towards the Hokage's Office.

"None of your business, pathetic mortal." D'Vorah responded coldly, following Sasuke's lead.

"Was only asking. No need to be so...callous." Sasuke purred, his smooth, husky voice usually enough to make almost any girl swoon. It didn't affect the Kytinn at all, however (probably because she definitely wasn't able to be lumped into the "any girl" category so easily). Regardless, Sasuke was determined not to let D'Vorah's solitary nature stop him from his current task. Besides, Hinata was the same at first, just a lot more angry. Eventually won her around...for a night, anyway. After that, she hated him just as much as she did before. Sasuke was sure that D'Vorah would be a similar case, even if he had only just met her. "So I assume that you'd rather deal with Tsunade-sama on your own, huh?"

"You'd be correct in your assumptions, human."

"I'm fine with that, but I need something in return from you."

"And what is it exactly that you need from this one?"

"I'll explain when we're closer to the Hokage's office. Nothing major, I can assure you." Sasuke was hoping that D'Vorah would make this journey less awkward by responding, but she didn't. It seemed like she was perfectly content with staying silent until she got to the Hokage's office, making life that much harder for Sasuke.

He'd try and start a conversation with the Kytinn on numerous occasions during their journey, but the most that he got from D'Vorah was often monosyllabic answers. It wasn't until they actually stood outside the Hokage's office that D'Vorah was open to speaking to the playboy Uchiha.

"Once again, what exactly do you require from this one?" D'Vorah said, and although her expression hadn't changed, Sasuke could just feel a menacing aura radiating from within her. He didn't like that one bit, but for Sakura, he'd shrug that aside.

"I need you to agree to something. If Sakura, the pink-haired kunoichi, asks, then could you tell her that you're in love with me?" Sasuke said, eyes closed, bracing himself for a world of pain from the intimidating Kytinn. It was only when he felt nothing happen that he opened his eyes again, only to realise that he would have been better off keeping them closed.

"Is this some type of foolish joke?!" D'Vorah had by now summoned an army of insects, and as if that wasn't bad enough, she had also unleashed her ovipositors, and shit, those things looked deadly. She looked ready to kill, and she sounded ready to kill. Sasuke took a step back, not wanting to be familiarised with death so soon, but froze when he heard a familiar voice across the hallway.

"Hold it!" Sasuke cocked his head to see Menma approach the two. This was one of those moments when Sasuke was extremely thankful for Menma's existence. "You're not killing him. Not without a fight."

"And who are you?"

"Menma Namikaze." Sasuke didn't know why, but it seemed that at the mention of Menma's name, D'Vorah would withdraw her ovipositors, directing her army of insects back inside her body. He also didn't care why either, not at this moment in time. He was just thankful to be alive. "Don't worry, Sasuke. I've got this handled. Go back to Sakura."

"Thanks! I owe you one, I guess." Sasuke chuckled, quickly departing from the office hallway before D'Vorah had a chance to strike.

Once the Uchiha had gone, Menma smirked, looking at the Kytinn. "So you're the infamous D'Vorah I had heard so much about?"

"Indeed. It is a pleasure to meet you, Menma Namikaze."

"Likewise. I take it your teammates are just as oblivious as mine as to our...true intentions?" The last two words were murmured quietly, not wanting to risk Tsunade or Shizune possibly overhearing their conversation.

"Correct." D'Vorah nodded. "Is there somewhere more private that you can take this one?"

"Yeah, I know just the place." Menma said, heading out of the Hokage's office with D'Vorah quickly behind him. "So, I take it that you're Shinnok's apprentice?"

"Lord Shinnok to you. And this one is his ally, not his inferior."

"Heh. Never mentioned being inferior. In that case, my relationship with Tobi is similar to yours with Lord Shinnok. I take it we share the same goals?"

"Destruction and power?"

"Precisely." Menma said with a malice smirk, prompting D'Vorah to do the same. At last, somebody he met who wasn't a complete imbecile.

A/N: This is pretty much my first fic, so apologies if this seems a! I've just been getting crazy into these franchises recently, and they don't get enough FanFiction love (Road to Ninja and MKX, that is). I thought I'd try and fix that with this fic! It shouldn't be more than drabbles and one-shots, really. I guess I'm also open for requests, but I can't guarantee that I'd accept it. Pairings will have to be between Naruto characters (whether that be from the actual universe or the RTN! universe) and Mortal Kombat characters, though.

Am I open to changing this to an M-rated fic? Maybe, but it definitely depends on the pairing and how compatible they'd be.

Also, sorry if Sasuke seemed a little OOC in this fic, but from what I gather about his RTN! character, he's a total flirt who'd rather love than fight (plus the Uchiha massacre never happened in that universe, so he'd really have no reason to hate anything).