Summary: Shinobi, kunoichi and kombatants from various dimensions are paired together for numerous different missions, but how well will they be able to work together?

Pairing: Various (featuring characters from Mortal Kombat, Naruto and the Road to Ninja universe)

Sakura Haruno & Sareena:

"You still love this Sasuke Uchiha? Despite all the things that he tried to do to you?"

Sakura only sighed, knowing how hard it'd be to explain this to a total stranger. "I know I shouldn't. I should have probably stopped loving him when he left Team 7, or when he tried to kill me, Naruto-kun and Kakashi-sensei...but I still do. I'm probably stupid for doing so, but-"

"You're not. Or if you are, then so am I." Sareena said with a soft smile, hoping it'd lift Sakura's mood. "When I was under Quan Chi's sorcery, there was a warrior that I almost felt an immediate attraction to...Bi-Han. I dismissed it at first, mostly because he seemed to be the enemy, but that could not have been farther from the truth. When he was able to direct me towards the path of light and show me the error of my ways, my feelings for him only grew tenfold. I felt attracted to him, but this time beyond what was on the outside. I felt attracted to his pure soul."

"Where is Bi-Han now?" Sakura asked, regretting that question as soon as she saw Sareena's expression deflate. "Sorry...I shouldn't have asked."

"No, it's fine. Bi-Han is now under the sorcery of Quan Chi, as I once was. His death allowed Quan Chi to resurrect him under a new alias: Noob Saibot. I wish I could have been there to save him. Now I can only try to repay the favor that he did for me." Sareena sighed, before looking into Sakura's emerald green eyes. "Promise me one thing. This boy, Sasuke...never give up on him. One day, he will see everything that you've done to help him see the light, and he will be grateful for it."

"Yeah. I promise."

Sasuke Uchiha (RTN) & Jacqui Briggs:

"Come on, kitten...please?"

"No, for the last time!" Jacqui sighed, trying to worm away from Sasuke's hand creeping onto her thigh, as she listened to the fifth time Sasuke offered her an 'intimate night of the most blissful pleasure'

"Please? I can just tell that your face is longing for love...something I can provide in doses!"

"Maybe if I was single...and if you were a few inches taller." Jacqui sighed. She really didn't want to let Sasuke down harshly, because he seemed like a nice guy. He was just a love-struck nuisance.

"I won't tell if you don't." Sasuke smirked, this time trying to drape his arm around the ebony woman's shoulder. "And trust me, I can get bigger for you...however you want, baby."

"You really are something else, I'll give you that. Look, if you're not gonna assist me, then I may as well go. Between pissing me off and being unable to focus on the enemy, I wouldn't want you getting severely hurt." Jacqui turned her back to the horny shinobi, getting ready to leave until she heard him scream.

"Wait, please! Don't! I do want to help, I promise!" Sasuke frowned at the very thought of this beautiful woman leaving him on his own. "Just give me a chance, please?"

"Look, I can't believe I'm even contemplating this...but if I do know, sex...with you, you'll leave me alone, right?"

"Yeah! Totally!"

Jacqui sighed. She didn't know whether she could trust Sasuke, but facing an entire rebel army of rogue ninja on her own didn't sound promising, and from what she had heard, Sasuke was quite the accomplished shinobi. Help like that would have been greatly appreciated. "Fine, but I swear to god, if you tell anyone, and I mean anyone, about this, then I will shoot you in every part of your body. Understand?"

Sasuke nodded merrily. Oh, Sasuke understood alright...he really understood what it took to get between a woman's legs.

Shikamaru Nara & Ferra/Torr:

"Pineapple go squish squish!" Ferra cackled, complete with the little hand motions to go with her threat (that didn't sound as menacing as it should have done, with her voice being so high-pitched).

This was meant to have been a group assignment, but of course Shikamaru was left with the bloodthirsty symbiote. Of course Ino ran off with Erron Black, solely on the basis of looks (why else would she show attraction to emotionless men like Sasuke and Sai). Of course Choji ran off with D'Vorah, solely on the basis of food (and Shikamaru still couldn't understand how Choji thought bugs and slugs would have made for a satisfying snack).

Now Shikamaru actually had to listen to the inane blabbering that Ferra had been doing for the past ten minutes, try and understand what she actually meant, and how this related to the low-pitched growls that erupted from Torr. They may have been a simple pair, but their gibberish was troublesome for Shikamaru to decipher.

It was only when he could sense a large, brutish figure charging from behind that he understood Ferra/Torr's true intentions, stopping them with his Shadow Sewing Technique.

"What you do?" Ferra yelled, trying to move her body away from the shadows, but having no such luck. It appeared that Torr was in the same situation, only being able to growl out of frustration. "We no like dark! Get us out of dark!"

"And get me killed as a result?" Shikamaru said, with a typically bored expression on his face. "You guys are beyond troublesome."

Tenten (RTN) & Jade:

Jade could only cringe, watching Tenten add yet another scar to the collection of cuts, bruises and welts that she had acquired from attempting to master her weaponry.

"Stupid weapons...I swear, I really am better at hand-to-hand combat." Tenten sheepishly smiled, trying to soothe the cut she had just gotten on her cheek.

"I'd like to think you were. Regardless, we need to work on your weaknesses." Jade smiled, wanting to make sure that Tenten wouldn't give up so easily. "Here, take this." Jade said, handing her trusted Bō to the bandaged and bruised ninja. "I noticed that you haven't attempted much training with weapons of this variety...weapons that you aren't able to throw around."

"Oh no! I...I couldn't! Not with your weapon! I might break it!" Tenten said, desperate to hand Jade back the staff that she trusted the younger kunoichi with.

"With that attitude, you will. Just relax. Use that tree over there as a target." Jade said, gesturing over to a nearby tree; one that looked particularly sturdy, able to handle more damage. "As long as you're able to stab the tree with my Bō without hurting yourself, then you've already made progress."

"If you say so..." Tenten nervously responded, inhaling a deep breath, before she would go ahead. Letting out a loud battle cry with her eyes shut (Jade observed Tenten's closed eyes and assumed that this would be a disaster waiting to happen), Tenten charged towards the large tree, yelling when she stabbed it with the long weapon. When her eyes were open, Tenten was thrilled to see that she hadn't suffered any damage. "Hey, Jade, I did it! I actually did it!" Now all she had to do was pull the weapon out of the tree...which for somebody like Tenten, proved to be rather difficult.

"Do you need me to help?" Jade asked just seconds before cringing, watching Tenten fall to the ground, very nearly impaled by the staff that she was barely able to pull out. "This is going to be a long day for sure..."

Ino Yamanaka & Takeda:

"Sasuke?!" Ino yelled from the counter, utterly aghast at the idea of Sasuke suddenly returning to her flower shop, of all places! She definitely wasn't going to complain about the idea, but it was definitely shocking, to say the least.

"Don't know who that is. Sorry ma'am." Takeda chuckled sheepishly, rubbing his hand against the back of his neck.

"Oh." Ino sighed, a little deflated that the man of her dreams hadn't returned to ideally give her a bouquet of lilacs. This man definitely wasn't Sasuke, the high-pitched voice was enough proof of that. "My apologies."

"No problem. To be honest, you remind me a little of someone too."

"Oh really?" Ino suddenly smirked. "Would I happen to know this person?"

"Probably not. Does Cassie Cage ring any bells?"

"Can't say it does. Girlfriend?" Ino asked, with lustful eyes.

Not that Takeda was aware, of course. He thought Ino was referring to Cassie, rather than his relationship status with Jacqui. "No! I'm-"

That was all the confirmation Ino needed, before she pulled Takeda over the counter, straddling him before the Shirai Ryu member had a chance to fight back. "Good, because now you're all mine, cutie!"