A/N: Watched 'Invasion of the Cybermen' with my Dad. He was upset the Vogons didn't read any poetry. So, naturally, I wrote him a fanfic.

Sarah Jane and Harry looked up quickly when the golden doors unlocked with a click. It was another one of those Vogons. It, he, coughed and settled on one of the gold stalagmites before pulling a piece of parchment out of his pocket.

"I will now read you some poetry."

Harry and Sarah exchanged puzzled glances. Poetry? Why would the Vogons read them poetry? Was there something bad about it?

The Vogon began to read and far down the corridor another Vogon looked up in startlement.

Horrified painful screams echoed down the corridor and a deep gruff voice mumbled incoherent words too far away to detect.

The Vogon shrugged and continued to write his newest poem about the faults of earworms and their diet.