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"Is that right?" Maou snickered, wickedly, feigning great interest in her pitiful wailing as he drew closer to the Hero, intentionally slowly; oh so slowly, tortuously slow, and very intentionally, utterly captivated by her and gleefully deviant. His mouth hovered, teasing, just out of reach of her yearning lips, as she trembled and sighed... Flushed, and practically begging to be satisfied by the one man she hated most in all the world.

"... K-kill you-" she repeated, stammering half-lamely; violently red and shuddering, as Her womb positively ached for him.

The persistent jolts of sexual tension yet crashing down in waves of scalding chemistry around them seemed to hum and simmer in the very air itself, volatile and beautiful as a flickering corona dancing across a shaded star. Emi felt like a mess of live wires had inextricably connected their hearts, their eyes, and, of course, their privates, in between that moment of tortuous pining and the next. The demon king made a big show of tapping his left ear, ostensibly thoughtful but cackling villainously. "By any chance, Emilia... Did you just say what I think you said-?"

"Oh, fuck you... Asshole...!" The Hero whimpered, miserable and overcome, contrite as can be; but still reaching out desperately, almost absentmindedly with her lips, for a kiss.

"You're... Planning to murder me, I think?" Maou teased, never having sounded more comfortable or gleeful in his entire life. "Kill me in my sleep, if I heard you properly..."

"Yes! Yes, that's right-" She muttered, bitterly, beyond miserable, but managing to sniff, haughtily, and turn her nose up; indignant, Beyond humiliated and despondent, utterly trapped in the bottomless abyss of her love and longing for him, her hatred and contempt. "I'll strangle you while you're sleeping!"

She just wanted him to kiss her so bad.

Worse, perhaps, she just wanted him to fuck her brains out, so bad...

"Well, maybe if I do a good enough job... Taking care of your secret anal fetish, you'll change your mind..." The king of hell shrugged, at last, sneering: feigning a soft, calculated resignment. She could see the glint of raw, unadulterated amusement tempered by molten affection, however, as it shimmered in his flashing eyes. It was overwhelming her in every conceivable way, struck mute. "Maybe even consider sparing me, if I fuck your ass raw-"

Emilia choked again, breath hitching, and the impossibly deep crimson blush flooding her cheeks darkened somehow further to almost violet. Cursing him out at the top of her lungs, squealing weakly, she stuttered, yelping; voice high-pitched and squeaky, tight as can be. The hero felt the mind-boggling sensations of his gentle touch scorching her supple, terribly tender skin; setting her every nerve ablaze in the wake of his deft, dexterous fingers as they traced her right arm.

Maou pressed her backwards, coolly, into the couch, eyes fixed devilishly on hers, peeling his pants all the way off and dragging his briefs down along with them. Emilia rubbed her cheek breathlessly, affectionately against his; just hating and loving him so, so much. Without any great show or commotion, he drew forth the monolithic erection which had been straining his jeans and briefs for basically half the night.

"Im going to need you to do something for me, before we begin, Emilia."

A pregnant silence, as Emi tried to control her breathing, and his words began to sink in. She hung her head, speechless, for just a moment.

"You..." The Hero trailed off almost instantly, choking on her words; whimpering something incoherent, bright red and glancing meekly away again to hide her eyes. The anxious look on her face seemed to say I knew it. "Y-you want me to suck you off?"

The demon king paused, full stop; looking completely taken aback. His eyes widened at her, and then narrowed; Maou burst into delighted laughter. Emilia squeaked, very unsettled, profoundly unsettled... Seeing immediately from his response that she was dead wrong.

A half-second later, she realized what it sounded like that sucking his dick was the first thing she thought of, and wanted immediately to go find some forgotten corner of the Earth, to die in.

She sputtered something, hapless, and he wiped his eyes, endlessly amused. The hero didn't at all share in his mirth, still grinding herself against him, irritated, grinding her hips against his. Protesting weakly, lamely, halfway annoyed and utterly addicted to him, she snapped back.

"What-!" Emilia hissed, insanely self-conscious, almost to the point of insanity. "What's so funny!?"

"Thanks for the offer, Emilia. Ill make sure to take you up on that, later tonight..."

The hero screeched, quietly, covering her mouth with both hands; apoplectic and wracked to the core with desire and longing, and bitterly swirling hate forged in love. Furiously red, she kicked his shin, glaring away.

"Ouch," He snickered, nearly reticent, but looking very much like that moment had been a win for him on the whole. "Ignoring the pain you've just inflicted on me, What I need you to do right now is lean back, spread your legs... And try to relax."

The hero fidgeted, ears pricking immediately up. Flushed a deeper and deeper red, she coughed, awkwardly, very flustered; sitting up straight, and tugging at her braid. Emilia was suddenly all too aware that she was naked, completely naked, and he was naked too... She was all too caught up in what she would be showing him if... No, when... Her legs were spread, in front of him... What they would be doing...

"I... I somehow feel like you can s-spread my legs yourself." Her endless shame burned on her face, and she wriggled Impotently against him, trying desperately not to meet his eyes. He tried smugly to catch her stare.

If she didn't know any better, she would have to think that the Maou in front of her, between her naked legs, gripping her bare thighs and shoulder while trying to force her to meet his gleaming eyes was the Evil tyrant king she had once so feared, the Maou she had known on Earth for so long now...

More importantly, she was wishing desperately that she wasn't so excited by the idea of him seeing her naked again... By the idea of him putting his penis inside her... It was so mortifying and exhilarating, just thinking about it, she was so humiliated she could die; All of her private parts on display for him, exposed to him, and her most erotic bits inspected... Used by him...?

He held her tighter as she very nearly swooned in his arms, dizzily. "S-spread my legs yourself...! Lazy d-demon king-"

"I'm sure I can." He shot back, smoothly, tapping her cheek coolly with two fingers. Their mouths hovered together, close, so close, but not quite touching. "However, I need you to do this for me before we begin."

She yelped, flushed bright red and meeting his eyes. Was he reading her thoughts or something-?! "Jackass! Moron! You just want to see my p-pussy again!"

She accused, heatedly and very overcome, overheating for all intents and purposes; squeezing her eyes shut, brutally humiliated just saying the words. Maou twitched faintly. The corners of his mouth quirked up in a wicked sneer. "I'm sure you would like to think that."

"Y-You do, you do want to see it again, don't you-!" Emilia hissed, voice squeaky and tight, crimson red and hissing at him. Somehow, she both desperately wanted him to expose her and look down there, and wanted to die if he ever saw it again.

"If all I wanted was to look at your pussy again, Emilia..." Maou twitched, grinning flatly, tightening his hold on her left thigh as his right hand grabbed her other foot; the King of Hell spread her legs wide, glancing down at her exposed vagina, as if to make a point. "Couldn't I just do this-?"

Emilia screeched, flushed and mortally humiliated, not nearly fast enough to cover the lips and folds of her sex with both hands. She crossed her legs desperately, blushing furiously and wailing; miserable, and delighted, as a devilish voice in the back of her mind gleefully whispered he saw it again...

Maou groaned, snickering; raising an eyebrow at her as Emilia desperately, uselessly tried to cover her nakedness and hide her vagina again with crossed legs. "How can you still be so embarrassed about this? Just spread your legs, lets go-"

"H-How many times do you want to look at me d-down there-?!" the Hero wailed, whimpering and staring wildly away, crimson red.

"Still not used to it...?" he cackled, utterly absorbed and hypnotized by her glorious radiance. She was luminous and inhumanly beautiful, stunning; Insanely gorgeous, and he was far more compelled by her humiliated reactions than even the desire to see her unbelievably beautiful angelic sex organs.

"Im not a lusty pervert like you, w-who hungers for my body-" She scowled, ready to kill herself over how badly she already wanted to feel the tingling of his eyes on her privates again.

"Is that what you tell yourself, at night, Emilia? Before you fall asleep?" a vein throbbed in his forehead as his left eyebrow twitched, and Maou grinned.

He snickered, bearing down on her against the couch. They shifted a bit, and she turned into him, breathless; pushing and pulling anxiously against each other, bodies rubbing up together tangled in dangerous friction, undeniably desperate and pretending not to be. Her head was spinning. "You reassure yourself that I'm a lusty pervert, who craves your body and wants your ass?"

"You clearly are, asshole-" she whimpered, very nearly squeaking as her voice cracked a bit. Mumbling almost incoherently under her breath, and blushing madly, she shoved him a bit. Maou grabbed her ass, fingers digging satisfyingly deep into the plump fleshiness of her firm behind, setting his forehead against hers as she panted, positively lost in the tide.

The hero squeaked, exultant and caught in a riptide of desire and delight and anxious humiliation. Feeling his hand gripping her ass was driving her instantly to the treacherous pitches of absolute insanity, and she couldn't help thinking that his fingers were already so close to her asshole...

She wanted to shriek and die just at the fact that she thought about it, and longing flared up in her breast. "See! You're fondling my ass right now-!"

"Im hurt, Emilia, My motives are entirely innocent." he lied, flatly; grinning faintly, with a ravenous, villainous glint shimmering in his eyes. "I'm only trying to make it easier on your fragile hips, you know, I hear sex can be pretty painful if I neglect to warm you up a bit."

She stammered lamely, holding the sides of her head with both hands, pitying herself very much.

"So...?!" Emilia cried, at last, blushing furiously and staring wildly away, heatedly; as he towered over the Hero and she wrapped her arms around his neck, ever so faintly grinding her bare core against his raging erection. "So? What do you want to do, play with my pussy lips for a few minutes, first?!"

"If it helps," Maou shrugged, eyes flickering up into the corners of the room for but a moment, a searing grin lacing his absurdly handsome features.

Emilia muttered something murderously, breathless but snarky, with fresh tears of passion of longing and shame brimming in her eyes.

"O-Oh, I bet..."

"You're... You're going to stab me in the vagina with this, though..." She squeaked, very lightheaded and nearly dizzy. Her tiny, trembling fingers managed to brush the strained erection between his legs, as she ground the inside of her left thigh against it. "This... Giant, throbbing d-dick... Anyway, aren't you...?"

She managed, almost hiccuping as her ragged breathing caught.

"Ill relish every moment of it, too, Emilia... My sworn rival." His voice was layered, mesmerizing and cool but gritty and breathy as can be. His member rode up against the soft lips and folds of her angelic sex, digging up against her, and she made a soft, excruciating shrieking sound almost internally.

"Emilia... The righteous hero..." His voice trailed a bit, as if mesmerized.

Emilia groaned again, squeaking, but met his eyes almost unwillingly, hot and red in the face before she covered her cheeks with both hands. "Oh, god... Dont call me that-"

"Don't use your name?" His voice licked her, scintillating, and she panted, overcome; his every devilish word left behind trails of fire that burned and lit up the nerves in her skin. Sweating and with breath like fire in her lungs, His teasing tone was almost too much for her, and the heroes grip tightened pleasurably on his arms and shoulder as her back arched slightly. "What would you prefer, Emilia? Should I call you my bitch, then? My wife? My woman... Or maybe my property?"

"Any of them...!" Hyperextended, she was reduced to mumbling, trembling, with tears in her eyes and her head thrown back sideways against the couch. "Any of them are better... Better than being reminded that I'm the hero, sitting here, naked... In your arms, about to get f-fucked.. By you..."

He seemed to turn this over briefly in his head, barely suppressing a villainous sneer; he tapped the bridge of his nose, thoughtfully, in the chaotic storm of tension and passion, and loving disdain. Satisfied, he snickered. "I think I'll go with my bitch, then. You're my bitch from now on, Emilia."

Emi snarled back at him, flustered and still quivering like a fragile leaf in a whirling blizzard. She covered her eyes with one hand. "Moron! Idiot, I-I didn't... I didn't actually mean it!"

His fingers casually flicked the puckered tip of her left breast, brushing against her swollen nipple, and she cried out, sobbing, dazed.

"Whats wrong..." He poured over her, delighted and enraptured by every fiber of her being; drumming his fingers tentatively against her stomach, down towards her navel... Swiping her right nipple with his nose and cheek as he ate up every minute detail of her miraculous body. His heated breath made her freeze, and shiver, whimpering and fidgeting under her labored gasps. He Drove his erection savagely against her lips, carefully, without piercing her. "You don't like being my bitch, Emilia...?"

"Does It matter if I like it or not?!" she groaned, wailing; feeling her strength and sanity fraying at the fringes. Her hands found the sides of his face, and she held on for dear life. The muted desire was dense, so intense, that it was dragging on her very soul.

"If we're really about to go through with this, Emilia... Then no." He almost whispered back, endlessly amused, and barely finding the strength to speak at this point. She was like a radiant goddess, a deity who both demanded and controlled his every thought. "You could still decide you don't want to, I suppose, and then you wont have to suffer being made my bitch-"

"You'll just r-rape me if I do... S-So Just hurry up, and put it in, then-" she sighed, grumbling, miserable and exhilarated, very delighted; sobbing and nestling her face into his collarbone, defeated. Emilia's arms tightened around his neck, before she looked up and he kissed her lips again, tenderly. "I cant stand the idea of waiting around to... To become your b-bitch..."

Her voice spiked up, and her tone warbled, rippling, at the pronunciation of the word bitch.

Maou's bitch, oh God... Me...?! She tilted her head, eyes tightly shut, pained. Me...

A few seconds of time seemed to simply evaporate, with a maelstrom of emotions running rampant between them, in reckless abandon. Their eyes locked, and she exhaled roughly, voice airy and thin.

"I love you." He said, dryly. Very matter-of-factly, and she met his flaring gaze. Very nervous and quivering, she managed to nod at last.

"Yeah..." She stuttered, teary eyed, and a broad smile broke out across her angelic, graceful face.

Maou grinned, gingerly stroking her cheek. His eyes flashed dangerously.

The king of Hell set his member against her core, decisively, seeming to freeze the very world around them in time.

Maou aligned himself to pierce her maidenhood.

"I-I'm... I'm in love with you..." She tried to breathe but failed, failed utterly, heartbeat hitching and tears welling up again at her eyelids. She could feel the scalding, dizzying heat of his cock at her lips, pushing up lightly against the painfully sensitive lips and folds of her sex. Her voice was tiny and quiet, light as the air itself, but swollen to bursting with the violent warring of climactic, conflicting feelings and pure affection and passion...

Emilia stammered, nervously, red faced... Her breath suddenly fleeting. With the moment upon her, at last, she could feel all her strength and defiance leaking away; the violent whirling of her conflicting feelings of love and hate danced a wicked dance all throughout her, the simmering heat of building pressure in her navel tying knots in her chest.

"I cant believe this is happening." Maou himself sounded completely overwhelmed, speaking quietly; observing the simple reality of the situation. The madness of the passion and crazed lust and love that had forced them so gracelessly together was a distant memory, in that brief instant, just before he was to drive his length into her quivering body, to take her, claim her for his own.

They were suddenly just two people, a man and a woman who bitterly hated each other, who were deeply in love, about to become one. The Righteous Hero of Ente Isla, an Angel, and the King of Hell, Maou, the tyrant who for so long tormented her.

"What's... What's it going to be like, Maou..." Emilia whispered, choked up, with tears streaking her red cheeks.

"I don't know." he answered, honestly, on the verge of speechlessness, but with a primal drive, an insatiable ravenous hunger roaring up in the depths of his being. Fire traced his veins, with ice in his blood. "I'm sure its nothing to worry about, though."

She whimpered, and the king of hell began summarily to push his erection inside her.

It was like the cosmic silence of the vast, empty universe, consumed in an instant by immolating light and noise.

Like the birth and death of a star...

Explosive tension, heat and furor, descended on Maou, consuming his world, as he felt the spasming, mercilessly tight insides of her walls, and he paused almost immediately, head jolting up; Emilia screamed quietly, contorting in place, she could feel him, feel the mindboggling heat and force of every inch of his member forcing her insides open, driving up deeper into her vagina.

He stalled in place, panting and gasping for air, looking down into her face. Any shred of his smug, haughty taunting and the teasing glimmer in his eyes had vanished all at once; replaced by godlike passion and awe, in the torrent of vissicitude, as he felt himself relative to her, in the depths of her core. Sweaty, her scent infiltrated his mind, overthrowing his sanity and reason. He was addicted to her, to everything about her, and oh, he hated her... Hated her soooo much, and he loved her...

He wasnt even halfway inside, yet.

"Y-You... You liar..." she almost gurgled, unable to tell whether she was breathing heavily, or hardly breathing at all. Her chest heaved. "Didn't you just say it would be nothing to worry about?"

He couldn't answer, wordless, and his right eyebrow twitched. Maou adjusted himself slightly, shifting slightly in place, and his length shifted slightly inside her. Emilia squeaked, dizzily, feeling the entire planet move underneath her. She clapped both hands over her mouth.

She could feel him, she could feel their connection... She could feel herself being penetrated, impaled upon him, as Maou had invaded her hips; she could feel herself, relative to him, utterly in love and lost in hate and obsession with him.

"This is going to make me crazy..." she breathed, whining. The demented heat and passion surging and humming between them seemed to crackle and shatter the very air all around them. Maou smiled, at last, shaking his head. "Nothing...nothing to worry about?!"

"To be fair, I did say I didn't know."

The demon king pushed a little deeper into her, anchoring himself for support as the muscles strained in his arms. Waves of unbearable pleasure and pain, and delight rocked him, as vicious pleasure and pain wracked her entire body, she seized faintly. Glorious agony subdued her, shaking her to her very frame.

Emilia stretched involuntarily, back arching and hips twisting faintly, as she raised one of her legs a bit further; the hero and the demon king were angled so strangely sideways against the couch that had seemingly controlled their fate. Ripples of anguish and delight, thrilled humiliation and flaring embarrassment tore jaggedly through her with every millimeter that he moved, with his every breath, with her every thought. She felt herself subdued by him, by the man she loved and loathed, conquered by the pure, immutable connection they now shared. This was real, they were really Maou and Emilia, they were so truly head over heels for each other... Her eyes closed, the world was ringing loudly in her ears. "Maou..." she croaked.

It was happening. It was really happening, she knew, flustered and overcome, asphyxiated in the raging tension and subjugated by pain and glaring, jagged pleasure; silent tears leaked down her red cheeks, as she tried to spread her legs further for him, to yield even more control over her body to the Demon King, almost against her will. Emilia's heat-scorched thoughts whirled hopelessly, and she hiccuped, halfway strangled... His penis was inside her, it was inside her right now... She was forced to wonder if she really had become his bitch, now, now that she would forever know the feeling of his cock in her, spreading her insides savagely open, shaping her pussy to his form...

"Uhuuu..." she whined, bending unnaturally in place, submerged by another headrush; feeling like she was pitifully battling a raging current which could do naught but oppress her utterly.

"You're doing great, Emilia." He assured her, dryly, very much focused on his own predicament; namely, the fact that he was evidently helpless against the way her vagina was accepting him, further and further, inch by inch; the insane heat and tightness of her walls clamping down on his length and wrenching the air from his lungs. "You're the Hero... You're strong, stronger than me... "

"Weren't you... Weren't you just calling me your bitch...?" Emilia panted, squeezing her eyes shut. A tiny, wispy moan escaped her lips, shuddering through her body from her toes to the tips of her fingers.

"Yeah..." He cackled, dryly, voice cracking, hoarse. Looking down at her, she stared, overwhelmed, up into his face; quivering and holding one of his hands tightly in both of hers, squeezing his palm against her chest, between her tiny, jiggling breasts. "But... You could kill me anytime, right?"

She fought for breath, tears welling up fresh in her wet, watering eyes.

Blood leaked down his member, trickling gently, bright scarlet, and Maou felt the sight of it burning its way permanently into his mind. The sex organs of an angel, radiating incomprehensible pleasure and exultation which sapped his sanity away, Maou breathed. One of his eyes was shut tightly, and a half-grin half-grimace scorched his features.

He was pretty sure he was barely over halfway inside.

Worldbreaking, groundcrushing pressure and heat and spiked, bursting pleasure rocked them, holding both Hero and Demon King in a tight vicegrip.

"K-Kill youu...? W-what does that matter..." Emilia wheezed. Impotently, she tried to hold her own head, but instead found herself messily kissing him, pressing her lips flailingly against his almost in passing; the kiss was so brief and passionate it almost seemed like it never happened, and she brushed her lips helplessly against his once again just to be sure. Time itself seemed to choke, asphyxiated by the unreal tension.

"Does... Does it matter If I can kill you, some other time... When you're shoving your penis inside me r-right now...? Fucking me... Making me... Yours...! Me... I'm... Being..." She sounded so anguished and excited, voice already high-pitched and climbing as the desperate passion of her tone seemed to steal away his free will. Her voice spiked lamely as he drove his length just a bit deeper, into her, almost subconsciously, and she could feel the searing pleasure and frigid pain snap deeper into her like the razor edge of a cracked bullwhip; his member grinding into her deepest parts, manipulating her body like a marionette.

She still just wanted him to kiss her forever, and she had never hated or loved Maou more.

"If... If you're going to make me your toy... A-and probably come on my face... And in my mouth, and look at my asshole..." She was somehow rambling on mindlessly, while being fully aware of what she was saying, and saying it very intentionally. Her fragile breathing was driving him just as mad as the quivering of the walls of her vagina, the brutal tightness almost stringing him out.

"I won't deny it, since that's what you want me to do, anyway-" He grinned, eyes narrowing at her, straining to keep a hold on his very sanity. He grabbed her face with one hand, almost covering her eyes and laughing brokenly. She squealed, gutterally, indignant, but her voice warped into a deep, high-pitched orgasmic sigh. The tension and passion had the raving animal within him ready to ravish her utterly, while the dominant mind of the king of demons continued to speak softly, lovingly to the girl he so adored and admired, and feared and hated with all his heart.

"I-I do not-!" She squeaked, helplessly, voice smashed and creaky; blushing and flustered, staring wide eyed, away, up into the ceiling. Her wandering hands reached up, trembling, independent of her will, and took his fingers, setting his hand over her throat... Emilia squeezed his hand down over her neck, and her fragile voice, which she had intended to sound indignant and refined, instead came out like she was just begging for his cock and his love, and affection, ready and willing to cry to get it. "I... I don't! I... Don't want you to come on... On my face, and in my mouth... A-And in my ass..."

"You don't?" Maou had to grit his teeth, trying to force himself to stay conscious as each fluttering contortion of her quivering walls threatened to drag him under into a bottomless abyss of impossible climactic pleasure. "I feel like just a half hour ago, you were saying that you wouldn't mind if I raped you."

Blushing furiously, she covered her face with both hands, strangled and breathless, mewling desperately when she met his searching eyes but for a brief moment. As he looked down at her, His tortured grin felt like it too was fucking her sideways, and fucking her pride and dignity in the ass at the same time.

"Forget about that! F-Forget that ever happened-" She yelped, growing even more deeply red and sweating, positively panting. "You... You Pervert!"

His hand squeezed down tightly on her throat, half-sneering and grimacing. Sweat dripped down his brow, and she squeaked again, flushed violently red; her legs, spread wide, shivered, and her head turned, spastically... Emilia could feel the rough leather of the couch pressing harshly against the side of her face, damp with her sweat and tears.

"Ah yes... I'm the pervert... Right..." His eyes flashed, and he exhaled, wickedly, snickering weakly with all the energy and attention he could possibly marshal, while the tight spasming of her walls demanded his full concentration; he winced, as they accepted him even deeper into her core, member pushing up towards her womb. "The villainous demon king, who opposes the virtuous hero... A virtuous hero representing goodness, kindness, and wanting to be raped by your archenemy..."

He teased her, and she wailed.

"Shut uppp!" She squealed, positively mortified, almost croaking; her voice cracking and shrill. Delight and merciless pleasure sparked new infernos all throughout her, every moment that passed. "AH! I-I hate you! You're the one talking about p-playing with my pussy lips, and fingering me..."

She tried to adjust herself on the spot, to glare at him better, fuming and thrilled, unbearably humiliated and miserable, and very exhilarated, teetering perilously on the edge of unstoppable orgasm; but found that every muscle she looked to use was only halfway responsive. Emilia raised her left leg higher, breathless moans and airy pleas flittering from her lips and against his as he crossed his mouth over hers again, hungrily; she spread her legs further, and Maou drove slightly deeper; penetrating her slightly more.

"Exposing me, so completely that you can see my butthole-" She wailed, strangled lamely and feeling extremely helpless and beyond thrilled. A pounding rush of molten pleasure screamed up in her breast, and she shuddered, hiding her face, voice squeaky and tight.

He stroked her again, laughing; she jerked madly back against the couch cushions, interrupting herself, wincing and sobbing. It felt like the pleasure and pain were being violently pumped, infinitely, through her body, as Maou finally dug his length all the way into her, driving brutally to the mouth of her womb; shattering the world like glass. Emilia positively shrieked, twisting around in place, underneath him, and the heated tension boiled over far too rapidly, far too quickly... Passion and climactic pleasure tinged with unbearable pain climbing endlessly up to incomprehensible heights from her navel...

And then an orgasm which had been building all night long dropped her violently from there.

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