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Disgaea: The Game of Life

Prologue Chapter: The Game Manual, dood!

A groan was heard as deep cerulean eyes cracked open slowly, staring up at a white ceiling that the owner was all too familiar with.

"Here again, huh?" he asked softly, keeping his voice down for no apparent reason.

He turned his head left and right, confirming that he was inside of a medical ward of his village's hospital. The last thing he had remembered was falling unconscious on the back of his teacher after they found a redheaded girl trapped beneath fallen trees. To his intrigue, that same girl was in his room, resting on a bed of her own with both of her legs in casts and hanging on slings attached to the ceiling.

Tayuya, he believed her name was. She was one of those Sound Four people that interfered with his team trying to retrieve the last loyal Uchiha, Sasuke.

Thinking on that, he couldn't help but sigh at the memory of his epic clash with the runaway Uchiha. The two threw everything they had at one another, but he failed to bring him back. He felt ashamed that he couldn't keep his promise. To him, a promise was important; more important than the ramen he claimed was the "food of the gods".

To be honest, he never really understood why he held such respect for promises. But, he felt compelled to honor them, as if his very soul demanded it of him. Many people, especially fellow ninja, called it foolish to be "honorable" in their line of work.

However, Naruto Uzumaki was not like ordinary ninja. He didn't use cheap tactics, he didn't act in the shadows, and he sure as hell didn't lie or manipulate others. He couldn't stand acts like that; even if they were expected of a ninja. To him, anything worth getting was meant to be obtained through your own power, determination, and honor.

He chuckled at his musings. He really wasn't like most ninja at all. Hell, he could've just let Tayuya die, but he couldn't bear to do nothing after he saw her. That was why he had asked his teacher to help her. It wasn't for potential information or pity; it was simply the right thing to do in his mind. And…it felt good to do something kind for another person.

Mentally shaking off his ever-changing thoughts, he looked down at his own injuries and was surprised at how mummified he looked with all of his bandages. Sighing, he began the tedious task of removing them, revealing perfectly healthy and unblemished skin…save for the single scar that rested near his heart.

Sasuke was responsible for that one. Normally, he would've expected his tenant to have dealt with it, but he chalked it up to the Uchiha's Curse Mark making the wound trickier to repair. Thus, a scar – his very first one – was left on his body.

After some time, all of his bandages were removed and discarded in the trash bin beside his bed. He sighed in relief and just sat on his bed, not feeling up to leaving just yet.


He blinked as he saw a strangely transparent box in front of him; well, it was more like a window than anything else, really. At any rate, inside of the window was a message.

Welcome to the Game of Life, Naruto Uzumaki!

He couldn't help but tilt his head in utter loss before he saw a small cross symbol in the bottom right corner. Tentatively, he raised his hand and poked the symbol with his pointer finger, making the message scroll up followed by more words.

We apologize for the delay, dood!

'Dood…?' he thought with a chuckle. It honestly reminded him of his verbal tick.

However, we plan to make up for our belated orders by presenting you with a manual that will explain everything you need to know about the new life you will have!

Firstly, you should know that, as of now, the life you live will be that of a video game, dood!

"A video game?" he asked out loud, though still in a soft tone. "They only started making those a couple years back, but I never could afford them…"

Please understand that this is a very serious thing, dood! You will have to get acquainted with elements such as Statistics, Special Skills, Weapons, Armor, Items, and other things! The manual will explain all, dood!

If you have more questions, just head to the tower that is in the Forest of Death! That is where we have set up your base, dood!

That's all for now! We hope to see you soon, Sir Naruto, dood!

-The Prinnies

"…What in the name of the gods is a Prinny?" he asked with a confused sweatdrop before he ended the whole message, resulting in a large book materializing from the window and landing in his lap, surprisingly light in comparison to its size and thickness. Curious, he opened up the manual and looked at the Table of Contents. The different sections of it interested him…

But, the ward's door opening stopped him from starting any reading. Inside stepped a young woman he was familiar with; Shizune Kato, the apprentice of Tsunade Senju, the Fifth Hokage. She looked surprised to see him up, and worry followed when she saw the lack of bandages.

"Naruto! What have you done to your wrappings?!" she asked in concern, briskly moving to his side to check on him.

"Shizune, relax," he said in appeasement. "I'm fine, see? Just a scar is all."

True to his word, she saw nothing wrong except for his new scar, which was visible on both his chest and his back. She sighed in both relief and exasperation, having a feeling he would've gotten rid of his bandages as soon as he could.

"Well, I'm glad you're alright," she commented sincerely. After all, she had come to view the young Uzumaki as a younger brother. "At any rate, I still want you to stay for one more night, just to be sure."

He nodded, surprising her that he didn't argue. His dislike for hospitals was legendary amongst the staff. "Sure thing. Besides, I was hoping to have some time to myself. That fight with Sasuke really made me think over some things. Plus…" She saw him look over to the resting Tayuya, who was under the effects of anesthesia. "I want to make sure that she makes it out alright. She may have been an enemy, but even she didn't deserve a whole mess of trees crushing her to death."

She smiled softly at his kindness. Not many ninja, if any at all, were kind enough to help out an enemy from death. "Alright then. I'll give you some time alone. However, if she wakes up, call for me with the Service button on the side of your bed. I'll be sure to come as soon as I can."

He nodded again as he watched her leave, opening back up his manual as soon as she was gone. He was a bit surprised she didn't ask about it, but he wasn't gonna dwell on the issue.

Opening up the first section, he began to read:

The world you know of is made up of three different worlds. There is Earth, the world you live in, and there are also the Netherworld, home of countless demons, and Celestia, home of angels and the servants of the gods.

Each realm plays an important role, one that helps out its sibling worlds. Earth is responsible for giving Fear Energy to the Netherworld and Awe Energy to Celestia. Fear and Awe Energy are what give the demons and angels their power and the strength needed to live. In a way, they are like the oxygen that humans breathe and water they drink.

The Netherworld is responsible for keeping humans in check. It may seem cruel, but humans need to have something to fear. It is a balance that is needed, as well as a factor in Celestia's role. Where the Netherworld uses fear, Celestia uses hope, or awe. It is this awe that humans need in order to pray and believe in the gods, granting the angels their strength.

As you can see, all three worlds help each other maintain order and balance. Neither race is more important than the other.

"Whoa," breathed out the Uzumaki, surprised at what he had just read. While a big part of him doubted any of this was real, the other part of him was quite intrigued with the prospect of the other two worlds, as well as his life supposedly becoming a game.

Continuing on, he read:

First thing you should know about your new life as a game character is this: Statistics. There are a total of eight stats you must be aware of.

HP - The hit points, or health of a character. Once this number reaches 0, the character or object is dead. You can revive them after a battle in the hospital or clinic of the base world.

SP - Special points allow the character to use special attacks, magical attacks, healing spells, and stat boosting spells.

Attack - This determines the damage inflicted by the character from normal attacks, and non-magical special attacks.

Defense - Determines the resistance a character has against all normal, and most special attacks. Defense also defends from magical attacks by about 30%.

Intelligence - Increases magical attack power and accuracy.

Resistance - Gives 70% of magical defenses, and boosts the amount of health healed from a healing spell. Also boosts the 4 stat boosting spells. (Shield for Defense; Braveheart for Attack; Magic Boost for Intelligence; Magic Wall for Resistance)

Speed - Increases the chance that an enemies attack will miss you. Also affects your chances of countering more.

Hit - The character's accuracy in landing attacks. Also determines the power of bow (half Hit and half Attack) and gun (half Hit and half Speed) attacks and special attacks. The chance to steal an item or stats from an enemy is NOT boosted by the hit stat.

Memorize the importance of these stats! That way, you'll be sure to act correctly in accordance to an enemy's stats!

Naruto couldn't help but give an appreciative whistle at the usefulness of the manual in his hands. He was curious about his own stats and asked for his "Status" after taking a look at the footnote at the end of the Statistics Section.

Naruto Uzumaki – ?

Lv. 0021

HP: 630

SP: 1050

Attack: 378

Defense: 315

Intelligence: 210

Resistance: 252

Hit: 294

Speed: 315

He was impressed with his stats, but he wouldn't brag until he saw someone else's in comparison. Still, the "?" after his name confused him.

A yawn escaped from his lips and he looked outside to see that it was nearly dusk. So, he folded the corner of the next page in the manual before he set it on the small table beside his bed. He then laid back and slowly shut his eyes, feeling tired from all that had happened.

Unknown to him, his ears twitched before the tips went from rounded to pointed while the back of his hospital gown poked outward a little.

"Hmm?" mused a man with large and majestic angel wings sprouting from his back. He had long and smooth silver hair that fell to his legs and wore a robe that was a pristine white. "Now, that is peculiar," he commented, his voice deep and soothing.

"Seraph Lamington?" asked a female angel who was tasked with being his assistant for the day. "What's peculiar, sir?"

"A presence that I am surprised took so long to be revealed." He chuckled softly, further confusing the lower classed angel. "To think that their child's child would be the one to awaken their mixed blood."

"Sir? I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean…"

He turned to her with a kind smile, one that eased her confusion. "Do not concern yourself. Just continue to help me with my errands; which you are doing splendidly, by the way."

She blushed at the praise before she smiled and nodded. "Yes, sir!"

"Oi! Wake your ass up, Shithead!" raged a female voice, making Naruto groan awake to the sight of the ward's ceiling…again.

"…You're too loud," he mumbled as he yawned and sat up, rubbing his hair tiredly.

"Fuck you!" yelled back Tayuya with gritted teeth. "Where the hell am I?!"

Once he cracked his neck, something he did every morning to get rid of nighttime kinks, he turned to his roommate and saw her looking at him in complete annoyance. "You're in the Leaf Village; the hospital, to be exact. I asked my teacher to get you out of those collapsed trees when he was carrying me back here."

She scowled at him. "And why the hell would you ask him to help me? I tried to stop you damn rats from getting that Uchiha prick!"

He looked down at her query. "To be honest, I couldn't find it in me to just leave you like that. I'm not above helping people who tried to attack me in the past."

"Let's get one thing straight here, asshole! I don't need any fucking pity or charity from Leaf Shits like you!"

He raised his head and glared back at her, surprising her when she saw him bare wicked fangs at her. "It was not charity or pity! I helped someone who didn't deserve to die like you would've! I'm not some heartless asshole who will leave an enemy to die!"

She saw the anger in his eyes, anger at her accusation towards his motives. And yet, she also saw sincerity. This kid in front of her was being absolutely truthful to her and just wanted to help.

Still, she wouldn't give him any gratitude. He was still a Leaf Shit in her eyes. "Tch," she scoffed, looking away. "Whatever… It's not like I asked for your help."

His angry look disappeared and he smiled. "You didn't need to, Tayuya."

She blinked in surprise. "How do you-?"

"I remember that Bone Guy calling you that before he took Sasuke. I'm Naruto Uzumaki."

"I didn't ask for your name, Shithead…" she grumbled, not used to anyone being kind to her.

"I know," he replied with a bright grin before he got off of his bed, stretching his arms upward with a groan as both them and his back popped out their kinks. He never noticed the back of his gown stretching outward, but Tayuya did.

"Hey… What's up with your back?" she asked.

"Huh?" he asked as he stopped stretching, his gown returning back to its loose appearance on his body. "What do ya mean?"

Pointing, she explained, "It was bulging outward when you stretched."

He frowned in confusion as he reach behind himself to check his back. "That's weird… I wonder what-" He stopped himself, eyes going wide when he felt his fingers brush against something soft. "W-What the hell…?"

"What?" asked Tayuya in annoyance. One thing she hated was being kept out of the loop of stuff.

"WHAT THE HELL AM I TOUCHING?!" he cried out, his voice echoing throughout the hospital and gathering the attention of the staff.

Shizune was the first on the scene and she was about to ask what had happened before she was cut short by Tayuya shouting in response to Naruto removing his gown top. Luckily, he still had the sweat pants issued to him by the hospital.


"WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE WINGS?!" he screamed.

It was true. Poking out of his back were two small white wings that were made of pure white feathers. They responded to his touches, twitching each time his fingers made contact with them. They also flapped every now and then before they tucked themselves flush against his skin.

"N-Naruto…?" stuttered out Shizune as she watched his wings react and tuck away.

Turning to the woman, he rushed up to her and turned around, presenting his back. "Shizune, what the hell is happening to me?! Why do I have wings?!"

"Just to point out, you got fangs too," commented Tayuya before her eyes narrowed searchingly. "And…your ears are kinda pointy too, Shithead."

"EH?!" he reacted in comical distress as he felt his teeth and ears while Shizune examined his wings.

'Odd… They're definitely attached to his skin since I can see skin beneath the feathers. But still…how on earth did Naruto get wings of all things?' she mused before sending a nurse away to fetch Tsunade. "Naruto, I need you to try and calm down. Lady Tsunade will be here soon, so I want you to sit on your bed and wait for her."

He looked like he wanted to say something else, but he caught her stern look and zipped to his bed. Hey, he had been bashed enough times by Sakura to know that women were scary beings.

Snickering, Tayuya muttered something that sounded suspiciously close to "Whipped". He ignored it in favor of waiting for the Hokage to arrive, which only took about five minutes considering she arrived in a swirl of leaves.

"Alright, now what's this I hear about…wings?" she asked, ending it slowly when she saw said appendages stretch out sideways from Naruto's back. "Well, at least I know my nurse doesn't need to be sent to a psyche ward for seeing things," she muttered as she moved to stand behind her distant cousin.

Hey, her grandmother was an Uzumaki. So it made sense to view Naruto as a cousin of sorts.

"Interesting," she commented as she checked the wings with medical chakra. "These things are definitely real since they have nerves and chakra pathways in them. As for your ears and teeth, I honestly don't know what to tell you, brat. They're natural, but I can't see any influence from your tenant."

He could've sworn he heard an echoed voice snort in his mind, but he disregarded it as he asked, "So, what's happening to me?"

She sighed as she stepped away so that he could see her. "I don't know, Naruto. I've never seen anything like this; and believe me, I've seen a lot of crazy medical phenomena. If I had to guess, maybe a dormant bloodline of sorts awakened in you. That's the best theory I could come up with, in any case."

He frowned in confusion, though Tsunade saw a hint of sadness in his eyes. "But…I'm just an orphan kid. What kind of bloodline could I have?"

She kept her regret from presenting itself in her eyes and expression. 'Dammit, sensei… Why did you and Jiraiya keep this from him? He deserves to know, dammit!'

Shizune had an idea of what her master was thinking and schooled her features as well. She knew exactly who Naruto's parents were. Hell, he had their greatest qualities with his father's stunning eyes and mother's vibrant hair.

Tayuya caught the sad undertone and averted her gaze. The comment struck a chord with her since she herself never really knew her parents. All she knew were keepers and owners; the most recent being Orochimaru of all people. She couldn't help but feel some kind of kinship to Naruto, but she refused to acknowledge such a thing with someone from some trash village; at least in her eyes.

"Naruto… You're not just some orphan. Your parents…" Tsunade paused since she tried to find the words. "They were exceptional people; both of them. But, it was because of this, and the people they…attracted that you weren't told."

"What are you talking about?" asked Naruto with a frown. "Who else knew about them besides you?"

She looked away from his accusing eyes. "…Sarutobi did…as did Jiraiya and Kakashi. A few others know too, but that was only after confirming their own suspicions."

"And…?" he urged with clenched fists and teeth, understandably angry at being left in the dark by people he trusted so much.

"…I can't tell you," she said regretfully.

"Why the hell not?! They're my parents, dammit!" His eyes began to bleed red while his fangs gave off an eerie gleam. "I have a right to know!"

"It was a request of Sarutobi not to tell you until you made Chunin," she explained, though it did little to calm him.

Tayuya couldn't keep silent at that comment. "Wait a minute! You mean to tell me that this Shithead is still a fucking Genin?! The little punk has power in spades and knows damn well how to dish it out! The fuck's keeping him from being Chunin?!"

While thankful for her slight praise, Naruto didn't acknowledge Tayuya and just kept glaring at Tsunade. "The old man is dead, Tsunade," he said, using her name instead of the nickname he normally used. It showed how serious he was. "And in my life, I've noticed that not many people honor some dead person's requests."

Both elder women cringed at that, seeing the jab Naruto made at the Fourth Hokage's dying wish for Naruto to be seen as a hero. That request was spit upon, and even now there are villagers who only see him as the Kyuubi he holds within him.

"I still can't tell you, Naruto. I'm sorry…" said Tsunade.

His fists shook and blood began to drip down from them due to how tightly they were clenched. "…Fine," he said in such a tone that made the three women shiver. He then moved to his bedside table and grabbed his book before he brushed past Tsunade and Shizune, leaving the ward with a cold aura coming off of him.

"You're a real bitch, aren't ya?" asked Tayuya, making Tsunade turn to see her brown eyes narrowed. "I bet that finding out who his parents were was the most important thing in the world to him, and you – someone who obviously cares for him – keeping that from him must really hurt him."

"Shut up," muttered the blonde woman, though there was little fire in her tone. "It's none of your-"

"It damn well is my business!" cut off the redhead fiercely. "I may not like it, but I'm indebted to that kid for having his teacher bring me here! If it weren't for him, I'd still be underneath a fuck-ton of trees being crushed to death!" She then pointed an accusatory finger at the older woman, continuing, "Until I pay back my debt, I'm gonna do what I can to help him."

She honestly couldn't believe she had just said that, but that kinship she was feeling toward him was fueling her. Not to mention she really did feel like she owed Naruto for helping her; and she hated owing others.

"I wonder how much he'll trust you or anyone else he knows after this little moment," she said suggestively.

Shizune didn't like the regret her master had in her eyes, but she liked the inability to do anything about it even less.

The first thing Naruto did after he left the hospital was head back to his apartment for some fresh clothes. His last jumpsuit had been ruined during his fight with Sasuke, so he ended up wearing a black t-shirt and brown cargo shorts with his blue ninja sandals. His headband was left at the hospital, so his wild red hair had a fringe poking down between his eyes.

Once he was dressed, he made his way to the Forest of Death. He wanted something to distract him from the anger he was feeling towards so many people he had trusted.

However, a different distraction made itself known as soon as he reached the forest's fence. "Oi, brat…"

He paused in front of the locked gate, looking around. "Uh… Hello?"

"Idiot… It's the Kyuubi, you brat!"

"Furball?" he asked, making the fox's furry brow twitch in annoyance.

"I'm going to be generous this ONE time and ignore what you just called me. Now, just think what you want to say; unless you want to be seen as crazy?" The Bijuu smirked when it took note of Naruto growling in response. "At any rate, I have a couple of answers for you concerning what's been going on. BUT, they aren't free! I expect something in return for this!"

'And what do you want? I'm not gonna remove the seal,' Naruto replied.

"If what's happening is what I assume it is, you might not have to. I want you to make me a promise if I tell you the answers to your questions."

He looked skeptical. 'And what do you think those questions are?'

"Don't patronize me!" roared the beast, making Naruto groan and hold his head. "You know what I'm talking about! I know who your parents are, AND I also have an idea why your features have changed."

'…What's the promise?' Naruto asked after a moment of silence.

"I have an assumption about what you're going to be walking into. So, I want you to have me reincarnated."

'…Say what?' asked Naruto, totally lost.

"It will be explained; that is MY promise if my assumption is correct. Now, do YOU promise to reincarnate me if I tell you the answers you want?"

Naruto frowned thoughtfully, silently going over the offer and the theories he had concerning the fox's request. It was a solid five minutes of thought before he finally answered, 'Alright; I promise to reincarnate you if your assumption is correct. Now, let's start with my parents.'

"Your father was the bastard who sealed me inside of you and your mother was my previous container. Her name was Kushina Uzumaki, and I doubt I need to tell you your father's name."

'Minato Namikaze…' Naruto mentally replied, frowning at the answer. 'So, my father was the Fourth Hokage of all people… I know what he looks like, but what about mom?' The fox's answer was a mental image of a redheaded woman with violet eyes, a kind face, and hair that flowed smoothly and fell to her legs. 'Wow… Mom was beautiful…'

"You can thank her angel blood for that."

'Angel blood? Wait, you mean that book was true?!'

The fox smirked at the question. "Yes, it was. Angels and demons really do exist, as do the Netherworld and Celestia. As for your mother, she was actually a hybrid being born of an angel and a demon tyrant. The Namikaze bastard was fully human, so you, brat, are in fact born of all three races."

The shock was too much and Naruto lost the strength in his legs, falling backward and resting against the fence. 'T-That… That's insane…'

"That's not the half of it! Your grandfather was known as Valvatorez, a Vampire Tyrant who gave up his power because of a promise he made to a human woman named Artina. That promise, according to the story, was that he wouldn't drink human blood until he made her experience true and utter fear."

'That doesn't sound too hard for a vampire,' mused Naruto.

"You would think so, but she ended up dying within a few days. Since he didn't make her feel fear, he honored his promise and denied himself blood for centuries, losing his power in the process."

'Wow… Gramps was really honorable, huh?'

"From what I remember, Valvatorez was known mostly for his honor as a demon as well as his immense power. I'm honestly not surprised you inherited his respect for promises."

'So, what happened next?' Naruto asked, getting into the story.

"Your grandfather took it upon himself, along with a ragtag team of fellow demons, and a rumored delusional dead human girl, to usurp the regime of his part of the Netherworld's Corrupterment; basically their government. According to the story, he met an angel calling herself Vulcanus who looked exactly like Artina along the path to fixing his part of the Netherworld, the Earth that was connected to it, and Celestia."

'Wait a minute… There are other Earths?'

"Yes, and they're all connected to different parts of the Netherworld. Celestia is connected to all of the Earths as well since there is only one Heaven and Hell. Now, shut the hell up and let me finish."

'Right. Sorry. Please continue…'

"As I was saying, later on it was revealed that Vulcanus was actually Artina. After saving all three worlds, Valvatorez and Artina finally had time to speak after centuries apart. And not only that, but she finally let him drink her blood, admitting that the final battles had brought her to the depths of fear he swore to bring her to."

'So…Gramps was able to regain his power… Then what?'

"Well, he moved to the part of the Netherworld connected to THIS Earth, settling down with Artina and having a child; your mother." The fox then chuckled, making Naruto raise his brow. "You know, your mother's situation was the same as yours. Valvatorez and Artina wanted to protect her from demons and angels who would seek to kill her. It was considered a taboo amongst both races to have a child born of both a demon and an angel. So, they sent Kushina off to the Land of Whirlpools, where she was adopted into the Uzumaki Clan, along with a vassal of theirs to keep her safe."

'…What happened to the vassal?'

"They were killed by the same man that pulled me out of your mother. He had a Sharingan eye and used it to control me that night." The fox sighed tiredly, like an exhausted person who had seen too much. "My attack was not of my own doing. I was forced to attack because of some damn Uchiha who sought to use me much like Madara Uchiha did in the past. As a result, your parents died, the protector of your mother was killed, and I was sealed into you by your father after he removed half of my being."

Naruto was silent at this, thinking over everything that had been told to him. His grandparents… His parents… The night of his birth… And the Uchiha responsible for his life's cruel start… It was a lot to thank in.

But still, he had something to say to the fox. '…I'm sorry.' The Kyuubi blinked at the boy's words. 'You didn't deserve to be used like that. You're a demon who was doing their job of instilling fear into humans. You shouldn't have been treated so poorly because of that; and neither should've the other Bijuu.' Determination burned within him and he stood up from against the fence, standing tall much like his grandfather did before him. 'Kyuubi… I have one more promise for you,' he stated, getting the demon's attention. 'I promise to you, here and now, that I will grow stronger; strong enough so that I could free the other Bijuu and have them return to the Netherworld so that they can live out their lives without persecution. And once I do, I will be sure to bring this Earth to the very depths of fear!' He took a moment to take a deep breath. 'I will also be sure to help anyone I can, just like Grandma Artina. Whether they are human, demon, or angel… I won't let anyone suffer unjustly! I'll make my grandfather proud of the demon blood within me, and my grandmother proud of the angel blood that flows alongside it!'


A message then popped up, and Naruto looked proud at what it said.

You've taken your first steps down the path of an Angelic Vampire! Your Class has now been revealed! Level Up!

Naruto Uzumaki – Angelic Vampire

Lv. 0025

HP: 750

SP: 1250

Attack: 450

Defense: 375

Intelligence: 250

Resistance: 300

Hit: 350

Speed: 375

Naruto gawked at how much he had leveled up. Four levels gained and he had a Class! He was feeling pretty good about himself at the moment!

"Hey, kid," called out the fox.

'Yea, Kyuubi?'

"…Khaliah." The fox saw Naruto look confused, so it elaborated, "My name." (1)

'Oh! Nice to meet you, Khaliah! Now, I should head inside! I've probably kept those Prinny people waiting for a while…'

Khaliah snickered at his words. "I don't think the Prinnies will be worried about the wait. They'd be more concerned about keeping YOU waiting."

'Why do you think that?'

"Call it 'Woman's Intuition', kid."

'If you say so- Wait a minute! You're a girl?!'

He suddenly felt a sense of dread as he kept walking towards the tower. "Is my gender an issue to you, BOY?" the nine-tailed vixen asked dangerously.

'N-N-Not at all, M-Miss Khaliah,' stuttered out the hybrid boy as he kept walking. All the while, he never knew just what adventures would await him… Adventures to be held within all three of the worlds.

1~ Khaliah means "Immortal One"

And here we are! This is an experimental idea of mine, combining Naruto with the Disgaea series and the "life is a video game" concept! I hope that it was a success in your eyes!

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