This is my first Scream FanFic

In my version of Scream 4 Sidney has a daughter who is 15 years old called Carla Grace Prescott - the daughter of Billy Loomis

My version starts at the end of 2011 31st

The story will always be written in the POV of Carla

The story will always start off with Carlas diary

Dear Diary

It was my birthday a few days ago in fact my birthday was christmas day i was born December 25th 1996 and i am 15 years old.

Today's the day we stop moms book tour and we are heading to Woodsboro to do so

I am scared about going to woodsboro because a lot of bad things happened there - the year i was born Stu Macher Billy Loomis my moms boyfriend started a murder spree wearing the ghost mask from stab although the stab franchise didnt start until the year after the murder spree. My mom was the one blamed for starting it because of my Grandma Maureen

Well I guess thats all for today



We arrived in woodboro and all i see is ghostface masks everywhere mom wasnt pleased

"What do you think" Rebecca moms assistant asked

"I guess its the anniversary"

"Mom she meant the books"

"Oh sorry, it looks amazing" Mom said

"I told the owner I'd kill his cat if he didn't get it right" Rebecca remarked

"Nice" Mom replied

"Lets go inside and get this thing started im getting bored" I said

"come on then"

30 minutes later

Mom finished her speach she was making and then people where beginning to grab one of her books called Out Of Darkness and were about to buy it when mom saw

"Gale" Mom walked up to gale and hugged her

"Hiya Sid, Carla my gosh you have grown"

"Well i was only 3 when you last saw me" I hugged Gale and stepped back

"She is also getting taller than you Sid"

"I know, I'm jealous too"

I laughed but I also spotted Dewey and I ran up to him and gave him a hug

"Hiya Dewey"

"Hi Carla how are you?"

"I'm good"

"DEWEY" Mom said as she hugged him

"Sorry Sid but I have to interrupt"

"Why Dewey"

"A mobile phone was taken from a crime scene and Deputy Hicks has traced it to these co-ordinates"

"Can this wait 5 im running an event here"

"This is a police event now"

"I would like to ask if everyone could stay where they are"

Some people went to leave but Deputy Hicks stopped them, this must be serious

"Dewey whats going on" Gale asked

Dewey began ringing the phone number and it was ringing outside

They got to where it was ringing and we ended up at moms rental car


"Not now Sid"

"Dewey its moms rental" I said

Rebecca through Dewey the keys and he opened the boot

Inside was disgusting there were pictures of mom splattered in blood and my blankie i have had since i was little along with a ghost mask

Then i knew this was about to get serious