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"Guilty on all charges."

As the verdict was read, the courtroom fell into a stunned silence. On one side of the courtroom, eighteen year old Naruto Uzumaki stared at the judge in disbelief at the verdict. He heard his father Minato Uzumaki consoling his mother Kushina, who started sobbing as soon as she could make out the word guilty. Holding back tears from hearing his mother's sobs, Naruto steadied his gaze forward, resisting the urge to look over to the other side of the courtroom, where his now ex-girlfriend was sitting, most likely with a grin on her manipulative face.

Sakura Haruno.

Why did he date her again? Oh yea, because at the time, she was smart, athletic, and the sweetest person Naruto had ever met. That is, when she wasn't falsely accusing him of things that made him out to be a monster and her the innocent victim. The judge banged his gavel, gaining the attention of everyone currently in the courtroom.

"Naruto Uzumaki. For the Rape and Aggravated Assault of Miss Sakura Haruno and the Attempted Murder of Sai Iganashi, I sentence you to 55 years in Konoha Maximum Security Prison with no possibility of parole. Bailiff, please escort Mr. Uzumaki out of the courtroom. "

Another sob came out of Kushina's mouth, knowing that her baby boy will be spending more than half of his life behind bars in Konoha's toughest prison. Naruto turned around towards his parents, a panicked look clearly present on his face.

"Mom! Dad! You know I didn't do this!" he yelled as the bailiff began to drag him out of the courtroom. As he passed the area where Sakura and Sai's family were sitting, Naruto turned his head and glared directly at Sakura.

"Are you proud of yourself Haruno? You know for a fact that I never hurt you or Sai. Does the idea of sending an innocent person to jail make you feel like a hero?!" Naruto growled out, the bailiff pulling him towards the door. Sai's mother jumped up and started charging towards Naruto.

"MONSTER! I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!" She yelled while being held back by two men. The last thing Naruto saw before he was dragged out of the courtroom was Sakura's smirking face as she mouthed out one sentence: "I win."

Naruto was lead down a cold, concrete hallway, the sound of footsteps being magnified in the combined space. After coming to stop in front of a holding cell, the guard standing outside the cell handed Naruto an orange jumpsuit and a pair of white sneakers.

"You have 15 minutes before the bus comes and transports you to prison. In that time, I want you to get dressed in the clothes I have given you and hand me back the clothes that you are currently wearing. Do you understand?" the guard asked, his voice echoing in the hallway. Naruto nodded his head and the guard stepped to the side, letting Naruto step into the cell. Before the door closed, the guard stuck his head into the room.

"When you get to prison, you will see and experience things that will terrify and shock you. My only advice to you is: do not show any sort of weakness or vulnerability. The inmates have no problem using your fear for their gain. And with the way you look, they will look for any opportunity to take advantage of you." With those words, the guard closed the door. Naruto looked in the small, cracked mirror inside of the holding cell. His eyes, which normally would be colored a shocking electric blue, were dulled and tired looking. Spiky blonde hair that could rival the sun had fallen flat on the top of his head. Naruto took off his white blazer and black dress pants and put on the orange jumpsuit, which slipped off his shoulder due to its bagginess. Ten minutes later, another guard stepped into the holding cell and cuffed Naruto's hands behind him. He started to lead Naruto out of the cell and towards the bus, which would transport Naruto to his home for the next 55 years.

Meanwhile, a lone figure sat in a cell by himself, the sounds of men yelling and cursing being slightly muffled by the door. A guard opened the cell door, the sounds becoming clearer.

"You will be getting a new cellmate today. Now this is the third cellmate you've had in six months. If I find out that you hurt this one, then I have no choice but to send you to the Security Housing Unit for the remainder of your stay. Do I make myself clear Uchiha?" The figure turned his head towards the officer, black eyes staring straight at the officers' face. A grin formed on the figures face, making the man look more menacing.

"Of course officer. I'll play nice with the new meat. Besides, I always wanted a new pet."

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