He pulled out his phone for the fifteenth time that night. 11:23pm, flashed on the front, he had no new messages, the rain pouring down thick and fast now, splashing up against the pavement and soaking the bottom of his jeans. Where was this guy? He let out a weary sigh, he probably wasn't coming. He didn't know why he had bothered to wait so long. After all, it wasn't the first time he had been stood up. God, men could be such arseholes.

He peered across the dark street hopefully, searching out a face, before finally giving up and turning to make the arduous journey back home. Luckily, the nearest tube station was only round the corner. He didn't fancy walking much further in this weather. It was probably for the best anyway. He had a major basketball game tomorrow after school and he needed to rest up if he wanted to be at the top of his game. Any opportunity to be spotted was another chance at gaining a full college scholarship, not that he needed one. His parents were filthy rich and willing to pay. But his pride wanted him to earn it for himself. It was the glory he was after, never the money.

"Hey!" He heard a voice shout from behind him. He craned his neck round to see a slight figure running across the road, there appearance blurred by the onslaught of the rain.

He stopped and waited for the figure to get closer, where he could finally see him clearly. He was soaked through, brown locks plastered to his forehead, droplets of rain falling from them and down onto his slender nose, which rested daintily between his brilliant blue eyes. He had elf like ears and pale cheekbones that could cut through glass.

"Tallandblonde25…. Just like your picture." The boy was shivering as he spoke, his sultry voice felt overly personal considering they had only just met each other. Nate could tell the boy had done this before, even if he did look like he was about 12.

"You must be…" Nate began, unsure of how to proceed. He had never hooked up with anyone on the internet before. He'd never really hooked up with a guy before, for that matter. This was all new to him. New, and freeing.

"Viralslut" he offered proudly. "Pleasure to meet you"

Nate waited a moment, expecting some sort of apology for having made him wait in the pouring rain for over an hour, but it soon became clear that wasn't going to happen.

"You want to er… grab a coffee or something" Nate suggested clumsily, gesturing towards the livelier part of New York City with his hand. It was Nate who had wanted to meet in a public space. He was cautious, having heard the horror stories. But he also hadn't wanted to be too public. Nowhere where people he knew could possibly see him. He would never be able to do that.

"I didn't come all the way out here just for coffee" The boy replied, stepping forward so there faces were inches apart. "and neither did you" he whispered into his face. He was confident, Nate would give him that.

"Well, where do you want to go?" Nate asked him. It was pouring down, and they were in the middle of nowhere. Where else would they go? Nate's plan had been simple. Meet up, grab a coffee. Chat for a bit. See if he really felt that way. The way he had been obsessing about for years. Now everything was moving so fast.

"Follow me" The boy slid his arm into his and led him down the road, towards the station. Once there, his eyes darted about, before he dragged Nate into the toilet.

Before Nate even knew where they were the boy had him pinned against the wall. He pressed his lips up against Nate's and the warmth enveloped him.

There was an urgency to the boy, his hands wandering over Nate's torso. Nate allowed himself to hold the boy's waist. He could feel his slender body underneath his drenched gray hoodie. He tried to lose himself in the moment, but it was all happening so quickly. He could feel a panic rising in his chest. Reluctantly he pushed the boy away.

"I… I don't even know your name" He breathed out shakily, looking down into those brilliant blue, quizzical eyes.

"Don't go full fag on me, please" the boy whined sarcastically, his breathing fast as he went to press himself back up against him. Nate gently pressed his hand on the boys chest, pushing him back.

They stared at each other for a moment, waiting to see if the other would back down.
"Fine." The boy huffed. "I'm Jesse" he told him sulkily, looking down at the floor.

"I'm Nate" Nate smiled at him. Jesse was his first kiss. First guy kiss anyway.

"So" Jesse began, elongating the word as his hands reached and grabbed Nate around the waist again"Nate, you gonna suck my dick now?" He smirked wickedly at him, his lips brushing against Nate's earlobes suggestively.

Nate felt his palms go sweaty and a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. He had dreamed of a moment like this for as long as he could remember, but now that he was here he had to fight every fibre in his body that was telling him to run away.

His body must have given him away because Jesse stepped back, searching Nate's eyes for an answer to an unvoiced question.

"Oh for fuck's sake. You're a fucking virgin aren't you?" Jesse taunted harshly, his hands releasing Nathan's torso.

"I…" Nate stammered, thrown by the bluntness of his accusation. Was it that obvious?

"Fuck" Jesse cursed again under his breath, having stepped away completely now. Nate couldn't help but miss the touch of his hands on his body. So I am definitely gay then. He thought to himself, thinking about how much more excited, how much more natural it had felt than all of the times he had tried to lose himself in a girl.

"I can't believe I walked all of this way for this" Jesse whispered bitterly, leaning on the sink, his left leg tapping frantically on the ground.

"I'm sorry" Nate offered honestly, playing with his fingers as he stared at Jesse's back. His clothes were still completely soaked through. He stared at Jesse's face in the mirror. Pale and intense. It was so fucking hot. Why did I have to push him away?

Jesse breathed out sharply, shaking his head. "It's fine just get the fuck out of here"

"Well wait" Nate began, not wanting to leave. "Can't we just…"

"Just what?" Jesse snapped "get a fucking coffee?"

"Well" Nate began, his nerve starting to fail him. "Yeah".

Jesse turned to face him, his eyes cynical "And then what Nate? You want to hold hands? Go for a walk in the park? Talk?" The last word was particularly cutting "Please, dude. You think I'm on hoeser for that shit?"

Nate didn't know if he was supposed to reply to that or not. Obviously, he had known that Hoeser was a site made for sex, he wasn't that stupid. What he hadn't realised was that it would be only sex. That conversation was deemed unsavoury.

"Okay. I'm sorry I led you on. I've never done this before. Now I know, it won't happen again. Believe me" Nate held his hands up in front of him defensively, vowing inwardly to himself that he was going to delete Hoeser the minute he got back home. This whole thing had been a huge mistake.

"What? You have one bad experience and you're just going to give up on getting laid?" Jesse pushed him. What is it with this guy?

"Are you always this nasty to people?" Nate asked him, looking him over.

Jesse shrugged, suddenly defensive "Whatever dude, I'm not the one who's afraid of the big bad cock" He raised his eyebrows, grinning to himself. It made these incredible dimples appear on his cheeks that made Nathan feel a surge of heat within him. How can I both hate and like this guy so much?

"I'm not afraid of anything." Nate replied aggressively. "I just didn't want my first time to be in a fucking toilet with a guy I've never had a conversation with"

"You calling me a slut?" Jesse pushed him, anger flaring up and flickering behind his eyes.

Nate sighed. He hadn't meant to say anything. The words had come out before he could stop them.

"No. I don't even know you. Look, I'm sorry. I'm just... I don't know. I'm going to go, thanks for the kiss" Nate avoided his eyes, making his way for the door.

Jesse grabbed his arm, as he brushed past the side of him, and he looked at Jesse, whose brilliant blue eyes looked like they were thinking about something. He leg was still shaking like crazy, but the intense look in his eye had softened slightly.

He let out a deep sigh "Look, I'm sorry too"

Nate stared at him for a long moment. He looks agitated. Is he always this on edge? Once again, Nate's mouth spoke before his brain could catch up "I was going to grab a coffee on my way back anyway. You can come if you want."

Jesse eyed him nervously, before nodding silently and following him out of the door.