"So… you live nearby?" Nate asked him finally. They had walked to Starbucks in silence and Nate had ordered them both a coffee. As soon as they had sat down Nate had gazed on, hypnotised as Jesse sat back casually in the chair, tapping his fists together, leg still shaking, his eyes drifting out the window. Is he nervous? The longer they had sat in the silence the more bizarre it had seemed to Nathan that they had actually kissed 10 minutes ago.

Jesse shrugged, throwing a sideways glance his way "Kind of"

"Well, whereabouts?" Nate asked, trying desperately to catch Jesse's eye.

Jesse cleared his throat, entertwining his fingers in a desperate bid to keep them still "I'm inbetween places at the moment" he declared finally, leaning forward and staring relentlessly into Nate's face. "My mum spent all of the rent money on drugs, so we got kicked out. She does that sometimes when my dad's away".

Nate felt his stomach drop to the floor. Is he kidding? "Away?" Nate questioned, not understanding.

"He's in the army" Jesse continued, still staring with increasing intensity into Nate's face, challenging him, daring him to call his bluff. Nate didn't dare. Jesse's eyes danced over his body suggestively and he felt his body temperature rising.

"So where are you staying right now?" Nate held his gaze, even though it was taking all of his resolve not to look away. It was as if Jesse's eyes were burning into his skin.

"In a shelter"

Nate nodded slowly, not knowing what he was supposed to say to this revelation. Is he telling me the truth or fucking with me?

Jesse waited a moment longer before slumping back in his chair, tapping his fists over each other again.

Nate took a sip of coffee, letting the warm liquid comfort his insides. He hadn't realised how cold he had felt. He looked over at Jesse, whose coffee remained untouched. The last thing that boy needs is caffeine he thought.

"It's rude to stare" He suddenly heard Jesse's voice filter through his thoughts. He didn't know how long he had been staring at him for.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to" Nate replied awkwardly shifting in his chair and averting his gaze.

"God, you know, a word of advice. If you want to get laid you need to stop apologising and acting like such a virgin" Jesse sneered at him, whipping his phone out and checking it randomly before sliding it back into his still soaked, skinny jeans.

"Is it that obvious?" Nate asked him honestly, his eyes wounded.

Jesses tutted, shaking his head, "You might as well have a neon sign above your fucking head" he shot at him, revelling in the other boys discomfort.

"Why do you do that?" Nate asked him. After the incident in the toilet Nate felt immune to Jesse's mockery. Or at least that's what he kept telling himself.


"Make it sound so terrible?" Nate asked.

Jesse stared at Nate's wounded eyes for a second before they suddenly flickered uneasily "Jesus, it was like, a fucking joke, you don't need to fucking cry" Jesse folded his arms across himself defensively.

"You're a real comedian" Nate replied sharply.

"If it was that obvious I wouldn't have dragged you into the toilet to suck my dick, alright, so you can relax! God!" Jesse snapped reluctantly, scratching the side of his head.

Nate glared at hi. They sat in tortured silence again for a bit, neither one quite knowing why the other was still there. Jesse was tapping his fists together rhythmically whilst Nate stared at him, trying to figure him out.

"How old are you anyway? You look about 12" Nate asked him, bitterness in his tone.

Jesse's eyes shot up to look back at him.

"Meow" Jesses purred, clawing the air between them with one hand.

"I love a guy who fights back. If you know what I mean." He whispered across cheekily, giving him a wink.

Nate felt the heat creep to his face and knew that he was blushing like a beetroot, as much as he tried to hide it.

"19" Jessie answered, shrugging his shoulders as he leaned back again in his chair. Does he ever sit still?

Nathan said nothing, maintaining eye contact.

Jesse was the one to find his resolve weakening this time "Fine. I'm 16 alright, so what? Don't pretend you're not still in school either or anything" he shot, folding his arms back in front of himself.

Nate felt relief sweep across him. Online Jesse, or 'viralslut' stated they were 19 which had intimidated Nate slightly. Finding out that he was younger was kind of comforting. Nate watched Jesse curiously. He had been so sexually confident that Nate hadn't really questioned his age that much before now. He had felt so intimidated before. But he was just a kid. Just like him.

"I'm 17" he offered, his tone friendly.

"And you've really never had sex before?" Jesse asked incredulously.

Nate shrugged, looking longingly into his coffee cup, wishing it would swallow him up.

"But you uh, you have kissed a guy before, right?" There was no sneer, no mocking in Jesse's question this time.

Shyly, Nate's eyes looked up and locked onto Jesse's, silently answering his question with his bashfulness.

"Oh shit…" Jesse retorted. Nate couldn't tell who he sounded angrier with. Nate or himself.

They were both staring at each other now and Nate felt like they really knew each other. He'd known for a while now that he was attracted to guys, but this was the first time he felt like he actually liked on in particular. God knows why, he's a complete prick he thought to himself.

"Well, you should probably go catch your train. It is a school night" Jesse began, getting up to leave.

"Right" Nate agreed, getting up and following him out of the café, Jesse's untouched coffee abandoned on the table.

"What about you?" Nate asked him as he tried to keep up with his fast pace down the street.

"I've got to go find some action" he told him casually.

"oh… right" Nate said softly, looking down at the ground.

Nate stopped at the train station and he felt Jesse's own pace slow as he turned to face him.

"Well, this was a complete disaster right? You're probably be laughing about this for some time" Nate said honestly.

"You know, if you ever change your mind about that blow job, give me a call. I can be real, real gentle" Jesse smirked. Nate stared down at that intense face. He's so fucking beautiful.

Nate didn't know quite what came over him in that moment, but he felt his hand rise up to touch Jesse's cheek, his thumb rubbing over the spot where his dimples usually were. Jesse's eyes flickered with surprise, but he didn't move away, and Nate bent down, slowly, pressing his lips against Jesses, letting them linger there. When Jesse didn't respond he kissed him again, parting his mouth to let his tongue slide through. He flicked Jesse's tongue in his mouth and felt a heat and sense of urgency rise up in his belly. It was only then that he pulled away.

"I'll take that as a yes" Jesse smirked before turning and ducking away from him and into the distance.

Nate watched his body grow smaller and smaller in the distance, until the street looked as if he had never been there. He stared down at his phone. 00:46. He had spent hardly any time with Jesse, and yet he felt like he was the one person who might know him better than anyone else. Sighing, he turned and ran to catch the train home.