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Ziva and Tony sat side by side smiling in front of the stage. Tony watched through the screen on his phone as he recorded it all.

"Tina David." The principal called. Ziva nudged Tony playfully smirking, Tony mouthed in response 'Dah-veed'. They both chuckled at the mispronunciation and went back to smiling proudly at their adoptive child from the parent's seating section. Tina gratefully received her diploma, and shook the man's hand firmly. Both Tony and Ziva wished they could clap then but they had to wait till every student had gotten their diploma. It took a long time, being a big high school, there were plenty of names to call after the 'Ds'. At the end when people began to clap a loud cry erupted from Ziva's seat. Ziva bounced her knee up and down slightly.

"Shh, Tali. Ima's here." She assured the toddler smiling down their daughter. There was a standing ovation and Ziva stood up holding Talia up to see Tina. Tina nervously waved.

"Look Tali, it's your big sister. We're so proud aren't we? Aren't we?" Tony said in a 'baby voice'. He murmured nonsense to her and the child giggled forgetting about the loud clapping instantly. At the end Tina came and found them all and smiled widely showing off her diploma. Tony and Ziva enveloped her in a big hug, being carefully not to squeeze Tali. Tali was too busy playing with her Ima's curls to even care, and Ziva had to eventually detach the toddler's arm before she ripped out anymore hair.

"You earned it kiddo." Tony said deliberately patronising her.

"I'm eighteen now, Tony, I'm not a kid!" Tina protested laughing with her arms folded in a mock defiant pose.

"Still can't drink!" He teased back smirking. "But you can eat, and I think this deserves a celebration meal. Where do you fancy?"

"Hmmm, Big Joe's?" Tina asked hopefully.

"Sounds wonderful." Ziva said remembering the last time they had gone to that Ice Cream and Pizza Parlour. It was on Tina's 18 birthday, not long after Tai's first birthday also.

Tony's phone rang four times during dinner and both Tina and Ziva sighed each time. Like mother, like daughter, Tony thought.

"Gibbs?" Ziva asked quietly, silently cursing in her mind, he knew how important today was.

"It can wait. He knows where I am." Tony said turning his phone off. "You're lucky you don't have to deal with him anymore." Tony added pocketing his phone.

"Yes, that is true. Of all the things I miss about NCIS, the constant call outs is not one of them. Though I am still woken in the middle of the night by an high pitched noise, aren't I Tali?" She joked rocking her daughter. Tali giggled even though she had no idea what was being said.

"I think this is a photo moment!" Tony announced to the table. Tina put down her half eaten slice and pulled out her phone. She turned on the front facing camera and extended her arm ready to take a selfie. The waitress interrupted them before she could.

"May I?" She said gesturing to the camera, Tina nodded. "If you don't mind me saying, you guys make a great couple." She added to Tony and Ziva. Ziva and one arm round Tony and the other holding Talia. Tony reached round and put his arm round Tina and pulled her closer into the camera frame.

"Say cheese!" The waitress joked laughing as she took the photo. They all giggled but didn't actually say cheese, it still made for a great photo. Tina took back her phone and thanked the young woman. She scrolled through the gallery of pictures, somehow the waitress had managed to take about 10 in 10 seconds. Almost all of them were good pictures, there were a few where Tony and Ziva were only looking at themselves and not the camera. Tina handed the phone to show what she thought was the best photo out of the bunch. Tina was looking at Tali and Tali was too busy staring up at her parents to notice. Tony and Ziva were both looking at each other smiling. Somehow all of them had avoided looking at the camera but it was still a perfect picture.