Xylee sighed as she tried to calm her nerves. She had just turned 15 and the state finally figured out she was living by herself. She was currently in a taxi, on her way to her brother's house in La Push, Washington. She had the typical russet skin, bright blue hair with purple ends, and bright green eyes. She began to get fidgety as they neared her brothers house. Once it came to a stop she gave the man some money and got out, pulling her stuff out behind her. Halfway across the yard she dropped her stuff and ran full speed towards her brother. They hugged each other as tightly as they could.

"Jeez, look how tall you got!" He exclaimed.

"Oh my god. I missed you so much. Denver was so boring. Where's Sammy?" Xylee rushed out.

"Breathe Xy. I missed you too. Was it really boring or are you exaggerating? Sam's inside." Paul replied.

"More like I'm right here." A voice said. Xylee looked behind Paul to see Sam and Jared standing there. She ran towards him.

"Sammy!" She yelled.

"Xybug! Jeez, you've grown up." He exclaimed, hugging her tightly. Xylee let go and stuck her tongue out at him.

"Xylee Logan Lahote! What have I told you about sticking out your tongue?" Another voice said.

"Harry!" She said, hugging him. Xylee lets him go and went back over to Paul, hugging him again.

"You happy to be home again?" He asked. She nodded, pushing her hair out of your face.

"Come one. Let's introduce you to everybody." Paul said, picking up her bags. They all went inside and Paul put her bags on the steps. They went into the living room and Xylee was shocked to see all the guys in the living room.

"Oke. That's Embry, Quil, Seth, Leah, Collin, and Brady. Then there's Emily, Bella, Kim, little Claire, Tiffany, Sue, Harry, Old Quil, Joy, and you know Callie, Alison, Jake, and Billy." Sam said, pointing to everybody. Xylee stopped paying attention once he got to Seth. She felt as if they were the only two in the world. Most of the boys looked at each other, grinning, as they realized Seth had imprinted on Paul's little sister. Paul, however, was glaring at Seth with murderous eyes. Seth and Xylee snapped out of their haze as Callie, Jared's mom, and Alison, Sam's mom, squealed and hugged Xylee.

"My spirits, you've gotten so big." Callie gushed.

"You're so grown up now." Alison cooed. Xylee looked at Paul for help, who in return just gave her a cheesy grin.

"Mom, why don't you let her breathe?" Jared said, emerging from the kitchen. The 2 women let her go and Xylee lunged for Jared.

"Jay!" She exclaimed. Jared caught her and hugged her.

"Hey, Lee." Jared said. Billy wheeled over and hugged her.

"Hi, Uncle Billy!" She exclaimed. She bent down to his ear.

"So how many are wolves and how many are imprints?" She whispered. The guys sitting on the couch looked shocked. Jake snickered.

"How does she know about the secret?" Quil exclaimed. Xylee stood up straight and looked at him.

"I was there when Paul phased." She answered.

" Jake, Embry, Quil, Seth, Leah, Collin, and Brady are wolves. Leah and Brady imprinted on each other. Little Claire is Quil's. Bella is Collin's. Emily is Sam's. And Kim is Jared's. Paul, Jacob, and Embry haven't imprinted yet." Billy said. She looked at everybody as Billy mentioned their names.

"What about Seth? You never mentioned his name." Xylee commented.

"I imprinted on you." Seth replied softly. Xylee stared at him in surprise.

"Oke." She said simply. Paul chuckled and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

"Come on I wanna hear all about your last couple months in Denver." Paul said. Xylee shifted uncomfortably.

"C-can we talk about it later?" She asked. Paul gave her a look but nodded.

"I love your hair!" Kim said. Xylee smiled.

"Thank you." She said. She glanced at Seth to see him staring at her. She gave him a shy smile and he grinned.

"Xylee? Can we talk?" He asked. Xylee nodded and beckoned him outside. He followed her ignoring the wolf whistles some of the guys were giving him. Xylee stood on the porch staring out into the streets of La Push. Paul snuck over and stood by the doorway.

"So, uh, do you accept the imprint?" Seth asked. Xylee looked at him and nodded.

"I know what happens when an imprint denies their wolf. I saw Sam whenever he imprinted and how he fought it. After a couple weeks, he could barely move. I was visiting Paul and it killed me to see a guy I considered a big brother in pain like that. So no, I would never deny an imprint. So yes, I do accept it." Xylee said. As soon as she said her final sentence the both could feel their pull become much stronger and they both smiled.

"Can you tell me more about imprinting?" Xylee asked, sitting on the porch swing. Seth nodded and sat beside her.

"One thing is that until I stop phasing neither of us will age. You'll never be sick. I'll leave you. I can be anything you need. Friend, brother, or lover. I can feel your emotions and I'll always know if you're hurt or sad or anything." Seth said.

"It's like the fountain of youth." Xylee mumbled and Seth chuckled.

"Something like that." He replied. Paul smiled to himself and went back to the living room. He wasn't happy about it, but he would deal with it. After all, Xylee was the only blood family he had left and he would do anything to protect her.