I woke up the next morning with the smell of Seth encompassing me. I opened my eyes and realised that I still had his pants and hoodie on. I smiled and curled into a ball, wrapping the hoodie around me more.

"XYLEEEE!" I heard a little voice squeak as feet pounded up the steps. A moment later a little girl jumped onto my bed.

"Good morning, Claire." I laughed, wrapping my arms around the girl. She placed a big, wet, sloppy kiss onto my cheek. I groaned and wiped my face. She grinned at me and I started tickling her.

"Silly, silly girl!" I exclaimed, tickling her more.

"Aaah! Xylee!" She giggled loudly. I stopped a minute later and sat up. I noticed Seth by the door and smiled. He smiled back and walked over, laying on the bed next to me and Claire. I kissed his cheek and pulled Claire closer to me. She yawned softly. I'm guessing the tickling wore her out.

"Go to sleep, Claire-bear." I murmur softly. She leant against me and closed her eyes. I run my hand through her hair. I continued this until I heard her soft snores a couple minutes later. I laid her on the small couch I have pushed against the wall. I climbed back onto the bed and sat next to Seth, who was staring at me.

"You're really good with her." He says quietly. I smile and look down, interlocking my hand with his.

"I did a lot of babysitting in Denver..and I've always wanted to have kids." I reply. He squeezes my hand.

"Good, because I want kids too. One day." He replied. I looked up and looked at him. He leant up and pecked my lips.

"Anyway, I came to tell you that Camden and Orissa are coming to spend the day with you. And Kim and Jared are taking them to the dance as dates that way you get to spend tonight with them too. " He says. I grin.

"Remind me to thank Kim and Jared later." I reply. He pulls me down and holds me to him. I smirk and kiss him lightly, wrapping my arms around his neck. He chuckles softly and moves his hands to my hips. I move so I'm straddling him and he sits us up, never breaking the kiss. I tangle my hands in his hair, deepening the kiss. He pulls away a minute later.

"We better stop before we wake up Claire." He mumbles. I groan softly and put my head on his shoulder. I shake my head and get off him. I grab some clothes and go into the bathroom, locking it. I'm so tired of not being able to do anything with Seth. Either Claire is always with me or someone is always interrupting. Including all the imprints downstairs. I quickly shower and pull on my clothes. I walk out as I braid my hair. I think I'm gonna dye it soon. Seth is sitting on the edge of the bed in a new set of clothes. He stands up and walks over to me, wrapping his arms around me.

"Are you oke? You feel angry and annoyed." He asked. I shake my head.

"No. But I can deal." I reply, pulling back. I gently pick up Claire and slowly walk downstairs, trying not to wake her. I lay her on the couch and walk into the kitchen to see Cam and Ori sitting there.

"Hey, Xy." Ori said.

"Morning, Ori." I reply, kissing her cheek and then Cam's. I sat at the table across from them and poured a glass of orange juice. I could feel Seth standing behind me. I tilted my head back to look at him.

"Where're all the girls?" I asked.

"Left. The older ones will be back later to get ready for the dance." Seth replied. He leant forward and kissed my forehead and then my lips.

"I'll see you tonight. I'll pick you up at 5. We can go to the diner and get something to eat." Seth said, pecking my lips again and walking out the door. I smile to myself and tilt my head to normal. Cam and Ori stared at me.

"You're totally in love with him." Ori stated. I blushed and looked down.

"I am..I really am." I reply. I grab my glass and go into the living room, setting up the TV and DVD player.

"Suicide Squad or Deadpool?" I call out to them.

"Suicide Squad." They replied at the same time, walking in. Ori let out a shriek and turned to me.

"Oh! I got you a present!" She exclaimed. I chuckled softly and sat on the couch. She went into the kitchen and came out a minute later, carrying a black box. She sat down next to me and handed it to me. I ripped it open and let out a scream.

"Orissa! Oh my god!" I exclaimed and hugged her tightly. She got me a bunch of my favourite Kylie Jenner lip kits. As Orissa grinned, the back door opened and in came a bunch of the guys.

"What's wrong? Are you hurt?" Seth exclaimed, striding over to me, looking me over as he does. I ignored them and basically tackled Orissa.

"This must have cost you a fortune!" I said. She smiled and shook her head.

"Marissa at school got them, and luckily, all your favourite shades were the ones she doesn't like. She gave me all of them for $75." She replied.

"You are seriously the bestest friend ever." I said and hugged her tightly. I'm so glad that they are here right now. I've missed Denver and all my old friends.