Written for Poirot Cafe's Super Short Contest #3: Tears

Hope you enjoy. It was written in about 15 minutes so don't expect anything too good. I hope you enjoy anyways.

Disclaimer: I don't own either Detective Conan nor Magic Kaito(u)

Word Count: 580

His long white cape brushed up against the ground where dust had long settled in this part of the amusement park. Pieces of previous rides lay rusted, forgotten and in pieces much like the roller coaster he was staring at intently. They never did bother to fix this place up. In the end, they only shut it down. His heart clenched and he took a shuttering breath, his gloved hands clenching and unclenching in attempts to stay calm.

Rubble. That was all the place looked liked now. Just a bunch of rubble with forgotten laughter of the past fading away each passing day. Memories were left to dwell alone, only in the hearts and mind of men. No one ever came here any more, after all. Well, except maybe him.

Kaitou KID. International criminal 1412. A laughable thief compared to the original KID if he did say so himself. A child who was stuck in the past, relieving and relieving his fathers death over and over again.


He kneeled down, and the dust made room at his sudden movement, cascading through the air and spreading out to anywhere but where he was, settling onto the ground once more.

So pitiful.

Bringing up a hand to his monocle, he grabbed it, throwing it off to the side as he mentally broke down. First he saw red. Burning, angry red. Flames. Hurtful searing flames that turned his father into ashes. Mere ashes. And then he saw white. An empty white coffin with Toichi's smiling face in a framed portrait was all he and his mother had to bury. Along with his a huge fragment of his heart. Kaito smiled sadly. He never got that fragment back.

And, he realized early on in life that he never would.

He swallowed dryly, wrapping his fingers carefully around an item in his pocket. It glowed a deep red through his suit pocket as it began to stain everything in a blood-like hue. The moon was no longer behind the clouds and he could no longer hide the gem more than he could hide his emotions.

His mask cracked and a strangled breath echoed through the silent night. The gem was clenched tighter in his fist and it hummed in understanding. Sorrow was woven into the thief's expression and the gem told his silently, it was meant to be. The red hue dimmed down, turning into a shade of brown that filled the air with its regret.

It couldn't live, but that was fine. The gem- Pandora, didn't want to live. It never liked the conflict it caused, and now, it'd be over. It would all end...

Tears. That was the first thing Kaito was aware of when he placed the gem onto the ground, right in front of where his father died. Where his father was murdered. They cascaded down his cheeks like mini-streams, but he was too numb to feel them. To numb to notice until they dropped down onto his gloves and soaked the glowing gem. He smiled once again. A wry smile.

Regret. Relief. Accomplishment. Shame. Hurt. Happiness.

He stepped down on the gem, putting every ounce of strength he had to crush it. Pandora made it easier and started to destroy itself along with the white-clad thief. The gem shattered into thousands of tiny clear shards. It had lost its color. It had lost its regret.

"Oyaji," He cried. "It's over. It's done"

The sky began to cry with him.

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