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_Chapter 33_

"In Tandem"


"It's under control!" Trinity yelled as she ran passed us, a rugaru hot on her tail. Both my jaw and Dean's were dropped and we had disapproving scowls on our faces. We looked at each other and ran after her.

When we turned a corner, we saw her walking back toward us with a burning body behind her. She stopped in front of us, a proud smile on her face. She dusted her hands off, clapping them together ahead of her.

"Done and done," she grinned. "Now what? I feel like a philly cheese steak sandwich, how 'bout you guys?" she waltzed in between us and back to the Impala.

"You know," I said as we stared after her, "If anyone were to ever doubt that she fit in with us…"

"They'd be dead wrong," Dean shook his head and smirked at the same time, like he was proud, yet found it amusing. We followed her and went to get some food.

After we ate we were walking back down the alley to Baby and heard footsteps following us. We all sensed it but Trinity was the first to act. At the same time that I heard a familiar voice whisper, "Sam, Dean-," she twirled around and completely took out the young man with a fast right-hook. With a yelp and then a thud of him falling to the pavement, Trinity perched on top of a familiar face, his hand covering his cheek. Before we could do anything, she had a dagger pinned at his throat.

"Kevin?" Dean questioned.

"Kevin?" Trinity looked back at us. "Oh... Oh shit!" she stood up off of our prophet friend and held out a hand to help him up, "The advanced placement kid." She awkwardly grinned at him, "Sorry 'bout that, you know heightened reflexes can be a bitch sometimes." She shook his free hand as he went between glaring at her and realizing who she was.

"You must be Trinity," he nodded slightly and then looked at me, "You said she was like Dean, but dang."

"C'mon, let's go get that on ice, bud," Dean wrapped his arm behind Kevin, patting him on the back as we headed to the car.

When we got home, Dean got him a cold washcloth with ice in it for Kevin's cheek. We all sat down at the table to talk about what Kevin came to us for.

"Sorry about your face again," Trinity made a face, squinting her eyes and almost snarling her top lip, making her look apologetic and like she just witnessed someone fall down and said, ouch.

"It's alright, I've had worse. I shouldn't have snuck up on you like that," he grinned. On the way home, they had chatted in the backseat and gotten to know one another better than how we talked about them to the other before.

"So, what's up?" I crossed my arms on the table and we all looked to the young prophet.

"There's something attacking people in my mom's town."

"Are you sure it's not just a person or an animal or something?" Dean raised one eyebrow.

"Considering people said they saw something about the size of a kangaroo with a goat head and sharp teeth," a deep sigh, "walking on two hooved legs, and had two big bat-like wings," he looked up from the sticky note he was reading off of, "I'd say it's up your alley."

"That sounds like a Jersey Devil," Trinity furrowed her eyebrows, tapping her fingers on the table.

"A what?" Dean leaned back in his chair and looked over at her.

"I think I've actually heard of those. But aren't they kind of extinct?"

"I thought so, but… apparently not."

"I'd say not," Kevin interjected. "Five people have gone missing and there bodies… well what remained of them, were found a few days later." He sprawled a few morgue photos on the table top and Dean looked closer then leaned back a disgusted snarl on his face. Trinity then leaned in to take a look and picked one up to inspect even more.

"Cool," she mumbled looking at the mangled ligaments and tissues. Dean just looked at her for a minute.

"Anyway, I thought I could get your guys' help. And you don't look too too busy… wanna go?" Kevin smiled at us.

"Well," Trinity stood up and headed to the fridge. "Let's go kick some monster ass," she took a sip of apple juice and slammed the cardboard box don on the table.

"How adult of you," Dean gestured to her cup and smirked.

"Shut it, Winchester."

"Don't. Even. Think. About it," Trinity grumbled. She made us all close our eyes, because somehow the case led us to a strip club and we needed to go undercover. And lo and behold, Trinity was the one offered up for that job.

"Dean!" I heard a loud smack and Dean react. "I said keep your eyes closed!" I could hear the awkward in her voice. Which surprised me for how immodest this girl is.

"I'm allowed to see you like this," he giggled. I'm sure it was his fantasy to see Trinity in a stripper outfit. I got the shivers from the thought, it made me so uncomfortable.

"Well, how do you expect us to walk and navigate, hmm?" Dean's sarcastic voice sounded.

"Trinity, may I inquire why you're dressed like a whore?" Cas voice appeared beside me, making me jump.

"Cas, choose your next words very carefully," Dean grumbled.

"I think he meant it as the old timey prostitutes… in which he's not wrong," Trinity covered for our feathered friend. "It's for the case, buddy. But uh, can I ask a favor?"

"Of course," Cas replied, then some mumbles and shuffling happened.

She sighed, "Okay, you're all good."

I apprehensively opened my eyes and she was finishing wrapping Cas' trench coat around her.

"Alright… let's get this over with," she glared at us and turned on her heel toward the music-filled joint lit up with neon lights with bouncers at the door.

Somehow Trinity got her hands on an ID of one of the girls and worked a little hunter's magic and replaced her photo with the girl's. She walked in first and we waited a about ten minutes before following with our FBI badges.

"I am one lucky son of a bitch," Dean's jaw was dropped with a smile. I could feel the mortified expression possess my face.


_Author's Song Note_

"Cherry Pie" by Warrant

Her hips swayed back and forth to go along with one of my favorite classics. She whipped her hair back over her head with a snap, sending glitter everywhere, her eyes that were closed, slowly opened as she stood back up, smirking at me, a devilish look in her eyes surrounded by thick black eyeliner, coming out in exaggerated wings. I couldn't help but look her up and down. Dressed in a shiny purple bustier with black lace rimming the edges and falling down over her stomach, along with solid black sequin underwear-like things. Long straps came down from them and attached themselves to her tie up, strappy, black heels. Her skin shimmered with sweat and multi-colored glitter and she had her wings hidden away, probably so they wouldn't hit anything, or anyone. So she looked like a regular stripper, but not my, full, Trin. But I did notice the ever-increasing amount of pearly, white hair replacing her jet black. I've tried to bring it up a few times, but she always changes the subject before we get a full conversation going.

She gripped the pole and twirled and at a loud drum beat in the song, she whipped around and jumped off, landing on the glossy, glittering stage with the beat. Hitting the floor with her fingertips, she slid them away from her as she came closer and closer to the floor and a crawling position, arching her back invertedly, rolling her shoulders, and biting her lip, her cleavage glistening. She became closer and closer to the edge of the stage and all of a sudden got up on her knees, running her hands through her thick, crazy hair, her full hourglass shape silhouetted by the colorful strobe lights and hazy air. She thrusted her hips out a bit and winked at me.

I couldn't help the awkward shift my legs did as the pit of my stomach felt light and warm and I felt the big, mischievous smile cross my face. As well as the blood rush to my cheeks, one of a few places. I could also feel the literal awkward and disturbia seething from Sammy. She was his little sister after all.

I was about to step forward, when her attention was no longer on me, but a man in a light grey pinstripe suit, black hair slicked back, the silver sides along with it, and a dark grey tie adorning his chest. Even his eyes were a steely grey. A smile finished off his chiseled face, a smile that I wanted to punch off his face for looking at my baby that way. But I knew who he was, he was why we were here, and Trinity already had our plan set in motion. So I forced my fists to clench shut and my teeth to grit, holding back my protectiveness.

She gracefully, well, at least attempting to be graceful, but still tripping on her way off, climbed down from the stage in front of the man who we found out is a witch and conjured up the beast that looks like the myth of the Jersey Devil.

She straddled his lap and he put his hands on her hips, moving his fingers a little too much around on her skin and toying with the hems of her underwear. I felt Sam's hand grip my arm making the realisation click in my head I was just about to surge forward and pummel this man. She put her hands on his shoulders and let her right fingers trail up his neck and her index fingernail to scratch along his jawline, tilting his head upward.

I was about to rip Sam's hand off of me so I could rip this guy's head off of his body, as he was slowly moving his head toward her chest. But before I could do anything, her once tantalising hand gripped his throat tightly and shock filled his eyes, along with a still playful, nasty, look.

"Listen here, douchebag," she leaned in and whispered in front of his face making the dirty look completely vanish from his face. He snapped his fingers and a little sizzle of a spark erupted from the tips and he glanced down with a horrified expression. That expression slowly turned to suspicion and anger. Before he could ask her the cliché What are you? his mouth started to form, she smirked, "Yeah, yeah, yeah," she rolled her eyes, "I'm taking away your powers, blah, blah, blah. Yes, I can do that, no there's no use in trying to stop me," she lowered her eyes, "Trust me."

"Damn, girl," Kevin chimed in for the first time since we walked in here. I still remember the first time we met him, he was a brilliant high school student with shaggy hair. He never really got that chance to start living a normal adult life, so I'm sure this might've been the first time in a strip joint. He was obviously impressed with Trinity's blunt force.

The man glanced over at him for a moment as if judging him. When he met Trinity's gaze again, his eyes froze, and I knew she was compelling him. Ever since she started controlling her powers more and more, she could do things that both demons and angels could do with ease, sometimes making her own powers as well.

"Tell us where you're seances are going on and I'll let you go. If not, say au revoir to your magic," she glared down at him, his cheeks between her hand, his lips squished up and out because of how tightly she was holding him down. The daggers she had for eyes was unnerving to most, but I found it so attractive.

Even under compulsion, probably because he had magic himself, no matter if Trin was blocking him out, his heart rate grew and his grip on the arm chair became so much that his knuckles turned white.

"Now, I'm gonna move my hand, say the wrong thing…" she left him on a cliffhanger.

When he spoke, a thick French accent adoring the love-language came out and he apparently told us everything, all the way down to the fact that he had a whip and eye-mask in his brief case.

After leaving the terrified looking man, somewhat dazed and confused in the chair, alone and glitter-coated, I asked, "So, what the Hell did Fifty Shades even say back there?"

"Literally everything we needed to know… and more," Trinity widened her eyes and then shook her head as if trying to forget what he told her.

"How'd you know?" Sam raised one eyebrow.

"Angel mojo," she simply stated like that cleared everything up. Which it actually kind of did. Sam and I just looked at each other and nodded.

Stopping in her tracks and looking around the place, "Hey, guys… where's Cas?" All four of us turned in circles, leaning around people and poles, lifting ourselves up onto our tiptoes, even Sam and I with our height advantage, shading our faces with our hands trying to see past the hazing purple and orange lights.

"Found him," I sighed and started forward, Sam and Trin following. He was very awkwardly seated on a beanbag with three different women all fawning over him, one pulling at his tie and caressing his face, one running her hand through his hair, and one straddling his lap rubbing his chest.

As we got closer we could hear his conversation he was having with them. With furrowed eyebrows, "What are you doing with my hair… it's a tie, miss, not a rope… what are your hands- oh my! I do not think that is appropriate-"

"Cas!" I clapped my hands together and smiled down at him. He looked up at me, womens' hands tangled in his poofy hair, some around his shoulders and yanking on his tie, and some resting right on his crotch. The scene was kind of frozen as all four of them looked up, different expressions on their faces. "Thank you for taking care of my friend here, ladies, but we have to go," I winked at them, then felt a small elbow slightly jab me from the side Trinity was on.

As Cas started to get up, the strippers started backing away, yet tentatively. "Aw, come on angel face, why don't you just stay here with us?"

At that, Cas's eyes grew and he hurried off, getting ahead of us within seconds. When we got outside, he looked at me with confusion and a little worry. "How did she know I was an angel Dean? Am I that noticeable?" his eyes narrowed, "Is she a demon?" he started to turn to head back in, reacher for the angel blade inside his trench.

I grabbed his arm, "No, no, no, Cas. She's paid to be nice to you. It was an expression, a pet name. It's okay."

"Oh. Well. That was… kind." The last part was almost a question.


"Shit," Trinity sighed looking at me and my brother, her hands on her hips, head cocked to the sigh a little. The only thing different then usual with this scene was that we weren't in our right bodies. As Dean sat on one motel bed in my body, I sat on the other in his. It was weird.

"How'd you guys get yourself into this? I leave you to get some food for ten minutes and I come back you're Dean and you're Sam, but he looks like Dean, and he looks like Sam. Really? What voodoo monster did you screw over this time?"

"It wasn't voodoo," Dean stated, but my voice spoke, "It was hoodoo."

"Oh. Oh. I'm sorry," Trinity held up her hands like a frustrated mother, "You're right, that makes the world of a difference," she paused. "But you're still in the wrong bodies!" She sighed very heavily and rubbed her forehead, her eyes closed.

As she turned to pick up a cellphone, Dean looked over at me, making my body's face contort into a mischievous grin, "Hey Sammy, what'cha do if I found some scissors…" he used his index and middle fingers to form scissors and held them up to my hair.

I cut him off, "I would kill you, you jerk."


"Idjits," Bobby's voice came from the cell on the table on speaker.

"Yeah, yeah, we're stupid, how do we fix this Bobby?" Dean rolled his, well my, eyes to the ceiling and leaned back in the chair.

He sighed and confessed, "You have to kill the hoodoo warlock with a stake from a cypress tree coated in blood of that of a virgin and charred in the fires of Hell."

"So, simple?" Trinity sarcastically retorted.

"Who's going to a bayou, who's finding a willing virgin, and who's getting a demon for Hellfire?"

"A bayou's not far from here, we have Cas," Dean paused and met her eyes, "Is it possible for you to summon the fire? I mean, you've been expanding your abilities, haven't you?"

Trinity sighed and dropped her head to the table were her forearms crossed in front of her to make a pillow. "Fine. Call Cas, I'll try to scrounge up some Hellfire, and then we just need the branch," her muffled voice sounded so, done.

"I guess that leaves you Sammy," he tossed me the keys to the Impala, "Don't get her covered in gook," his victorious smile turned into a stern expression, then back to the smile that said, big brother perks.

"Hello Dean," Cas appeared behind Trinity and she didn't even flinch.

"Cas stay here with me, I might need your help. Dean you can go with Sam," she stood up exasperatedly and pointed at me then the door as she grabbed a bowl from the kitchenette and started to crack her knuckles and roll her shoulders and neck with her eyes closed.

"But-" he tried to protest.

"You got yourselves into this together, you can get yourselves out the same way," she glared at him. Obviously not pleased to have to deal with anything Hell related, for good reasons. We got our stuff and headed out the door, I looked at her over my shoulder and as flames started to flicker and spurt to life in the bowl, her eyebrows furrowed and finger twitching, the glowing lit up the pearly white curls hanging by her neck from her messy ponytail. I hope she tells us why this is happening to her soon, we didn't want to pressure her to talk about Limbo, but it was starting to worry us.

Right before I closed the door behind me, I saw her gasp and back away a little, eyes scrunching together in pain, but before she could completely go away from her work, I saw Cas' hands hold her bicep and her own hands, then his wings descended from the resting position to form a protective barrier around her back and around the table with the bowl. It looked like the fire died, but it flickered almost in fear. He whispered something to her and she looked up at him, tears rimming her eyes and nodded before going back to work.

That's when I knew no matter what this hair change might mean, that she wasn't going to be alone through it.


A few days later, back in their own bodies Sam and Dean sat on the couch and Trinity followed suit, then pulled me over to do so as well. It was very crowded, so Sam volunteered to sit on the floor in front of the sofa. He leaned up against it where Trinity's knees were.

As Dean used the remote control to turn The Netflix on and flip it to Game of Thrones, Trinity's slim fingers, almost instinctively, fell atop Sam's head and started tangling themselves with in his his brown hair.

The entire duration of the, what she called, "Veg-out-session," Trinity played with Sam's hair, braided little braids, combed it with her fingers, and just messed with it. She barely even looked down. And he didn't protest.

Dean rubbed her thigh with his thumb and smiled, when he glanced down to watch her fingers work their way through his brother's hair that he always threatened to cut.

Even for me, it was a relaxing night, that I think we all enjoyed and wouldn't mind happening more often.

"You're a lucky man, Dean," Charlie looked ahead of us as we stood watching Trinity finish up talking with a sheriff while we just finished with the witnesses.

"Yes I know," he smiled then a sort of confused look came across his face, "Why do you say?"

"She's freaking hot, dude," she stated with a grin.

"I tell her that," Dean chuckled, both of us knowing she doesn't believe that at all.

"So, I'm gonna go find Sam," Trinity looked around trying to find him over the people at the crime scene. "He's gonna help me research, this, uh," she scrunched her face up and gestured with her hands, "situation with the what seems to be man eating goldfish…" that made a somewhat awkward silence take place before she continued. "Yeah, that's what the son told the sheriff," she raised her eyebrows and sighed, clapping her hands together, "My guess is it's some kind of fear-creating monster, kinda like the murderous-fairy-tale one you guys dealt with that one time."

"Sounds good, the plan, not the monster," Charlie pointed out.

Trinity nodded and leaned in to give Dean a quick kiss and pulled out her phone to speed-dial Sam. Dean pointed at her as she started walking away, still partially facing us, "Be careful," if this was a fear-mongering monster, we all knew she could have issues with Limbo and everything. "And remember, I'm only one call away, babe," he held his own cell between his palm, index finger, and thumb.

"I know," she smiled, winked, then turned away, starting to talk to Sam on the other side of the line.

"Hate to see her go," Dean smirked.

"Love to watch her leave," Charlie finished, and they both tilted their heads a little bit at the backside of Trinity covered in her black pencil skirt, suit jacket, and white blouse, her simple heels clicking on the pavement as her hips swayed back and forth.

Dean elbowed her and laughed, shaking his head.


I yawned wide and long. Rubbing my eyes after, I looked at Sam across the motel couch, my feet propped up on the coffee table amongst papers and books. I could barely keep my eyes open.

I started to slowly inch my way over to him and position myself in a comfortable spot on his bicep, bring my legs up behind me, as my eyes drooped.

"Tri-Trinity, come on," he tried to push me off, but I could hear the small smile play on his lips as he kept looking at his laptop.

"Just, just let it," I yawned, "let it happen," I smirked with a sleepy face. I snuggled up a little and before I knew it I was fast asleep.


Dean opened the door and walked in the motel room as the stars came out in the sky. I followed, then Charlie closed the door.

"Looks like they got a lot done," Dean sighed as he dropped the keys on the table and shrugging his coat off.

I looked over and Trinity was well-asleep on Sam's arm, her mouth hanging open. And he was too, but he was leaning more against the top of her head, his cheek squished up against her head, his laptop open, but dark, his hands still frozen on the keyboard, as if he was still trying to work as he drifted off.

"Betchya twenty bucks she fell asleep first, Dean grinned at us, walking over to the two of them.

"It seems highly probable," I raised my eyebrows with a small smile.

He gently brushed the hair away from Trinity's smooshed face, "Hey," he softly whispered, "Baby, wake up, we brought food."

As Charlie unpacked the paper bags of fast food, Trinity mumbled, slightly frowning, slightly smiling, "But… sleep," she yawned.

"It's Bojangles…" Dean teased.

"Oh, well in that case," she started to get up wiping her eyes and grinning. She stood, stretched, and kissed Dean on the cheek before meeting Charlie at the table to help her.

Dean bent down and not too roughly, but enough to jolt him awake, patted Sam on the cheek multiple times, "Rise and shine, Sammy!" After realizing what was going on, Sam glared at Dean because of the memories that phrase held for him, all because of the Mystery Spot my brother Gabriel and stuck them in several years ago.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit," Trinity rambled off.

"A little help here guys," Sam choked out, terror on his sparkle covered face. Trinity was right when she guessed it was a fear-monster, it was called a Hallow. And right now, it had it's sights set on Sam.

"Charlie! Catch!" Dean tossed a machete at her and even with her petrified face, she caught it and held it in front of her. Sometimes we seem to forget that she's still pretty knew to hunting.

"Cas, distract it?!" Dean was still trying to find the right weapon in his bag, we didn't know much about these creatures, but the most important thing, how to kill them. He was searching for an iron blade, but it had to be like a branding iron, so hot it was like burning coals.

I lept forward and tackled the beast to the ground, but as we landed it disappeared and I hit the carpeted, motel room floor. "Where'd it go?" I looked around as I stood up.

Sam rubbed his throat where the Hallow was strangling him, "I don't know," his eyes wide with fear. I always have found it interesting that of all things, he feared clowns, which is what the Hallow took the form of. Glitter and confetti fell off of him as he turned his head gazing around the room. But he seemed to have become lightheaded and almost fell over, so I supported him from under his arms around my shoulders.

"Charlie!" Trinity called out, "Behind you!" But as Charlie turned and brought the machete up to impale the creature, it picked her up and threw her around the room. She hit the wall, making a frame fall down on top of her.

"Trin!" Dean brought Trinity's attention back to the monster. She looked at him holding up the iron dagger and they nodded, as I held Sam up from his dizziness. On three! One, two," he started to walk at the Hallow, "three!" As he progressed, Trinity shot out an arm and outstretched her fingers, making a fire blaze around the metal of the dagger. As I could tell it was starting to burn to close to Dean's hand, he twisted it around, along with his entire body, twirling and then throwing out his arm away from his body, stabbing the beast in the small of it's back.

It's painted face adopted a shocked expression and then it let out a high-pitched scream that sounded like a teapot whistle before it burst into little sparks of hot coals, confetti, and glitter. We covered our faces and when we moved our hands and arms, it was gone.

Trinity ran over to Charlie and held her in her lap. While Dean twisted the blade in his fingers, "I'm Batman," he stopped and pointed it at Sam who had started to regain his breath and could stand on his own.

"Yeah, you're Batman," he grinned and shook his head, the little trail of blood from the corner of his mouth from when the Hallow punched him before choking him, standing out on his palish skin.

"Charlie," Trinity spoke softly, yet urgently, possibly using a form of compulsion, "Wake up," she patted her cheek. Her eyes began to flicker open and she looked up at Trinity.

"Am I dead?" she rested her palm on Trinity's cheek. "Is this Heaven?" with a small smile.

She grabbed it and put it on Charlie's stomach, patting it down, "No, dearie, you're quite alive," she chuckled.

"Damn, that was like Team Free Will on Steroids," Dean chuckled.

_Author's Song Note_

"One Call Away" by Charlie Puth

I slapped Dean's hand away from the radio in Baby. He looked at me, the blood trickling from his forehead, crinkling up.

"Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole," I winked and I looked back at the road, eager to get home and heal him up. I wanted to get back quickly because he'd been acting really dizzy and woozy since the ghoul knocked him out against the counter in the house it had taken over.

"Don't, use my own words against me," he smiled but let his head fall back against the seat. "Now I know there aren't supposed to be four center lines," he blinked slowly."

He for sure had a concussion.

"Just relax, we'll be back soon, kay?"

"Can we turn it please?"

I sighed, just leave it right now, babe," I laughed, "This is actually a pretty good song. No Freddie Mercury, but it always reminds me of you anyhow, so just chill man," I patted his thigh.

"I'm only one call away, I'll be there to save the day, Superman got nothing on me, I'm only one call away," the radio sang.

The slightly out-of-it Dean lifted his arm partially into the air with triumph, "Batman all the way, bitch," he talked to the invisible Superman with his eyes closed and head leaned back.

I giggled and rubbed his arm when he lowered it again and he held my hand.

We continued our way home as the song came closer to a close and he rubbed slow circles on the back of my hand with his thumb.

As the sun was setting, Baby was filled with the sweet words that had Dean to a T, "And when you're weak I'll be strong, I'm gonna keep holding on, Now don't you worry, it won't be long, Darling, And when you feel like hope is gone, Just run into my arms…

I'm only one call away, I'll be there to save the day, Superman got nothing on me, I'm only one call away."


"Good morning, Sunshine," Trinity smiled at the sleepy Sam walking into the Library rubbing his eyes, his air pointing in many different angles and its fluffiness being extremely present. His bluish, grey, long sleeve shirt rumpled and as he dropped his arms, they swung back and forth a bit. He yawned before replying.

"I could say the same thing about you most mornings," he grinned, how high are you?" he chuckled, blinking the sleep from his eyes.

"You could say I had a good night, she gave Dean a sideways glance and smirked, lifting her eyebrows suggestively in repetition as she sipped her coffee wearing Dean's fuzzy robe, her hair a controlled mess, stuck back in a falling bun stray strands falling, framing her face.

"Gross," Sam mumbled as he started walking closer to us.

I looked over at Dean and he was staring at Sam's bedhead. "Man, I'm tellin' you, give me five minutes with some clippers and-"

"Shut up," he pushed his hand through his chestnut hair.

Trinity shoved Dean with her shoulder, her knees pulled up to her chest while sitting on the chair, "Dean, stop," she chuckled. "Don't touch his hair, I know where you sleep," she looked over at him, under her brows. Dean just winked an mouthed I know.

Then looked to the angel, "C'mon, Cas, back me up, buddy,"

"I believe that if Sam wants his hair that way, then he should have his hair that way."

"Thanks," Dean gave him an expressionless face.

"Well, I think it gives him power…" Trinity shrugged, "Like Samson or something."

Later that night we all heard Sam's voice echo through the bunker.


Then a few moments later, a triumphant, "Now who has the power?!" in Dean's voice. But then nothing.

Turning a corner, a ran into Trinity, "What the Hell is going on?" she looked at me, a pocket knife in hand.

I stood puzzled for a moment, ""Out of all of the weapons in Dean's chamber, you chose that to defend yourself?" I pointed to the little wood and titanium blade.

She grinned, "Give me a Swiss Army, a little salt, a rubber ducky, and a bungee cord, man, and I'll give you Hell," she winked and ran past me towards Sam's bellows.

I turned to follow her, "I don't understand as to why you'd need the Switzerland Military force," I shook my head before chasing after her and Sam.

When I entered the Library, Sam had Dean locked in his arm from behind in a choke hold, his elbow in front of Dean's chin. The eldest's hands were gripping Sam's, but when he saw us he squeaked out, "Trin," a gurgle, "Cas," he gasped and I thought of the duck made of rubber Trinity had mentioned earlier.

Trinity wobbled forward in a hurry, still sleepy and slightly blinded by the sudden light of the room, she rubbed her eyes with one hand and put the miniscule knife on the elongated table. When she reached the brothers, she touched Sam's bicep and spoke softly, even though Dean was trying his best to yell.

Squinting, "Sammy, calm down, I don't know what he did, but let's talk before you kill him, m'kay?" she patted his arm before turning, yawing, and pulling out a chair to plop down onto.

I watched as a dazed looking Sam slowly let go of his brother who stepped away quickly, gasping.

"Thanks for the rush," Dean coughed out sarcastically at Trinity.

Trinity rubbed her entire face with both of her hands, "Okay, what did the dunce do this time?"

As Sam sat next to Trinity, Dean sat across and I stood behind him. Now that the commotion was wearing down, I noticed what was most definitely the source of Sam's rage as Trinity looked beside her.

"Holy shit! Sam your hair!" she stood up and ran her fingers through the now, right-above-ear-length hair atop his head. As the compulsion started to wear off, Sam's eyes widened once more and he rushed around the table, his chair making an awful sound against the hardwood, and threw a fist at Dean.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Trinity followed, now seemingly fully awake, and bravely stepped in between the two, hands on their chests. But they listened.

Dean held his jaw for a moment, while Sam shot daggers for eyes at him. I stood behind Sam now, prepared to pull him back if need be.

"What the Hell were you thinking Dean?!" Trinity used what she called her mom voice and glared at him.

He dropped his hand from his face and looked across at the fuming Sam, "Cake, pie… short, long… what's the difference, right?"

Sam made an attempt to surge forward again, fists clenched, but I stepped in front and held him back while Trinity faced Dean.

"Go to your room before Sam strangles you and let me try to fix this."

Dean didn't move.

"Go!" she raised her voice. As Dean jumped a bit, as did Sam and I, as she rarely ever did that, he walked back towards his room. "And I'll deal with you later."

"Ooo," Dean wiggled his eyebrows.

"Not. Funny," Trinity glared.

After he was gone, she touched my shoulder, to let her get past, to Sam. "Oh, Sammy," she looked up at his shortened hair, "I'll fix, it, don't you worry." She pulled him down for a hug.

The next morning, Bobby greeted us in the kitchen, "What the Hell were you idjits yellin' about last night?" But then he stopped when he saw Sam's new hair, "What happened to you, boy?"

"That jerk over there," Sam didn't look up from his cereal, just nodded across the table at Dean.

"Oh grow up, bitch, it'll grow back," he sighed.

"Well, it was an assbutt thing to do, Dean," I chimed in.

"You cut his hair in his sleep?" Bobby looked at his oldest adoptive son, jaw dropped.

Dean only shrugged and continued to eat his own cereal.

"You cut his hair… while he was sleeping?"

"Yeah, yeah, get over it everyone," he shook his head, "It needed a trim anyway. His hair grows fast."

"Mornin' Bobby," Trinity's voice entered the room. "Cas," she patted my shoulder softly. "Asshole," she flicked Dean in the back of the neck, making him flinch.


"Yeah, yeah, get over it," she chided sarcastically, obviously imitating Dean's voice from moments ago.

"Again with the stealing my words thing!" he rolled his eyes.

As she finished her circle around the table, she stopped behind Sam. "A little better, huh?" she leaned her chin in top of his head, running her fingers through the now shortly styled locks. It was now slightly shorter on the sides than the top and not closely cut, but more my own hair's length. It actually suited him as well as the longer version. But it was strange and would definitely take some getting used to.

"Yeah, I guess," he shrugged sullenly.

"Hey, I bet it'll grow back in no time, Sammy," she pecked the top of his head with her lips and patted his back and he patted her hand, before she went to sit. "I like it either way," she winked as she settle at the table.

"This is the shortest your hair has been since you were in single digits," Bobby was still looking at Sam.

"You'll get your secret power back, Samson," Trinity patted his hand and winked with a kind smile to which he returned.

"Gag me," Dean rolled his eyes. Again. But then, the spoon full of milk and Fruit Loops he had put in his mouth flinched and Dean coughed after a gurgling noise, letting milk drool from his lips.

I looked over to see Trinity, pointing at Dean. "Maybe later," she mumbled. I couldn't help but laugh and it actually made Sam crack a smile.

Dean had just gotten back from a lead on a case and I felt ready for one of Trinity's sleeping tricks. Ever since she did it the first time on Sam's birthday, I've craved sleep when humans do. For example, at this very moment in time.

"Cas?" Trinity called from down the hallway.

"I'm in here," I heard her footsteps drawing closer, so I raised my voice so she could follow it to my room down the hall from the rest of theirs. I had taken my trench coat of because it was extremely dirty as was the rest of me. I needed to bathe.

"I'm grabbing some laundry 'cause Dean's filthy," she laughed, "You have any buddy?" she popped her head through the door frame with a soft smile, almost letting her hands slip on the door frame.

"Uh, yes, thank you," I started to unbutton my white shirt and remove my tie as she retrieved my coat from the bottom of my bed.

My room was simple, unlike Dean I did not have weapons hanging on the all, nor like Trinity with art supplies scattered every which way, and nor like Sam with his books stacked and his slightly messy room. Mine would've just been a plain room that looked like a normal hotel room, but Trinity said I needed to make it mine. So she helped me pin pictures to the wall and she painted on one of the walls. She created a large mural with heavenly light beckoning from the glowing clouds with warmth, reminding me of what Heaven was like long ago before all of the angel wars, before Lucifer fell, when I was a young angel, when they were caring, big brothers, when Heaven was truly heavenly. Below it she painted a gorgeous seascape. The deep blue gradients, reminds her of my eyes, or so she says. But within the wispy clouds between the heavens and the ocean, I believe she did this on purpose, but she denies it, there were soft angel wings in flight.

I admired it a lot.

I turned around, barechested to hand her my shirt and tie and as she grabbed them from me, her smile faded away.

"Cas," her eyebrows fell as she placed her chilly hand on my chest above my sternum. Her slim fingers covered parts of the overlapping angel banishing sigil scars, one from when I carved one into myself to help the Winchesters, a pale white now, but the newest one, from the night with Lucifer, still a bit pink around the edges. "I'm sorry, I-… Is this why when we're at the cleaners you either leave the room or cross your arms?" her heart sounded broken.

"Yes, but don't worry about it," I tried my best to talk soothingly. Dean says that sometimes I'm too harsh. And I knew this was fragile ground. As she still gazed at the scars and touched them gently as if they were still sore, I looked down at her melancholy face, "Please, Trinity, don't," I grabbed her hand softly, "don't blame yourself. You weren't even the source for the first one. And well, you saved my life with the other. I don't blame you, don't you do that to yourself. Please," my eyebrows pleaded with her guilty look.

"I'm still sorry," she hugged me like a child, "I know what it's like to have scars as reminders," she whispered, very unlike like a child.

I softly returned the hug and squeezed tight.

"Hands off, Cas," Dean walked by the room with a basket of clothes, in his underwear, not even stopping at the door. Trinity just rolled her eyes, smirking, and hugged me for a little longer.


_Author's Song Note_

"Ride" by SoMo

Trinity kicked off her black heels and they clunked against the wall and clattered on the hard floor of the library. I scooped her up under her thighs as her ankles wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck. We kissed softly, yet intensely all the way to our room.

We accidently came through the door more barbaric than we wanted, making it slam into the wall. Trinity's lips formed a smile against mine and she butt my forehead with hers. Her warm breath tickled the miniscule hairs on my face. I laid her down on the freshly made bed and nuzzled her neck, her collarbones, her jawline, as her fingers played with my hair and teased at the hem of my shirt. I heard soft whispers so I paused to look in her eyes, "What?" I grinned.

"Twenty five," she continued her counting in a soft whisper, "I'm counting your freckles," she smirked dorkily. I bent my head to shake it and laugh. She gripped my face under my chin, making my lips pucker like a fish. "You made me lose count," she chuckled and pulled me down to her so our lips met again.

I lifted her tight, lacey, red dress over her head, her black, and partially pearl, curls fell around her face. Also on top of her face, she blew them off and playfully furrowed her brow and grinned in excitement. I started to crawl backwards and let my fingertips trail down her sides making the fuzz on her skin stand up with goosebumps visibly in the dim candlelight. She shivered as I kissed her abdomen and reached for one of the small candle sticks on the desk.

I looked up at her from under my eyebrows and kissed the inside of her thighs and then rubbed her hips as I slowly let drops of the warm wax fall to her olive skin. The first time, she flinched and I paused, but she nodded, biting her lip, some more fell and she she shivered and rubbed my hand that was massaging her hip bone. I sat the candle back down and slid off her underwear. Then I followed. I slid my hands up the sides of her arms and gathered her wrists in my hand above her head. I used my other hand to trail down her center past her waistline, first rubbing the insides of her thighs then moving in.

A little while later, I raised one of her legs up to my hip and lowered myself down to her. As she panted in my ear softly, I started to move my hip when Metallica began to play from the floor.

My phone was ringing from my pants on the floor.

I paused, but decided to let it go to voicemail when I looked at Trinity again. Her soft skin, her chest rising and falling, her lip held lightly between her teeth, the little beads of sweat on her temple matching those on mine.

I heard my voicemail go off, followed by a beep, then Sam's voice on the other end, with the music from the party we were at to get info on a case in the background. "Dean, everyone is wondering where you two have run off to. And I know Trinity's with you, I saw that wink earlier," it was like he was talking to her in that last part. "Anyway, call me back if you hear this before we see each other again. If you guys went off on your own and got kidnapped by a monster or demon or something, I'm going to bring you back from the dead and kill you again. Okay, well, where ever you are, be careful, protect yourselves, yeah, okay, bye," he ended.

"Check," she winked and flicked her eyes over to the aluminum wrapper on the floor amongst our tossed clothing.

I rolled my eyes at the unintentional pun and bent down to kiss her neck as I let my hips roll. Her soft gasps in my ear made my skin tingle with desire. Our warm bodies stuck together from time to time, our skin becoming almost like glue, pulling us even closer together.

Soon enough I looked up and saw the clock showing 1:30 a.m. in digital script. But I didn't care as the heat coming off of our bodies seemed to seep into my soul and send shivers down my spine. She must have felt it to because she just looked up at me, unfurrowed her eyebrows, and smiled.


The fever between us was running as his hips came in contact with me over and over, slower and faster, but mostly slower in a melodic, even symphonic rhythm, like he was following a beat of a song. He caressed my side, my arms, my neck and face, the look in his face just showed that he would take care of me, of my body, of us. He was so gentle, such an opposite of the strong hunter many knew him as. Sometimes when just the right spot was hit, I felt a quiet scream try to crawl out of my throat, but he'd continue with this gentleness only few ever got to know, and the sound was fall away before it ever emerged, my lungs letting out a breath of blissful air, making it all the more intimate.

It only seemed to be getting hotter round us, our skin seemed to be getting softer. We flipped so that he could pull me down to him, chest on top of chest. His hands help my hips and guided me. I ran my fingers through his fluffy hair, across his smooth skin, speckled with scars and some bruises. I nuzzled his neck and jaw with my nose and lips between gentle, sweet gasps.

His grip tightened and so did mine, he would occasionally swivel his hips and I felt my nails dig into his skin and my jaw drop against his collarbone. I looked up into his eyes and saw a smile, a smile showing he knew what he was doing, of course he did, he was making feel this way, this love. My knees started to shake, like a leaf in a light breeze, my muscles throughout my body contracted, and my breath seemed to catch in my chest.

Throughout it all, whenever he could, he kissed my scarred skin. By the end of it all, if he had lipstick on, I'd have lip prints from my head to my feet. The beat that he was moving to seemed to slow pace a bit, but becoming more intense, somewhat like a heartbeat.

At one point, I was on my back, catching my breath, as was he, and we were paused. He was just looking at me, gently rubbing my sides and my stomach, my hips and my legs. Like he was painting a small masterpiece on me. Not with a full smile, but one of pure love and admiration. It always fascinated me how much he could love me, how much he could love my completely imperfect body, scars to those few extra pounds. Every time I would look into those two seas of green on his face, I knew, I never had anything to fear.

Throughout the rest of the time, our soft, occasionally out of hand, sounds of love, rang through the air of the bedroom. The warm glow of the candles made our skin glisten with the sweat that lightly coated it. My ankles would wrap around his back and my hands in his hair and on his neck.

Almost in unison, our grips on each other became taut and our chest heaved and hitched, shivers seemed to pass back and forth from body to body. My back arched and he supported me with a hand beneath it, pulling me nearer and nearer. But we both soon felt our bodies release and fall back to the sheets.

Later as the sun was coming up, I was laying on my side against his own and he rubbed my thigh and I looked in his eyes. He'd look back in mine as if he could see the sky, see the world that we could make. It was like we were high on drugs, but really, we were just coming down from what had just happened.

We cuddled for the rest of the morning and when Sam came knocking, Dean said, "Day off, Sammy. Go to sleep."

Even though I'm sure Sam had much more sleep than we did that night.


"Shit!" Trinity repeated over and over.

"Hold on, we're almost there, sweetheart," Dean said from the driver's seat of the speeding Impala. She had been cornered by a couple werewolves and called us saying, "Hey guys, I need help. I seem to be in a sticky situation… Ah! Shit, yeah, blood is sticky, definitely, definitely sticky," between pained breaths.

We found her holding the front of her shoulder with a gaping wound in it, sitting in a dark corner, blood from her thigh pooling and two dead werewolves six feet away, trying to stay conscious from blood loss.

Cas was in the back seat with her and was making sure she stayed awake. Even though she was immortal to anything but her blade, this could still be damaging. Anyway ever since she came back, she seemed… different.

As we pulled up to the hospital, to lie about an animal attack, she mumbled breathlessly, "There are demons here, I can sense it."

"She's right," Cas affirmed, looking up at me and Dean in the front.

"We'll cover," Dean explained a plan, "Cas, you have to protect her." Dean didn't trust hardly anyone with Trinity, she actually didn't need protection most of the time, but in his eyes she did, but he didn't even bat an eye with me, Cas, and Bobby.

"Of course," Cas nodded and started to help her out of the car. As Dean and I scanned and watched the people milling around, we hurried to get her in, she was stumbling more and more. I looked over at her and Cas as he put his trench coat over her back, to cover her wings from view, but I'm also guessing as a security blanket, as it seemed she was starting to go into shock.

We managed to get her into the hospital, checked in to a room, and the doctor to fix her up without any trouble. But when we were allowed in the room to see her after Dean paced in the hall the entire time, Trinity glared at us, then at the doctor as he spoke to us about he wanted her to stay the night so he can check up on her through tomorrow.

We instantly knew something was up if she was giving us the sign. I quietly locked the door behind us before Dean went at him with the demon blade. It sliced through his white lab coat and an orange light flickered out. He glared up at us and went for Dean first.

Trinity tried to get up to help, But I made her stay down. I stood beside her, restricting her movements, as well as to protect her from anything that could happen during the fight. Cas and Dean tag-teamed the demon and took him down.

"It's like Jody in the hospital at Sioux Falls all over again, but with demons this time."

"What was it last time?" Trinity questioned calming down.

"You don't wanna know," I looked down at her.

"We need to get out of here. Who knows how many more demons are in this hospital," Cas stated, gripping the side of the bed.

"I'm not strong enough to fly, Cas," Trinity looked down at her bandages.

"Can you guys make it down to the car without causing a scene?" Cas looked at me and my brother.

"Us? Make a scene?" Dean playfully scoffed.

Cas nodded and touched Trinity's forehead with his two first fingers and they disappeared, to the Impala no doubt.

We made it down quietly after locking the door back up to give us some time before they found a dead doctor behind us.


"Son of a bitch!" I shook my hand trying to cool the skin from the hot soup. I picked the two bowls up more carefully this time and gingerly walked them to the library.

"I think it's a… a…" Sam's sneeze echoed. "Sorry," he apologized.

"It's okay," Trinity sniffled. I walked in and watched them for a minute. "Hold still," she reached over with a Kleenex and wiped under his red nose.

"Thanks," he mumbled with his stuffy nose creating a speech impediment.

"Of… ah…" Trinity sneezed this time, "course," she finished her sentence, wiping her own nose with a new tissue. They both hand blankets over their shoulders, the lights were lower than normal and a couple boxes of tissues were lying around at various stages of emptiness. Books scattered and Sam's laptop open so both of them could see.

"Soup anyone?" I finished walking in and sat them in front of the two.

"Thank you, baby," Trinity blew me a kiss because she didn't want to get me sick.

"Thank you, baby," Sam fluttered his eyes up at me and started to laugh. But then he sneezed again and sniffled.

"Shut up, moron," I smirked and shook my head, shoving his with my hand lightly.

"Jerk," he mumbled before he sipped some soup.

"Bitch," I retorted as a pulled out a chair to help them investigate.

"Trinity!" my girlfriend chimed in, sarcastically throwing her name in the mix.

"Eat your soup, sickly," I nodded at her. She giggled and did as I said.


"Sammy!" Dean ran fiercely across the dirt road, potholes filled with muddy water from the storm that had just ended. He slid down, kind of like what the rockers he listens to do, but less gracefully. He held Sam up by the arms, who was slowly losing consciousness.

"I'm fine," he mumbled. "I promise," but then he slumped against his older brother's chest, who kept trying to hold him up. He gripped him by the sides of the face, worry on his eyes.

"Sam!" he paused, "Sammy! Hey, hey!"

"Sam!" Trinity reappeared after running after the possessed military officer. She was covered in blood, some hers, but too much to not have killed him. She started sprinting over.

"Dean, he's alive. He's losing a lot of blood though," I quickly crouched and touched two fingers to Sam's forehead. The gash on his arm and side closed up and Dean looked down and checked him over again, even after my reassurance. He rubbed the middle of his back quickly, even though there was no actual wound there. Trinity reached us and kneeled down sloppily. She pushed the hair of his face and looked over his face.

She used her other hand to grip mine, silently praying to me. Thank you, Cas.

Of course.

I know you didn't tell him, or are going to.

I don't know what you are talking about, I glanced down at her, even though I really did know.

She had a very small, thankful smile for a second before her face returned to it's worried expression. She was referring to the fact that if I hadn't been here and done what I had done, she wouldn't have made it to Sam in time. He was about to die before I, as Dean calls it, used my mojo, on him.

Trinity flew Sam back to the Impala while Dean and I walked back. It wasn't far, but long enough for us to discuss.

"That was too similar…" he trailed off.

"To what?" I looked over at him.

"Before any of the crap with Lucifer, when we first started dealing with demons, not long after Dad died, Azazel kidnapped Sam and some other kids he infected with his blood as babies, you know…"

"Yes," I listened for more. Much of this I knew, but there was something he hadn't said yet that I know I hadn't known.

"Sam died on a night like this. In my arms. And there was nothing I could do to stop it." He was silent for a while. "He was so young still, Cas," he took a deep breath and sighed, " That's when I made the deal and the highway to Hell came in."

"I see," I figured it was best not to tell him what happened just now.

On the ride home I sat in the front while Trinity cared for Sam in the back. He was starting to come to and they were quietly talking.

I looked back at Sam. I knew he and Dean, and even Trinity and I for the matter, have died more than once, which is abnormal for a human. But knowing the details of his first death, is different.

Trinity looked up at me and quirked one corner of her mouth up empathetically. He told you, didn't he? About Sam? she prayed at me.

Yes. Yes he did, the corners of my eyebrows drooped.

She turned her attention back to Sam who was whispering about a dog he met on a sidewalk bench once.

Sam loves dogs. I know that much.


_Author's Song Note_

"Angels" by Robbie Williams

Trinity and I had driven off. Not because of a case for once, but we just took a drive out to a lake. We were laying back in the front, she was curled up by my side and on my chest, playing with the buttons on my flannel as the sun set.

I was rubbing her wrist without our Marks on it and would rub my thumb across the worn, braided bracelet that matched the one Sam, Cas, and I all had that she made us years ago. Hers was blue, purple, and black.

"Do you realize how happy it makes me that all of you still wear these?" she lifted her wrist with my hand still around it.

"Do you know how happy it makes Sam that you still wear the necklaces he got you? He's like a kid on mother's day, his eyes always light up when he sees them on you." I felt her smile against my chest. She used her other hand to hold up her Eye of Horus, the silver glinting in the light. As she put it back down, the quiet jingling of her charms sounded off as she lifted that to look again. There were all sorts of symbols dangling from it, protections sigils, warding signs, and then a few that just looked like regular charms from a souvenir store or a monopoly game, like angel wings, a car, and of the like. There were also a few small bottles of what looked like emergency salt, goofer dust, holy water, and holy oil.

"They're so badass," I rubbed her collar bone, feeling the metal beneath my fingers. She flipped over and looked down at me, her hair hanging on one side of her face in a mess.

"Well, what about you?" she smiled and picked up my Samulet, "I'd say this is pretty badass, wouldn't you? I mean it's like a the lighthouse of God for one. And plus, this creepy, little dude would scare me away if I was a wendigo or something," she winked. She tangled her fingers in mine and held my hand down beside my shoulder. Her thumb grazed over my right ring finger, the one I usually have my mom's ring on. She paused, "Hey, where's your ring?" she looked at my hand then back at my face.

I hesitated for a moment, remembering the small box in my jacket's pocket. "I, uh, had to take it off to clean it."

"Oh," she shrugged and smiled before kissing my neck again. Thank Chuck she didn't go much farther into that conversation.

For a while I let my hands venture over her body, cherishing every bit. Taking in the grandeur of her scars, her wings, her curves, her being. Her wings enclosed around me, shielding me from the world that kept trying to ruin us and everything we cared about. They were like a great, soft curtain stitching us even closer together.

_Author's Song Note_

"Mess Is Mine" by Vance Joy

"Inside Out" by the Chainsmokers

"Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair" by Avi Kaplan & Peter Hollens

The pads of my fingers ran over small bumps on the backs of her shoulders and neck and arms. I ran through my memories of her injuries, and there were many of them. Then I remembered.


Her muscles under my fingers tensed up as I touched them, like they do every time, as if his touch had infected her skin to make it extra sensitive.

"'I'm sorry," I whispered and kissed her shoulder softly.

"For what?" she asked, a small confused grin on her face, eyebrows furrowed. She ran her fingers through the hair on the side of my head, pushing invisible hair behind my ear.

I gently touched the scar again, looking at them, then back at her face. She moved her shoulder forward to look down at them and they slumped a little. But when I thought she was going to be upset that I pointed them out, she looked at me, "It's okay Dean, that was so long ago, I… I forget sometimes," I knew that wasn't true, but I let her say it, knowing saying it made her feel better about it. "You don't have to be sorry for it anyway," she leaned down to kiss me with featherlight softness. Her hair fell to one side and I played with a few strands of pearly white curls as the moonlight shined on her face. I glanced at the scar that my fist created on her cheekbone just for a moment. She saw me though, and without a word, just lightly shook her head and came all the way to me and lay on top of me and hug me, each of us had one hand in the other's hair.

_Author's Song Note_

"So Far Gone" by Thousand Foot Krutch

At one point, Trinity, reached out to caress the floor panel behind the passenger seat with a kind grin.

"Two little rebels even back then," she murmured against my chest, tracing the S.W. and D.W. carved into the car with her finger. She sat up and did the same on my pecs and tattoo. "You know, I have looked at you… in a million ways, and have loved you in each." She lifted her eyes to match mine.

This girl.

I pulled her down to kiss her and twisted curls through my hands. She ran her hands down my sides, making my skin shiver, and slid them underneath my shirt to help it off of me.

Her smile faded every time she saw them. The scars. The scars from her wings burning that night almost a year ago. She barely touched my skin going over the pinkish-white mark she left on me in the shape of her wings. The were across my chest and one side going down to my right thigh.

"Babe, just… just think of it as a part of you, that even when you're gone, you'll always be there with me.

She adopted a little smirk looking down at the scars, her eyelids and lashes covering those hazel marbles I'm head over heels for. "How do you always make the best out of the worst situation?" she looked up at my face.

I sat up, "I guess, being raised how I was, taking care of Sammy, I always had to look on the bright side for his sake. It's just who I am," I shrugged and unconsciously massaged her shoulder, where the top of her own wing burn marks from Lucifer lay.

She leaned into me, rubbing where Cas's handprint was seared into my skin. "Well, I'm thankful for that," she nuzzled my chest and I held her beneath her wing joints. It still amazed me how she could manipulate them to the space as much as she could. If she wanted to she could hide them completely, but I think it makes her feel free to have them out and about.

I kissed the top of her head and we sat there for a while before heading home. Home… I loved being able to say that.


_Author's Song Note_

"Fur Elise" by Beethoven

"So, this is…" a piano key rang as a solo note, "a C?" Trinity looked to Sam at her side on the piano bench.

"Yep, good, now I need you to read this, you know the notes now," Sam pointed at the sheet music on the stand above the keys.

I watched, leaning my chin on my folded arms of the top of the piano as Trinity began to play a melodic tune. A lot of the notes going back and forth before dipping down then back up. Sam raised his hands to begin playing with her, adding another layer to the tune.

"Now you play this note over and over," he used a finger to show hr the notation while still playing with the other hand, "Ready?"

She smiled a giddy smile, "Yeah…" as she played that note in time, he started a faster tune. Soon after, the original melody came back as Dean entered the room with champagne.

"If you could play that never night, I'd never have a nightmare again," he sat the glasses and bottle down on the piano and rubbed her back above her wings. "You're a good teacher, Sammy," he grinned at his little brother.

"You could teach her guitar," he glanced mischievous at Dean.

"Ah, no."

"And why not?" Trinity crossed her arms with sass.

"You're way," he held out the word, "too stubborn," he winked down at her before taking a sip of champagne.

We were in a hotel in California, a nice one for once that the family we had just solved a case for paid for. It wasn't too busy, and the piece they were playing was almost like a lullaby so it wouldn't even disturb residents if it were. There was a dim chandelier hanging above us, the deep red walls, glowing from the reflecting light and candelabras. There was a winding staircase to our left and a long hallway to our right. The bar, where Dean had undoubtedly retrieved the drinks from, was just around the corner. The black carpet from the piano to the hallway and stairs was surrounded by marble flooring around the bar and cafe tables. It seemed to be a scene from an old movie.

"How did you learn, Sam?" Trinity paused her playing as Sam continued. But he slowed and stopped, as his smile wavered.

"Do you remember me telling you about Jess? My girlfriend?" he kept looking down at the black and white keys.

"Yeah," she looked at his profile as if willing him to look up at her.

He rubbed a key with his index finger before looking up, "She used to take piano lessons as a kid and so sometimes for a few months before she died, she would teach me when I wasn't studying. She said it would help me remember what I learned," he smiled in reminiscence. He looked back down and started to play the song a little slower.

"You really loved her," she leaned against his shoulder and played a few harmonic notes with him with just one hand and rubbed the top of his non-playing one.

"I was going to marry her."

There was just the piano for a little while.

"But," he sighed, "That was a long time ago."

"Back when you had bangs," Dean tried to lighten the mood as always. It worked this time, because Sam chuckled.

"Hey!" Trinity pressed a little too hard on the piano and a bad note echoed, "Oops, but hey, how's Kelsey?"

"She's great," a happier smile spread on his lips.

"That's all we get?" she pushed him with her shoulder.

"She's in South Dakota right now," I chimed in and realized I hadn't spoken in a while, I was enjoying listening.

"How'd… you know what, never mind," Sam smirked and shook his head.

"She called the other night and you were all asleep," I answered his silent question.

"Is she okay?" Sam's voice suddenly worried.

"She said she bumped into this, as she described, 'sketchy' 'guy'," I used air quotes like Trinity often did. "But other than that, hunting and living had been going well. She said that you can call whenever and that she misses you and hopes to speak with Trinity again soon."

"I see you forgot to relay the message?" Sam looked at me one eyebrow raised.

"I told you the after she hung up, but you could have possibly been sleeping," I furrowed my brows.

"Very observant buddy," Dean clapped me on the back jokingly.

"I'll call her tomorrow, you can talk to if you want," he glanced over at Trinity with small smile.

"Of course," her lips spread, "It's nice to talk to a girl now and then. I really only have Kelsey and Charlie."

We spent the majority of the night listening to Sam teach Trinity more notes and songs before heading to bed to leave in the morning.


"You've gotta be kiddin' me," I sat jaw-dropped as Sam's laptop screen lit up my face.

"This is definitely our kinda work," Sam leaned back in his chair at the small table of the motel room.

"Sounds cool, I'm down," Trinity was holding herself up off of the back of Sam's chair looking over his shoulder, shrugging.

Cas read aloud, "Woman reports shaken son's descriptions of a little girl being murdered by the Tinman from the Wiazrd of Oz, who then stole her heart." We all looked around at each other before he continued, "She states, 'He said the Tinman then rushed at him and said, 'And now I have a heart.' He hasn't spoken since then.'" Cas stopped reading.

I stood up and exhaled, "Well, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Sammy," and crossed my arms.

"We're in New York," Cas furrowed his eyebrows at me.

I met my palm to my face.

"This is probably up there with our weird cases," Sam closed his laptop as he stood. Trinity scoffed.

"I know what you mean," she chuckled, "but c'mon Sammy, all of our cases are pretty fricken wierd."

"You're not wrong," I held on hand out from it's crossed position and pointed at her approvingly. She shot back two awkward hand-guns.


"Leave... him... alone!" I tackled the warlock aiming himself at the knocked-out Cas. I pinned him down and spread my wings. I hauled us in the air, spun and chucked him against the wall of this suburban home.

As I landed and took deep breaths, I watched him motionless for a moment. I knew he wasn't dead, but I had to make sure Cas was okay first.

I ran over and kneeled down to check him over. "Cas, I shook his shoulder. "Cas," once more, "Cas!" I slapped his face. That jolted him awake.

"Was that completely necessary?" he rubbed his face.

I shrugged, "Stay here for a minute," I stood motioning for him to stay put. We had come on our own and the boys went to another suspect's house. We happened to draw the lucky straw. But as I went to face the warlock, he wasn't there.

"Ca-" I was cut of my a tightening feeling around my throat as I was being lifted in the air. Now apparently, this guy had a sense for irony, because next thing I knew I was pinned against a wall, gasping for air, feet dangling. Before me was the warlock, blood trickling down his face from his head. He slowly approached me, a sneer taking over his expression.

"Listen here, you bitch," his British accent made it a little less intimidating since he, granted, was an attractive man. But before he could tell me why I needed to listen, Cas jumped him from behind. I fell to the floor, my vision blurry from lack of oxygen. Once I regained my senses for the most part, I stood shakily and was pinned by his forearm against my throat this time. It felt like my brain was being tossed around inside my skull and it was hard to focus on his bloody face. Cas had obviously broken his nose and busted his lip.

I couldn't really see, but I curled my fingers and felt my sword appear in my palm. I willed it to become a dagger and jabbed it forward into the warlock's abdomen. He gasped in my face and I pushed it upward and harder. He gagged and his body became slack against mine, so I shoved him off, yanking my blade from his corpse. I slumped against the wall, catching my breath, hoping my vision would return. "Cas?!" I called out, as it started to letting me see blurrily around me. As objects began to form solid shapes again, I saw a pile of tan cloth. "What the Hell?" I blinked a few times and I finished clearing my sight back up and wobbled for it.

I went to reach for it, but I moved. "What the literal fu-…" I trailed off and lifted up the clothing that was Cas's trench. When I saw what was underneath passed out, thumb in his mouth, I accidentally dropped the cloth again. "Oh my God, Cas…"

"Trin!" Dean busted in the library.

"Are you alright?" Sam followed.

"Hey! If you're gonna whine about it, you can have a time-out," I spoke sternly, jabbing my finger forward like a mom.

"What?" the brothers said in unison.

I looked over my shoulder at them and frowned, "Not you," I exasperatedly stated. "N-no, bad Cas! I know you're frustrated, but-… No, no, no… what did I say?" my hands were on my hips. "No means no, sir. Yes, I know, you could still smite me even with this minor setback," I sighed and shook my head, rubbing my forehead.

"Why are you talking to Cas like a kid?" Dean went to peer around my side when I picked Cas up and swung around facing the boys, almost hitting Dean in the face with the angel's now little body.

"What the Hell? What happened?" Sam stared at the little Cas.

Dean held back laughter, "Yeah, uh, what, what happened?"

"No funny!" a little voice came from my hands. I propped him on my hip and he held onto me, his big blue eyes looking like a Precious Moment's doll.

"Dean, don't laugh, Cas is very upset about this," even I thought it was a little funny though. Cas now was a toddler, his normally dark brown hair, a messy dark blonde. But the same frown he had when he was upset as an adult still adorned his face. He could've been adult Cas's son. "I found a mini trench coat and onesie at the store because little Cas was butt naked when I found him. It's a little big I know," I pulled at the extra fabric on his sleeves, "But it keeps his little handsies warm."

"Did… did you just say handsies?" Sam stuttered.

"Shut up, Sam," I was still looking at three year old Cas as I spoke calmly.

"He doesn't look like a 'Cas' now…" Dean examined the toddler who was scowling at him.

"Then what does he look like? Cause I think he looks like himself… just… younger," I looked back down at the little angel, the tiny, iridescent, black wings protruding from the holes I cut in the jacket, twitching angrily like a cat's tail. "A lot younger," I readjusted him on my side hip in my arm while Dean thought about what name he looked like now.

"Maybe a West?"

"West? That's what he looks like?" Sam judged his brother.

"Yeah, like of course I still see Cas… but I also seem this version of him as a West. Like, if you hadn't been named Sammy-"

"Sam," he interjected.

"Sammy…" Dean continued, "You kind of look like a Thomas, maybe Shephard. Coulda called you Shep," Dean chuckled and elbowed his brother.

"I do like those names," Sam thought about it for a moment.

"But you're definitely Sammy," I winked at him and he smiled in return. "So what are we gonna do with grumpy face over here?"

"Bobby!" Dean called out, "We have a situation," he smelled the air, "A stinking one at that, God Cas!" he fanned the air and stepped back.

Cas spoke to me in our heads, the only way he could speak besides toddler talk, so I transferred the information to Dean, "He says he can drag you back to-"

"I get it," Dean cut me off, "No more making fun of the baby in a trench coat," he smirked at saying that, because now his insult from a while ago, finally made sense.

After figuring out how to get Cas back to normal, we had to travel to a Wicken about two hours away, we all went to go to sleep. I helped Cas with my power and he passed out on the sofa, because he is a tall guy, and when you add that to Sam's size, you can't really put the two in one bed. So then I went to shower and by the time I came out the brothers were knocked out on the beds. And I noticed something I never really took the time to notice before.

They both slept on the insides of the beds. I have noticed in the past that usually at least one of their arms are extended out, as if the other brother had a gravitational pull.

I smiled to myself in the dark motel room, they really were soulmates. People always think of soul mates as lovers, but that's not always the case. The definition of a soulmate is a person ideally suited to another. They worked as one, connected and complementary. In a way that is by far different than the connection Dean and I have, or Sam or Cas for the matter.

It was truly beautiful.

"Really?" Dean looked at Sam with the most, "seriously" face I've ever seen in my life, holding the can of spray paint.

"Yo! Hurry it up, love, she's waking up," I poked the unconscious demon.

"It's all they had left," Sam shrugged.

Dean rolled his eyes and began to spray the Devil's Trap on the concrete floor of the warehouse we were in.

As I began chanting a incantation to hold the demon down, Dean finished the pink trap. The happy color made this seem so silly, like a parody.

"What are our lives?" I looked up and shook my head, a small smirk on my face before I willed the demon into the trap.


"This isn't a good idea," Trinity repeated for the hundredth time.

"It'll be totally fine," Dean, with a little less confidence than was probably intended, assured.

We were walking through a carnival filled with people of all ages. Children with painted faces running around with colorful balloons and big lollipops, parents with similarly painted faces chasing after them. Then I heard it. A flat, annoying, doom-bringing horn squeak near me.

"Sammy, don't look now, but there's a clown behind you," Dean smirked.

"I'm not afraid of clowns, Dean," I emphasized is name.

"That's not what the Hallow thought," Trinity joined with Dean. I should my head, but felt it's presence behind me. I glance over my shoulder and that big, ugly red nose was there to spook me. It gave a playful laugh, but to me, it sent chills down my spine I looked away quickly as it ran away to play with another kid. I mean… another person.

Both Dean and Trinity were looking at me with teasing smiles on their lips. They were almost the same person sometimes. "Shut up," I glared and walked ahead.

"I wonder where Cas is," Trinity looked around as we neared a mirror maze. Then we heard the familiar flap of wings. Turning around, we saw Cas standing there, one of those rainbow hats with the twirling thing on top on his head, a bag of cotton candy on one hand, and a large soda in there other, the straw making slurping noises as he looked at us, excitement in his eyes and his face painted like a bee.

"What the…" Dean started and stared at his our best friend.

Trinity held back a giggle and covered her mouth slightly as she spoke, "Hey, uh, Cas? Where'd you run off to?"

"This place is great," he stated. Then he turned his eyebrows again to the more serious face they always make, making his next sentences seem urgent, "Did you know they have this colorful sugar? It completely melts in your mouth. It's incredibly satisfying. OH!" he exclaimed and held both objects in one hand as he dug through a trench coat pocket, "The talking machine said that this beverage gives you wings," he handed a Red Bull to me. "I figured it wouldn't work on neither Trinity nor I, because we have wings already. Why don't you try it, Sam?" he became a little more excited.

"It's just a slogan buddy," Dean patted him on the shoulder and started walking again, an amused smile on his face.

Cas watched him, confusion in his expression. "It's okay, Cas. Come on you little bee," she quietly giggled and looked at him with love. Even though he's thousands and thousands of years old, in moments like this, he's almost childlike, and Trinity somehow adopts an almost motherly sense. She glanced back at me, over her arm around Cas, winking and nodding for me to follow.

_Author's Song Note_

"Run Boy Run" by Woodkid

We somehow ended up in a mirror maze and were separated.

All of a sudden, I heard Dean yell Trinity's name. I called his, and followed the sound till I could find him, on his knees, palms pressed against a mirror, banging on it, calling, "Trin!"

"Dean," I shook him, "Dean!" I ripped him away from the glass. He looked at me, tears lining his eyes, worry filling them to the brim.

He glanced back over where he had been and blinked several times. "I… I thought," he looked around.

A shrill scream followed by a crash and bang like breaking glass echoed through the maze as the place went dark. Dean bolted up to his feet, "Trinity!" He went running, feeling his way through the dark mirrors, and I followed.

"Dean! What happened?!" I questioned as we hurried through the maze.

"It was Trinity, she… she was dying slowly, and there was nothing I could do…" he trailed off.

I didn't know what to say, but I didn't have to because we both stopped in our tracks.

"What is that?" I squinted my eyes in the eerie darkness.

"It… it sounds like fire," Dean mumbled urgently. The crackling sound grew and grew, and it became hotter. Then a light seemed to explode. It appeared in through a passageway and then reflected on all the mirrors around us.

"Trinity!" Dean ran forward to where the fire first appeared.

"Dean!" I grabbed his shoulder holding him back, "That's suicide!"

"Trin is is there, Sam!" he ripped free, "Get out, I promise I'll meet you!" he pushed me back from where we came before he jumped through the flames and disappeared. The fire kept coming and so I found my way quickly to the entrance. When I stumbled out coughing from the smoke, I looked around through the haze trying to find sight of any of the others.

People were running and screaming, this time not in joy. They were running from the fire that was engulfing the mirror maze building. "Dean!" I shouted over the sound of the blaze.

"Sam!" Cas's gravely voice called my name from my right. He came around a column scorch marks on his tan coat and white shirt and on his face. "Where are Dean and Trinity?" he stared into my eyes.

"I think Trinity did this," I had realized trying to find my way out. "Dean went after her. They're still in there!"

Cas went to go back in to find them and fly them out, but as he took a step, the place exploded and sent us flying backward to our backs. People screamed, children were crying, people began to dwindle from running away. An alarm was going off and sirens were going off in the distance. But everything was blurry from my sight to my hearing, a high-pitched ping was ringing through my head and disorientating me. Cas said something, but I couldn't hear him from the blast.

As sound started to come back to me, I finally heard Cas, "I didn't see them come out…"

As my senses started to revive, I looked back to the burning building and hailing embers. My mouth hung open and tears began to well in my eyes.

"Help! Please! Anyone!" Trinity's cry called out from through the smoke and flames. I jolted upright and sprinted around the building to find her kneeling at Dean's side, both covered in ash and scorch marks, some of Trinity's feathers, seared on the edges, a few still slowly burning on the ends.. She was trying to give him CPR. "C'mon you son of a bitch! You're not leaving me this easy!" she pumped his chest and gave him mouth to mouth and as Cas and I reached them, my brother coughed hoarsely and began to sit up. "Thank God!" Trinity threw her arms around him, her fingers clutching savagely behind his back and head. His one arm not holding him off the ground scooped around her back too. She started repeating, "I'm sorry," over and over again as she clung to him.

"What happened?" Cas asked worriedly.

"It was all my fault, I-…" she cut off and met each of our eyes, tears rimming them.

"Trin…" Dean covered a cheek with his palm to force her to look at him, "What, happened?" she emphasized each word.

"Whatever… whatever is cursing that place… it knows about my Limbo…" The last word seemed to echo in the silence than none of us broke.

"But, I saw you dying in every mirror, in every way possible," he looked up, ver at us, "and you two… and I wasn't in Limbo."

"Sam…?" Cas turned to me, "Did you see anything in the mirrors?"

"I wasn't going to say anything, I thought it was just the panic… but, yeah. I saw Lucifer, I saw him standing there, I saw him destroying the world, I saw him killing all of you. Then I saw myself in a white suit, but… it… it wasn't me, me."

"What is it, Cas?" Dean looked up at him coughing, rubbing Trinity's shoulder. "What did you see?" he could see the worry in the angel's eyes.

"Angels falling, my mistakes killing you three…" he admitted.

"Our fears…" I realized.

On the way back to the car, Dean held Trinity's hand and then pushed strands of pearly white hair behind her ear, she tried to ignore the gesture, but I saw her eyes. I also saw Dean's, concern filling them as he touched the unfamiliar curls.

The ride home was silent. What we saw in the maze haunting all of our thoughts, all of our eyebrows furrowed. We all must have been thinking the same thing at the same time, because as I thought it and as Cas put a hand on Trinity's, Dean looked in the rearview mirror.

"Trin?" he spoke with gentle caution. She looked up slowly, trying not to meet his eyes with her still watery ones. "What did you see… to make you say it knew about Limbo?" he tried to ease into the question we've all been dying to ask, but knew if asked at the wrong moments, could be too much for her. I wasn't sure right now was that right moment.

She opened her mouth for a second to speak, but closed it, blinked a few tears from her eyes and looked out the window. That solidified my thoughts.

The ride was home silent.


"Are you coming?" Trinity popped her head in the window of Baby. We were stopped at a Denny's. Sam and Cas got out, but I held back for a moment. Something felt… weird.

"Dean, get your ass in here, I'm hungry," she smiled, waving me in.

"Something feels… different," I looked around at my car's interior. "Sam!" I looked up, "What did you do to her?"

"I didn't do anything!" he held up his hands up in defense.

"Did you put that stupid iPod crap back in here?" I rummaged around.

"No, I haven't even seen that since you threw it in the back when you came back from Hell."

"Dean, she looks great, maybe she just needs an oil change or something, babe," Trinity leaned her forearms on my door.

"Maybe," I took one last look before heading into the resturaunt.

When we finished and walked back out, I stopped in my tracks.

"Where is it? Where's my car? Baby?!" I bent to hold onto my knees, breathing deeply, "Son of a bitch!" I exploded on the last word, standing back up, making shaking fists, "Somebody stole her!"

_Author's Song Note_

"Back in Black" by ACDC

"Heya handsome," a sultry, flirtatious voice that had sass in it spoke from behind us. We all turned and leaning against the brick wall, clad in black was a tall woman. Her tightly curled, black hair blew gently in the breeze and her dark, caramel skin glistened like it was freshly washed and waxed. Her arms were folded in front of her soft-looking, black leather tank top and a worn, black leather jacket. The leather continued to her long legs, once again covered in tight, black leather. It went even further to her knee high, heeled boots. Her ankles were crossed and her belt had digits and letters on it, that as I looked closer I recognized them as Baby's license plate number. Her cherry red lipstick accentuated her smirk and bright out the copper color of her eyes that were almost glowing like headlights in the dusk lighting.

She started walking to us, the heels clicking on the cement ground, her wider hips swaying with her saunter. I noticed markings, no, tattoos on her chest, right below her collarbones. As she got closer, I could read them. They were the initials Sam and I had carved into the Impala all those years ago. From her ears hung what looked like… Lego earrings. And from her one wrist, a bracelet resembling a little, green, army man toy.

"Baby?" I asked with astonishment coating my voice.

"Hey Dean," she winked. She looked like she could kill you with a glance, but also give you a great one-night-stand.

"Uh, I, guhhh…" I couldn't find words.

"Well dammit, I knew the car got you all hot and bothered before, but for God's sake, now she's a real, hot lady," Trinity put her hands on her hips.

"I wouldn't believe it if we lived normal lives, but we don't, plus, she has… everything," Sam gestured to her.

"You should see my underwear, that Devil's Trap you have in my trunk sure makes a fashion statement," she winked, again.

I opened my mouth to speak, but Trinity cut me off, "If you dare make a 'junk in the trunk' joke, Dean, I will have to slap you." My mouth closed back up and my cheeks flushed a little.

I cleared my throat, "So, uh, you're alive," I pointed out.

"Thank you Captain Obvious," she crossed her arms and popped her hip.

"Why?" Trinity asked bluntly, then explained herself, "I don't mean to sound so offended that you're a living, breathing, walking, hot mother-"

"Trin," I stopped her, "You're rambling."

"Sorry, anyway, I just mean, why now? Cars don't just turn into human beings everyday." Even though she said she wasn't offended that Baby was alive, I could still hear a tinge of jealousy in her voice.

"Do you remember the time Sam became me for a few hours?"

Sam grumbled, "Oh, I remember."

It was quiet for a moment then I sighed realizing, "Gabriel."

"We haven't heard from him in a few months, it's about time," Trinity unconsciously rubbed her arm where her cotton sleeve was covering the handprint he left her. He was as good at keeping in touch lately with Trinity as Cas has always been with me.

"He's waiting for you back at the bunker," she popped her head behind her in the direction towards home.

"Well, that's good to know, but how are we getting there. We can't necessarily hop on your back and piggy-back there," I sassed because Gabriel always seemed to screw us over in the most minor ways even when his intentions were good.

"You're in luck honey," she cracked her neck and knuckles and started to step back from us. "Gabe came in clutch for once," she winked. "He made it so I can go back and forth from car to human whenever I need to."

We all watched as Human Baby turned into my normal Baby once more. It was like watching a slightly more disturbing scene from Transformers, with the human skin and stuff morphing into machine.

We drove back to the bunker and on the way, I had one radio station playing, but Baby changed it so it was now playing, Styx's, "Renegade"... It sang, "Oh, Mama, I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law; Law man has put an end to my running and I'm so far from my home; Oh, Mama I can hear you a-cryin', you're so scared and all alone; Hangman is comin' down from the gallows and I don't have very long; The jig is up, the news is out; They've finally found me; The renegade who had it made; Retrieved for a bounty." I just felt like this wasn't a good sign form the lyrics.

We walked in the Library and Bobby sat at one end of the table eyeing up Gabriel on the other end.

"Hiya guys! Long time no see, eh?!" the archangel stood arms, open wide, and an ornery smile in his face.

"What's going on?" Sam asked, knowing, like we all did, Gabriel only played tricks like this when he knew something we didn't.

His playful smile turned upside down into a more serious expression and he looked at Trin as he approached us, more specifically, her.

"I'm here to help," he looked at her, sincerity in his eyes.

"Help what?" I took a step closer to them.

"Haven't you noticed, Deanieboy?" he looked at me, slightly accusatory.

"Noticed what?" Sam looked at him, then me, then back. At least I wasn't alone in missing something.

"Take a closer look, doll face," he stepped back, gesturing to my girlfriend. I looked her up and down, but she looked like my Trin. Everything except for that white hair that grew more and more each night.

"They can't see, Gabe," Trinity rubbed her bicep awkwardly, making her look small and meek, very unlike her.

"Can't see what?!" I was getting fed up with not knowing. "Someone say something solid!"

"Limbo!" Trinity snapped, then immediately apologized, "I'm sorry, I, I didn't mean-"

Gabe cut in, "It's the effects. They're catching up with her. She's trying not to show it. She didn't even realize until the other day. Her subconscious has been pushing it down in denial. But it's just gonna get worse from here on out. It's been about a year right?" Gabriel asked.

We were quiet for a moment.

"What are the effects," I looked down at my love, trying to stay stoic. Even though fear crept inside of me like a fog on a country road.

"She's going to start having mood swings," he held a hand out to her, "irrational thoughts, and hallucinations. And they're gonna get bad. Probably until it drives her insane and or suicidal," he looked over at her, and she matched his eyes, terror in them. This was the first she was hearing about these effects. She obviously had ben feeling different and noticing things by her initial reaction. But from her look, I felt like she was starting to assume what kinds of hallucinations she will have.

"How do you know all of this?"

"Because there's only been one other being that I know of who's gone to Limbo and survived."

"Who?" Bobby chimed in.

"Me," he said more calmly that I would've.

That's when Cas showed up, and all Hell seemed to break loose.