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Welcome. This Interactive Fic may make somebody's skin crawl. Don't turn back now, though. Hybrids, as I'm sure most of you know, are mixes of different animals, to make a strange and wonderful creature. Pokemon, already being strange and wonderful, make magnificent Hybrids. My hybrids are modified from the average hybrid. Also, I've changed the Pokemon World, though you'll still hear familiar names, Goldenrod, Cerulean, Black Thorn, etc. Before we start, I'd like to fill you in on these changes.

There are three stages of Hybrids: Partially formed, Mainly formed, and Completely formed. Only very strong people can choose between them at will. For others, they change when they need it, but stay in Mainly formed, usually. More on this later.

Humans, after emotional, or rarer, mental surges, 'evolve'. A white light surrounds them and they become Hybrids. No one know exactly why, nor how long this has been happening, but priests in Ecruteak say that it is Ho-oh trying to get people and pokemon closer with this link.

However, if this is your plan, Ho-oh, it's not working. Hybrids are seen as monsters, and they are usually hunted down by bounty hunters, who commonly call Hybrids 'Brids. This is also has created a bit of distrust between pokemon and humans. In most cases, if Completely formed, the only difference between a hybrid and his/her pokemon counterpart, would be that Hybrids, still having human DNA, are not compatible with a Pokeball, and cannot be caught. Also, on the subject of catching, Hybrids usually disapprove of themselves owning Pokemon, and see it as down right slavery. However, Hybrids can make good friends with Pokemon, tame or wild, though they do not usually train them or make them fight battles. The Hybrids can fight for themselves.

Not all people fear Hybrids though. An organization called Kagekumo helps Hybrids. Hybrids with this organization find other Hybrids and give them a peaceful place to live, though they have to live in secret.



Two men ran down the steel corridor, and opened a door made of the same metal. A pudgy man that seemed to have no neck sat in his chair and stared with sunken eyes.

"Here," Said the first man, with blond hair, and laid down a pair of oversized Butterfree wings, "We got that beast good."

"Nice job, boys," the man gave the two a hefty pouch, "That 'Brid won't be bothering my family no more."

"Pleasure doin' business with ya, Mig." The taller, dark haired man said.

The two men left the room. "That was a sweet deal, Rui!" the blond smiled.

Rui chuckled, "Aw, you did the hard part this time, Kea."

Kea held the pouch up to his face, "'Brids are gettin' soft, easier to pick off, and more are appearing."

"Bein' a bounty hunter ain't such a bad job, better than bein' a poacher. Hey, what should we do next?"

"Train, down at the Arcade." Kea opened a door which led into a alley. After walking about five blocks, they entered a slightly shabby building. They nodded to the girl at the reception desk, who waved and blew a bubble gum bubble in reply.

"Long time, no see!" A middle age man grinned at the two men as he gave them the equipment and led them into a room, "Have fun." He said as he closed the door.

The simulation began. A pikachu ran out of some bushes. Kea used a pokeball, which merely hit it, and made it squeal in pain. Rui then tackled the pokemon. The pikachu emitted a eerie blue light and changed into a pikachu-like girl, and tried to bite and electrocute Rui. He held fast though. Kea ran up and injected something into the hybrid's arm, and after a moment, she was still. Rui checked for a pulse, and there was none. Kea pulled out a knife and hacked through the Hybrid's jagged tail, until it was off, and he could take it for a trophy. The simulation then ended.

Kea laughed, "We're gettin' better all the time! We are the best 'brid hunters of all time!" They high-fived each other and left the room.