There I stood upon the mountain as they valley burned. The smell of brimstone and sulphur perforated the air as I slowly stepped down. I saw them bow as I pass; creatures soulless, their eyes empty of any emotion. One approached and spoke but I heard no words but nodded at it anyway. It smiled as it drew its axe over its shoulder and ran off. The first verbal sound pierced my ears; chanting being done the middle of the fire. A pony was strapped to the alter, unconscious, as those around it chanted. One walked up lifting a dagger to the sky before plunging it into the creature's abdomen. Its scream… no her scream echoed throughout the valley.

"Merda" I whispered waking from the dream… or perhaps nightmare, it's hard to tell these days.

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I get up, my hooves tapping quietly against the wood floor as I went about my day. Walking into the washroom I looked at my tired face, bags under silver eyes as I turned the water on and splashed it up, waking me further.

Walking downstairs passed the shelves of books lining the hallways and the study I stepped outside allowing the early morning light to dry my face. The heat absorbed by my black coat, yet shined as it met my red mane. I smiled as it was a good day to stay indoors; I turned wiping the smirk from my face as I walked into the study.

"Alright if I remember correctly I was…' I trailed off after hearing a protest from my stomach, 'oh very well food than study."

Walking into the kitchen as with the rest of the house everything was made of wood but some of the cupboards had different symbols painted on their doors. Lighting up my horn the kitchen arranged itself placing Oatbits, milk and dishes into place. Sitting down I poured it into the bowl and began eating as I looked outside my window. The sun now higher in the sky, the town… what is it called must have been months since I was last there. Began with a P… bah I'll remember eventually. Anyway I can see that settlement in all its peacefulness. Is it called peacefulville? No that doesn't sound right, sounds boring actually.

Shacking myself out of my thoughts I left the bowl where it was and returned to the study, lifting three books from the shelves, placing two in a pile as opened the one with the bookmark resting inside. Glazing over the bookmark, text was still visible even after all its use. 'Never falter in the pursuit of knowledge. – Demostine'. I smiled, couldn't help myself, as I began reading about the fifth plane of hell.

Nine gates, nine levels, nine sins. Not that I have embraced all these things… unless a lust for knowledge counts in which case most of these I've done. Wrath and Anger aren't really me, I mean hard to be angry or wrathful if you've been alone long enough. The citizens of pon… PONYVILLE that was the name, I knew I'd remember eventually. Anyway yes they are hard to hate. Mostly because I've barely interacted with them, usually I go into town every few months for supplies or if I can't be bothered than that delivery service tends to get me what I need. Though they must stop sending that clumsy pegasus, had to poke her with a stick to get her out of my rafters last time.

I'm unsure how many hours passed but when I heard that 'thud' at my door, I knew some mail had arrived, most likely another book or something. Getting up and opening the door I was faced to face with the clumsy pegasus… uh what's her name?

"Here you go mister" she said as she shoved a package and a letter into my hooves. "Have a nice day" she called flying off without hitting anything, I'm impressed. Oh wait nevermind she fell into a tree… oh well not my problem.

Unravelling the package first, was my ordered blood utensils, good for writing scripts and symbols of the occult. Helps when you're doing arts not approved by the law, ha the law forbidding certain types of magic. Magic is magic it just depends on the words, symbols and amount of time and preparation you put into it. Demonology is forbidden but hell I've got a cutiemark of a pentagram that says its fine. Yes yes my speciality is the dark arts, demonology being the most important, but that doesn't make me a bad guy. Alas the laws forbid it and here I am, on a mountain… in my cabin… alone! Maybe I'm a bit angry at the world… no more like the law. Who needs laws to preform good deeds?

Wait didn't I get a letter? Putting the pens on the desk I found it under it, having survived the shredding. Ok let's see… thousandth sun celebration tomorrow… Whoopdi freakin do. Hey look it's the sun for the uptenth time let's have a big celebration about it. Wait wait wait wait thousandth why does that sound familiar?

Lighting up my horn I start pulling books off the shelves that I had been reading for the past month, it had to be recent otherwise I probably wouldn't have… WAIT here we go. Dropping all the books except the one in front of me I put it on the podium. Nightmare moon… after a thousand years she'll return… night shall last forever. WELL THAT DOESN'T SOUND GOOD. Perhaps I will go to this celebration thing, just in case something does happen, if not hey free food.

Since this is a celebration I'll have to dress up a bit. Walking upstairs, I open up my cloak closet; black no, brown no, blue? … Nah. Ooo my red one yes that will do, putting it on covers up a good chunk of my body but most importantly my cutiemark. No doubt some bigwig of the kingdom will be running this show so I can't have them blowing the whistle on me… though even if they did see it I could just paralyse them giving me a head start on getting out of town. That's the thing about demonology it has a paralysis spell but it only lasts a day, you'd think demons would have prepared something a bit lengthier. Right cloak uh might as well take my bags; have my bits and still have a fair amount. Bring a couple of my books along I may get bored waiting for the end of the world. And… yes I think that will do. Should I bring a blood pen? Erm… nah I'm sure it will be fine.

Exiting the cottage, I set the wards on the door. Never know when some sneaky pony or diamond dog wants to go poking around my home. Then continue my walk down the slope and into the whitetail woods. Never really understood why it was called that I mean these woods and Everfree are connected so why bother differentiating between the two if they're the same. Though I suppose whitetail is not infested with monsters, I feel rather safe when I travel through either one when the need for ingredients is needed. True I do somewhat cheat by using an invisibility spell but still safety first.

Exiting the forest I could see the town and even closer the famous… uh … apple farm. Bugger I don't remember who runs it… uh balls I'll think about it later. As I got closer I could see a pegasus breaking all the clouds in the sky in a matter of seconds. Clearing the area seems like a good idea in case Nightmare is able control the weather, nopony wants to be struck by lightning. Getting into town was simple, the thing I love about this place is the lack of guards, which means a slow response if I was ever discovered. Now where's the thing-a-ma-gig being held? Errrrr… oh there's somepony. Walking up to a cream coloured pony, "Excuse me where is the celebration being held?" She turned around at me and seemed to stare before answering, "Uh see the building with all the flags?" Turning my head I did see something like that further in, "Ah thank you ma'am." Giving a bow of my head, I walked off hearing some whispering behind me as I left.

The place apparently was the town hall, good place to hold a celebration I suppose. Walking in I was greeted with colourful ribbons and poor defenses, really you'd think the government could build a defensive structure in case this place was attacked. Let's see there's a unicorn who is fussing over another unicorn and… is that a dragon? "Is that a dragon?" The dragon did turn and conform itself to be just that. "Uh yeah that's me a" "Oh it's only a baby dragon blast hoping for some useful… no I suppose this isn't the place. Excuse me either madams or young sir, is this where the celebration is to be held?" The fussed over lavender unicorn at least looked like she was trying to reply, "Yes*grunt* Celestia will be *oof* up on the balcony ow!" "Keep still darling I'll have your mane fixed in a minute." Celestia is coming here?! Shit maybe I shouldn't have come… well too late now I suppose. "What about guards she will have some I suppose?" "Of course dear, she wouldn't be without her valiant stallions" the white unicorn replied trying to fit the other into a dress. "Valiant or not, they better be prepared for Nightmare if she comes."

"Hey twilight looks like you're not the only one who believes that foal's tale." Twilight? Twilight… why do I know that name… isn't it a book? Hmm oh wait there's a unicorn in my face. "You know the tale?" she asked eyes looking hopeful I suppose. "Yes that's why I'm in town to see if it occurs or not. It probably won't but if it does I prefer to be here to help then be called later." "Then you believe she's coming tonight, I… no now WE have to stop her." Bitch you crazy I don't team up with random strangers. "Sorry miss Twilight but until she shows up I'm no use to you, besides I work alone." "Wait aren't you the stallion that avoided Pinkie's party?" I shuddered at the name, blasted pink hell spawn, and avoided this place for two years just to get out of that party plan. "Still avoiding ma'am I do not need a friend especially in her." "See spike this stallion is doing fine yet Celestia sends me here to insure that the celebration goes as planned and make friends." Oh shit, now I remember royal sunbutt has a student… this must be her. SHIT!

"Well if you've got some job for her I'd best leave you be" I stated walking quickly out of the building. "Wait' she called catching my cloak at the door, 'maybe we could compare notes and ideas." "You don't want be alone on this do you?" Twilight shook her head, "you're the first pony to believe me about this threat" she said pouting. Damn mares and their pouting think guys would fold just because they pull the look. "Very well Miss Twilight I stay." Ok apparently I'm that weak willed good to note. "So who do we have left Spike?" "Uh organizing the music is a mare named Fluttershy."

Now that's a name I know, I've seen and met her on my incursions into the forests, her ability over animals makes someone natural to talk to when you need to obtain certain poisons. Heading out of town Twilight has been rambling on about different plans to deal with Nightmare. "Need I remind you of the elements Twilight, they were used once on her. Might as well use them again." "But we don't know where they are." Yes they are rather elusive but I suppose as ancient artifacts go something that can hide itself is all well and good if the enemy was looking for it. "I think that might be her" Spike said pointing at… yes that's her conducting a choir of birds no less. "Good once were done here we can go back to the library and get some actual research." There's a library here? How come I've never seen it?

"EXCUSE me…" Twilight announced getting an 'eep' out of Fluttershy and scaring away the birds. Tactful ain't she… and Fluttershy isn't responding to her pestering, might as well step in. Lowering the cowl I spoke up, "It's alright Miss Shy she's here to oversee the celebration." Both mares stared and their faces turn slightly red… it's not hot out is it? I mean it's hard to tell if I'm red under the heat. Perhaps I am? "Um ok uh everything is going well and the uh music will be wonderful" Fluttershy stated. "There she said it will be fine now stop pestering her and let's go" I said staring at Twilight with mild annoyance. Really yelling at somepony is just rude, more so if Flutters is involved.

The three of us left as I put up my cowl, "So why do you wear a cloak?" "Because I can, I could ask why don't you?" "That's… fair" she answered turning her head back towards town. Hm not my best social moment, the lack of interactions these days is very limited these days. Though being who I am makes it acceptable right? No it probably doesn't. "Sorry, that seemed rather rude didn't it?" "No you said you didn't have friends I should have seen" "I have friends just none here or I've seen in the last few years." "Why?" "You're rather inquisitive for someone who doesn't want friends." That shut her up, "I've been busy with study."

It was getting near sundown by the time we arrived at the library… which was a tree, well that explains why I never found the place. The windows were rather dark even though the sun was still somewhat up. "Ok so I'll go in and set up some books and we'll try and think of a plan." I bowed "let me just check something and I'll be with you in a minute." She nodded and the pair headed inside and confirmed my suspicions as the sounds of cheering and noise makers went off. Pinkie Pie and her devilish parties, sorry Twilight but there's no way I'm going in there now. Peering through the window I could see Twilight drinking something then shoot fire out of her mouth… an unexpected reaction most likely due to pinkie's madness. Then looking to be yelling in anger ran upstairs. Hmm walking around the side of the tree and looking up I can see the upper windows, one occupied by Twilight. Lighting my horn and opening the window I called up, "Care for me to lower you down or for me to come up?" She looked like she was smiling though it's hard to tell with it being nightfall now. "I've got some books up here so maybe we can still brainstorm a plan." I nodded before lighting up my horn. Surrounded by heat of the thermal updraft I floated up just outside her window before hopping through.

She levitated some books off the shelf as I retrieved the two from my bag. She looked up and eyed my books before gasping, "The necronomican, how do you have that?" Hmm? Oh it seems that one was the Necronomican, fun book good guide to summoning creatures. "I have well connected friends." "But that book is for forbidden arts." "Then you don't have to worry about gaining more knowledge from it, it's mine and wasn't planning on sharing." Twilight seemed to step away from me, "B-but those are the dark arts only evil would use that magic." "Are you truly that blind and dense to believe such rubbish? Magic is neither good nor evil; it all depends on who wields its power. Something your teacher should have taught you from day one. Now it seems we will make little progress bickering so shall we get to it?" "No get out" she said staring daggers at me. Wow I haven't seen that face before another foolish scholar set in her ways. "Very well" I said and cast an invisibility spell on myself and watched her. She mulled around the room before lying down on the bed, really I thought this was a library not a house… perhaps it's both. Would make sense for a student of sunbutt to live where the books are, be that she is of narrow mindedness.

"Hey Twilight it's time to go the celebration is staring soon" Spike said walking into the room. Already? How long have I been watching her? Bugger what's her face will be here soon… not Celestia the other one. Come one me we were just talking about her… Nightmare moon that's right. "Coming Spike" she said getting up thankfully leaving the door open for me to leave. Invisibility spells are tricky, grants full invisibility of you and your possessions but if you interact with anything it disappears. Demons have a sense of humor I guess.

Exiting the library and following them to the town hall I looked up noticing the shadow in the moon had disappeared. If that's not a bad sign I don't know what is. Walking in there was the entire populace along with of few of the celestial guard, thick skulled and well-disciplined as I'm sure she'd want them to be. Can't have free thinkers no, they'd try to topple her glorious reign that she's had for thousands of years. But I can't very well blame her; we've had little in the way of wars for the last few hundred years so I guess she's doing alright.

"Attention ladies and gentle ponies the sun celebration is about to begin." Here we go or not, "To welcome the bringing of the sun I am pleased to introduce Princess Celestia." And… no one, there's no one up on the balcony. "Oh no" I could hear Twilight say beside the hell spawn. "She's gone" the white unicorn from before said getting every pony muttering amongst themselves as I hid myself behind one of the curtain.

"Well greetings my loyal subjects, did you miss me?" A voice echoed throughout the chamber as a black mist appeared on the balcony. Well shit, I began channelling magic but instead of the usual red aura my horn gave off, it was sickly green. From the land of the dead I summon thee fallen warrior rise and serve thy master. I directed the spell to summon it above me on the second floor. The mist formed revealing a dark blue alicorn, heavy armoured with purplish eyes staring at the ground floor. "My little ponies, my precious subjects rejoice… your true queen has returned!" Bitch you ain't my queen!

"Where's the princess?" they called out, the fools don't they know who she is. "Thou long for Celestia? Does my crown no longer count since I've been imprisoned for a thousand years? Am I not worthy of your devotion?" Now creature strike down this so called queen. A wail began as my minion leapt from above striking the queen. Or it would if she didn't dissolve her body back into black mist so it would shatter on impact. Really you'd think a skeleton would be smarter. "My my necromancy is still practised, has our dear sister allowed such a thing, but nay does any pony even know who I am?" "I do" both myself and twilight answered, me stepping out of cover from the curtain. "Nightmare Moon" I said charging up my horn as a skeletal archer appeared in front of me this time. "Hmm by the way you hide yourself that means you're an outcast; surely your magic would thrive under my rule." "Like I've said before, magic is neither good nor evil; I will fight you Nightmare even if I use the dark arts to do it." She chuckled to herself, "So naïve, under my rule the night… will last... FOREVER!" she yelled cackling to herself before vanishing.