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Harry looked around at the bloody field with blank eyes that were reminiscent of the Avada Kedavra curse that had killed so many of his classmates and friends. There was absolutly no one left alive on the field. The bodies of the few Death Eaters that had lived long enough to fall with their insane master lay strewn about like the broken toys that had once littered Dudley's second bedroom, and among them lay the last of the order and Hogwarts students that had chosen to fight.

Harry had finally fulfilled the prophesy that had caused him so much pain. It was over...he was alone.

The thought of his friends was enough to have him fall from his position on his knees and onto his back so that he could look at the sky. His thoughts running through his mind at a rapid pace.

At the battle of Hogwarts two weeks ago many of those that had been fighting had been captured after Harry had gone into the forest. Narcissa had lied to Voldemort by telling him that Harry was dead, and Hagrid had carried Harry back to the school where the fighting had not stopped. Apparently, the Death Eaters did not want to give anyone time to claim those already dead and had started cursing people as soon as they were out of their master's sight. Harry's friends were captured and bound and the death count on both sides was staggering.

While Voldemort ranted and cursed some of his followers for disobeying his orders and caused even more of them to die, Harry had tried to get into a position that would allow him to get rid of the megalomaniac once and for all. Unfortunately, Hagrid could not prevent his shocked reaction to Harry's movement and Harry was also captured before he had a chance to act.

They were taken away from Hogwarts back to Malfoy Manor. This time Harry was not immediately locked into the basement where he only had to listen to others being tortured. Harry was made to watch as his friends and his once enemies were tortured and killed, people that had become his family. First had been Luna and Hermione. They were cursed for hours until they were unresponsive, and then they were given to Greyback. Harry had watched as their bodies were torn apart until they were completely unrecognizable.

Then Neville was brought into the room and offered a place in the ranks of the Death Eaters if he would join in the torture of Harry. Harry had expected his friend to be terrified, but Neville had stood tall before Voldemort and spat in his face. After a shocked silence from the Death Eaters and Voldemort, the green curse shot from Voldemort's wand without any warning and Neville crumpled to the floor; his eyes seemed to have fixed on Harry after he had fallen. Harry thought that he was one of the bravest people that he ever met and wished that he had been a better friend to the boy that always seemed to stand by him when things went to hell.

When Ron and Ginny were brought into the room, Harry thought that his heart would break at seeing so many tortured and killed in front of him. His heart did break, but this time it was because both redheads fell at Voldemort's feet and kissed his robes without hesitation.

Voldemort watched Harry's face as he spoke in his cold hissing voice, "You did well this last year keeping Harry from destroying my real Horcruxes Ron. I was so pleased when you switched them out with the fakes that I provided. And you Ginny, were so convincing in your devotion to your beloved. You will both be rewarded. Join your fellow Death Eaters."

Harry just sat stunned beside Voldemort's throne where he was bound into place on his knees.

Voldemort's laugh echoed around the dusty room as he taunted Harry. "It was such a pleasant surprise to have three of the Weasley's join my ranks." At Harry's slight twitch Voldemort leaned closer to him to continue in a more mocking tone. "Yes boy, their mother was with them when they came. Apparently, with Dumbledore's death, they no longer would be paid to keep you loyal. Did you know that Dumbledore was using you as his own personal tool to make himself the hero again? Even after he was cursed by my ring, he did not give you the information that you could use to live. He instead gave Severus information that would ensure that you went to your death." Here Voldemort snarled and hissed {I am not sure how you survived the killing curse again but you will die one way or another.}

Harry felt cold but was able to hiss back with as much hatred as he could manage, which at the moment was a fair amount. {Burn in hell you psycho.}

Never one to like having someone talk to him with such disrespect, Voldemort held Harry under the crucio for five minutes in retaliation. After about two minutes something strange started happening. The curse did not feel quite as strong. Harry continued to act like the curse was as strong as ever and that he was in agony when, by the time the curse was lifted, he could barely feel any pain from it at all. He thought if felt more like a static tingle. Harry was not sure if he should be worried that he was apparently damaged enough that he could not feel it anymore or thankful that he was apparently damaged enough that he could not feel it anymore. He had heard of people losing their minds when being held continuously under the curse, but he had been exposed in small bursts...with the bursts adding up to quite a bit of time under the curse.

Over the next week Voldemort focused his torture on Harry. Harry eventually decided that he was not completely damaged as he could feel it perfectly fine when Voldemort used other curses, it was just that his favorite-the Crucio-had practically no effect. Harry would try to act like it was as awful and painful as it was supposed to be but it was not enough for Voldemort.

Harry did not know that he had been under the curse more than anyone in recorded history and that even with his acting like he was in terrible pain; it was obvious to those that were watching that Harry was stronger than anyone had guessed. Voldemort was beyond pissed that this boy was still strong enough to be coherent. He had wanted the boy to be a shaking drooling mess.

Voldemort swept into his throne room where his Death Eaters were gathered and turned to Harry. "Today Harry, I have a special treat for you. You see, it has amused me to hurt your friends in front of you, and to hurt you as well, but there are two people that I want to hear screaming in pain even more than you right now. I don't like to be betrayed Potter." Grayback and another Death Eater were dragging two limp forms into the room behind Voldemort. "Narcissa and Draco Malfoy are going to die today because they tried to help you. I have looked into their minds and seen how they deceived me, Narcissa in the woods and Draco while you were here earlier. I am so disappointed in their lack of loyalty."

Despite the promise that they would die that day, it took a total of three days for the Malfoys to die. Draco's mother died first as her sister carved into her bruised and burned flesh the words Blood Traitor. Draco was made to watch as his mother bled out in front of him. He had seen this before when Hermione had been tortured in a room down the hall and he had thought that nothing could be worse than watching the muggle-born being tortured by his aunt. There could be no doubt though that this was much worse for the blond boy.

Draco followed his mother with-in the hour as his father asked him one last time to plead for mercy from the Dark Lord. Draco had stood as tall as his broken form would allow and told his father that a Malfoy should bow before no one. Then, like Neville, Draco had spat into his father's face. The curse that ended his life was a blessing as he was dead before he hit the floor.

These deaths hit Harry hard as he had never been friends with Draco. He had barely had any contact at all with Draco's mother. Yet both of them lied to protect him when it was needed while people he thought of as family turned on him like rabid dogs as soon as things were not going their way.

The next morning Harry was taken to this field behind Hogwarts. It was on the far side of the lake but you could see the topmost towers of the castle in the distance.

"You will die today Potter." Voldemort had opened his arms wide as if to embrace the day.

Harry thought that he was being a bit dramatic. Apparently watching his friends die and being tortured had made his word filter in his brain malfunction because he told Voldemort exactly that.

"How dare you speak to the greatest wizard in the world like that? No one is greater than me and the world will bow before me…"

Harry rolled his eyes and replied with snark worthy of Draco and a smirk worthy of Snape. "See, drama queen. And you are not the most powerful wizard. That would be me." At Voldemort's incredulous sputtering Harry grinned even though his face protested the movement with all the bruises. "Seriously Tom, you have been trying to prevent your death by making Horcruxes and here I am surviving the killing curse twice, once as a little baby that wasn't even potty trained. It's pretty sad that you can't kill me with the curse that is supposed to do just that. Not to mention your Imperio does nothing to me and your Crucio is as weak as your sorry old ass apparently is. Pathetic."

Voldemort was now staring daggers at Harry while his left eye twitched in irritation. He then waved his wand and Bellatrix's dagger came soaring through the air into his waiting hand. "I may not be able to use the killing curse to rid myself of you, but I can kill you. I doubt that you will be able to survive blood loss."

Harry simply continued to grin at the posturing of Voldemort. Harry figured that if he was going to die, which he figured was a large possibility, then he would piss off the monster in front of him as much as possible.

"Whatever Tommy, you keep trying to kill me and it never seems to work for you. I am sure your followers are impressed with your continually failing to kill one boy that has had some pretty fucked up teachers for defense. Doesn't really say all that much about your 'supposed skill,' now does it?" Harry took delight in the continued twitching of Voldemort's left eye and now the clenching of his jaw as he mocked the man in front of him.

Flashes of light startled the Death Eaters that were standing in a ring around Voldemort and Harry. The last of the order and students from Hogwarts had arrived. Curses were quickly being tossed by each side. The students were proving to be a challenge for the experienced Death Eaters thanks in large part to Harry having lead the DA. Even when he was on the Horcrux hunt Neville had made sure that everyone was continuing to improve themselves. This fight was different than the last though, it seemed as though no one was casting to stun this time around.

Voldemort quickly cast a protection spell that left him and Harry in a protective bubble where no one could interfere. While bodies fell to the ground outside the bubble, Voldemort advanced on Harry. When Harry tried to move away, Voldemort cast a Body Bind on him to keep him still.

"Can't even kill me with a knife can you Tom? Have to have me bound?"

"I just want you gone from this world as soon as possible."

"Whatever makes you sleep at night. We both know that you will never be as strong as I am, even after I die. Look around. Your Death Eaters are falling, and even then, they only follow you out of fear. I may have had a few that betrayed me but I had people that loved me enough to stand by me and die with me. You will never have that." Harry looked into red eyes as Voldemort grasped Harry's neck and held the knife at his stomach. He was so close that Harry could feel his breath on his face.

"Ah, but Potter, I took them from you and now you are dead too." With this Voldemort plunged the cursed dagger into Harry and released the body bind, allowing Harry to fall to his knees. Voldemort sank to his knees so that he could whisper to the boy-that-refused-to-die. "Can you survive this Potter? I am going to watch you die now. You can't save anyone anymore."

{I thought I told you to burn in hell} harry hissed as he wrenched the dagger from his stomach and plunged it into Voldemort's chest. Voldemort stared down shocked at the dagger before he fell to the ground beside the-boy-who-lived in a mix of his and Harry's blood.

Harry looked around and saw that he was the only one alive, his green eyes blank as he took in the bodies around him. It had taken only a few minuets for those fighting to fall under the onslaught of spells. He wasn't able to see anyone that would be able to tell those that had been able to find a safe place to hide that everything was over now.

As he clutched the bleeding wound in his stomach he thought about the people that had died to end this war.

He thought about Sirius falling through the veil and Lupin who had fallen with Tonks at the battle of Hogwarts.

He thought about Dobby and Kreacher who had both ended up dying for him.

Luna, Neville and Hermione...friends that had stood by him until the very end.

Draco and Narcissa, who could have avoided their deaths by turning on him but standing strong despite everything.

He fell to his back and looked at the clouds as he continued to think about Hermione, his best friend, and Luna and Neville who had been good friends. He remembered every time they made him laugh or forget that he was the chosen one for a few moments. He thought about the friendship that he could have had with Draco if he had not been so blind to the manipulation of the Headmaster and the Weasley family. He even thought about Severus Snape and everything he had done for him.

The clouds continued to drift slowly across the sky as Harry thought of the people that had become the family that he had never had a chance to enjoy. Knowing that he had managed to find family despite the manipulation and the utter fuck up that was his life made him feel at peace with his death. He did not want to live alone in a world that had been decimated by Voldemort and his crazy band of followers anyway.

As his breath became slower and slower, he thought that it was a good thing he could see the sky. He would die seeing clouds drift along the endless blue and not have to look at the red stained field that he lay in. The last thought that crossed his mind as the light went out behind his eyes was that Death was not so bad.