Orochimaru blinked his eyes and his slits narrowed further. The chakra flared in his eyes and his eyes glowed for a moment, verifying what he was seeing and checking it twice. There was no elaborate genjutsu, no foreign chakra in his system. If it was, he was very sure he couldn't get rid it off. After all, if one was skilled enough to trap him, there was nothing he could do in this level of Genjutsu. Still thinking that his mind was playing tricks on it, he took out a kunai, ready for any attack on his person.

He would prefer not to, but in the life of ninja, there was no such thing as wishful thinking. Really, he would be able to take care of the threat, but here, so far away from Hidden Leaf Village, he had little clue of what, or, who he would encounter. The hunter-nin were a tenacious branch. He had to give his sensei credit there and after three days of constant running and killing he was getting irritated.

They never give up, do they? Not even when their opponent was vastly superior. He knew what they were trying to do but it wouldn't work for one simple reason. He was a Sanin. No matter how long you draw out the battle, the legendary Sanin outclassed you in stamina, chakra strength and finesse.

And so, he looked up to the gate, reading once again the letter written in semi-circular, concentric iron bars- Welcome to the Missing Ninja Village!

Is this a joke?

He could feel the creepiness surrounding him and to his shock, he found it comforting. Jiraya said he was a creepy person and he had echoed that sentiment out loud as well. The gate had opened spontaneously, and then closed on its own as well, as he walked inside. He saw a table and on it were pen and paper; with various questions written on it. The fog surrounding him had not dispersed, thickened even! Yet, he couldn't sense any presence in the mist.

He had thought about Kirigakure ninjas, having Mist ninjas but he had his trusty sword with him. He looked at the paper and picked up the pen, and started reading it.

Welcome to the Missing Nin Village! Are you a missing ninja? If so, of which Village?

There was a box provided between a Yes, and a No. Orochimaru exhaled through his mouth, and put a tick mark on a Yes. His hiate-tie would answer a part of the question.

Were you chased out or left voluntarily?

There was an underline, which, Orochimaru suspected was, to pen down the answer. Again, with great thought, and patience on his part, he scribbled down the answer.

Are you planning to stay for long or/and until you have evaded the notice of hunter nins?

Again, there was a box with a Yes, No and an Unsure. Orochimaru ticked on Unsure, giving the paper a mocking smile.

'Want me to reveal my intentions now, kukuku'.

There were few questions more, like 'what rank were you when you left' and 'what rank would you classify yourself now', which Orochimaru wrote down quickly. He was now becoming more amused than angry or impatient, wanting simply to know who had the balls to put up a village, not even a Hidden one, for the world to see.

Really, if he would have made the Hokage, he would've crushed it so himself! Finally there was another at the end of the page.

Thank-you for filling out the questionnaire. Please leave suggestions/remarks (if any) down here on how to improve this experience to you.

There were few dark lines, extending till the very end. Orochimaru hoped this would be the end of this test, or intel-gathering thing, whatever this exercise was.

It would be nice if I knew, who or what, a ninja was getting into.

Orochimaru wrote, despite his sudden desire to crush the paper into a ball throw it out, in the circular fog which made everything disappear from a three meter radius. There were hunter ninja's out for his hide and he didn't want to loose the time he had gained on them filling out forms, dammit! Although, he would like to meet this leader of this village in person.

"We tried that, back a few weeks when I formed this village." Orochimaru calmly looked forward, looking at the figure. Thin and agile. Can dodge projectiles, possibly; he thought taking in his features. "The ninjas that came were to weary or suspicious of the person than to write down answers correctly, alone." Full sleeve clothing, but not loose- letting only his wrists show. Orochimaru saw, thinking about the Hokage. Or, how unlike him. Not a weapons, user; he thought. A jutsu user. He perked up, thinking how he could use it to his advantage and what jutsus he could see and analyze.

The cloth or whatever he was wearing ended down open, leaving free movement with his legs. There was a trouser like thing, clinging loosely.

"You wouldn't believe this one time a foreign diplomat entered our village, running from bandits." The man had long, black hair with his face almond like. Like a set tan which had not yet gone away.

'Possible use of tijutsu involving legs as main attack leaving hands free to perform a jutsu. Clever'. Orochimaru thought. He had finished his analysis and had formed a strategy, should this be a trap. There was still, this mist in the air, which troubled him, to a slight degree.

All this happened with a minute, which made Orochimaru frown inside for taking so long to come up with one on the fly. Was he really tired?

"It didn't go so well, and had to perform a jutsu to wipe his memory." Orochimaru stilled as he looked at his eyes. Un-naturally green and yet, his whole composure screamed of casual confidence. "And so, we thought of this. Congratulations! You are the first subject for it."

'You are the first subject for it.' Orochimaru had a sudden flashback, when he too, said something like this; in a very different situation, in a very different tone.

"From Hidden Leaf Village!" His voice was incredulous, and felt slightly off. Like he was a foreigner in this land. "A missing ninja. Hmmm. Your name?" The man didn't look up, continuing to look into the paper. Orochimaru was a little affronted that this guy hadn't even heard about him, the legendary Sanin, and looked at him like he was nobody.

Actually, that could work to his advantage, he thought, and thinking about a fake one quickly. But then, curiosity got the better of him and he wondered, if he would recognize the name.

"Orochimaru." He said quietly. Trying to present a fearful persona.

"Hari!" He replied back. Orochimaru fell down anime style, and got back up quickly. Now, he really was curious about the whole thing. And a bit indignant too!

"Let me give you a brief introduction about the Village." Hari said seeing that this guy was unsure about staying here. "You can always leave if you don't want to, no questions asked. There isn't any restriction of going in and out of village and you certainly don't need my permission on it. This isn't like any village you come from." Hari gave him a look and Orochimaru understood it perfectly.

You should be able to handle whatever shit you stirred up.

"You are free to do what you want to do, keeping in mind the others have as much right to do the same. There is but one rule." His voice hardened. "Do not gather heat when you are out of the village and don't come back with people hot on your trail. This place is meant to be a safe haven for other ninjas as well. If you have a problem with any ninjas, you are free to take it to the arena to settle them with fists and blood."

"And you are the Village leader?" Kukuku… Orochimaru laughed inside.

"If by that, you mean I formed it. Yes. Food, water and other amenities aren't free, unlike in the other nations." For a ninja, they were given a monthly stipend, which included a lodging quarters and money for food and other things."

"A Sanin. What is that rank?" Orochimaru got up, again from falling down anime style; looking at him with an incredulous expression. He hadn't heard about the legendary fight with Hanzo the Salamander?! And he explained it to him. He knew about the Hanzo, and other various heads of the Village but not of the famous ninjas inside.

"So basically, a level up from Jonin." Harry remarked, blowing air between his lips and asked, "What did you do to piss of Hokage?" Hari said in his unique 'Harry Potter' way.

"Jutsu experimentation." Orochimaru replied innocently.

"Really?" Harry blinked, not expecting that answer. "Well, we do experiment with jutsus and try and create as many as possible." He said honestly.

"It was more of a forbidden research types really." Kukuku, Orochimaru said conversationally, watching his reaction keenly.

"Ah! Immortality or raising the dead?" Harry said with a twisted expression.

"Both." Orochimaru said growing alert. The fog hadn't been displaced yet, so there was still a chance of attack.

"Well, none of the ninjas are interested in that sort of thing." Harry said scratching his chin. He hadn't shaved for a while which gave him a roughish look, having small dark patch starting from jaw-bone till his chin. "However, what jutsus you research in your free time is none of our business. Make sure none of other people get hurt."

'Kukuku', Orochimaru thought. 'If only you knew Hari. The things I do… The things. I. Do.'

"That's enough Gonem." Hari said out loud. "That was very well done!" Harry complimented, turning to Orochimaru. "He had a problem with his chakra points or tenkutsu or whatever you people call it. I had to perform an experimental surgery." He said out quickly and then extended his arms.

"Well, welcome to the Village, Orochimaru." The fog disappeared, giving him a clear view of the village. It was good enough. Orochimaru thought, not amazed or upset. He really was prepared to crash for the night be it a simple hut or an elegant place. He would figure out this Hari guy and move on, probably.