The actual location of the house in the picture is Paris, NY but Emison will live in Paris, France for the time jump part of this chapter.

General POV

Emily was invited to a UCLA swim team party and Alison was going with her. This was going to be the last team Emily would be with her former UCLA swim teammates because her and Alison were moving to Paris soon. Once they got to the party Emily realized it was a farewell party for her and not just a random party.

"Try not to get to drunk because one of us has to drive home." Alison said

"Why can't it be you this time. This party is for me so why should I be the one to limit my drinks?" Emily asked

"I'm Alison DiLaurentis and I always get drunk at parties." Alison said

"Well this time you can't Ali." Emily said

"I can if we have a back up plan. Toby's still in LA so we can just call him to pick us up." Alison said

"Fine, you win this time Ali." Emily said

"Who ever gets the most drunk wins the game." Alison said

"We are not playing a game because clearly you will win." Emily said

"So what if I win." Alison said

"You always win drinking games Ali, it just isn't fair." Emily said

"Life isn't fair Emily. My brother and my niece are living 2,400 miles away from me. I miss Jason and Abigail more then I thought I would." Alison said

"Once we move to Paris then we would be 3,700 miles away from them." Emily said

"I know but Paris has always been my dream and it would give my niece a chance to travel to another country." Alison said

"Abigail is our niece." Emily said

"Not exactly Em since we are not married." Alison said

"You and I both know that one day we will be married." Emily said

"A wedding at the Eiffel tower would be perfect." Alison said

"Then afterwords we all go to Disneyland Paris." Emily said

The party was more fun for Alison then Emily because Em was never really into parties. Alison was your typical party girl but Emily preferred just a quite night out with Ali or her friends. Since they were both drunk and couldn't drive Emily called Toby to pick them up.

"It's almost midnight so this better be an emergency." Toby said

"Ali and I need a really big favor." Emily said

"Are you drunk?" Toby asked

"Yes, Ali and I both were drinking. I took her keys away just to make sure she wasn't stupid enough to drive us home." Emily said

"Where are you?" Toby asked

"At a party near UCLA but off campus." Emily said

"Text me the address so I can pick both you and Alison up." Toby said

"Thank you Toby." Emily said

"One more thing if you don't mind. I'm flying to Chicago tomorrow to surprise Spencer because Mackenzie 2nd birthday is this week. If I do this for you and Ali then I get to sleep on your couch. I have an early flight tomorrow and you are much closer to LAX then the coworkers house I'm staying at." Toby said

"That sounds like a fair trade. Ali might not go for it but it's fine with me." Emily said

Toby picked Ali and Em up about 30 minutes later. He drove them back to the apartment they share. Ali and Em somehow managed not to get sick until after they were safely in their apartment. The next day once they were sobered up Emily drove back to the house that the party was at so Alison could get her car.

8 years later

Alison DiLaurentis - 30 years old

Emily Fields - 30 Years old

Hanna Marin Rivers - 30 Years old

Caleb Rivers - 31 years old

Lilly Rivers - 9 Years old

Liam Rivers - 3 years old

Kayla Rivers DiLaurentis - 29 years old

Jason DiLaurentis - 36 Years old

Abigail Rivers DiLaurentis - 11 years old

Austin DiLaurentis - 3 Years old

Melissa Hastings Kingston - 37 years old

Wren Kingston - 40 years old

Mia Cavanaugh Kingston - 8 Years old

Maya Cavanaugh Kingston - 8 Years old

Spencer Hastings Cavanaugh - 30 years old

Toby Cavanaugh - 31 Years old

Mackenzie Cavanaugh - 10 Years old

Mason Cavanaugh - 3 years old

Aria Montgomery Fitz - 30 Years old

Ezra Fitz - 36 Years old

Gabriella Fitz - 10 Years old

Gavin Fitz - 3 years old

Mike Montgomery - 28 years old

Mona V. Montgomery 30 Years old

The group of friends plus a few more are finally all together again for a special event. Over the last 8 years they have seen each other but not all at once. The reunion was in Paris, France. Emily and Ali decided to invite everyone even friends of friends.

Everyone was invited to not 1 but 2 special events. Emily and Ali were adopting 5 year old twins named Ethan and were twins but Ethan was born close to midnight on January 31st and Annie was born just after midnight on February 1st.

The 2nd event was Emily and Alison's wedding. They had been engaged for 3 years but had trouble finding a time that everyone could be in Paris.

The only reason Melissa and Wren were invited was because Mia and Maya were invited. Mona and Mike were invited because Emily didn't want to leave them out since everyone else was invited. Also invited to the wedding was Emilys mom and Alisons mom. Emilys dad passed while she was in her first year at UCLA and Alisons dad passed just last year.

It was springtime so most of the school age kids were on their week of spring break. Emily and Alison did their best to time the wedding so the kids wouldn't miss to much school. Emily and Alison did their best to time the wedding so the kids wouldn't miss to much school. Mike and Mona were sitting at a table with Aria, Gabriella, Gavin, and Ezra. Sitting at the next table was Hanna, Lilly, Liam, and Caleb. Also sitting at that same table was Kayla, Abigail, Austin, and Jason. Melissa and Wren were sitting at a table with Mia, Maya, Spencer, Mackenzie, Mason, and Toby. Sitting at the front table was Alison, Annie, Ethan, Emily, Mrs. DiLaurentis and Mrs. Fields. The adoption of Ethan and Annie was not finalized yet but they have been fostered by Ali and Em for 2 years now. Jason had the option to sit at the front table but he told Ali that he would rather sit with Kayla.

"How is Abby since I haven't seen or talked to her recently?" Alison asked

"Abby is fine. She will finish Elementary school soon and start middle school in the fall." Jason said

"I wish I could see her more then just this time. Last time I was expecting her and it was just you that came to Paris." Alison said

"There is a reason for that Ali, we sort of put a strain on or brother/sister relationship and I didn't want Abby to get in the middle of our fights." Jason said

"It's not my fault that you didn't tell me dad was sick." Alison said

"I didn't tell you because I knew you would rush home back to Rosewood and dad didn't need you there making the rest of his life even harder." Jason said

"Let me remind you Jason that he was never your dad to begin with." Alison said

"That may be true biologically speaking but I spent 18 years living with him and mom until they split up. You were 12 when mom and dad divorced. I was 18, see the difference there Ali." Jason said

"Whatever it's my wedding day and if you are just going to ruin it then leave." Alison said

"If I leave then I'm taking Kayla, Abby, and Austin with me." Jason said

"Fine then don't leave." Alison said

The wedding ceremony was great for Alison and Emily. Since Emily didn't have her dad for the traditional father/daughter dance she decided to dance with Toby.

"Spence, is it ok if I dance with Toby?" Emily asked

"Yes but just for one dance because I want him back." Spencer said

"Thank you." Emily said

"Why am I dancing with you?" Toby asked

"I didn't invite any uncles and you are my closest friend besides the girls." Emily said

After Emily danced with Toby, Alison decided she wanted to dance with Jason.

"One dance and I might just forgive you for not telling me about dad." Alison said

"I'm sorry that he will never get the chance to have a father/daughter dance with you." Jason said

"If I had know he was sick then Em and I would had the wedding last year in Rosewood with or without our friends just so he could be there." Alison said

"Now I understand exactly why you are mad at me." Jason said

By the end of the wedding Alison had forgiven Jason. The rest of the wedding and the reception was nice. Paris was perfect for the wedding plus an Eiffel tower wedding was something Ali and Em would remember forever. After the wedding everyone went to Disneyland Paris for an extra special celebration. Not only the wedding but a few days after Annie and Ethan's adoption was finalized. At Disneyland Paris the group had 7 hotel rooms all on the same floor and either next or across the hallway from each other.

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