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Harry was sitting alone on the floor in a dirty, dark corner in the back of the Black Library with a dusty ancient tome open in his lap. Sitting next to him on the floor was a crinkled up copy of that morning's Daily Prophet. He had been spending every waking minute, and those where he should have been sleeping, in the library researching. He figured if any library had what he was looking for, it would be the Black Library. The Black Library was full of ancient and illegal Dark Arts, and other questionable books, exactly the types of books that he needed to find solutions to his problems.

"Harry, you know that I don't like you in this section of the library." Sirius said gently. "These books are very dark and very dangerous."

"And yet, they're the only books that will be able to help me," Harry said sadly.

"I know," Sirius sighed. "That's why I haven't warded you against this section of the library."

"I know everyone expects Dumbledore to be able to save me, but he can't. I have to turn myself in. I can't risk you or anyone else that I care about getting hurt because of me. I'm not worth it."

"But you are, pup," Sirius said, siting on the dirty floor across from his godson. "You are worth it, that's why your parents didn't report you when they found out. They loved you too much to see this happen to you. They were ready to risk life in Azkaban for you."

"Yeah, instead I got them killed," Harry said moodily.

"Dammit, Harry, you did not. You didn't ask to be born and you didn't force Voldemort to attack you." Sirius snapped. It hurt him every time Harry blamed himself for his parents death. "This has nothing to do with Voldemort anyway, you killed him months ago."

"I should have let the insane maniac have this stupid world," Harry muttered, a lone tear escaping his eye.

"I feel that way too sometimes," Sirius agreed. "Especially now."

"I'm sending Minister Fudge an owl," Harry whispered brokenly.

"Harry, no!" Sirius cried. "You can't turn yourself in."

"And I can't stay holed up in here forever. You read the paper, he's going to send Aurors out to bring you, Remus, and the Weasleys in if I don't turn myself in by Friday. Sirius, you were just found innocent, I can't have you or anyone else sent to Azkaban. I don't have a choice."

Sirius shivered at the thought of returning to Azkaban. "Harry, you know what's going to happen to you if you turn yourself in."

More tears fell from Harry's eyes. "I know," he choked. "I-I'm going draw up a contract, and if the Minister refuses to agree to it by a magical oath, then I will make sure that they will never be able to use me."

"How are you going to get him to agree to that? Fudge is a stubborn bastard that has Lucius Malfoy whispering in his ear."

Harry reached under his shirt and pulled out a gold chain from around his neck that had a small vial that was filled with a glimmering red liquid. The vial was no bigger than a sewing needle, but it had an ominous look and feel to it.

"Harry, what the hell is that?" Sirius asked fearfully.

Harry stared at the potion, the glimmering was almost hypnotizing. "Your ancestors could have given Voldemort a run for his money had they wanted to. I don't even think he was as dark or sadistic of a wizard as they were."

"Harry?" Sirius wanted to reach over and shake his godson out of the strange trance that he was in, but he didn't want to risk Harry dropping the vial. If it came from his ancestors, then it could only be dangerous and evil.

Blinking rapidly, Harry smiled sheepishly up at his godfather. "I'm not afraid to die, you know," he said tonelessly. "Honestly, I never expected to win the war anyway. I have been prepared to die since I was eleven years old. Younger even than that if you count all the times my uncle threatened to drown me or beat me to death. Really, death wouldn't be so bad, it's preferable to what the Minister wants from me anyway. Just think, I would get to be with my mom and dad at last. Yes, death wouldn't be so bad, Sirius."

Sirius lunged to his feet. "Dammit, Harry, you're really starting to freak me the fuck out. What are you on about?"

Harry absently twirled the small vial in his hands. "If a drop of this potion touches you anywhere on your body...instant death," he explained, chuckling softly. "No pain, no antidote, just a peaceful death. I don't think that's such a bad way to die. One second you're breathing, the next you're not. Kind of cool, don't you think?"

Wide eyed, Sirius shook his head no, a shiver going down his spine. It felt like spiders were crawling all over his body. "No, Harry, it's not cool. Give me the potion," he demanded, holding his hand out.

Shrugging his shoulders, Harry pulled the chain off and handed the vial over. "It's alright, I have plenty more. Just be careful with it, yeah?"

"Are you serious?" Sirius barked.

"No," Harry giggled. "You are, but I do have more of that potion if that's what you meant."

"Harry!" Sirius growled in frustration. Normally he would laugh at his own joke being used on him, but this was no laughing matter. "I want all of it," he ordered. "Now!"

Smiling sadly, Harry shook his no. "Can't do that, sorry. I need that potion to force Minister Fudge into taking that oath. I'm going to keep a vial around my neck on a chain that can only be removed by me."

"So, it's like blackmail?" Sirius asked in relief. "You wouldn't honestly use that potion, would you?"

"Oh no," Harry chuckled darkly. "I wont hesitate to use it if he refuses my oath. I refuse to live like that, Sirius. I would choose death any day over that."

Sirius stuffed the potion in his pocket, hiding his trembling hands. "Would it work on you though? You know, now that you're half vampire."

"Well, according to your many times great grandfather whom had a vendetta against vampires, it works great on them. He was the one who actually created this potion. He would levitate it over unsuspecting vampires then let it drop. He didn't sound like a very nice man."

"Most Blacks aren't, Harry," Sirius grumbled. "I knew I shouldn't have let you in this section of the library unsupervised."

"Don't worry, Sirius. I found a couple of useful spells and potions to use if the Minister takes the oath and I get shipped off."

"That's what worries me, Harry. Those are all dark and dangerous." Sirius warned.

"I know, but I have nothing left to lose." Harry whimpered, curling in on himself.

"You can lose yourself to them," Sirius replied gently, kneeling down and cupping his godson's tear stained cheek.

"I'm losing myself anyway when I turn myself in. At least this way I will have a chance at saving any children I have."

"What do you mean? Sirius asked.

Harry shook his head. "Don't worry about it. The less you or anyone else knows the better."

Sirius didn't like it, but he reluctantly dropped the subject. "You missed both breakfast and lunch, that's not good in your condition."

Harry rested his head back on one of the dusty old bookshelves. "Breakfast I meant to miss, lunch I didn't. It's not fun eating breakfast when your stomach is revolting against it."

"Then why didn't you come down?"

Chuckling, Harry looked down at his body. "I couldn't get up," he blushed.

Sirius threw his head back howling with laughter. "Harry, you're eight months pregnant, what the hell made you think it was a good idea to sit on the floor?"

"It was too long of a walk back to the chairs," Harry pouted. "Now stop being mean and help me up so I can get something to eat. I'm so hungry that your calf is starting to look damn tasty. Not to mention I can smell your blood and it's making my mouth water."

Sirius scrunched up his nose. "If I hold my hand out, are you going to bite it?"

"If you keep teasing me I will," Harry warned, flashing his small fangs at his godfather.

Sirius laughed loudly some more. "Harry, those wee fangs are hardly threatening."

"They'll still hurt like a bitch if I use them on you," Harry said, sticking his tongue out.

"Come on," Sirius chuckled, holding his hand out to his godson. "Let's get you and that little one fed."

Groaning, Harry took the offered hand and let his godfather pull him up. Stumbling when his numb legs gave out on him, he had to grab Sirius' shoulders to keep from falling. He had been sitting way too long. "I'm going to pay for that when the blood starts flowing through my legs again," Harry whimpered.

"Just think, if you were a full vampire, you wouldn't have to worry about aches and pains anymore." Sirius said, gently nudging Harry in the side.

"If a vampire hadn't bit me, my submissive status would have never gotten back to the Minister and I would be living a happy, Voldemort free life. I would be at Hogwarts with my friends studying to take my NEWTS, not hiding out here eight months pregnant with my rapist's baby."

"Pup, I didn't mean..."

Harry held up his hand. "It's alright, Sirius. I know that you didn't mean anything by that, and I'm honestly starting to get a little excited about the baby."

Sirius still remembered when he found out that his seventeen year old godson was pregnant. He knew about the vampire attack because he was the one who found his pup the following morning laying naked on his aunt's bathroom floor covered in bruises and blood. For six hours Harry had suffered alone as the vampire venom burned through his small body before he had found him.

Harry was the first ever magical person to survive a vampire turning without the proper potions to lock up his magic so it wouldn't fight the venom and kill him. It was a miracle that he was alive, even though had suffered for three days as his magic and the vampire venom battled inside of him. Harry wasn't a full vampire, but he was also no longer fully human either. He was some kind of vampire/wizard hybrid.

For three days Harry had ran a fever so high that it should have boiled his blood. The pain had been so bad that he shredded his throat with his continues screams. He vomited vampire venom and bile for those three days until it ended with him vomiting up at least a gallon of blood in one shot. After that he slept peacefully for another three days, both his body and his magic were exhausted. They were relieved that when he woke, he was still the same Harry that they loved, not a mindless, bloodthirsty dark creature.

They didn't know who the vampire was that had raped and bit Harry. It had happened the first night after returning home from school for summer vacation. Unable to sleep due to nightmares, Harry had taken a walk to the muggle park next to his relatives house at two in the morning. He had been sitting on the swings when he was attacked from behind. All he saw was dirty blond hair and a flash of black eyes. The attack had been brutal, and if hadn't been for his magic, he would have died then and there. Harry did have a vague memory of his attacker apologizing to him over and over again as he hid his supposedly dead body in the weeds.

Still, Harry had changed a lot. His heart still beat, but it was much slower. His body temperature was also a few degrees cooler than a normal humans. Unlike a full vampire, he could still cry, but his tears were mixed with blood so they were a pinkish red color. He could still sleep and eat human food, but he needed it mixed with blood or else it was gross and he couldn't eat it. They were all also extremely happy to see that his eyes remained their beautiful green instead of turning crimson red.

Those weren't the only changes Harry had went through though. Because of the venom, he now had perfect eyesight...better than a humans in fact. His hearing was better, almost as good as Remus'. He was fast! Not as fast as a full vampire, but still faster than anyone that had come by and challenged him to a race. His skin was a little tougher, but he could still be cut and he bled. He had retractable fangs, but they were small and virtually harmless. Snape had tested him, much to Harry's mortification, and luckily he wasn't venomous.

Harry stayed the rest of the summer with Remus and him at Grimmauld place while they tried to help him get use to his new vampire body and deal with the trauma of his attack. Harry had been in a bad place for a while, but he slowly healed enough to be comfortable with retuning to school on September 1st.

Everything had been going great for Harry until five months into the school year he had passed out while flying and it was then discovered that he was pregnant. Unfortunately there had been a Slytherin student in the hospital wing at the time because of a botched up potion and he had overheard the news of Harry being a male submissive. As soon as he got out he had sent an owl to his parents who had then immediately went to the Minister with the wonderful news. Dumbledore had assumed that the boy had been sleeping which is why he hadn't made him take an oath of secrecy.

That night they had smuggled Harry out of Hogwarts after the Minister had demanded that they hand Harry over after he had recovered from his fall. He had been hiding out at Grimmauld Place ever since.

"We need to get a nursery prepared," Sirius reminded, laying a gentle hand on his godson's large belly. He couldn't believe how huge Harry had gotten. His godson was a small boy, in both height and weight, and the pregnancy made him look absolutely ginormous. He was also extremely uncomfortable and sick all the time.

Harry took a deep breath, biting at the inside of his bottom lip. "Sirius...I-I was wondering if you and Remus would adopt my baby?"

"Harry, what the hell are you talking about?" Sirius asked in shock.

Harry looked at his godfather with pain filled eyes. "Siri, you know that they won't let me have any of my children. I'm going to fight for it in the contract, but this baby doesn't have a father to take it if Fudge refuses to agree. Even if he does agree, this baby will need a loving home while I'm being raped by purebred bastards. There is no way I will take my baby into their home and be exposed to their ways. Also, I wasn't joking about the potion. If Fudge refuses my contract, I will kill myself after this baby is born. I need to know that he or she will be loved when I'm gone.

"Please, Harry," Sirius begged, choking on his tears. "Don't talk about killing yourself. You are my son in all but blood, I can't even think about losing you."

"Sirius, I don't want to kill myself, but I need to have everything covered before meeting with Fudge. I want you and Remus to raise this baby if I'm not there. Please, promise me!"

Sirius tightly embraced his pup. "I promise that we will raise this child should something happen to you and we will even take care of it when you are with whatever fucker has you at the time. This baby will be loved." His pup's baby may have been conceived by rape, but he or she was a part of Harry and he would love it as much as he loved Harry.

Harry started sobbing. He had tried so hard to be brave, but he was terrified. He was a male submissive wizard capable of getting pregnant, and just because of that he had every pureblood wizard after him. Submissive wizards were extremely rare, only about one every hundred or so years was born. A child born from a submissive wizard was said to be magically more powerful than a baby born from a witch because it was created and sustained for nine months fully by magic. Some of the most famous and powerful wizards had a submissive for a mother, such as Merlin, Salazar Slytherin and Albus Dumbledore.

Wizarding law states that every male child at birth must be tested and the results filed at the Ministry. If a male child was found to be a submissive, then the Minister would notify all the purebloods and then a bidding war would take place. The highest bidder would then get a marriage contract and help raise the child and groom him to be the perfect submissive, ready and willing to bond and produce heirs when they turned seventeen.

James and Lily had been devastated when Madam Pomfrey had informed them that little Harry was a submissive. If Lily would have given birth at St Mungos, like originally planned, then the hospital would have been obligated to inform the Minister. As it was, Lily had went into labour the same night that Voldemort had attacked the hospital so she had given birth at Hogwarts.

It wasn't hard to convince Madam Pomfrey to lie about Harry being a submissive. She had been against how submissive's were treated, and after hearing Dumbledore's story of how his mother had been treated, she had eagerly signed the papers stating that he was found to not be a submissive. Since the sentence for lying was life in Azkaban, she had Dumbledore oblivate her after she signed.

James and Lily had been prepared to suffer the consequences for lying, along with their closest friends, Sirius, Remus and Albus Dumbledore. They wanted their baby boy to grow up happy and normal and someday marry for love. Whomever would have won the bidding war would have had a hand in raising their son. They would have had a say in everything from what he ate to what he wore. Harry would have been raised to be the perfect sex slave and broodmare.

Unfortunately Harry's fate was much worse now. Since Harry was considered an immortal vampire hybrid, the Minister decided that he shouldn't be allowed to produce powerful children for just one family. He decided to use Harry to better the wizarding world by auctioning him off to the highest bidder, and after he produced a child for them, he would then be auctioned off to the next highest bidder. That would be Harry's life, he would be raped repeatedly then have his children ripped from his arms only to be raped again by another. Sadly, there was nothing they could do to fight it. If Harry ran, all his friends and family would be locked away in Azkaban. The Ministry would stop at nothing to get their hands on him.

All Sirius could do was rub Harry's back and tell him how much he loved him. He would willingly go back to Azkaban to keep his godson out of the Ministry's hands, but he knew that a Harry wouldn't allow that. It was killing him knowing what was going to happen once Fudge got his hands on him.

"Let's get some food into you and then we can discuss the terms of this contract," Sirius offered.

Sniffling, Harry nodded his head as he vanished his bloodstained tears from his face and Sirius' robes.


Harry clung to Sirius as they stepped out of the floo in the Headmaster's office. His stomach was rebelling the swirling of the floo and he was close to losing his delicious waffle and blood breakfast all over the Headmaster's floor.

"Here, Potter," Severus grumbling, thrusting an anti-nausea potion under his nose.

Taking deep breaths, Harry took the potion and quickly swallowed, gagging on the putrid taste. "Thank you, Professor Snape."

"Take your time, Potter. They can wait," Severus said, glaring at the Minister of Magic. He never cared for Harry, but after standing by his side for a week, nursing him through his turning, he had come to admire the son of his deceased best friend. He had also learned that Harry hadn't been the spoiled boy that he had been led to believe. Harry had been abused...terribly.

"Mr. Potter, if you could please join us," Lucius Malfoy sneered, looking at Harry's stomach in disgust. "We have a lot to discuss." He wasn't disgusted that the boy was pregnant, no, that was a magical miracle. He was disgusted that the baby he was carrying was the product of rape by a filthy, disgusting creature.

Since the Minister's back was turned, Harry gave Malfoy the middle finger. He already knew that Malfoy was the first man that he would be sent to, and the thought of that arrogant bastard touching him was enough to make him violently ill. He was sure that his equally arrogant son would be the second man he would be forced to have sex with.

Sirius helped his godson to the chair, a nice plush, comfortable chair that the Headmaster had transfigured just for him. After seeing him settled, he took a seat right next to him, holding onto his hand for support.

"Honestly, Minister," Lucius sighed. "I don't see why we are humoring Potter with this meeting. The submissive's law has been in affect for over three hundred years. I was the highest bidder, Potter is mine."

"That is true, Lucius," Minister Fudge said, staring at Harry with his beady little eyes. ""but Harry is a special case. I would like to handle this as peacefully as possible, Harry after all is a very special boy."

Still clinging to Sirius' hand, Harry handed the Minister his contract. "I'm willing to compromise on a few points, but if you don't sign, I won't allow you to use me."

"Like you have a choice, boy," Lucius snarled.

Harry held out the poison that he carried around his neck. "I won't let you, or anybody else use me without agreeing to my terms. I would rather die than be subjected to your sick perversions."

"And what do you have there, colored water?" Lucius chuckled.

"No, a poison invented by Sirius' many times great grandfather. Just one drop of this anywhere on the body...instant death. Don't doubt me, Malfoy, I will kill myself if my demands aren't met."

"Do you honestly expect us to believe that you would carry something that lethal around?" Lucius asked, somewhat wearily.

"Potter," Severus snapped, staring at the potion in curiosity. "Do you have the instructions on you?"

Sirius dug in his robe pocket and handed the instruction and a small vile of the potion over to Severus. "Be extremely careful with that. There is no way counteract it."

Severus glanced at the parchment, what color he had draining from his face. "Where the hell did you find this? This is..."

"Deadly," Harry finished with a dark chuckle. "The Black library is full of interesting books."

"Professor Snape, is the boy's claim true?" Fudge asked, trying to get a look at the paper.

Without saying a word, Severus transfigured the paper into a rat and placed a single drop on it's back. Instantly it fell on it's side dead. "I believe that answers your question."

Fudge took off his hat and nervously ran his fingers through his grey hair. He didn't doubt for a minute the boy's claim. Severus Snape was the best Potions Master since Salazar Slytherin, if he said it was real, then it was real. "Let's not overreact now. I'm willing to look this contract over."

Harry smirked at Malfoy when he felt his necklace give a tug. "You can stop trying to summon it, Malfoy. I charmed it so only I can remove it, and only I can open it. I swear on my magic, I will kill myself if what's in my contract isn't agreed upon."

Curling back his top lip, Lucius returned his wand to his cane. "Minister, can you allow me to see a copy of this contract."

Before Fudge could answer, Sirius handed a copy to Malfoy and a copy to Dumbledore. "Personally, I think my godson is being too generous. I would tell you all to go fuck yourselves. After everything he has done for this world, this is how you repay him? He should have let Voldemort destroy you all."

"I don't agree with these demands," Lucius snarled, pulling out his wand and setting the contract on fire.

"I didn't realize that it was up to you," Harry said sweetly. "I was under the impression that Cornelius Fudge was the Minister of Magic, not Lucius Malfoy."

"I think this is a very thought out and well written contract," Dumbledore said, the twinkle in his eyes missing. He wished that there was something he could do to save Harry from all of this. No one deserved this kind of treatment. He had watched as his mother had been beaten and raped for years until the man trying to impregnate him had snapped and killed him.

His mother hadn't known he was a submissive at the time he married his father. He had always thought that he was a muggleborn and they were incapable of being submissives. It turned out that his parents were squibs from a long line of purebloods.

His parents had been in love with each other since the first time they met on the Hogwarts Express at the age of eleven. They bonded immediately after graduating and three months later they found out that his mother was pregnant. According to the law, they should have reported him to the ministry as a submissive as soon as they found out. His father would have had the chance to bid on his mother, but if he had not been the highest bidder, their marriage would have been dissolved and he then would have been married off to the man who was.

Knowing that his father wasn't the richest pureblood, they kept his mother's submissive status a secret and his father learned how to deliver the baby. They managed to keep their secret for years, even having two more children before their world came crashing down.

Submissives are extremely powerful, especially when it comes to protecting their children. His sister Ariana had been abducted by a group of muggle men and his mother happened to be with a group of Aurors when they found her broken and bloodied in an old abandoned warehouse. The men had beaten and raped his little sister who had only been six years old at the time. His mother had lost control and unleashed his magic on the men, not only killing them, but also destroying half the block. Only a submissive could do that much damage, and after it was confirmed, the Minister at the time lied to cover that a submissive had been found and threw his father in Azkaban for life saying that he had tortured and killed a group of muggle boys. He then married his mother off to his vile brother so they could have a powerful child in the family.

His mother let the bastard use his body, but he secretly took a contraceptive potion everyday after the man left for work. Over the years the man grew violent and started beating on his mother, and then one day thinking he could possibly get a powerful child by raping Ariana, his mother killed him after he violently beat him for trying to protect his daughter. Sadly, his loving mother had also died too that day from the injuries he had sustained from the beating.

When James had told him that little Harry was a submissive, he had promised to help protect him, even if it meant spending his life in Azkaban. Luckily he himself wasn't a submissive, but both him and his brother had vowed to never have children because the chances were high that their son would inherit. When James and Lily were murdered, he sent Harry to his muggle aunts knowing that he wouldn't be treated good there. He never expected that they would abuse him, but he knew that he wouldn't find love there. Still, if Harry would have remained in the wizarding world, they would have ran the risk of his submissive status getting out. All he had wanted was for Harry to be able to find love and live a happy life.

Fudge caressed his chin at a loss of what to do. He didn't want to anger Lucius since the man was very powerful and free with his money when there was something he wanted, but he also didn't want to anger the submissive who could make his life a hell of a lot easier if he cooperated with him. Not everyone agreed with what he was doing to the boy, and not a day had gone by since the news had gotten out that his office wasn't flooded with dozens of howlers.

"Let's go over your demands, shall we?" Fudge offered. "We can then agree or alter anything that we don't see eye to eye on."

"I don't see eye to eye on any of this," Harry snarled. "But I'm not giving a say, am I? The least you could do is agree to my demands."

Fudge awkwardly cleared his throat. "Let see, demand number one. You do not want to live at the highest bidders home. That we can not agree to. How can the...act take place if you're not there?"

"I don't need to be living in the same house around the clock to be raped," Harry deadpanned.

"Then how will we know that the child you are carrying will be ours if you are free to have sex with other men?" Lucius asked arrogantly.

Harry rolled his eyes. "And here I thought you were a wizard," he tutted. "There are spells that you can place on me that would let you know if I am engaging in sexual activity."

"How about this?" Fudge quickly asked before Lucius could respond. "You will remain at the highest bidders house, but have a free time from noon till six. You will have the spells placed on you, and if they ever go off, you will have that privilege revoked and be confined to the bidders house."

"Fine," Harry agreed. He didn't like it, but he knew that he was going to have to give some if he wanted to win the bigger battles.

Lucius took his cane and pointed at another demand. Reading it, Fudge winced at what it said. "Harry, number three states..."

"I will not budge on that," Harry growled. "I refuse to participate in my own rape. I will not kiss, touch or suck anyone. This is about reproducing, fuck me then leave me the hell alone."

Fudge jerkily inclined his head. "Alright..."

"Minister," Lucius interrupted. "Foreplay is essential..."

"If you can't get it up!" Harry yelled, "then that isn't my problem."

"There are potions," Severus drawled.

"Shut up!" Lucius snarled. "I have no is issues with getting it up. I was trying to make the experience more pleasurable for you."

Harry snorted. "And how exactly is sucking your cock pleasurable for me?"

Fudge held up his hand to stop the arguing. "Fine, I will agree to that demand."

"Mr. Potter," Lucius said silkily. "It states here that any child born a squib or below the father's expectations will be signed over to you for full custody without any future claim to them. Why in Merlin's name do you feel that you would birth a...a...squib?" he spat in disgust. "You are more powerful than Dumbledore and the Dark Lord, any child from you should be exceptional."

"Well, thank you for the compliment, but obviously you haven't read up on male submissives." Harry said sarcastically. "If you would have bothered, you would have found that a submissive forced to mate with someone other than their soul mate was eighty percent more likely to birth a squib. Magic is tricky, and forcing her favorite child to breed against his will pisses her off. Personally I don't care if my children are squibs, I will want and love them regardless. I won't agree to any of this if you don't agree to this demand."

Fudge scratched at his chin, he didn't know that. He was going to have add in the bidding contract that there were no guarantees that the child would be born magical so there would be no refunds or free second chances.

"Young Mr. Potter is correct," Dumbledore added. "There are plenty of books in the library here proving that fact. You can forcefully impregnate a submissive, but you can't force a magically powerful child out of them. Squibs are common."

"The Malfoy's have never birthed a female or a squib. If a little disgrace should be born, I would sooner drown it than lay claim to it."

Harry internally smirked. "Then there will be no problems signing over all rights if that should happen, and once it's signed, there's no reversing it for any reason."

Fudge nodded, making a note on his personal notepad. He had to remember to add that tidbit into the bidding contract. "Alright, all squibs will be signed over to you, but I have no doubt that your children will be powerful."

"Number six states that penetration is only allowed once a day until impregnation, I must disagree with this." Lucius smirked. "The more sperm inside of you, the greater the chance of conception."

"The more sperm inside of me, the greater the chance of weak swimmers," Harry smirked back. "Wouldn't want to tire you out, Mr. Malfoy, you are an old man after all."

Lucius had to clench his wand tightly to keep from cursing the little bastard. He couldn't wait to have him under him, plowing his ass until he bled. "We are paying for his ass, we should have it as much as we want until our seed takes root."

"That is abuse," Sirius snarled angrily.

"How about no more than three times a day?" Fudge offered, trying to come to an agreement before things got out of hand. "Must I remind you, Harry, that technically we do not have to agree to any of your demands? You are property of the Ministry of Magic."

"And must I remind you that I have no problems killing myself and ruining your glorious plans of populating the wizarding world with little kids conceived out of rape?"

Fudge clenched his jaw, painfully grinding his teeth together. This is why they trained submissives from birth. They needed to learn their place, and that was doing as they were told without complaint and reproducing. "I agree with Lucius on this one. More than once a day will increase your chances of getting pregnancy."

Harry squeezed Sirius' hand, trying not to hurt his godfather. "Fine, I will agree to three times a day, but no more."

Lucius leaned back in his chair, smirking. He would be first to get the boy and he would make sure that he would never forget his time at Malfoy Manor.

Fudged continued to scan the contract. "I agree with the daily pregnancy checks and also stopping intercourse once pregnancy has been confirmed. I do not agree, however, with you moving out of the house at that time. You will be carrying a child to great and powerful pureblood family and they have a right to make sure that you are taking care of yourself and their unborn child."

"I will not continue to live in the same house as my rapist," Harry argued. "I will agree to have a health monitoring charm placed on me and weekly medical check ups in which the bastard can attend."

Fudge looked to Lucius who after a few seconds of thought nodded his head in agreement. "I want my personal healer to attend to him though when pregnant with my child."

"No," Harry protested. "Madam Pomfrey and Professor Snape are the only ones allowed to treat me. Again, I will not budge on this. This is a personal and sensitive matter and I will only allow those that I know and trust near me."

"And I will only have the best treat my child," Lucius fought back.

"Well they won't be treating your child, will they?" Harry growled. "They will be treating me. After the baby is born you can have all the personal healers you want treat them."

"I-I think that is agreeable," Fudge stuttered. "Now, it states that you don't want the father in the room with you during the delivery, and after you want three hours alone with the child. That I can not agree to."

"Again, this is a personal matter," Harry reminded. "This is not a freak show. I want only those I am comfortable with in the room with me while I deliver. I will not be comfortable with my rapist hanging over me."

"It could cause stress and complications during the delivery," Severus explained. "And the three hours after is to give us time to clean Harry and the baby up. Birth is a very mess process."

Lucius crinkled his nose up in disgust. "Very well. I didn't want to be in the same room when Draco was born and I will have no desire to be in the room when the next one is born."

Harry relaxed at hearing that. It was very important that they weren't present during the delivery. "These will be my children also and I demand to be in their life. As you can see, I asked for three days a week, every other weekend and every other holiday with getting them the day after the holiday if i don't get them on that holiday. I feel that this is agreeable seeing as I will only have six hours at a time with them."

"No," Lucius flat out refused. "I will not have you and your kind turning my perfectly groomed child into a Gryffindor."

"Lucius," Fudge sighed. "I don't see a problem with this. Harry will be the mother and has a right to see his children. "I will agree to this."

Lucius was furious. He didn't want Potter having anything to do with his child, he would ruin him with his Gryffindor goodness. "Fine, but supervised visits in our homes."

"No," Harry said, glaring unblinkingly at Malfoy. "I will not have you or any of the other rapists hanging over my shoulder while I spend time with my kids."

"Please, Harry, they will be your childrens fathers, can we at least call them that?" Fudge asked in exasperation.

"I will not call them rapists in front of my children, but rapists is what they are to me and I will call them such."

Fudge pinched the bridge of his nose, he could feel a migraine coming on. "Fine, I will agree to the visitations. You will get them on said days from noon till six."

Harry smiled triumphantly at Lucius. This was actually going better than what he had thought it would. Not that he thought what was happening to him was right.

Fudged sighed as he noticed that there was still a few more demands to discuss. "Now, I talked to a healer and he said that it would be safe for you to resume having sex six weeks after the baby is delivered, yet here you are demanding twelve."

"Would this healer have any experience with magical male pregnancies?" Severus asked silkily.

Gritting his teeth, Fudge shook his head. "Well then, let me enlighten you." Severus sneered. "Harry is not a female that has the correct parts to naturally carry a baby. Conceiving, carrying and birthing a baby is extremely draining on the submissive's magical core. It will take at least twelve weeks, if not longer, for Harry's core to recover. Anything less will just stress out the core slowing the healing process. I was the one who suggested twelve weeks, but it's possible it will even be longer if his core isn't replenished enough. We wouldn't want to increase the risks of miscarriages would we?"

Fudge started bouncing his knee in agitation. "Fine," he ground out, not in the least bit happy. That would be three months waisted. The more children from Harry, the more money to the Ministry...and to him.

Lucius also wasn't happy about this. That would mean that he would have to wait three months after the little leech currently residing in Harry's body was born before he could get his hands on the boy.

Dumbledore noisily unwrapped a lemon drop and popped it in his mouth. "I assume since Mr. Potter is unable to work that he will be financially compensated...generously I might add."

"I don't want their money," Harry spat in disgust.

"That may be, my dear boy," Dumbledore said kindly. "but with you possibly being immortal, your family fortune will eventually run out. Not to mention that you could set up nice trust funds for your children. There is also the fact that it will hit them where it hurts," Dumbledore said with a wink.

"We are already paying the Ministry," Lucius roared.

"And I won't see a penny of it," Harry smirked. He didn't want their money, but Dumbledore was right, it would piss the purebloods off to have to pay him along with the Ministry.

"I think two hundred thousand galleons seems fair," Sirius grinned.

"Excuse me!" Lucius choke out. "There is no way Potter would make that in a year at a regular job."

"Lucius," Dumbledore said calmly. "You are asking Harry to leave his home and carry and birth your child. Submissive's have died in childbirth, I think that amount is more than reasonable."

"This is his duty!" Lucius roared. "He is a submissive and as such should have no say. This has been the law for hundreds of years."

"Times have changed," Harry Informed him. "The only reason I am agreeing to any of this is because I want my family and friends to be safe. I could disappear if I wanted to and you and the Minister would never find me."

Fudge snapped up his quill and added the demand of two hundred thousand galleons to the contract. "Is that all," he said between clenched teeth.

"I would like to add something," Sirius interrupted.

"Of course," Lucius mumbled.

"Harry is allowed to defend himself if his rapists or anyone else get violent with him. He is allowed to press charges against them and leave if they are found guilty, even if he never got pregnant by them."

"I will agree to that," Fudge said without hesitating. Submissives were a gift from magic herself and should be treated as such.

Fudge handed Harry back the contract for him to look over. "If everything is in order then we can both sign."

Harry felt like he was signing his life away, and indeed he was. His life would never again be his own. Holding back his tears because he refused to give Malfoy the satisfaction of seeing him crying, he signed his name on the dreaded line.


Harry woke with a cry, grabbing his stomach and curling in on himself. The grim at the foot of his bed whimpered then transformed back into Sirius. "Is it time, pup?"

"Hurts so bad," Harry whimpered.

"Calming breaths," Sirius instructed as he whipped out his wand and sent a patronus to his mate informing him that it was time and that he needed to contact Madam Pomfrey and Severus. He had been sleeping as Padfoot on the foot of Harry's bed for the last two weeks waiting for him to go into labor.

Harry kicked off his blankets all of a sudden feeling hot. "I-I can't believe that it's time," he whimpered. "I'm scared."

Sirius conjured a cool washcloth and placed it on Harry's forehead. "I know, pup, just try to relax and breath through the contractions. Everything will be alright, and soon you will have a sweet little baby to spoil." They didn't know the gender, but they suspected that it would have some vampire traits. The amniotic sac had been so thick that no magical or muggle scans could penetrate it. They could hear a heartbeat though so they knew that the little one was alive.

Madam Pomfrey and Severus Snape came bustling into the room and immediately started setting things up. "How are you doing, dear," Poppy asked, after she set up a plastic bassinet and placed it at the foot of the bed.

"Scared," Harry answered in a small voice.

Poppy smiled down at the small teen. He was only seventeen, he should be goofing around in school with his friends, not birthing the first of many babies to come. "Your mother was scared too. It's perfectly normal. Just remember everything that we talked about and everything will go smoothly. Do you have a name picked out yet?"

Harry shook his head. "Not yet. I'm hoping when I see him or her that it will come to me. I will probably follow the Black tradition and name the baby after a star or constellation."

"Well, I'm sure that you will pick out the perfect name for your little one. Now, I'm going to transfigure your night clothes into something more comfortable for having a baby."

Harry was in so much pain that he never noticed when his comfy pajamas turned into a blue hospital gown and his boxers magically vanished. "Is it supposed to hurt this bad?" he whined helplessly.

"Of course it is, Potter," Severus said in exasperation. "It's childbirth, it's going to hurt like a bitch. Luckily for you I have some potions that will help. It won't take the pain completely away, and it will be damn near useless when it comes time to push, but it will help take the edge off for a while."

Harry balled his hands up in the sheet as his body was hit with another contraction. "I thought contractions were supposed to be gradual, getting more painful over hours. I just started and they are already intense. I have a high tolerance for pain, but this is already too much."

"You're a submissive, Potter," Severus reminded. "The last known submissive was Albus' mother and he isn't around to enlighten us on how your labor will differ from a witches. We have to learn as we go."

Remus entered the room carrying a plastic cup full of ice chips. "You can suck on these if your mouth gets dry. I saw it once in a muggle movie."

Harry gave Remus a pained smile. "Thanks, Moony."

Six hours later and Harry was screaming at the top of his lungs, cursing anyone that even looked at him funny. "I'm going to kill him!" Harry screamed as another forceful contraction tore through his trembling, sweating body.

Sirius mentally catalogued everyone that Harry had already threatened to kill, he didn't think there was anyone left. He had even threatened to kill him for that time over the summer when he turned his hair green. "Who are you going to kill now, pup?" Sirius asked, trying not to laugh. "You already threatened to shove a lemon drop up Dumbledore's..."

"Alright," Poppy scolded. "I think we all remember what Harry threatened to do with the Headmaster's lemon drops."

Severus snorted. "I myself have threatened him with the same thing on more than on occasion."

"Really?" Harry cried. "Hello, this is about me. I'm dying here as this child claws it's way out of my body. Can we please focus on who I want to kill?"

Severus rolled his eyes. "Please, Potter, who pray tell do you want to kill now?"

"The vampire who did this to me!" Harry screeched as yet another contraction hit him. They were almost on top of each other now.

Poppy was between Harry's legs checking things out. "With the next contraction I want you to push?"

"I don't want to push," Harry growled. "I want the vampire who did this to me so I can cut his fucking head off with an old, dull butter knife. I want it to be slow and very, very painful."

"That is a murder I can finally agree with," Sirius snarled.

"Was there a problem with wanting to hang Percy..." Harry stopped talking and started screaming.

"Push, Harry," Poppy ordered.

"Get it out!" Harry screamed, pushing as hard as he could.

"Deep breath and another push," Poppy instructed. "I see the head."

"Please, I never want to do this again!" Harry sobbed, still pushing as hard as he could. "I don't want to be a submissive anymore."

"That's it, keep it up," Poppy coached. "It's coming." Carefully she took the small head that slipped from Harry's body and quickly wiped off the gunk and cleared it's airway.

"Sweet Merlin, the heads out," Sirius said in awe.

"One more push will do it," Severus said, standing beside Poppy with a blanket, waiting to take the baby from her. He may be a potions professor, but he was also a trained medi-wizard. It was a requirement in order to get his potions mastery.

Sirius whimpered when Harry squeezed his hand. It seemed that his godson forgot that he was now half vampire and considerably stronger.

Harry was now desperate to see his child, his only flesh and blood. With one last cry, he pushed with everything he had until he felt his baby slide free of his body. Exhausted, he collapsed back on his bed, chest heaving and shivering.

"Congratulations, it's a boy," Poppy said, handing the baby to Severus so she could see to Harry.

Harry tried sitting up so he could see his baby, but he was weak and his stomach muscles were on fire. He grinned though when he heard the tiny cries of his son.

"Look at that hair," Remus said wistfully, looking over Severus' shoulder. "Just like Lily's."

"I-Is he alright?" Harry asked, trying to sit up again.

"Stay still, Harry, until I get you cleaned up," Poppy ordered, "and then I will give you a pain potion. You did very good."

All Harry could see was Severus' back and a small foot kicking out. "Sev, is everything alright?"

Harry gasped when the stern man turned around with a smile on his face. He could count on one finger how many times he had seen him smile. In his arms was a blue bundle...his son. "He's perfect, Harry," Severus said, walking to edge of the bed and carefully laying the baby in Harry's arms. It was awkward since the boy couldn't sit up yet.

Harry looked down into the face of his little son. Severus had him swaddled tightly in a blue blanket and he was wearing the blue hat that Mrs. Weasley had knitted him. Since they hadn't known the gender, she had knitted him both a pink and blue one. His son had a pale completion like his, but he was slightly red and splotchy from birth. He had the cutest little button nose and rosy pink lips which were making a suckling motion with his little tongue darting out every few seconds. His cheeks were slightly chubby and his eyes were closed, but he kept scrunching them and crinkling his little nose up.

With tears falling, Harry looked up to his godfather. "He's so adorable. I can't believe that he came out of me. That I made him." He had grown incredibly close to Sirius since the summer. His godfather hadn't left his side for a second during his turning and he had supported him every step of his pregnancy. From the tears, the anger, the mood swings, the food cravings, the bullshit with the Ministry, the moaning and bitching because he was too fat and uncomfortable...everything. Sirius had been his rock, his father.

"He looks like you when you were a baby," Sirius said fondly, placing first a kiss on his godson's forehead and then on the baby's.

"If you're done drooling on the baby, mutt," Severus sneered, his voice lacking the usual bite. Sirius had apologized to him over the summer for how he bullied him in school. If he was being honest with himself, he gave as good as he got. "I have something to show Potter," with a dramatic flourish, he pulled the hat off of the baby.

Harry started giggling. "He-he looks like one of those troll dolls. Look at all that red hair!" As soon as Severus pulled the baby's hat off, a head full of thick, red hair was revealed standing straight up. Still giggling, Harry tried to flatten it out. It was so soft that it felt like silk. "I didn't know that babies could have so much hair."

Remus had a camera in his hand and he was happily snapping away. He was relieved to see that Harry had nothing but love in his eyes for his son. With the way he had been conceived, he was afraid that his pup would have had a hard time bonding with him.

"What is a troll doll?" Sirius asked, chuckling at the amount of hair on a baby so small.

Harry couldn't take his eyes off of his son. "They are little naked dolls that looking nothing like trolls, but they have a lot of hair that comes in different colors and it sticks straight up in the air."

Severus gently put the hat back on the baby. "You can peek at his hair, but put the hat back on when you're done. It helps to keep him warm. Right now his temperature is below normal, but I have a feeling that it is the vampire in him."

Harry's eyes snapped to Severus'. "Is he alright? How is he different?"

"He's seems perfectly fine to me. He is a healthy six pounds eight ounce and nineteen inches long. His temperature is a bit on the low side and his heart rate is also a little slow, but so is yours. That's all I can find different right now, but that could change as he grows. Like you, Harry, he is one of a kind so we will have to learn as we go."

Straightening up, Poppy waved her wand, cleaning the bed and transfiguring Harry into nice clean clothes. "Everything looks good, Harry. Why don't you have Sirius and Remus help prop you up and then we will leave you for a bit." Poppy gave Severus a meaningful look. "I could use some coffee and a sandwich."

Sirius did as Poppy instructed, pouting because he didn't want to leave. "Can't I stay?"

Harry looked to Severus and then to his godfather. "Siri, I just need a half an hour alone with Severus. Please don't ask why. I would prefer it if you all didn't know everything, it's safer that way."

Sirius didn't like like not being in the know, but he figured that it had something to do with the baby possibly being a submissive. "Alright, but don't be long. I can't wait to get my hands on the newest Marauder."

Harry waited a full five minutes after everyone left before turning to look at Severus. "Are you ready?"

Nodding, Severus took the baby out of Harry's arms and laid him on the foot of the bed. "I don't have to check if he's magical, I can feel it already. He's going to be one very powerful little boy."

"I could feel it too," Harry said, watching his professor's movements like a hawk. He knew that Severus would never hurt his child, but the love and fierce protectiveness he felt was damn near overwhelming him.

After unbundling the newborn, Severus waved his wand over the baby. He cursed softly when a pale gold light shone over the baby. "I'm sorry, Harry."

Harry had a trembling hand over his mouth while he cried silently. His precious baby boy was a submissive just like him. If Minister Fudge found out he wouldn't hesitate to take his baby from him. "Do...do you have the potion?"

Severus reached in his robe pocket and pulled out a small black potion. "It only takes five drops, but he won't like it. It's going to taste something awful so I hope you're prepared to nurse him after."

Harry blushed at the mention of nursing. He had been absolutely horrified when his nipples got sore and started swelling. He wanted to craw in a hole and die when Madam Pomfrey told him that he would be able to nurse his child and highly recommended it. She said that there was nothing better for his baby than breast milk. He was relieved to find that his breasts wouldn't get as big as a girls, they were only the size of a small kiwi.

With dread, Harry watched as Severus placed five drops of the thick potion on his son's tongue. Almost instantly he started screaming. "Give him here," he cried with tears in his voice. It was breaking his heart hearing his baby boy cry.

Severus quickly but carefully wrapped the baby back up and handed him to Harry. "If the book was right, he should test negative as a carrier for now on."

Letting his instincts lead him, Harry unbuttoned his shirt and placed his baby's mouth against his tender nipple. He gasped when he instantly latched on and started sucking. "Merlin this is insane," he murmured, watching as his son greedily nursed.

Severus placed the potion back in his robes. "When he's done nursing I'll test him again. If all goes well then your mutts can come back in." He had been surprised when Potter cornered him one evening after a routine check up and handed him a very dark book from the Black library. In it was a potion on how to mask a male submissive. The potion was very complicated and took two months to brew, but he didn't doubt that it would work. It had to be administered within the first hour after birth, but after that the baby should always test negative. It didn't alter or change him, he was still a submissive, but all tests would show that he wasn't.

After discussing it with Poppy and Harry, they decided that after the baby was born she would leave the room in order to give Severus a chance to check the baby and administer the potion if need be. After, she would come back in and recheck him then send her findings to the Minister who was eagerly waiting. Poppy's occulumency shields were practically nonexistent. By doing it this way, she wasn't lying and no one could pull the truth out of her. Even under veritaserum she would testify that the results were negative.

"Ouch!" Harry cried loudly.

"Is something wrong?" Severus asked rushing to Harry's side.

Harry was trying to pull his baby off of his nipple but the stubborn newborn wouldn't let go. "I-I think he bit me?"

"Potter, babies don't have teeth," Severus sighed. He had been stuck here for over seven hours, he was ready to return to the school and crash. Leave it to Potter to go into labor in the middle of the night.

"Something sharp pierced my nipple," Harry pouted. Finally, his son released his nipple, contentedly smacking his little lips.

"Give me the baby!" Severus ordered when he spotted blood around the baby's lips and dripping from Potter's nipple.

Handing his son over, Harry took his shirt and held it against his bleeding nipple. "Sev, was he drinking my blood with the milk?"

Severus lifted the baby's top lip but his gum was completely toothless. Taking the pad of his finger, he ran it over the gum, feeling two small, hard bumps where his canine teeth would come in at. "I believe that your son has retractable fangs." Chuckling at the boy's dumbfounded expression, he handed the baby back. "He needs burping."

Harry stared down at his son. "You bit me!" be cried. "Don't tell me you are going to bite me every time that you nurse? That bloody hurt." Remembering what Madam Pomfrey taught him, and made him practice on a doll, he carefully placed his son on his shoulder and started lightly patting his back.

"It makes sense, you need blood with your food," Severus chuckled. "Though this does complicate things a bit. Not only will you have to express milk for him when you get sent to Malfoy's, you will also need to leave him some of your blood."

A loud, heart wrenching sob escaped Harry. "I can't leave him."


Poppy was sitting at the table enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee when a pompous Cornelius Fudge came strutting in followed by a growling Sirius Black and two aurors. "Minister," she acknowledged blankly, turning back to her coffee. She was glad now that Severus had devised the plan of checking the baby first and not telling her the results.

"Ah, good news, good new," Cornelius huffed. "I was just at Hogwarts and Dumbledore informed that young Harry was in labor. So, has the little one been born, and if a boy, is he submissive like his remarkable mother?"

It was hard for Poppy to hide her loathing for the man. "Harry had a little boy close to an hour ago."

"Excellent!" Cornelius crowed. "And is he too a submissive?"

Poppy shrugged her shoulders. "Don't know, haven't checked."

"What!" Cornelius blustered. "You were supposed to check him immediately."

Setting down her mug, Poppy glared at the Minister. "I have been awake for close to forty eight hours. I decided to take a break and grab a cup of coffee and something to eat while my magic replenishes before casting spells on a newborn. When I'm done, you're more than welcome to accompany me to Potter's room and watch as I cast the spell. You probably wouldn't believe me anyway without seeing the results for yourself."

Deflating, Cornelius took a seat across from the witch. "My apologies, it's just that we are all excited to find out if we are being blessed with another submissive. We even have bond mate lined up for the wee one if he tests positive."

"Excuse me?" Sirius spat in disgust.

"Well, we can't have the mess with Harry's reveal to happen again. No, this little boy will be trained right from the beginning. Young Marcus Flint has a one year old son, he has been promised Potter's boy if he's a submissive. He will be taking full custody of the child when Harry goes to Malfoy's."

Sirius wanted to squeeze Fudge's pudgy neck. "That was never mentioned in the contract, and in the past the submissive's family retained custody and the bond mate's family only had visitation and some say in the submissive's upbringing and training. You have no right to kidnap is child!"

"Yes, that is true, but Harry's case is different. He can't take the baby to Malfoy's while he's doing his duty to them. It's only right that the child has a stable home. Marcus is a very rich pureblood who has promised to see to the child's needs and train him to be the perfect submissive for his son. I must say, they are very excited to meet him."

"His duty!" Sirius roared, Poppy's mug shattering from his uncontrolled magic. "He did his duty when he took care of Voldemort when you were cowering in your office with your head buried up your ass. This is abuse! This is rape!" He wished now that his house was still under the Fidelius Charm, but removing it was part of the conditions of his freedom.

Poppy quickly stood up, praying that she had given Severus enough time. "Come, Minister, let's go and check the baby before Sirius brings the house down on top of us."

Remus grabbed his mate in a bruising grip. "Cool it, " he whispered, keeping an eye on the Aurors that had their wands pointed at Sirius. "Let's go and give Harry some support."

"The Flint's are vile," Sirius spat. "How could he promise and innocent baby to them?"

"Just say a prayer that he isn't a submissive." Remus murmured, ushering Sirius out of the room.


Severus was teaching Harry how to change a diaper when Poppy came back in with the Minister hot on her heels. "I hear congratulations are in order. Another Potter boy and possibly a submissive. His new family will be thrilled to hear the news."

All the color drained from Harry's face. "New family? Excuse me, you're not taking my child away from me."

Poppy gave both Severus and Harry a meaningful look. "Before we go getting ahead of ourselves, Minister, we need to check the baby. Let's not forget, it's not a guarantee that he will be a submissive. Just look at Albus and Aberforth, neither of them inherited."

Harry didn't want to give Madam Pomfrey his son, not while the Minister was standing over him looking at his baby like he was his meal ticket.

"It will only take a minute, Harry," Poppy said soothingly. "I will give you your child back." Poppy stressed the word 'will'.

"Of course," Fudge said jovially. "The Flint's won't be taking custody of him until he's twelve weeks old. They will be stopping in once I give them the green light to go over how they want you to start training him? Can never start too early, isn't that right? They also already named him for you...Arlo Finn."

"My son is not a dog," Harry snarled. "And I don't agree to the Flint's taking him and his name isn't stupid Arlo. He's my son, and I'll be raising and naming him. Get out!" he screamed.

Cornelius' face turned red in anger "It's the law, and you don't have a...

"He's not a submissive," Poppy proclaimed loudly. "It looks as if the Flint's are out of luck."

Cornelius opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water. "Are you positive?" he wheezed. He had already taken the money from Flint and spent half of it. He thought for sure that Potter would have had a submissive son.

"Would you like me to cast the spell again? Perhaps you would like Severus to do it?" Poppy asked stiffly.

Fudge jerkily nodded his head. "Yes, the both of you."

Smirking, Severus cast the spell after Poppy. "He's not a submissive, just a baby boy."

Despite being in a considerable amount of pain, Harry lunged forward and grabbed his son from the foot of the bed when the Minister went to pick him up. "I believe that you have to pay a visit to the Flint's," he spat in disgust. "My son is not a submissive and you have no reason to meddle in his life. If you try again to take him from me, I'll make Voldemort look like a baby Pygmy Puff. It's one thing to share custody of my children with their...their...fathers, I will not allow you to steal them and place them with strangers. This baby is mine and only mine, try something sneaky again and I'll show you exactly how I defeated Voldemort."

Cornelius smashed his lime green bowler on his head. "Congratulations again. I can see myself out."

Harry held it in for exactly one minute after the Minister left before he started balling. He was trembling so bad that he had to hand his son over to Sirius in fear of dropping him. He couldn't believe that Fudge was going to steal his baby and give him to a family as dark and evil as the Flints.

"Lupin, hold his head," Severus barked, grabbing a dreamless sleep potion.

"Please calm down, pup," Sirius pleaded, swaying back and forth to calm the whimpering baby down.

Severus poured the potion into Harry's mouth and held it shut until he swallowed. "Don't it fight, brat. You're physically, emotionally and magically exhausted, you need to sleep."

"Don't let them take him, please," Harry sobbed, his voice getting weaker.

"I will guard baby Potter with my life," Sirius said fiercely.

Harry kept his eyes red and swollen eyes on his son until they became too heavy for him. "Cepheus," he said right before sleep claimed him.