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I did have a plot bunny hop wildly in my head a few weeks ago so I had to get that written out. It's far from finished, but I have a few chapters complete. This will be a Harry/ Aro, Caius, Marcus father figure fic. I haven't decided yet if I will pair him with a Cullen or not, I'm open to ideas.


With a sinful moan, Harry fed greedily from Viktor's neck. The burning pain that had taken over his entire body was still there, but Viktor's warm blood was helping to sooth it and the empty ache that was in his belly. At the moment he didn't know what day it was or how long he had been unconscious, but he felt as though he hadn't fed in years.

Jasper had to turn away from his newly discovered mate feeding from the thick neck of the large Bulgarian who was unashamedly failing at hiding his arousal. Not only could he see the huge bulge in the man's pants, but he could also feel his arousal pouring off of him. He wanted to tear the man's throat out for getting off on his little mate feeding from him.

With a pitiful whine, Harry pulled away from Viktor's neck. He was still starving, but he didn't want to risk taking too much from his friend. As it was, he had probably already taken too much.

"You can have more," Viktor encouraged despite feeling weak and shaky.

Wiping his lips, Harry shook his head no. "I don't want to hurt you, Viktor, you mean too much to me and my children," Harry said weakly.

"But you are still hungry," Viktor pointed out.

"Then it's a good thing he has me," Sirius said, carefully taking a seat on the bed next to his pup. Harry was still in an incredible amount of pain and the slightest movement or touch had him almost in tears.

"Are you sure, Siri?" Harry asked, his voice trembling weakly. He was desperate for more blood, but he didn't want to hurt his father.

Grinning, Sirius rolled his eyes at his pup. With a grand flourish of his wand, he slit his arm and held it out. "Bon appetite," he said jokingly.

Unable to resist, Harry sealed his lips over the bloody wound and started sucking. Fresh blood was so incredibly delicious, so much so that he could almost forget the vampire that raped him, who also happened to be Cephie's father, lurking in the far corner of the room. He didn't want him in the same room as him, but the elf healer had explained to him after he woke the second time that he needed the vampire in order to heal. Even though he was awake now, he was still in critical condition and could die. He couldn't risk that, he couldn't leave his babies. Now that he was free of Fudge and Malfoy, he was going to do whatever it took to be healthy and happy for his children, even if it meant dealing with his vampire rapist. The Calming Draught that the healer had given him was also helping him deal with the situation.

Nodding gratefully to the healer, Viktor took the blood replenishing potion and quickly downed it. Feeding both Cephie and Harry in one day was extremely draining. He would do what needed to be done though, he loved Harry and his kids and he would never turn them away if they needed feeding. Harry was still in critical condition and right now he needed to consume as much blood as he could.

Panting from just the effort feeding caused, Harry released his godfather's arm and rested back against his pillows, wincing slightly when pain shot up his spine. It was amazing how every part of his body ached, both the outside and the inside.

"How are you feeling?" Healer Ryfon asked as he handed the Black Lord a blood replenisher.

"I feel like I jumped into a volcano full of boiling lava," Harry mumbled, his eyes closing despite his best efforts to keep them open. He didn't feel safe in the same room as his rapist, he needed to stay alert.

"That sounds like a pretty accurate description," Healer Ryfon chuckled. "I don't know how you contained that much magic inside of your small body and are still alive to tell the tale. You should be dead, Mr. Potter."

"Can't leave my babies," Harry said tiredly, voice barely above a whisper. All he wanted to do was sleep while his children were sleeping, but how was he supposed to fall asleep with that vampire drilling holes in the side of his head? Healer Ryfon reassured him multiple times that Jasper wouldn't hurt him again, but his memory of the attack, rape, and turning, were still fresh in his mind. He would never be able to trust him...he would never be able to trust his own mate.

Mate! He hated that his rapist was also his mate. He wanted to scream and cry and deny it, but he could feel the bond between them. Jasper was his mate, the one person put on earth that was perfect for him. As much as he hated him and wanted nothing to do with him, there was a part of him that desperately wanted him. Maybe not so much Jasper himself, but he wanted a mate. He wanted to be loved and protected and cared for. He wanted what Sirius and Remus had, what Viktor and Aiden had. Why did his mate have to be one of the people who had hurt him most on the planet?

Jasper rubbed at his chest, his mate's emotions were physically hurting him. There was so much pain and loneliness rolling off of him along with longing and fear. He wished that he could help him, he wished that he could take that pain and fear away and turn it into love and happiness, but he was afraid that Harry would never give him the chance. All he could do right now was lurk in the far corner of the room that the elf healer had darkened so his mate couldn't see him easily and silently watch and lend his support. Harry may not want him in the room with him, but he needed him in order to heal, and as horrible as it sounded, he was going to use that to his advantage. He had to make his mate see that he was sorry and, that if given the chance, he would be the perfect dominant mate to him and father to his children.

"How long until I'm all better?" Harry asked the elf wearily. "I have four children who need me, I can't be sitting on my ass all day. There is also my apprenticeship. What am I supposed to do about that now that I can't return home?" Harry felt tears stinging his eyes. It seemed that his dreams of becoming a healer were once again out of reach. He had loved every minute of learning and working with Healer Falcon, even when he had been dead tired on his feet. He was going to miss the hospital and Healer Falcon.

"I can't say how long your recovery will be," Healer Ryfon said sadly. "I wasn't exaggerating when I said you should be dead. The important thing is that you rest and try to keep yourself as stress free as possible...and absolutely no magic!"

Closing his eyes, Harry snorted. "Stress free," he laughed. "I have three toddlers, one infant and another on the way, my life is far from stress free."

"True," Healer Ryfon chuckled warmly, "but you have a very supportive family and a fleet of vampires who would love to help you and don't require sleep."

Frowning, Harry glanced quickly to where he knew Jasper was before looking back to the healer. He didn't remember much of when he woke the first time, but he did remember seeing a lot of faces that he didn't recognize. Sirius had explained that it was Emmett's coven and that they had been helping out with the children while he had been out of it. Sirius, while an incredible grandfather, was better at goofing around and playtime than at changing diapers and feeding. His godfather had needed the extra hands since it was too dangerous for Remus to be around so many vampires.

"I know it's hard, Harry, but try not to think about him being there. He won't harm you, not ever again," Healer Ryfon explained. "He never meant to hurt you in the first place."

Clenching his eyes tightly shut, Harry shook his head no. "Not now, I can't deal with that now," he cried pleadingly. "When can I leave here?" Even though Aro had said that he could leave, he still didn't trust the three vampire kings. He had yet to meet them, but their reputation was legendary. He was extremely powerful and rare, everything that Aro coveted.

"Soon child," Healer Ryfon reassured, he hated seeing the submissive so stressed out and scared. "As soon as you're stable enough to move then we will leave. My mate has a beautiful house between Forks and the Quileute Reservation ready and waiting for you."

"Moony is there now," Sirius said, smiling down at his pup. "The American Minister gave him a portkey so he could get everything ready and childproof for us."

Harry couldn't stop the flood of tears. "Is it really, truly over, Sirius? Am I free to live my life now?"

Sirius quickly wiped away at his own tears. "It's truly over, pup. Fudge and Malfoy are gone, and as rest of the wizarding world is concerned, except your loved ones of course, you died when you lost control of your magic and destroyed Black Manor in Italy."

Healer Ryfon wanted to cry for the young boy, he had been to hell and back countless times. "You're safe now, child, and under my protection as well as my mate's."

Harry continued to silently cry, he couldn't believe that it was over. He still had the issue of his mate to deal with, but right now that paled in comparison to everything else that he had dealt with the past few years. Fudge and Malfoy could no longer hurt him and he would never be sent to another pureblood to be raped. His sweet Cepheus was also safe from suffering the same fate as him...he would never be hurt and used like he had been hurt and used.


Harry bit his bottom lip hard when Oriana threw herself at him. He couldn't blame his babies for being overly rambunctious, they had been locked in the same room for days.

"Hey now, little stinker," Emmett chuckled, coming to his new little brother's rescue. Grabbing the toddler, he gently tossed her into the air and caught her. "Why don't you go and play dolls with Rosie?"

Harry smiled gratefully when his daughter took off towards the pretty blonde vampire who was sitting on the floor playing dolls with Aurora. It had been two days since he woke from his coma and his body still felt as though it was on fire. "Thanks, Emmett," he said tiredly.

"I'm here for you, baby bro," Emmett winked.

Giggling, Harry shook his head at the extremely large, yet childlike, vampire. He should be offended being called baby bro, but it warmed his heart and made him feel loved. So far all of the Cullens seemed friendly and were all very helpful, the only one he wasn't sure of, other than his mate, was Rosalie. Emmett's mate was great with the kids and was always first to offer her assistance, but she was kind of standoffish with him. Emmett told him not to worry about it, that Rosalie could be a bit of a snob, but he still wanted her to like him. He didn't understand why their approval meant so much to him, it probably had something to do with his bond with Jasper.

Wincing, Harry shifted his back in an attempt to get comfortable. It was bad enough that his body still ached from his magical meltdown, but now it was starting to hurt him from being in bed around the clock. He was use to being on the move damn near twenty fours hours a day, this sitting around doing nothing had him feeling like his body was rotting.

"How would you like a bath?" Healer Ryfon offered.

"Tubby!" Cephie cried, clapping his little hands.

"Not you, you little rat," Emmett chuckled, grabbing the red head and tickling him. "You had a tubby this morning."

Screeching, Cephie kicked out with his little legs as he laughed. "No, Emitee, no tickle my."

Laughing, Emmett ruffled his nephew's hair. Being called Emitee was a step up from being called Emily as far as he was concerned. Not that he cared, his little cutie nephew could call him poo poo head if he wanted to.

Escaping Emmett, Cepheus ran to the bed and tried to pull himself up. "Mama, my up!" he cried.

Holding his hand out to stop the submissive from moving, Healer Ryfon scooped up the child and placed him at the foot of the bed. "Remember, Cephie, your mommy has a boo boo so you have to be real gentle with him."

Eyes wide, Cephie nodded his head seriously. "My touch mama softly," he said. "Mama get tubby?"

"I would love a tubby," Harry answered with a tired grin. It was gross, but he hadn't washed in close to a week. His last shower had been the day that Fudge and Malfoy came to kidnap Cephie and he ended up killing them. Well, technically Jasper killed Lucius, but he probably would have done it if Jasper hadn't beaten him to it.

"Mama said yes tubby," Cephie grinned as he tugged on Healer Ryfon's arm.

Healer Ryfon was surprised at how fast and how easily he had fallen in love with Potter's kids, especially the little submissive. Cephie was a beautiful child and he would give his life to keep him from getting hurt the way his mother had been. It was a shame that Harry hadn't been born in America, he would have been cherished from birth.

Grabbing his bag, Healer Ryfon held his hand out to the toddler. "Would you like to help me get your mommy's tubby ready? I have some special potions to pour in the water that will help your mommy feel better."

"Otay!" Cephie cried excitedly.

"He's a good kid."

Harry looked over to where the head of the Cullen coven was sitting in a rocking chair rocking his youngest. "He is. I have done my best to shield him from the ugliness I had to deal with, but his empathy made it hard."

"You have done amazing, Harry," Carlisle praised. "I know your past is a very sore subject for you so I won't bring it up, but Sirius told me that you had been studying to be a healer."

"I was," Harry said, his eyes both lighting up and looking sad at the same time. "Becoming a healer for children has been a dream of mine for years, unfortunately my dreams aren't looking that promising."

"Why is that, Harry?" Carlisle asked gently.

"I can't use my magic," Harry said dejectedly. "It could take over a year to heal my core."

"I don't have magic and yet I'm a doctor," Carlisle pointed out. "Now, I know that you will be too weak to attend college, but I would be willing to teach you what I can from home until you are ready to apprentice under a magical healer again. There are also online college courses that you could take to help you on your way to becoming a healer. Magical healing is different than muggle healing, but I think understanding both would make you an even better healer."

"He's right," Healer Ryfon said stepping back into the room with Cephie clinging to his hand. "I also attended a muggle college for a few years to learn their ways. You would be surprised how many patients I have had to treat over the years without using my magic. There are some cases, such as allergies to certain ingredients in potions, where a witch of wizard has to be treated the muggle way."

"After my tail bone was broken I couldn't take Skele-Gro because I was nursing Cephie," Harry said thoughtfully, his mind racing with the possibility of getting to continue his training. He never considered learning muggle healing. "Because of being part vampire I healed a bit faster, but I was still in a lot of pain for weeks. Pain potions are great, but there are some pains too great for them to completely work on."

"Exactly," Healer Ryfon grinned. "I think Carlisle has an excellent an idea. Between the two of us and some online classes, you could learn a lot while your core is healing."

"I would love that," Harry cried excitedly. "I'm all for learning whatever I can."

Jasper's heart gave a painful and longing tug when he saw his mate truly smile for the first time. Harry was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid his eyes on. He so badly wanted to be able to sit and talk with him and be a part of his life, lurking in a dark corner all alone was killing him. He could also help with his schooling. He wasn't a doctor like Carlisle or even had as much medical training as Edward, but he had read all of Carlisle's medical books and magazines and knew a fair bit. He had even considered going to medical school once, but being around human blood was just too hard on him.

"After we return to America and get you and the kids settled, we'll discuss a schedule for you," Healer Ryfon said, happy to see the submissive smiling for once. "But we're going to start off slow until you're feeling better."

"That's fine," Harry quickly agreed. "I'm ok with just reading for the next few months, as long as I'm doing something."

"Mama tubby," Cephius reminded, pointing towards the bathroom.

"Good boy, Cephie," Healer Ryfon praised. "We have to get your mommy in the tub before the water gets cold. Harry, would you like me to levitate you or carry you?"

"Can Viktor carry me and help me?" Harry asked awkwardly. He knew that Healer Ryfon was a healer and use to seeing the naked body, but he felt much more comfortable with Viktor bathing him. Viktor had seen every inch of his body multiple times and he was one of the few males had was comfortable with touching him.

Healer Ryfon glared at the blond vampire when he heard him growl. If the boy ever wanted to have a chance with his mate then he was going to have to get over his jealousy of Viktor. He understood how hard this situation was on him, but he was going to have to get a grip.

"I vill help you, Harry," Viktor said, jumping right to his feet. That's why he was here, to help Harry however he needed helping. Aiden may be his husband, but he still had strong feelings for Harry. Luckily for him Aiden also adored Harry and his children and understood his need to be here for them. The Volturi were very dangerous, he couldn't leave his son, along with Harry and his three other children, here with them.

Ignoring Jasper, Harry weakly held his arms out to Viktor. He had been doing his best to convince himself that the vampire wasn't there, but his growling wasn't helping. He knew that ignoring the vampire and the situation wasn't a healthy way of dealing with the situation, but that was how he was going to deal with it for now. There was too much going on right now, between his health, the Volturi, the murder of Fudge and Malfoy, and his upcoming escape to America, that he just couldn't deal with Jasper.

Unfortunately ignoring Jasper didn't prevent him from feeling the bond between them. He desperately wanted what the bond was offering him. He could feel warmth, love, and protection coming from the bond, everything he had always longed for.

"You alright, Harry?" Viktor asked when it looked liked Harry had zoned out.

Harry smiled up at his large Bulgarian friend. "Just thinking too hard. Do you think you can contain yourself while washing my sexy body?" Harry chuckled softly when he heard Emmett laughing.

As gently as he could, Viktor picked Harry up bridal style. Even though he was careful, tears came to Harry's eyes from the excruciating pain he was in. "I vill not tell Aiden if don't," Viktor said with a wink.

"Don't," Edward warned when Jasper went to take a step towards the couple. "Viktor loves him, but he knows and accepts that they will never be together. He is also desperately in love with his mate and he would never cheat on him."

"He already did when he sired Angel," Jasper snapped. It was killing him knowing that the Bulgarian was seeing and touching his naked mate behind the closed bathroom door.

"They never would have gotten together if they hadn't been forced," Edward pointed out. "Acting like this isn't proving to Harry that you can be trusted."

Taking a couple deep and unneeded breaths, Jasper nodded his head. "You're right, I need to stop. I also need to feed. I haven't fed since I drained that sick bastard."

"Then I guess I have excellent timing," Demetri said arrogantly as he walked into the room.

Jasper stiffened when he saw and scented a large jug of blood in the tracker's hand. It was taking everything in him not to pounce on Demetri and snatch that jug from him.

Groaning, Edward stepped around Jasper and took his mate by the hand. "Sorry, but we are going to step out for a bit."

Grimacing, Alice quickly nodded her head. She too hadn't fed since all this started and the blood smelled amazing. "I think we better go hunting, especially if we are leaving tomorrow."

Carlisle smiled encouragingly at his kids, understanding why they were leaving. Even after all these years there were times when the smell of human blood would still call to him. "Emmett, Rosalie, do you need to leave too?"

"We'll hunt after they return," Rosalie answered for herself and her mate. She was hungry and needed feeding, but she didn't want to leave them short handed with the kids. She could wait a few more hours.

Jasper's hands were shaking when he took the blood from the tracker. As desperately as he wanted it, he didn't know if he could drink it. He had struggled and fought for so many years, it felt wrong to give in and drink human blood now.

"It's alright, Jasper," Carlisle reassured. "Think of your mate. He needs you to be strong in order to heal." He really didn't like this, but there was nothing he could do about it. He just prayed that Jasper didn't lose himself to the call of human blood.

"Whose blood is it?" Jasper asked breathlessly.

"Santa Clause's," Demetri snapped irritably. "Hell if I know. I didn't stop and ask him his life history before draining him. Stop being such a pathetic pussy and drink the damn shit."

"Watch your mouth!" Rosalie hissed angrily. "There are babies in this room and they don't need to be exposed to such foul language."

"Just drink the blood," Healer Ryfon sighed tiredly. He completely respected the Cullen clan for not wanting to hurt and take human lives, but this was getting exhausting. "When we return to America I will set you up with some donors. I use the word donor lightly, you will have to pay for their blood. It's only fair."

"There are humans out there that willingly sell their blood to vampires?" Carlisle asked in shock.

"Humans, witches, wizards, other humanoid magical creatures and squibs," Healer Ryfon shrugged. "It's a job and a way to support their families. No one is being hurt and everyone wins."

"Can anyone get in on this deal?" Emmett asked, not looking at his sire.

"Emmett!" Rosalie cried out in shock and disgust.

"What?" Emmett snapped. "You heard the healer, we are weaker because we consume animal blood. I'm pretty damn strong now, can you imagine how much stronger I would be if I consume human blood? I have been thinking about this for days, Rosie. We are vampires wether we like it or not, human blood is what we are supposed to live off of. I don't know about the rest of you, but I want to be strong enough to protect my family...especially these babies. It doesn't make sense to purposely weaken ourselves and leave us vulnerable if there are ways to consume human blood without killing or turning humans."

"Bwood yummies," Cephie grinned, patting the large vampire on the knee.

Smiling softly, Emmett kissed the boy on the head. "That's another thing. Harry and his children don't need to feel guilty or that they're in the wrong for drinking human blood. How is us buying blood from willing donors any different from buying milk from the grocery store?"

Carlisle could understand where is son was coming from, but he couldn't agree with him. "Emmett, it's vastly different."

"How so?" Healer Ryfon asked with a raised eyebrow.

"For one," Carlisle said, glaring at the elf. He liked the healer and he thought he was brilliant, but he was getting tired of him looking down on him for his choices in life. "Drinking cows milk won't make you lose yourself and attack a herd of cows, slaughtering every single last one of them for their milk."

"And blood will make you do that?" Healer Ryfon asked with a roll of his eyes.

"Yes," Carlisle snapped. "Once you give into blood, you can't control yourself around humans."

"Speaking from the vampire with experience," Demetri said sarcastically. "How much human blood have you consumed in your life?"

"I have created four vampires and I tasted their blood. I felt what their blood did to me and how it made me feel. The bloodlust was damn near all consuming."

"That's because you're weak!" Demetri spat. "Did you see me having a hard time controlling myself at the airport or when we were questioning humans about Harry? I have as much control around human blood as you do. You see us human blood drinking immortals as nothing more than mindless beats who can't control our bloodlust, when we actually have more control than you do because we don't deny ourselves. It was your son who snapped and brutally attacked his own mate because he was too weak to control himself. I have been around my mate for a week and have not harmed a hair on his beautiful blond head."

Draco's eyes got impossibly wide when the furious vampire turned to him and gave him a wink. "Blond mate," he spluttered, his eyes never leaving the vampire's.

"Yes, you are my mate," Demetri finally admitted. "And while your scent tested my control and I fantasize about your luscious body under mine flushed with pleasure, I would never force you sexually, or turn you against your will. You are my most precious mate and I would rather decapitate myself than harm you."

"Carlisle," Healer Ryfon sighed tiredly once again. "There are thousands of vampires living in America alone, how do you think they keep such a low profile if they are out mindlessly slaughtering hundreds of humans a day? Yes, there are some who viciously prey on humans and risk vampire exposure, that's why the Volturi have such strict and absolute laws. For the most part vampires in America use donors, or prey on the scum of the earth, such as murderers and pedophiles. I think you need to better educate yourself and your coven on your own kind."

Carlisle didn't know what to say. He had never harshly judged those vampires who chose to drink human blood, at least he didn't think so, but he had always assumed that their control was weak since they gave into their creature instincts. Why feed from humans when you could feed from animals? He honestly hadn't known that they were weaker because of their vegetarian lifestyle.

Looking to Emmett and seeing his brother nod, Jasper brought the jug to his lips, moaning when the warm human blood flowed down his throat. This was good, this was what he had needed. Emmett was right, he had to be as strong as he could for his mate and children. He had watched the past few days as Harry suffered through excruciating pain as his children loved and hugged on him and he never once let them see how much their love was physically hurting him. There was nothing that Harry wouldn't do for his children, and there was nothing he wouldn't do for Harry. Harry and those babies came first in his life.

"Can we please get back to the mate thing?" Draco squeaked out, feeling extremely lightheaded.


"How are you holding up, my friend?" Viktor asked as he took great care in washing Harry's back.

"I'm not," Harry confessed, his voice cracking. "I don't know if I can do this."

"Of course you can," Viktor scoffed. "You have fought bravely this long, you can continue to do so now that the vorst is over."

"Everything happened so fast," Harry admitted shakily. "I almost lost control of my magic and killed my kids. I killed Minister Fudge."

"The man deserved it," Viktor spat. "He deserved more than a quick snapping of the neck. He vas a vile beast who vould see a child molested just to fill his vault with galleons. Do not feel guilty for killing him."

"As for hurting your babies," Viktor continued. "You never vould have done so. You kept control of your magic until they vere safely out of the house. You are an amazing mother and vizard."

With tears in his eyes, Harry rested his cheek on Viktor's muscular arm. "I still can't believe that it is over. Everyone thinks that I'm dead and I'll never have to be sent to another pureblood. Now that I can live my own life, I don't know where to start."

"You vill start vith healing both physically and mentally," Viktor said seriously. "You vill get lots of rest and not push yourself. Let you fathers and the vampires help you, you don't need to take on everything alone."

Chuckling, Harry nodded his head. "I can be a bit stubborn when it comes to asking for help," he admitted sheepishly. "I just never had anyone willing to help me when I was growing up, it's hard asking for help now."

Leaning in, Viktor lovingly captured Harry's lips. "I can agree that you are stubborn," he snickered. "But I am glad that you are. A veaker person vould have given up years ago."

Harry blushed when he felt himself responding to Viktor's kiss. "We better stop," he panted softly. He was a bit surprised to find himself getting aroused after what Blaise did to him, but he trusted Viktor a hundred percent and he always made him feel good.

"It is vrong," Viktor reluctantly admitted, "but you taste so good. Maybe you, me, and Aiden can have a three vay now that you are free?"

"What!" Harry choked out, his eyes damn near popping out of his head. "I admit that I love being with you and I find Aiden hot, but there is no way he would want to be with me."

Smirking, Viktor ran his fingers through Harry's hair and nipped at his neck. "It vas Aiden's idea. He too has vanted you for a very long time."

Closing his eyes, Harry thrust his hips up seeking some sort of friction. Wasn't this what he wanted? Didn't he love Viktor and want to be with him? It sounded like even Aiden wanted him. He would admit that Aiden was hot and he had a small crush on the Irish seeker. Could the three of them be a family? Both Viktor and Aiden loved his children and they were great with them.

With a loud sob Harry pushed Viktor away. "Stop! We can't do this."

Smiling softly, Viktor cupped the submissive's cheek. "It's the vampire, isn't it? You just weren't destined to be mine?"

Frowning, Harry looked down at his wilting erection. Was it Jasper? Why should he care what Jasper thought, they would never be together? "I don't want it to be him."

"You can feel the bond?" Viktor asked already knowing the answer. Harry was a creature and his pull to his mate would be strong, even if he wished it weren't so.

Harry reluctantly nodded his head. "I don't want him to be my mate, Viktor. Why does this shit always happen to me?"

"I have no answer for that," Viktor smiled sadly. "Yes, terrible things have happened to you, but look vhat good came out of all the bad. Out of all that ugliness you got Cepheus, Aurora and Oriana."

"Don't forget Angel," Harry grinned softly. Viktor was right, he couldn't imagine his life now without his babies. Despite all the fear, heartache and pain, he would do it all over again to get them.

"Angel vas conceived out of love," Viktor reminded. "There vas nothing terrible or ugly in vhat ve shared together."

"You're right," Harry admitted. "When Angel was conceived, I thought myself desperately in love with you. Why couldn't you be my mate?"

"Because I vas made to be vith Aiden, and you vere made to be vith Jasper. I know you can't see it now, but he vill be a good mate for you."

"How?" Harry sobbed. "He raped me! He turned me into a vampire!"

"I do not know," Viktor sighed. "Maybe vhen you look at Jasper you should try to see Cephie's father and not your rapist. Vhat do I know though, I am just a Quidditch Seeker."

Exhaling loudly, Harry allowed his head to sink under the water. What Viktor said made sense, but it was easier to say than do. He was still haunted by nightmares of the night Jasper attacked him. How could he forgive someone that committed such a horrible crime? On the other hand, how could he hate the person that gave him such a beautiful little boy? The damn bond and his magic weren't helping either. They wanted him with Jasper, they wanted to be with their soul mate. The bond wasn't going to be happy and settled until he accepted it, and right now he wasn't ready to do that. He honestly didn't think he ever would be ready to accept the bond and Jasper.