Tourney practice was over and the locker room was filled with loud laughs and half naked boys. King Ben wouldn't deny that he found most of these boys hot. He was bi but only a few people knew. It wasn't suitable for a King or prince. It really didn't matter though because in the end he'd marry a girl and have children. He wasn't going to think that far ahead but he could see that future with Mal more and more every day.

HE wasn't one hundred percent sure what they were though. At the coronation he had given her his ring which in any normal circumstance would be one step above dating. She didn't really get that though. They were together but she kept her distance at times. After two weeks they had only gone out once and spent little time together during the day. He wasn't counting before the coronation because now she was acting different. If he didn't know any better he'd think she was shy but he knew that wasn't Mal.

He didn't know if they were even dating. They never kiss and she always put her other friends first. Ben shook his head. Maybe she didn't have feelings for him. But then why did she give him the love spell? He shook his head. He'd been turning these thoughts over for days and going over it again wouldn't change anything. It was then that he noticed the quiet.

Almost all the boys had left. There were only a few stragglers. He didn't realize he'd been staring at the locker for so long. He threw off his clothes after the last person left. He could take a longer shower than normal. It might even help clear his head. But as he approached the white tiled area around the corner from the lockers he heard a shower head turn on.

Ben paused, frowning. Everyone always showered right away so they could get dressed and hurry off to their activities. He never saw anyone start after everyone left. He didn't understand why he felt that something was wrong. It wasn't too out of the ordinary. He himself was running late.

He was almost there when he realized what had been bothering him. He could remember every team member showering except for one. He had never seen Carlos shower or even undress. His feet touched the white tile and he could see the white and black haired boy who was standing. Looking up into the spray. Ben could only see his back but that's all he had to see.

Long scars crisscrossed his back. Some he could recognize from knife wounds. He had to learn how to use a sword as king and he had a similar cut on his upper arm. But Carlos had too many for it to be an accident. The next thing he realized made him gasp. Those other marks were slightly different. He'd seen them in pictures in history class when they learned about the countries in the far north. Those were from a whip. Someone had tortured the boy.

Ben took a silent step forward. His brain told him to leave. Carlos obviously didn't want people to see his scars. But his body didn't listen. He edged closer, almost in a trance. His eyes ran up and down the pale boy's body, following the endless lines that kept becoming more the closer he got.

Carols sighed and let his head fall. The warm water felt good running down his sore muscles. His eyelids fell. He swore he could fall asleep right there standing in the water. But even if he wanted to he couldn't. He couldn't risk anyone walking in. They never did but it was better safe than sorry. He sighed quietly. It felt so nice though. With a heavy breath he made the decision to go.

He was going to move when there was a light touch on his back. Carlos squealed and whipped around. The king, stood wide eyes. His hand hadn't moved from where he'd touched a scar.

"What the fuck" Carlos shouted, trying to cover himself. Ben frowned looking at the matching lines on Carlos's chest. Ben blinked before opening attempting to speak.

"What happened" He asked slowly. He was engrossed in the scars all at different points of fading. This wasn't just one occurrence. Someone had actively hurt him for many years.

"What's it to you" Carlos snapped, his voice breaking. Ben backed away, for the first time realizing how terrified the other boy was.

"I just want to know" He replied quietly. "I wondered why you didn't shower with us." That wasn't the truth. He hadn't even realized until a few minutes ago but he really wanted Carlos to answer the question.

"It doesn't matter" Carlos murmured, looking away. The villain tried not to stare at the king who was being an idiot. Who comes up to someone in the shower but naked to ask about scars. And how the heck was he supposed to concentrate with a body like that in front of him! Even a straight guy would be distracted. Seriously, the boy was a god.

Carlos had already thought he had a cute face and knew he was muscular but looking at him like this, seeing the hard abs and thick muscle, he couldn't even think. Not to mention the other thick part of the king's body that was also longer than anything Carlos had seen yet.

"It does matter" Ben replied. Carlos had no idea his teammate was having similar thoughts. "Can you please tell me?" Carlos's eyes flicked back to Ben's face, shock evident. The taller of the two cursed himself for sounding that upset.

"They're from my mother" Carlos sighed. His heart leapt. He'd never told that to anyone. OF course it wasn't an odd thing on the island. People saw the scars and walked on by. Villains weren't known for fair punishment and Carlos shined his mom's shoes wrong too many times. He wasn't the best at washing clothes on time either.

"She cut you" Ben growled, his stomach turning at the thought of a knife against Carlos's back. The boy in question just shrugged.

"Lots of people on the island did it. I got of pretty easy. Mom never broke any bones… but I think that has more to do with washing her clothes on time. IT wouldn't work if I was limping or unable to use an arm." Ben's mouth fell open.

"You know its wrong right!" Ben exclaimed loudly. Carlos flinched. Ben couldn't believe how casually the poor boy talked about someone carving into his back.

"Of course I know" Carlos whispered, looking down. He had to look away though because down was also the direction of something Carols really wanted. "It doesn't mean it's not normal. It's just life, my life. But that's changed now. I'm here. They can't hurt me anymore."

"They?" Ben repeated causing Carlos to flinch. "Who's they?"

"My mom is considered… pretty on the island. She has had a few… lovers since my dad. Not all of them treat me well."

"What do they do? Is that who whipped you!"

"No" Carlos whimpered.

"Then what did they do?" Ben asked.

"I have to go" Carlos said loudly. He tried to escape but Ben grabbed his arm and pulled him close, a lot closer than two naked boys should be.

"What did they do?" He asked again, harder this time.

"They hit me and beat me and YES some raped me." Carlos shouted. "HAPPY?!" Ben watched as the boy ran from the room, tears hidden by the water falling from his hair.

Ben stood there for some time. He's known life on the island was hard. Having villains for parents couldn't be easy but he'd never even considered something like this.